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					Sample Sample Sample Sample Sample Sample Sample Sample Sample COMPUTER SUPPORT SERVICES AGREEMENT
DC trading agrees to supply support to the customer; the customer agrees to the terms as laid out in the Customer’s System Manual, the contents of which are outlined below.

Type of Service
Call out response time is within 8 (eight) working hours. (This can be specified according to your needs or particular piece of equipment – e.g. A server might be 4 hrs) If equipment is not repaired on the first visit, an equivalent machine will be installed by the end of the next 8 (eight) working hour period. All services shall be during the hours 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays, the response time as indicated above. A customer representative is to be present in the case of on-site repair.

Terms and Conditions
1. Only approved products shall be deemed eligible for support under this schedule, and shall be inspected prior to commencement of any contract by DC trading approved personnel. As listed in the customers on site manual. 2. 3. 4. Only DC trading approved personnel shall repair or adjust the products listed under this agreement. All orders for support are subject to acceptance by DC trading. DC trading shall be under no obligation to provide repair services as a result of the following:Improper use, natural disaster, strikes, riots, war or nuclear disaster, neglect, damage by customer transit, failure of customer to maintain recommended site specifications. DC trading will not be held responsible for any failure or delay beyond their reasonable control. DC trading shall not be held responsible under this agreement for service/maintenance of software, stationery media unless specific to the schedule, and duly noted. All software should be copied by the customer for archival purposes to replace worn copies and for program verification by the customer. All products under this agreement are noted as being unsuitable for nuclear, flight, navigation or military equipment use. Charges shall be those currently in effect. Notice of alterations to the schedule must be given to the other in writing to the address shown.

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10. The Customer shall be responsible for security of proprietary and classified information. 11. Consumable items not covered: Print Heads; Toners; Drums; Fuser Units; Developers.