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Private Property Towing Service Agreement
Date: __________________ Property Name: _________________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________City: ____________________ Zip: __________ Office Phone: _______________________ Fax #: _______________________ Key Map: ________ Management Company: ____________________________________________________ Sign Ticket Manager Name: _____________________________ Phone: _______________________ Assistant Manager: ___________________________ Phone: _______________________ Property Monitor: ____________________________ Phone: ______________________
Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No

Gate Code: ______________ Gate Cards Issued: Yes / No Qty # ___ Remote: Yes / No Qty #___ We (Property / Management Company) _______________________________________, Authorize Luna Towing and Recovery and its associates to act as our exclusive wrecker service, and to remove any non compliant, illegally parked or unauthorized vehicles from our property. This signed instrument waives the need for a signature on any wrecker ticket for patrolled towing. We understand that the wrecker service is not obligated to release or return vehicles from our property without payment, unless it was towed against the stipulations within this agreement. In the event that a vehicle was towed by mistake the property manager or owner must notify us within 24 hours of the towed time so the vehicle can be released for no charge after this time storage, state and city fees start to accrue. Luna Towing and Recovery releases _________________________________, from any liability of damages resulting from the towing of a vehicle to an authorized storage facility. Luna Towing and Recovery agrees to post signage at the above listed property as required by law. The signage will remain the property of Luna Towing and Recovery.



Luna Towing and Recovery Agent

Manager / Management

Terms of this agreement are to remain in affect until either party gives a 10-day notice with cause by certified mail and all signage and materials provided by the wrecker service is picked up or paid for.

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