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FF; Biosketch by tyndale


									FF                                        Hall, TS

                                                        BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH

Timothy S. Hall, M.D.                                                     Chairman, Department of Surgery
                                                                          Stamford Hospital
                                                                          Professor Of Clinical Surgery, Columbia
                                                                                    University, College of Physicians and

                   INSTITUTION AND LOCATION                                  DEGREE              YEAR(s)         FIELD OF STUDY

Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster Pa                                    BA                 1978      Biology/Psychology
Temple University School Medicine, Philadelphia, PA                            MD                 1982
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore MD                                                  1988      General Surgery
Memorial Sloan Kettering, New York, NY                                                            1990      Thoracic Oncology
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore MD                                                  1991      Cardiothoracic Surgery

BOARD CERTIFICATION: American Board of Surgery 1990 -American Board of Thoracic Surgery 1992,
       American Board of Surgery -Critical Care - 1993, Instructor Fundamentals of Critical Care Support
       Course 1997
RESEARCH: Research Fellow, Division of Cardiac Surgery, Johns Hopkins Hospital 1984-1986
HONORS:Medical School: AOA 1980, AOA 1981, Chapter President, Joseph C. Doans Memorial Prize –
       Most Outstanding Academic Average, John Franklin Huber Prize in Anatomy, Emanuel M.
       Weinberger award in Pulmonary Medicine, W. Emory Burnett Prize in Surgery
       Residency: Johns Hopkins Department of Surgery Research Awards 1985, 1986, Baltimore
       Academy of Surgery Research Award 1986
       Star of Hope Award

FELLOWSHIP-Alley-Sheridan Fellow, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Program Director General Surgery Residency, Course Director “Techniques In
       Minimally invasive Coronary Bypass Surgery”, Examiner Mock Oral Boards Course-Columbia
       University-College of Physicians and Surgeons, Trauma Director Stamford Hospital

1. Sung SH, Fang KC, Warnock M, Hall KW, Hall TS. A Comparison of Rat Tracheal Transplant models:
   Implantation verses Anastomotic Techniques for the Study of Airway Rejection. Transplantation 2002;
2. Ware LB. Fang X. Wang Y. Sakuma T. Hall TS. Matthay MA. Selected contribution: mechanisms that may
   stimulate the resolution of alveolar edema in the transplanted human lung. J Appl Phys. 2002;93:1869-74
3. Ware LB, Wang Y, Fang X, Warnock M, Sakuma T, Hall TS, Matthay MA. Assessment of lungs rejected
   for transplantation and implications for donor selection. Lancet 2002, 360:9333; 619.

4. McCowin MJ, Hall TS, Babcock WD, Solinger LL, Hall KW, Jablons DM. Changes in Radiographic
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5. Hall TS. A New Retractor for Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting. Ann Thorac Surg
   1996;62:1541 Hall TS.

PHS 398 (Rev.4/98)                                         (Form Page 6)Page 7                                                       FF
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FF                                        Hall, TS

6. Risks and Benefits of Hemodilution - from Mechanism of Perfusion XI May 1996
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13. Gantert W, Hall TS. Pig Model for Minimally invasive Coronary Bypass Surgery: Anterior Thoracotomy
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14. Sasse KC, Khan JH, Wilson MW, Clary- Macy C, Hall TS, Jablons DM. Giant Tumors of the Chest:
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15. Gantert W, Hall TS. Pig model for Minimally invasive coronary bypass surgery.
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16. Khan JH, McElhinney DB, Hall TS, Merrick SH. Cardiac Valve Surgery in
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17. McElhinney DB, Hecht D, Hall TS. Can Angiographic Coronary Artery
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FF                                        Hall, TS

7.Rosengard BR, Adachi H, Ueda K, Hall T, Hutchins GM, Herskowitz A, Borkon
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13. Hall TS, Buescher P, Borkon AM, Reitz BA, Michael JR, Baumgartner WA.
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14. Hall TS, Borkon AM, Gurtner GC, Brawn J, Hutchins GM, Reitz BA,
    Baumgartner WA. Improved static lung preservation with corticosteroids and
    hypothermia. J Heart Transplantation 7:348-52, 1988.

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