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					Tim Brennan: The Republic of Atlantis
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9 May 2002

Dear Plato,
In the perfect world of the Republic of Atlantis, I imagine…

…there would be milk on tap.
Constance Christabel

…we have all learned the basic and essential value of being non-judgemental,
whatever the provocation.
Francesca Hill

…a community of people willing to work together, play together, laugh, sing, dance
and act for the common good. Random acts of kindness all around.
Becky Swain

…that you reconsider teleology: Aristotelian immanence is just so much more
compatible with a perfect world. As for the rest. I love it.
Sam Tormem

…would the perfect world be utilitarian?

…Please tell me where this goes and what you dreamt last night. My name is Em and
I dreamt of never ending corridors.
Em Druiff

…that you choose to spend your life with people who you feel passionate about rather
than being bottle stops against feeling lonely.
Onlyian James Isobel

…Esther there…
Rachel (3 years)

…it's fine to imagine and dream, but reality is something different! One day maybe.
Who can tell?
W. Morley

…the museums empty, but for a few thousand artefacts keeping each other company.
Andrew Marsh

…that all parts of a flat pack will fit together to make the furniture I'd imagined!
…Norwich City play in The Premiership, Wales are World Rugby Champions. There
is a fair distribution of money throughout the world.
Emily Price

…the smell of cut grass lingers into a warm summer's afternoon - people walk
socially and happy. Life is calm. There are no threats. I wander and wonder.

…No-one would be troubled, and philanthropic activity would have funds thrown at

Updated 11 June 2002

…A return to familiar values (not including reductive, mass-produced things of the
average person).
John Wood XXX

…Bonfires, around which strangers would gather and talk for as long as there is stuff
to burn.

…immortality is reflected in the physical structures that support life (a by-product of
which is happiness and fulfilment).
G. Wade

…so, what's it like on the other side of the cave?
Ole Hagen

…the game of consequences will merely be a game.
Teresa Denham

…all books deemed worthy of publication will be illustrated only with photographs.

…there is respect for the human condition. The human mind. The complexity of
human intuition. And that we understand the connections between all things.
Penny Fielding

…that cats and dogs lay down together.
A.D. Gellatly

…hierarchies of knowledge will not be recognised.

…there will be slaves but they will be free.
Anna Same
…the double.

…a system with no money, where all are loved unconditionally.
Freddy Drabble

…that all things are seen for what they truly are and not through the eyes of

…the hares to turn backwards, the skaters to enjoy ice everyday and the busses to turn
red when you smile at them.
Anna Lorenz

…there would be no pigeons.

…no poverty, war or prejudice.
Paul Allen

…an island in the middle of the blue sea with the large beach, some villages and a
capital. All the nights the population celebrate big parties on the beach.
Pablo Cuesta

…that all ritual objects will be disposable.
John Jackson

…a land where there is no gender. Babies are born in flowers. Death has died.
Alcohol flows freely. Drugs do not harm and everyone has two dogs each.
Salmon Longletter

…there was no cars or playstation so would be boring.
Chris Mepsted

…it's a big world where kids rule and parents fear.
Brittany Halfield

…everyone would cycle and there would be no green house emissions.
Emma Adams

…universal free education.
John Graney

…everybody's happy, have freedom and a lot of love and fun.
Sona Juliuabual

…chocolate world for everybody.
…Hello people away from home. Always remember where you come from and
Kelly-Anne stead

…an end to poverty, starvation, war and disease.
Mrs Catherine Croucher

…that the concept of 'Love' will remain the same, wherever and whenever!!.
Mlle John

…je voudrais un monde en paix, ou tous les peuples se rejoignent sous un ciel serein
et lumineux, tournes vers l'avenir avec optimisme.
Martine Figard

…everyone not breaking the law.
Luke Tony Croucher

…goodness abounded.
John W. Stenson

…I would be idling.
Jenny T

…birds, no cars, more plants, and more animals. And a lot lot more places to play
Kyle Nash

…life would be peaceful, where one would find a handsome yound man around the
corner where weddings were grand and life simple.
Shreya Marie Grace Demonte

…no fighting, free sweets. All dreams come true, people can talk to animals.
Amber Mears-Brown

…all dreams become a reality without conflict or selfishness of purpose England will
win the world rugby cup.
Andrew Mears

…everyone will say 'yes'.
C. A. Bayard

…all diseases and illnesses will be curable and all suffering eliminated.
P.A.. Bucknall

…everyone I love would live forever.
Nick Wheatley

…a cool place.
Jordan McKever
…world peace, no wars, enough food to feed everybody.

…there will be respect between all people (and adults towards children particularly!).
Monica Turnbull

…we will all find peace and harmony.
Antoinette Koning Burnett

…that one day the world will be as one - for our children will inherit the future, they
are our future and for them we search for peace, happiness and health for a better
Stephen Bucknall

…that the environment of the world should be cleaned, so that people live in this
world easily.
Vinay Shrivastava

…perfect temperate weather, everyone able to express themselves as they wish (but
only to the good of all). No hunger, no hurt, no hate - joy to all.
Margaret Brown

…virtual reality is reality, and that racial and sexual equality is no longer just an idea.

…everybody being happy and end of war and starvation.
James Croucher

…everybody listening to Pink Floyd.
Christine T. Lange

…the weather is perfect - comfort for all, pleasant company - no worries - good
Alice Fraser

…no crime, no hunger, no poverty. Just let anybody be what they want to be - as long
as they don't bother others. 'Together for peace and freedom' should be the Republic's
Andreas Schoeberl

…there to be love and friendship between all nations.

Updated 10 September 2002

…is illipe dilloco scero uigligalluole u atune oll apexpacin.
…nobody will suffer from any diseases and wars.
Jana Pechackova

…that men and women of the world could learn to live in peace and share knowledge
for the world's of Atlantis.

…football, 3rd June 2002
Imran Khokwar

…a colony of humans upon the planet 'Mars'
G.A.C. Black

…more golf courses.
Dan Yaboo

…there will be peace everywhere . No more rubbish on the floor and the ocean will
be very clean so that you can drink.
Kei-Wai Sin

…gahenene gewenenenenmwhhb.

…that there would be no wars and world peace.
Alex Huth

…that there would be no wars.
Jack Attridge

…I wish we could live in peace and harmony and I wish there would be no wars.
Walter Chorico

…me and Roxy playing.

…let all yours and my dreams come true. I luv you Lina, Brita, Mariukas…
Arthur SH. Y

…peace and tranquillity in this joyful world.
Riya Rathoel

…there'd be no terrorism and hatred, that would be the perfect world for me.
Thomas Berni

…I lov Vitij. I lov Vitij.
Jatiana Piatakova (Russia)

…that everything in this museum was about World War One and World War Two and
all tragedy that happened in the past.
Adam Burns
…I want a perfect famous person that stops trouble with one order.

…after shipwreck - downdive - grieve. Full fathom five - salvage! Just alive. Just.
Live - survive. That's enough. Life's a sieve!

…that everyone is governed by their love of each other and puts this before
everything else.
Christine Wood

…peace and content for all. Brotherly love.
Rita Hunt

…peace and harmony. 3rd June 2002
Asmat Momar

…chocolate, dogs, no brothers, fish and mashed potatos.
Kristen Michelle Claypool

…I am King.

…peace and tranquillity with beauty and warmth. People and creatures in harmony
with the environment and one another. Love and acceptance in abundance.
Tim Cole

…that no war or break of peace goes on and everyone is equal no one is harmed and
we all live in peace and harmony humans and nature.
Laura Mason

…people would act only from their higher selves bringing joy and peace to all they
Rosanna Scott

…all parents will instill discipline into their children to be kind and couteous to
Marie Wagstaff

…I hope this message can be received by you , a unique person. If you get it please
contact me. My address is: No. 13 Middle School, Karamay, Xingjiang. China.
Sun Xiu Lan

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