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					                  Learning the Art of Comedy Acting

A lot of actors say that making the audience laugh is more difficult
than making them cry. Whether this is true or not, don’t let it hinder
you from making your dreams as the worlds finest comedian come
true. Here are several tips to improve your comedy acting skills.

Tip #1 Learn your lines well. You can make people laugh more if
you’re able to deliver your punch line naturally. Whether you’re in a
comedy, drama, or action, the dialogue must always flow smoothly to
keep the audience engaged.

Tip #2 Walt Disney once said that in order to be funny, you have to
touch somebody’s heart. Even if it’s a comedic role, you still need to
know your character very well. You need to know who he is, what he
likes and dislikes, what he wants to be, where he comes from and
everything else about him. The audience won’t relate to you if you
can’t relate to your character.

Tip #3 Get physical. Comedies don’t always have to be slapstick, but
it’s easier to make people laugh when your facial and bodily
movements coordinate with your mouth. You don’t need to act like Jim
Carrey, but you’ll be amazed with how even a simple hand wave can
enhance the scene. Don’t be afraid to improvise with your face and

Tip #4 Improvise the script only when you know it’s welcomed. Let Jim
Carrey and Adam Sandler improvise as they will. They’re producing
their own films anyway. But as for you, remember that the film costs
money so if you’ve hit upon a great funny idea, run it by your director
or co-actors first instead of trying it out on camera.

Tip #5 Take the time to find your style. Its okay to borrow certain
qualities from great comedians here and there, but the end product
should be uniquely your own. It’s hard to be funny your copying
someone else’s style.

Tip #6 Watch lots of funny movies and learn from the masters. If
possible, watch your own work too and learn from your mistakes.

Tip #7 Last but not the least, remember that comedy actors are first
and foremost funny people. They were able to make people laugh off
camera before they started performing. If you know you’re a genuinely
funny person then don’t let obstacle stand in your way!

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