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Acting Tips


Acting tips and acting classes for the budding actors.

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									                      Acting Tips for the Lost Talent

Whether we are spending our holidays on sessions of charades or
musing over our high school musicals, acting is always present. There
are some people though who can act better than others. Well, to be
like them you must consider four acting tips.

Five times isn’t enough

Practice is the first of these acting tips. Practice makes perfect. There
is no such thing as over-practicing. Practicing your piece takes more
than five trials. Remember that acting isn’t just memorization of lines
or pure emotions.

To be a good actor you must know your lines by heart and the only
key to doing this is by reading the script over and over again and
acting it in front of the mirror. You can also practice with your co-
actors to build chemistry. Either way will improve your acting skills.

Study your material

Second of these acting tips is research. Acting is studying in general.
By the time you receive your script you must study the character you
are to portray. Spend time absorbing the characters details. Character
profile researches will be your advantage. You can visit libraries or
even check the internet to get a more specific idea as to how the
character acts. You can gather character profile information through
watching television shows or movies. Observe how actors played their
characters. Then, be your character.

It is not a one-shot victory

One of the most important acting tips is patience. Patience is a virtue.
If you can’t get things right don’t give up. Do it over and over again,
until you finally get it down. Sacrificing your time and spending
additional effort will help you become a better actor. Even professional
actors try to remain patient while practicing their roles.

Stay in the line, wear blinders

Acting tips and drama coaches will tell you to stay focused. True
enough for an actor who is confused won’t perform well. Acting is a
play of emotions, so you may want to learn how to stabilize your
feelings. Managing your problems is up to your discretion, just stay
composed when you are acting.

You can shed your emotions in acting, however in doing so balance
everything out. Sometimes, being too emotional may make your
concentration weak. If you lose your focus you’ll lose the words, the
script, the gestures, and the characters personality.

These acting tips are beneficial for beginners and even for
professionals. Remember, in acting nothing is procedural, everything is
spontaneous. So, there is no step-by-step process to success. You will
have to rely upon yourself and how well you manage these acting tips.

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