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Outdoor TexasPropane Volume 63 No 12 December

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Volume 63, No. 12
                                                                                                  December 2007

  T h e M a g a z i n e f o r T h e T e x a s P r o Pa n e g a s a s s o c i aT i o n

                                                                                    Kitchen, Grill
                                                                                 and Firepit Safety

                                                                                         A Day At The Races:
                                                                                            Propane Industry &
                                                                                              Builders Connect

                                                                                          How Marketers GIVE
                                                                                        to Local Communities

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             TPga staff
           Bill Van hoy
         Executive Director
           Jackie richards
        Education & Marketing
    Regulatory & Legislative Affairs
                                         feaT U r es
          Debbie simpson
         Executive Assistant             outdoor Kitchen, grill and firepit safety .........................6
            Membership                   a Day at The races:
          Meeting Planner
       Publication Coordinator
                                         Propane Industry & Builders Connect ....................... 10             fleet Technology summit .................................. 13
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                                                               HigHligHts From                                                                   Headquarters

                                                                                                                                                                  Bill Van hoy
                                                                                                                                                        TPGA Executive Director

Tis the Season...
                                                                                                                                          May you enjoy the splendid
         hristmas and the New Year will                                look at another topic of interest

                                                                                                                                           wonders of this holiday
         be upon us sooner than you think.                             discussed in this issue (brought
         Since you will be busy with family                            to our attention by TPGA
and friends, AND selling propane, district                             members)—outdoor kitchens
                                                                                                                                          season now and throughout
                                                                                                                                              this coming year!
meetings are on hold until after the first                             and the proper installation of
of the year. Watch for meeting notices in                              the associated plumbing for
early 2008!                                                            propane appliances.
   This issue of Texas Propane ends the                                   We have also given you                                                    The TPGA & PSC STAFF
year with some noteworthy and timely                                   a chance to “toot your own                                          Bill Van Hoy • Page Van Hoy • Debbie Simpson
articles. Read the interesting article                                 horn” so to speak with a story                                              Jackie Richards • Larry Minarovic
to find out more about the inspector                                   that focuses on volunteerism
internship program at the Railroad                                     within your communities.
Commission of Texas. This program
continues to grow with the oversight                                   Happy Holidays to all!
of Chairman Williams’ office. Take a                                   Bill

    new Members—supplier
    Rush Truck Centers of Texas ...............................................................................................Nash, TX
    Morgan Insurance Agency................................................................................................. Lufkin, TX

2007-2008 TPga Board of Directors
President: Joe Green, Green’s Blue Flame Gas, Houston 713-462-5414                                           District 14 Director: Ronny Tallmon, Denman Propane, El Paso 915-727-0716
President Elect: Bill Clinkscale, Henderson Oil & Butane, Justin 800-799-3113                                District 14 Alternate: Open
Finance Chairman: Bill Clinkscale, Henderson Oil & Butane, Justin 800-799-3113                               District 15 Director: Don Heinrich, Slaton Gas & Equipment, Slaton 806-828-6501
Secretary/Treasurer: Tony Dale, Ferrellgas, Cedar Park 512-238-3076                                          District 15 Alternate: Open
District 1 Director: Jim Vines, Cooper Propane, Paris 903-785-5242                                           District 16 Director: Open
District 1 Alternate: Open                                                                                   District 16 Alternate: Open
District 2 Director: Open                                                                                    Director at Large: David Blackman, Denman Propane, Dallas 214-635-2727
District 2 Alternate: Open                                                                                   Director at Large: Steve Smith, Smith Gas Company, Floresville 830-393-2533
District 3 Director: Mark Sandifer, Sandifer’s LP Gas, Port Arthur 409-963-1269                              Director at Large: Todd Dorris, Roadrunner Energy, Uvalde 830-278-5317
District 3 Alternate: Jeremy Gentile, Hill Butane, Stowell 409-296-2001                                      Director at Large: Phil Lawler, WTG Fuels, Abilene 325-677-6209
District 4 Director: Frank Hicks, Hughes Propane, Pinehurst 281-356-8241                                     Past President: Tom Granberry, Welch Propane, Douglassville 903-846-2370
District 4 Alternate: Mark Peterson, Buster Brown Propane, New Caney 281-689-3946                            Past President: Gordon Todd, Texas Propane, Rockdale 512-446-4949
District 5 Director: Open                                                                                    Past President: Jack Denman, Denman Propane, Dallas 214-635-2727
District 5 Alternate: Open                                                                                   Past President: Tom Nichols, Nichols LP Gas, Clifton 254-675-8001
District 6 Director: Open                                                                                    Past President: Jo Ann Mudgett, Hughes Propane, Pinehurst 281-356-8241
District 6 Alternate: Open                                                                                   Assoc. Supplier Service Director: Anna May Etheredge, Bishop Energy, Gainesville 940-665-4672
District 7 Director: Dennis South, Texas Propane Energy, Cibolo 210-858-5079                                 Assoc. Supplier Service Alternate: Alexis Matthews, BAM Propane, Fort Worth 866-867-5175
District 7 Alternate: Matt Terry, Mission Gas, San Antonio 210-633-0721                                      Assoc. Supplier Producer Director: Jim Fulton, Enterprise Products, Houston 713-880-6707
District 8 Director: Tony Dale, Ferrellgas, Cedar Park, 512-238-3076                                         Assoc. Supplier Producer Alternate: Joe Taylor, DCP Midstream, Houston 713-735-3788
District 8 Alternate: Open                                                                                   Assoc. Supplier Manufacturer/Distributor Director: Steve Scott, American Welding & Tank,
District 9 Director: Tim Jander, Star-Tex Propane, Waco 800-792-3487                                                 Lubbock 800-550-2359
District 9 Alternate: Open                                                                                   Assoc. Supplier Manufacturer/Distributor Alternate: Mike Armstrong, Gas Equipment
District 10 Director: Open                                                                                           Company, Palmer 972-617-0979
District 10 Alternate: Doug Maclay, Huffhines Propane, Dallas 972-225-2347                                   Assoc. Supplier At Large Director: Jimmie Grant, Martin Gas Sales, Richmond 877-626-0003
District 11 Director: Ward Campbell, Haigood & Campbell, Archer City 800-766-0016                            Assoc. Supplier At Large Alternate: Danny McElroy, White River Distributors,
District 11 Alternate: Open                                                                                          Garland 972-240-1229
District 12 Director: John Walter, Schneider Distributing, San Angelo 800-901-9109                           Regional Vice Presidents: Jim Vines, Dennis South, John Walter, Don Heinrich
District 12 Alternate: Toot Tomerlin, Concho Propane, San Angelo 325-653-8924                                Nominating Committee Chair: Jo Ann Mudgett
District 13 Director: Bud Saunders, United Fuel & Energy, Midland 432-556-2785                               NPGA Director: Jay Wood, Northwest Propane, Dallas 800-274-6121
District 13 Alternate: Open

                                                                                                                                                                TexasPropane      5
                        outdoor                   saFety

                                     and Firepit Safety
                                 By Julie Lake

                                                 In SoutHeRn StateS LIke texaS, wHeRe wInteRS aRe
                                                 MILD, outDooR enteRtaInIng IS a yeaR-RounD PuRSuIt.

                                                           early every backyard has a grill,      the chilly months.
                                                           and increasingly homeowners are           “Everything you have inside, you can
                                                           investing in more elaborate outdoor    have outside, including beautiful cabinets
                                                 gas cooking appliances that can accom-           and stonework,” said Deidre Darsa of HPBA.
                                                 modate everything from a rack of ribs to a       Darsa noted that a 2006 study by Weber
                                                 neighborhood crawfish boil. The Hearth,          found that outdoor fireplaces were one of
                                                 Patio and Barbecue Association reports that      the top three things people said they wanted
                                                 manufacturers shipped more than 17 million       in an outdoor room. A recent survey by the
                                                 grills in 2006, with the lion’s share of those   National Association of Homebuilders pre-
                                                 appliances being fueled by propane.              dicts that by 2015 the typical upscale home
                                                    Other mainstays in these popular “out-        will include an outdoor fireplace. More infor-
                                                 door rooms” are furniture to relax on and        mal gas fire pits are also gaining in popularity
                                                 a hearth product to extend the season into       due to the ease of use and maintenance.
3rd Place
6     TexasPropane   December 2007
                                                                    outdoor                          safety

   The growing popularity of all these             know it’s done right,” said Herrod. “If you       other top-grade finishes.
outdoor propane products has been a boon           keep propane where it goes, you’re not going         Neither Osterhaus
for both the environment and the propane           to have a problem. It doesn’t matter if it’s an   of the Railroad
industry as cleaner burning propane has            outdoor kitchen, or a fire pit or whatever, you   Commission nor
replaced charcoal and wood as the fuel of          follow the same good practices that you follow    Wilkerson, who
                                                                                                                                 “Everything you
choice. Concern is growing, however, among         on any installation.”                             has served more          have inside, you can
safety experts about the trend to encase              Herrod specializes in upper-end appliances,    than five years
outdoor gas appliances in weatherproof             which he says are comparable in quality to        on       TPGA’s
                                                                                                                            have outside, including
cabinetry, brick or stone to create a sleeker,     the Viking product line for indoor kitchens.      technical and             beautiful cabinets
more streamlined look.                             Some of the appliances feature a drawer unit      standards com-
   “LP gas is heavier than air and tends to        where the portable propane tank is stored.        mittee, is aware
                                                                                                                                and stonework...”
hover on the ground rather than rise up the        But regardless of the installation, Herrod’s      of any specific
way natural gas does,” said Jim Osterhaus,         crew either provides proper ventilation at        incidents involving
deputy director of the Texas Railroad              the bottom or builds the unit an inch or two      outdoor kitchens at the
Commission’s Safety Division. “If there’s          off the ground to ensure that, in the case of a   state or national level but they
not proper ventilation, gas can build up. It’s     leak, the propane does not collect. Many of       both say that installers and homeowners
important that the homeowner contact a             his affluent Rockport clients complete their      need to be aware of this emerging safety issue
licensed LP gas professional to make sure the      outdoor entertainment areas with granite and      given the growing popularity of these outdoor
installation is done correctly and according
to the manufacturer’s instructions. Those
professionals have received the training,
certification and licenses required and know
the applicable rules and regulations.”
   Brent wilkerson, who works in LP gas
equipment sales and technical support for
Dallas-based tPga member Squibb-taylor,
said part of the problem is that natural gas has
very different properties than propane.
   “People buy a fancy grill and have a nice
outdoor kitchen put in, but there may not be
ventilation at the top of the stone or brick
enclosure for natural gas or at the bottom for
propane,” said Wilkerson. “Or the ventila-
tion may be there, but in the wrong place.
The gentleman building the structure for the
grill to sit in may not know about the vent-
ing requirements or understand the different
properties of natural gas versus propane.”
   Wilkerson described another situation he’s
seen with some large homes where the propane
tank has a line to the home and a second line
and regulator to a gas grill enclosure. “For the
regulator to work properly it must be vented
outside of the enclosed space,” he explained.
“The diaphragm moves up and down, and it’s
designed not to overpressure the appliance,
and because so, in a failure mode sometimes
it could release product. There needs to be
a vent in the gas grill enclosure to let that
gas out.”
   Ray Herrod of Aransas Propane began
building outdoor kitchens and entertain-
ment areas five years ago as a way to keep his
employees busy during the summer, typically a
slow time for propane marketers. His 35 years
as an electrician and 11 years in the propane
industry have given him a clear understanding
of the issues involved in proper installation.
   “When my guys get through with it, I

                                                                                                                TexasPropane   7
                             outdoor                   saFety

    home products.                                                  inspection is required to be           Likewise, improperly constructed propane
      While propane that escapes        In the years ahead,           performed when a DOT cyl-        fire pits can pose a hazard if the homeowner
    from an appliance is difficult                                     inder is used. But it’s not a   encircles the pit with a solid material like
    to ignite because it needs a       propane will no doubt            pleasant conversation with     stone or brick at a height that could allow
    specific source air/fuel ratio,     play an even larger             the resident.                  gas to pool within the fire pit in the event
    there is always a potential risk     role in the outdoor              “The homeowner doesn’t       of a leak.
    anytime propane leaks and                                          want you drilling a hole            Homeowners with concerns about
    pools in an enclosed space.           room movement.              in the pretty rock after the     their propane appliances should contact a
       Any       appliance       using                              fact to put in ventilation,”       licensed propane provider who can perform a
    propane must have adequate                                   Wilkerson said. “It can be very       safety check.
    ventilation that meets all applicable                     expensive to knock out stone to              In the years ahead, propane will no doubt
    provisions of the NFPA 54 rules, the grill provide vents while trying to maintain the              play an even larger role in the outdoor room
    manufacturer’s recommendations, as well desired appearance.”                                       movement, as homeowners see the value and
    as the Texas Railroad Commission rules.            It’s a similar situation when an outdoor        enjoyment of extending their living space
    It is also important that appliances be kitchen is improperly installed at a residence             into the great outdoors.
    maintained according to the manufacturer’s already hard-piped for propane. wilkerson                   Increasing choices in outdoor kitchen
    instructions to minimize the possibility of said the contractors and masons and stucco             equipment, as well as gas log patio hearths,
    gas leakage.                                    crew have often come and gone by the time          patio heaters, propane-fueled lighting
          When propane marketers take over a the propane supplier gets a call to come out              and mosquito eliminators will ensure that
    new customer or when there is a cessation and connect the gas line.                                homeowners can find the products that
    of service, they are required to inspect           “It’s more of a contractor issue to be          best suit their homes and their budget.
    everything that is hooked to the tank and sure it’s done right,” he explained, stressing           And with proper installation and mainte-
    perform a leak check before restoring power. the importance of open communication                  nance, those propane-powered products
    Many improperly installed outdoor kitchens between the propane provider and the                    will provide many years of safe and
    are identified at that point since no prior contractor/homeowner.                                  enjoyable use.

                                               I n s u r a n c e A g e n c y, I n c .
                                          OFFERING SPECIALIZED PROGRAMS FOR LP GAS DEALERS

                                                   • Worker’s Compensation
                                                   • General Liability
                                                   • Business Auto Insurance
                                                   • Property
                                                   • Commercial Umbrella

            Building and Maintaining Confidence in the Insurance Industry since 1949
                                                                                  Steven L. Wayland, CIC
                                                                                     John S. Porter, CIC
                                       1305 South First Street • Lufkin, Texas
                                         (936) 634-3326 • 1-800-223-1289
                        E-Mail: • Web:

8   TexasPropane3-05.indd December 2007
       Half Page           1                                                                                                         3/28/05 2:47:31 PM
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 Sunday, August 10, 2008                    Monday, August 11, 2008               Tuesday, August 12, 2008
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 5:30p     Welcome Reception                12:30p   trade Show set-up            6:00p    Dinner Dance/
                                            2:30p    Board Meeting                         annual Business Meeting

                            Wednesday, August 13, 2008 •        12:00p     Check out

                                    Watch for more information!
         Texas Propane Gas Association 8408 North IH 35 Austin, TX 78753    800-325-7427

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                                                                                              TexasPropane   9
                    HigHligHts             outreacH
                                           From Headquarters

                                                          A Day At
                                                         The Races:

                                    Propane Industry & Builders Connect
                                                                                                               By Jackie Richards

                                         It waS an IntenSe Day at tHe texaS MotoR SPeeDway
                                         (tMS) In FoRt woRtH on noVeMBeR 4 aS #48 JIMMIe
                                         JoHnSon          anD       #17    Matt        kenSetH        ContenDeD            a    SIDe-
                                         By-SIDe BattLe In tHe FInaL LaPS oF tHe DICkIeS 500.

                                                he Dickies 500 is the eighth of 10 races   community, who shared a day of food, fun
                                                in the Nextel Cup Series, which is one     and racing. The group was at the Nov. 4
                                                of the most highly regarded profes-        race as part of a promotion put together by
                                         sional competitions in NASCAR. But in the         the Propane education & Research Council
                                         end it was Jimmie Johnson (#48), driver of        (PERC) and the Texas Propane Educational
                                         the Lowe’s Chevrolet, who prevailed for his       & Marketing Foundation (tPeMF), which
                                         third consecutive win and 30 point lead in the    teamed up to give Texas propane marketers
                                         Nextel Cup Series, conquering the track’s 1.5     an opportunity to invite their local home
                                         mile oval course.                                 builders to a day at the Speedway. The
                                            There to witness this victory was a group      event allowed marketers to either show their
                                         from the propane industry and building            appreciation to home builders who include

10   TexasPropane   December 2007
                                                                     Builder                       outreacH

                                                                                                                           NASCAR enthusiast
                                                                                                                           Cary Tomerlin and his
                                                                                                                           son, Toot Tomerlin, of
                                                                                                                           Concho Propane watch
                                                                                                                           as the drivers rev their
                                                                                                                           engines for the first
                                                                                                                           of 334 laps with their
                                                                                                                           builder guest, Bruce Hitt
                                                                                                                           of Stillwater Developers.
                                                                                                                           Above: Tami & Chris
                                                                                                                           Swanzy of Propane
                                                                                                                           Bottle Service of Fort
                                                                                                                           Worth watch intensely
                                                                                                                           with builder guest,
                                                                                                                           Clayton Porter of Porter
                                                                                                                           Custom Homes.

propane in their building projects or allow      more than 70% of consumers planning               and we are showing them how propane can
home builders not currently using propane        to build off the main say the choice of an        help them deliver.”
to get to know their marketer in a relaxed,      energy sources is a very important consider-         In addition to using the popular motor
fun setting. Over 60 propane marketers and       ation. By forging relationships with builders,    sport with a 75 million person fan base
builders came for the event.                     we can help them become ‘energy experts,’         to engage homebuilders, PERC and
   Propane marketers were thrilled with          a practice that results in enhanced comfort,      states are implementing a comprehensive
the opportunity to share this experience         lifestyle and long-term satisfaction for their    builder outreach effort to educate builders,
with their builders and believed it helped to    customers and helps builders stand out from       developers, architects and HVAC profession-
strengthen the relationship between their        the crowd in a challenging marketplace.”          als. The builder outreach campaign includes
company and their builder clients. Bob               “The weekend was a success that resulted      advertising in builder publications, as well
Hornbeck of Sharp Propane of Watauga,            in a great amount of interest from builders,”     as providing resources and educational
said the event was a great experience. “If       Burleson reported. “It reaffirms for me our       tools. To find out more about what PERC
you talk with Heritage Custom Homes,             strategy for 2008, which is to expand builder     and your state are doing to educate the
we now have a builder for life,” Hornbeck        outreach through an enhanced presence at          building community and resources available
said. “It was a first for all the builders and   national, regional and local tradeshows,          to you, watch for the January issue of Texas
shows our appreciation for those who build       conferences and symposiums.                       Propane magazine.
with propane. I overheard several comments           Builders want to know how to provide an          To see more photos from the event, turn
from builders expressing that same feeling       innovative, high-quality and environmen-          to this month’s Propane Marketer Showcase
of appreciation. Southern Estate Homes           tally friendly home to discerning customers,      or visit
from Bryan-College Station are new to
our program but expressed their intention                                                         Call Joey Johnson Today!
to install propane in their homes. Again,
                                                                                                  (662) 254-9024 ext.116
Sharp Propane thanks all of those involved
in making this a rewarding experience for                                                         email:
our builders.”
   Tracy Burleson, director of residential
trade outreach and partnerships for PERC,
echoed those sentiments. “The NASCAR                Many
event was really an opportunity to build and
strengthen the relationships between retail-
ers and builders,” Burleson said. “It allowed       Available!
us to educate a core target audience—home
builders—about the many ways propane can
help them in their businesses by providing           Visit for complete listings and pictures.
their customers with an exceptional energy
                                                   Scott Petroleum Corporation, Inc.         102 Main Street         Itta Bena, MS 38941
choice. In a recent Harris Interactive survey,

                                                                                                            TexasPropane    11
                            Builder                  outreacH

                                      Winners of the
                                      Propane Builder
                         NASCAR Ticket Giveaway Contest

                     Alto Construction of Hawkins      kendall taylor Construction           Scott Redfearn, Inc.
                            Nominated by:                       of Cypress                     of Mt. Pleasant
                     Mallory’s Propane of Mineola        Nominated by: Cy-Fair                 Nominated by:
                                                           Propane of Cypress                WelchGas of Naples
                     Blackstone Designer Homes
                            of Christoval             Nalle Custom Homes of Elgin           Stalwart Construction
                            Nominated by:             Nominated by: Texas Propane               of Cedar Park
                    Concho Propane of San Angelo            Energy of Cibolo             Nominated by: Action Propane
                                                                                                  of Leander
                     CB Construction of Whitney      Parry Construction of San Angelo
                            Nominated by:                Nominated by: Schneider            Stillwater Developers
                      Dixie LP gas of Hillsboro         Distributing of San Angelo              of San Angelo
                                                                                        Nominated by: Concho Propane
                       Decker Custom Homes             Paul Ferguson Construction               of San Angelo
                             of San Angelo                  of China Springs
                       Nominated by: Schneider         Nominated by:nichols LP gas         Southern Estate Homes
                      Distributing of San Angelo            of China Springs                 of College Station
                                                                                         Nominated by: Sharp Propane
                     Heritage Custom Builders Inc.    Pitts Construction of Jefferson             of Bryan
                             of Fort Worth            Nominated by: Smith Propane
                     Nominated by: Sharp Propane                of Gilmer                 TS Construction of Stanton
                              of Watauga                                                 Nominated by: Franklin & Son
                                                         Porter Custom Homes                      of Stanton
                    Hudson Homes of Horseshoe Bay            of Fort Worth
                            Nominated by:              Nominated by: Propane Bottle     Village Custom Homes of Salado
                         Hydrogas of Burnet              Service of Fort Worth           Nominated by: tri-Co Propane
                                                                                                   of Rogers
                       John Paul Construction         Prime Construction of Moody
                           of Mt. Pleasant           Nominated by: nichols LP gas of     W.A. Hawkins Construction
                       Nominated by: WelchGas                    Clifton                          of Hart
                           of Mt. Pleasant                                               Nominated by: Jim Black Oil
                                                         R & H Construction,                      of Hart
                                                             LLC. of Seguin
                                                       Nominated by: Texas Propane
                                                            Energy of Cibolo

12   TexasPropane     December 2007
                                                                            ProPaNe                             tecHNology

Fleet Technology Summit
Features Propane Products
MoRe tHan 50 FLeet ManageRS FRoM MunICIPaLItIeS, SCHooL DIStRICtS anD PRIVate
CoMPanIeS aCRoSS texaS attenDeD a MID-noVeMBeR MeetIng tHat FeatuReD a VaRI-
ety oF teCHnoLogIeS to HeLP FLeet ManageRS uSe tHeIR ReSouRCeS MoRe eFFeCtIVeLy.
                                                                              benefits. the austin-based
                                                                              company, which is an offshoot
                                                                              of McCoys Lawn equipment
                                                                              Store, has taken an active
                                                                              role in marketing commercial
                                                                              lawn products that utilize
                                                                              propane. They are seeing
                                                                              great success at converting
                                                                              state government entities and
                                                                              school districts to propane.
                                                                                Pushing this same lawn
                                                                              mower effort at the summit       CleanFuel USA’s Mike Merwarth engages the group with
                                                                              was exhibitor Envirogard,        information on the LPI system, available vehicles, and
                                                                                                               available federal tax credits.
                                                                              which promoted its low
Curtis Donaldson with TPGA member CleanFuel USA presents Stacy Neef of polluting            model.     Their
Central Texas Clean Cities with a check at the Fleet Technology Summit on representatives touted the
November 16, 2007, for referring the TCEQ into buying a new LPI System truck.
                                                                              economic incentives, as well
                                                                              as the environmental gains in

         he Fleet Technology Summit, hosted by using propane.
         Central Texas Clean Cities, had several             Among those attending and exhibiting at the
         propane sponsors, including: the Texas summit were the texas Propane educational &
Propane educational & Marketing Foundation Marketing Foundation & the alternative Fuels
(tPeMF), Ferrellgas, CleanFuel uSa, and Research & education Division. aFReD’s staff
Environmental Propane Conversions.                        marketed the very latest propane vehicles, which
    Topics covered at the event included included the Rousch Ford 150 Truck, the Blue
web-based software solutions; fully-automated Bird Propane Bus and propane lawn mowers.
vehicle dispatch; efficient vehicle manage-                  Attendee/exhibitor Clean Energy was also          Jim Lawton of Ferris Industries shows Rudy Six, GM
ment; reduced downtime; improved efficiency; at the conference promoting the benefits                          for INVERS Mobility Solutions the latest in propane
accident control management; process map- of propane. They are the largest provider of                         lawn mowers at the Propane Fleet Technology Forum.
ping; and outsourcing standards.                          vehicular compressed and liquefied natural gas
    Michael Merwarth with CleanFueL uSa (Cng and Lng) in north america with a
was one of the day’s several speakers and he broad customer base in refuse, transit, shuttle,
engaged the group with information on the taxi, intrastate and interstate trucking, airport
LPI system, available vehicles, and available and municipal fleets. Their core business is to
federal tax credits.                                      build, operate, and maintain Cng and Lng
    CleanFuel USA, with offices in Georgetown, stations; however they were specifically market-
is a global company dedicated to developing and ing their CNG garbage truck at the summit.
building safe, reliable and compliant products               “The summit was a great opportunity to
and services necessary to transition fleets away get in front of fleet managers from around the
from traditional fuels to the economic and state,” said Jackie Richards, with the Texas
environmental advantages of alternative fuels.            Propane educational & Marketing Foundation.
    Jim Lawton on behalf of sponsor “They make purchasing decisions that can                                   Central Texas Clean Cities Coordinator Stacy Neef and
Environmental Propane Conversions told fleet affect millions of dollars and last for decades.                  Richard Blake of Environmental Propane Conversions
managers how propane lawn mowers can offer It was good that propane made such a strong                         were excited to show fleet managers from across the state
economic, environmental and operational showing at the show.”                                                  the benefits of propane lawn mowers.

                                                                                                                            TexasPropane        13
                        a seasoN                   oF giviNg


               aMeRICanS aRe

        ToMate SayS tHat
         GIVING. ONE ESTI-

             THAT 89 PERCENT
               oF HouSeHoLDS
                    GIVE AND THE
           aVeRage annuaL
                           IS $1,620.

                          Compiled by
                    Kimberly Scheberle

                                               ut giving—as an IRS tax deduction—is so much more important when it involves
                                               time, dedication and leadership. In a study sponsored by Ronald McDonald
                                               House Charities, 93 percent of Americans surveyed believe it is important
                                         to promote volunteerism. However, more than half (51 percent) said they’d rather
                                         read, watch TV or visit the in-laws than volunteer for charity.

14   TexasPropane     December 2007
                                                                a seasoN                            of giviNg

                 “…no matter how big government gets, and                                               Top 5
                 no matter how many services it provides, it                                            Reasons Why
                  can never take the place of volunteers.”                                              People give
                            —Ronald Reagan, 40th U.S. president

                                                                                                        1. Because they are
During this time of year, when we reflect      and have a portable BBQ pit made from                    asked, or presented a giving
upon our fortunes and family, we’d like to     a condemned 250 gallon tank that they                    opportunity.
recognize several members of the Texas         loan to various organizations.
propane community who give of their time                                                                2.    Compassion for those
for their local communities.                   hobie sibley                                             in need.
     Of course, this is not a complete list.   Baygas Propane, League City
But it does represent what propane industry    Hobie Sibley of Baygas Propane in League City            3.    Personally believe
members do in and for their communi-           has spent an incredible amount of his personal           in the cause.
ties. Our hats are off for all that you do.    time giving back to his community, largely
Happy Holidays!                                working with zoning boards and economic                  4. Affected by the cause.
                                               development. Sibley was one of the founders
Bill Mccullough                                of the League City economic Development                  5. To give back to their
Propane Energy Co. Mexia                       Corp. and has served on three different                  community.
Bill McCullough, current president and         Charter Reviews for the city (he’s presently
owner of Propane energy Co. in Mexia,          on one). He served on the original Zoning                The above is based on an
has been involved in community organiza-       Board and is presently on the Zoning Board of            analysis of research in the
tions since he returned to Mexia in august     Adjustments (ZBA). He’s also currently serv-             field of philanthropy—including
1979 to join his father in the family-owned    ing on a task force to create a ¼ cent Economic          Indiana University’s Center
propane business.                              Development sales tax.                                   on Philanthropy, Independent
   He has served on the gibbs Memorial            Sibley is a past board member of the League           Sector, University of Pittsburgh,
Library, Mexia Industrial Foundation, and      City Chamber of Commerce and currently                   and others.
Mexia economic Development Corp. He            serves on their legislative board. He’s also a
was president of the Mexia Chamber of          past board member of the local Lions Club.
Commerce in 1990 and 2007, and, most              He lends his skills to the propane industry by
notably, served four years as the mayor of     working on the tPga Legislative committee.
Mexia, from May 1997 through May 2001.
   Propane Energy Co. is an annual con-        gretchen scott                                      Lubbock Friends of the Library for the past
tributor to the Boy Scouts of America, the     American Welding & Tank, Lubbock                    five years and has volunteered at the book
Lions Club, the Rotary Club, the Mexia         Gretchen Scott’s volunteerism runs the              sale for 15 years. She’s also on the steering
and Wortham Cheerleaders and Athletic          gamut, from literary and historical causes to       committee for “Literary Lubbock”, an event
Boosters, the Limestone County Crime           causes within the propane community. As a           that promotes the University of Texas Tech
Stoppers and is a regular buyer at the         Texas Tech graduate, she believes in giving         Press. In addition, she is the treasurer of the
young Farmers youth Livestock Show. the        back to the organizations that have helped          Lubbock chapter of achievement Rewards
company provides auction merchandise to        enrich her life.                                    for College Scientists and is a docent at the
numerous rural fire fighting organizations        Scott has served as treasurer for the            Lubbock Lake Landmark Historical Site.

                                 First in Service for 27 Years
                                                                            P.O. Box 2030                           800-333-1828
                                                                            Canyon Lake, TX 78133                   830-964-2525

                                                                            Les Browning
        LP Gas Transportation
                                                                                                           TexasPropane   15
                             a seasoN                      oF giviNg

                                  “To give away money is an easy matter and in any man’s power. But
                                  to decide to whom to give it, and how large, and when, and for what
                                 purpose and how, is neither in every man’s power nor an easy matter.”

        In the propane world, she serves on the          donated sand-blasting and inspection to              to a cooking school to a café to a pecan
     executive board of the National Propane Gas         make sure they were nitrogen-free. three             seller), but back their community. In fact,
     Foundation Scholarship Fund and organizes           high school FFA students transformed the             this year the duo took top honors as Annette
     the ladies program for the Colorado/New             tanks as part of their FFA shop project.             served as president of the Cuero Chamber of
     Mexico Pga annual convention.                       His company regularly supports the Nueces            Commerce (after a six-year term as director)
                                                         County Junior Livestock Show.                        and Erwin finished his second year of presi-
     Ken gajdos                                             Gajdos, a second generation propane               dent of the Cuero Turkeyfest, an annual fete
     PropaneFleet Inc., Robstown                         marketer, also takes an active role in his           that is the chief money raiser for community
     ken gajdos, president and owner of                  community by aiding local candidates facing          groups. Each year as Turkeyfest approaches,
     PropaneFleet Inc. in Robstown, decided this         reelection. He recently purchased a hole at          Cuero-yoakum Propane becomes turkey cen-
     past year to forego scrapping some old tanks        a golf tournament raising funds for a justice        tral, taking on some of the duties involved
     so he could donate them to a local organiza-        of the peace and co-hosted a party to kick           with putting on the event and organizing 350
     tion, the Calallen FFA Alumni Association.          off the reelection campaign for a county             volunteers.
     Gajdos, who has served in the past as vice          commissioner.                                           In addition to their constant work on the
     president of the association, knew the need                                                              Turkeyfest, Annette and Erwin stay true to
     for their own barbecue pit was great.               annette and erwin rath                               their “have apron, will travel” motto, provid-
        The organization regularly cooks food (like      Cuero-Yoakum Propane, Cuero                          ing cooking facilities and their expertise for a
     brisket) to raise money and had been borrow-        Intrepid entrepreneurs Annette and Erwin             variety of community causes. The Raths also
     ing 8-10 pits on a regular basis. PropaneFleet      Rath not only give 100 percent effort to             annually support the youth livestock shows
     donated the items and also arranged for             their businesses (which vary from propane            and other youth enterprises.

                                   • Fully Galvanized
             • NEW! Design-          Dome for         • Universal
               Engineered            Longer Life        Regulator                                            120 Gal.                        500 Gal.
               Dome and                                 Brackets • Long-Lasting,
               Hinge Assembly                                      High-Gloss
                                                                   Durable Finish
                                                                                     120 Gal.               150 Gal.                      1000 Gal.
         • Heavy Duty                                                                Vertical
           Lifting Lugs

                                                                                                           250 Gal.                      1450 Gal.

                                                                                                         325 Gal.                      1990 Gal.

                                                                                                                   GENERAL SALES OFFICE
                                                                           • Tanks can be                  P.O. Box 8870, Camp Hill, PA 17001-8870
                                                                             Placed Above                 Toll Free: 1-800-56-TANKS (1-800-568-2657)
                                                    • 60” Standardized                                     Local: 717-763-5080 • Fax: 717-763-5081
                                                                             Ground or
                                                      Leg Spacing
                                                                             Underground        Visit American Welding & Tank on the Internet at
                                                      (150 Gal-500 Gal.)

16    TexasPropane        December 2007
by the Tex
Pro pane Gas
                                        iNside          tHe iNdustry

                                                       program that puts the government’s blue            the many energy-saving appliances and prod-
                                                       “Energy Star” label on light bulbs, appliances     ucts available and their related tax credits.
                                                       and other products that save energy. She said      Homeowners can also see how much money
                                                       most people think that buying energy-saving        they could save on their energy bills and how
                                                       appliances is the best way to cut energy use.      much their global warming emissions would
                                                          “The reality is you can install the most        be reduced from the upgrades.
                                                       energy efficient heating system or cooling            The website also has a list of things you
                                                       system, but if you isn’t sealed – that is if you   should look for in a contractor to make the
                                                       don’t have the right amount of insulation in       energy-efficient upgrades, but does not pro-
                                                       the attic or if you haven’t sealed the cracks      vide specific names of local contractors.
                                                       around your windows and doors – that air is           “If you’re handy enough, a lot of this
                                                       going to escape, and so that’s just a waste,”      stuff you can do yourself,” said Vargas, who
                                                       Vargas said.                                       pointed out the website has detailed step-by-
                                                          The web site does provide information on        step instructions and photos explaining the

     new government Web site
     offers energy savings Tips

                  ith U.S. consumers facing higher
                  heating costs this winter, a new
                  government website gives home-
     owners specific, customized recommendations
     on how to cut their energy use and save on
     utility bills.
        At the web site
     homeadvisor, homeowners enter their zip
     code, how their homes are heated and cooled
     and what type of water heater they have.
     Next comes a list of energy savings steps,
     tailored to the homeowner’s region of the
     country, to cut energy use, such as sealing air
     leaks, adding more insulation or installing a
     programmable thermostat.
        “A lot of times, people don’t know where
     to start,” said Maria Vargas, with the ePa

           in ProPane
          Edgbert Thomas Hudson, 89 of
          Bridgeport, passed away on October
          20, 2007. Hudson was the retired
          owner of Hudson Butane in Bridgeport.
          He was a member of Disabled American
          Veterans and the Wise County Veterans
          Group. He was also a retired 25 year
          member of the Bridgeport Volunteer
          Fire Department. Mr. Hudson was Wise
          County’s last surviving member of the
          “Lost Battalion.” Our condolences go
          out to his family.

18    TexasPropane      December 2007
                                                                            iNside                  Headquarters
                                                                                                    tHe iNdustry

energy saving improvements. “Our goal is to       (Reston, VA), showed that more than one           campaign.
make it as easy as possible for people to be as   quarter of those surveyed recalled news of pro-      The Campaign Extension Program is
efficient as possible in their homes.”            pane. Almost one in five people recalled the      designated to help states and marketers
                                                  PROPANE Exceptional Energy® theme line.           strengthen their residential marketing plans
Motor fuel Policy sub-group                       Total advertising awareness, including aided      by aligning them with the national campaign.
approves rules for action                         and unaided, is currently at 81 percent. These    All materials for the Campaign Extension
the Motor Fuel Policy Sub-group of nPga’s         findings show that more and more people are       Program are organized into easily accessible
Governmental Affairs Committee approved           aware of propane as an “exceptional energy.”      program kits available on the MaRC.
a seven point paper of recommendations that          with consumer awareness at an all-time            For more information, contact PERC’s
include the following priorities for action       high, now is the perfect time to take advan-      kelly Harris at 202-452-8975 or kelly.harris@
in Congress. The recommendations were             tage of the success of the national advertising
presented to the NPGA Board in October.
• Extend the alternative fuel tax credit.
• Extend the alternative fuel vehicle
   tax credit.
• Extend the alternative fuel infrastructure
   tax credit.
• Improve taxpayer ability to obtain fuel tax
   credits throughout the year.
• Enact a mandate that propane vehicles
   qualify for HOV lanes.
• Require federal and state policy to comply
   with existing alternative fuel mandates.
    Adoption of these priorities will bring
the important motor fuel sector into better
alignment with strong advocates from within
the industry.

Propane Technology goes green at gie + expo
Members of the green industry learned
about the many benefits of propane-fueled
technology at the
2007 Green Industry
and Equipment Expo
in Louisville, ky in
late October. In a
collaborative effort,
representatives from
the Engine Fuel and
Agriculture Advisory committees promoted
propane-fueled equipment, such as the Roush
F-150 pickup, lawnmowers, weed control
equipment and standby generators to land-
scape and maintenance professionals.
   the gIe + expo, held october 25-27,
2007, is the industry’s largest showcase for
outdoor power equipment, lawn and garden
equipment, outdoor leisure items and land-
scape equipment. For more information,
contact PeRC’s Mark Leitman at mark.leit-, or Brian Feehan

consumer awareness of Propane
is at all-Time high

          Research shows that consumer aware-
          ness of propane has significantly
          increased since 2002. The industry’s         Jimmie Grant, 713-851-6155
recent bi-annual advertising tracking study,           Muggs Athey, 318-218-7068
which was conducted by Harris Interactive

                                                                                                           TexasPropane   19
                                        iNside            tHe iNdustry

     nPga Proposes change Permitting appliances          Did You Know?                                     was presented to the kentucky Propane
     Without interconnection                             UPS recently added 306 alternative fuel           Education and Research Council during the
     NPGA has proposed a change to the                   vehicles to its “green fleet,” including 139      2007 National Propane Gas Association
     International Fuel Gas Code (EFGC) that             new propane delivery trucks in North              and PeRC Staff Leadership Summit in
     would permit commercial cooking appliances          america. uPS’ global alternative-fuel fleet       Washington, DC in November. The award
     that are manually operated and provided with        is the largest such private fleet in the trans-   recognizes kentucky’s State Park Initiative
     standing pilots to be installed without having      portation industry with 1629 vehicles fueled      for converting kitchens in 11 national
     to be interconnected to the kitchen exhaust         by natural gas, propane, electric and hybrid      parks from electricity to propane, including
     hood systems, which is currently required.          electric vehicles.                                PROPANE Exceptional Energy® branding
     NPGA maintains that the interconnection                                                               on the menus for 1.5 million visitor impres-
     requirement is not necessary since com-             Milford Therrell award Presented to Kentucky      sions. The $25,000 award is traditionally
     mercial cooking appliances are required to          Propane education and research council            given to the state association with the most
     demonstrate the same level of performance              this year’s Milford therrell award             outstanding state rebate program.
     with respect to carbon monoxide emissions
     that residential cooking gas appliances are.
         Although code officials have maintained
     that interconnection is also necessary to
     make sure that cooking and grease fumes are
     exhausted, NPGA maintains that commer-
     cial chefs and operators of cooking equipment
     will be immediately aware that fumes are not
     being exhausted and will take the appropriate
     steps to turn the exhaust system on.
         Perhaps the most important safety aspect
     if that the code currently requires intercon-
     nection, which in turn requires that pilots be
     turned off at the end of the day and re-lit at
     the beginning of every day. This continual
     re-lighting of pilots raises the risk associ-
     ated with the operation of commercial gas

     Perc Donates hybrid Power system
     to the University of south africa

              emand for electric power is grooving in
              remote locations throughout the world
              and propane can play a significant role
     in helping to fuel power systems. To support
     this opportunity, PERC recently donated a
                                  hybrid propane/solar
                                  power system to the
                                  University of Cape
                                  Town, where it will
                                  be used to train
                                  engineering     stu-
                                  dents. Afterwards,
                                  it will be put into
                                  service at one of
     South Africa’s many rural villages that do not
     have a connection to the electric grid.
         The project was announced at the World
     LP gas Forum in Cape town, South africa,
     where the hybrid unit was on display. Built
     by Polar Power, the unit will utilize low-
     operating cost and long-life solar panels,
     combined with a low capital cost propane
     genset. For more information visit www. or contact PERC’s
     greg kerr at 202-452-8975 or greg.kerr@

20    TexasPropane      December 2007
                                                               Petroleum                               Headquarters

RRC Creates Program
to “Grow” Inspectors
          ark Bogan, personnel director at the       and directed Bogan and his team to create a      themselves several positions and earn up to
          Texas Railroad Commission, says            program to “grow their own” in positions that    50 percent more salary.
          his agency has seen                                        don’t necessary need profes-        The first PUPs to enter the commission
its share of challenges recruit-                                     sional degrees.                  started in July 2007. Both of them were high
ing in the oil and gas sector,                                           The PUPs program—            school graduates, and according to their
especially the closer one moves                                      Petroleum         Understudy     supervisor, Jim Osterhaus, were working out
to Houston, which is the oil and                                     Program series—is intended to    very well. Unfortunately, both had to leave
gas capital of Texas.                                                grow safety, oil & gas and LP    the positions (and Austin) due to personal
    “I had this one guy making                                       Gas inspectors. The Railroad     matters. But, Osterhaus and Bogan plan to
$60,000, which I thought was                                         Commission hires new high        re-post the positions and give it another shot
a good salary for his position,”                                     school graduates, new college    before the end of the year.
Bogan recalls, “but he got                                           graduates or experienced            “Conceptually, [the program] worked very
picked off by an oil and gas                                         people who have no related       well,” Osterhaus said. “They both started
outfit that paid him $180,000.                                       experience and assign them to    out taking on administrative duties, but had
If he had stayed with us, I would                                    an experienced inspector.        taken ADR training and had been going out
have wondered what was wrong                                             The PUPs enter the RRC       in the field with experienced inspectors. It
with him!”                                           commission at an entry level position, and       didn’t work out for these two individuals
    Railroad Commissioner Michael L.                 within two years—with the care and guid-         because of things out of our control, but it
Williams was very familiar with the problem          ance of professional supervisors—can elevate     was still heading in the right direction.”

      DHS Publishes Final Appendix A (Chemicals of Interest):
      Propane Threshold Increased

                n November 20, the Department          requirements such as farms, restaurants,      Standards requirements for the propane
                of Homeland Security (DHS)             and others storing relatively small           industry. This regulatory guide lays out
                published and adopted Final            quantities of propane in multiple tanks       the step-by-step process to register,
       Appendix A, a list of 325 chemicals of          on their property that otherwise might        on completing the Top Screen, and
       interests subject to the new Chemical           add up to more than 60,000 pounds             other requirements your propane busi-
       Security anti-terrorism Standards.              (14,285 gallons) if it had not been for       ness and propane customers may be
          Propane remains on Appendix A                this exemption.                               subject to. The guide is available to
       as a “release-flammable”; however, the             Initially, facilities that store more      current TPGA members by calling (800)
       Screening Threshold Quantity (STQ)              than 14,285 gallons of propane must           325-7427. additional information can
       has increased from 7,500 pounds (1,785          register with the Department of               be obtained by visiting
       gallons) to 60,000 pounds (14,285               Homeland Security as well as complete         chemicalsecurity.
       gallons). Unfortunately, the threshold          a comprehensive online Top Screen                NPGA still remains very concerned
       level does not exempt a full 18,000 water       Questionnaire by January 19, 2008. If a       that the final regulations will reduce
       capacity tank.                                  facility is determined to be “high risk”,     safety and unnecessarily strain on the
          The DHS has however added a provi-           the DHS may require the facility to per-      delivery structure.
       sion where facilities need not include          form a Security Vulnerability Analysis           Customers are likely to demand
       propane in tanks of 10,000 pounds               and possibly also a Site Security Plan.       additional deliveries of smaller quanti-
       (2,380 gallons) or less when calculating           With the help of the National              ties in order to stay below the regulatory
       whether a facility has a total inventory of     Propane Gas Association (NPGA),               threshold, and/or insist that changes be
       60,000 pounds.                                  the Texas Propane Gas Association has         made to their system to keep them
          This provision was added by DHS to           created a guide to complying with the         unregulated. NPGA will continue to
       exempt some end-users from the new              new Chemical Security anti-terrorism          fight this issue.

                                                                                                               TexasPropane   21
                scHolarsHip           & sales

                                          Are Football W
                                          Better Salespeo
                                           eACh YeAR BRINGS
                                           NeW exCITeMeNT FOR
                                           eVeRY FOOTBALL FAN.
                                            By Voss Graham

                                              aybe this year we will win it all.    to flow. After several hours of reflection and
                                              Enthusiasm and spirits are running    honest self evaluation, an announcement
                                              high—just like the beginning of a     was made: “Honey, watching college football
                                    new year for a sales team. This year will be    is making me a better salesperson!” Without
                                    the year everything comes together and we       supporting facts, this was a brave announce-
                                    beat our competition and move up the market     ment. Therefore, here are seven points taken
                                    share rankings.                                 from years of watching football and applying
                                       While these feelings of excitement and       the lessons of the great programs. The seven
                                    optimism are great—the reality of the season    points are as follows:
                                    kicks in at some point. College football fans      Preparation—As a salesperson, prepara-
                                    can feel the highs of victory and the lows of   tion gets you ready to make the sale and win
                                    defeat. Playing a good game is not enough—      the account’s business. Always have a call
                                    as every sales person knows—second place is     plan, account plans and a personal business
                                    not victory.                                    plan in place to reference. Anticipation is
                                       As a college football junkie, er, fan,       critical in your account relationships, know-
                                    watching TV during football season is a         ing more about your customers gives you the
                                    requirement for living. One day after eight     advantage. Also, selling, just like college
                                    hours of continuous game viewing, a question    football is a year round activity. Do the little
                                    was posed—“What can a person learn or gain      things today than win the big things later.
                                    from all of this college football?”                  Practice—Practice as perfect as you can,
                                       At first, all the defensive answers would    then you can deal with actual situations
                                    run through one’s mind—like blitzing            with confidence. Losers believe practice is
                                    linebackers, fast and furious. Then calmer      for someone else. Then while face to face
                                    thoughts and self directed questions begin      with a decision maker they do not execute at

22   TexasPropane   December 2007
                                                                  FootBall                            Headquarters
                                                                                                      & sales

                                                   a consistent message or position is presented      The losers react to customers rather that
                                                   to your customers and prospects. Another           consistently making a proactive effort to
                                                   area of necessary teamwork is between their        become “top of mind” to their customers.
                                                   manufacturing and distribution teams. These        Set the pace and make your competitors
                                                   areas need excellent teamwork with each            play to your strengths. The best teams set
                                                   group executing at the highest levels to gain      the pace and execute their plan to win.

                                                   customer satisfaction.                                Finally, everything in life is associated
                                                      adversity—The true sign of greatness in         to learning. Be a lifetime learner and you
                                                   both sales and football is how adversity is        will be employable for a lifetime. So enjoy
                                                   dealt with at anytime. Adversity is a tool         watching your football games on TV or in
                                                   for building character and challenges you          person, then make the association to what

                                                   to perform at the highest levels. Most losers      creates a winning program, sales person or
                                                   believe adversity comes only to hinder their       leader. Then choose the course that takes
                                                   performance and results. The best teams            you to the top—every year.
                                                   use adversity as a motivator to improve
                                                   their performance. Winners understand the
                                                   importance of getting better and avoiding
                                                   complacency.                                       About the Author:
                                                      focus—Winning football programs focus           Voss Graham is the founder and CEO of
                                                   only on the next opponent. Winning sales-          Inneractive Consulting Group, Inc. As the
                                                   people focus 100% on the customer they are         author of “Three Games of Selling,” he works
                                                   working with at the moment. In fact, these         with companies across the country to develop
                                                   sales people are completely focused on learn-      and hire successful sales teams with above
                                                   ing more about the customer and their issues.      average performance.
                                                   Losing sales people are thinking about their          Voss is a seasoned sales veteran who has
                                                   commission, their tee time, who is possibly        worked with companies such as International
                                                   calling their call phone, what are they going      Paper, The Memphis Group (a Division of
                                                   to say next, everything except their customer.     GE) and Alcan Packaging, the United Way
                                                   Be a winner and focus on your customer.            and Sara Lee Foods. For more information,
                                                      Proactive—Be aggressive in our actions          please email,
                                                   and remember sales is a contact sport.             or call 901-757-4434.

  a high level. Learn and practice the winning
  techniques—it’s your choice to be a winner.
     goals—Know what you want and figure
  out what it will take to get you there.
  Winners take their goals and break them
                                                        X-Riser    the flexible riser system for plastic pipe
  down into measurable units. knowing what
  has to be done gives you an advantage over
  the “wing it” crowd. Another area to examine
  your goals regarding measurements is similar
  to having an offensive and defensive game
  plan in football. A defensive plan is about
  retaining your existing customer base – how
  do you keep your best customers? An offen-
                                                          The new   XX-Riserseries
                                                          comes with a Female Flare Swivel
  sive game plan would be directed at selecting                                                                        Improved moisture
  target customers and identifying how to win                                                                          seal adhesive
  these accounts.
     Teamwork—even in the world of selling,
  teamwork counts. Each person on your                    Retrofit your existing
                                                          risers with the 597-10-8-SW
  team has an assignment. When assignments                                  sold separately
  are executed without flaws – winning is

  enhanced. Poor execution by a team leads
  to failure – others win. Sales teams have sev-                                                        800-448-9504

  eral areas to improve teamwork. First is the
  alignment with the marketing team so that

                                                                                                             TexasPropane   23
             tpeMf (tXperc)                                                   corNer

               Photo Courtesy of the Amarillo Globe News

                                                                           Flyin’ high
                                                                           In The Panhandle
                                                                              On Friday morning at sunrise, the Propane      Tank, who were back in full force to promote
                                                                           Balloon Team had the pleasure of whisking         the Propane Exceptional Energy message to
                                                                           away amarillo’s aBC affiliate kVII-tV             the wolfforth community and Lubbock. “It’s
                                                                           reporter Blake Talley and a cameraman. The        key that we promote propane to Lubbock
                                                                           cameraman said he had watched the balloons        and its surrounding communities. Not only
                                                                           ever since he was a kid, but never flew because   is there a lot of home development, but
                                                                           of his extreme fear of heights. But after some    Lubbock is the largest contiguous cotton
                                                                           light-hearted coaxing, he overcame one of         growing region in the world. The propane
                                                                           his biggest fears in the Propane Exceptional      industry has made strides with the develop-
                                                                           Energy Balloon 500 feet over Palo Duro            ment of many agricultural innovations such
                                                                           Canyon, “The Grand Canyon of Texas” for a         as powering irrigation engines to cotton defo-
                                                                           Daybreak exclusive.                               liation,” said Jackie Richards, Foundation
                                                                              The ABC News 7 Team was not the only           educational & Marketing Director.
                                                                           lucky ones to fly over the vast canyon. Gordon
                                                                           Gabert of Boyd’s Equipment of Amarillo
                                                                           also received a complimentary flight for his
     During the Harvest Festival Parade, Propane Balloon pilot             volunteer effort as part of the Propane Hot
     Phil Bryant hands parade onlooker a Propane Exceptional
     Energy Hot Air Balloon trading card and candy.                        Air Balloon Team and for his support of the
                                                                           balloon rally as the official propane provider.
                                                                           “Getting to fly! Fly over Amarillo and the
                                                                           Palo Duro Canyon. It was quite an experi-

              he texas Propane educational &                               ence,” Gabert said.
              Marketing Foundation (tPeMF) and                                And just south of the Panhandle in
              the Propane Exceptional Energy Balloon                       early September, the Propane Balloon
     Team found themselves on another adventure                            team returned to Lubbock—home of the
     this fall, this time in Texas’ Panhandle. As hot                      Red Raiders—for the 4th Annual South
     air balloon festival season in Texas comes to                         Plains Balloon Roundup & the 17th Annual             All in all, the Foundation and Balloon
     a close, the Propane Exceptional Energy Hot                           Wolfforth Harvest Fest, hosted by the             team had a successful trip to Lubbock, work-
     Air Balloon Team made its final stop in the                           Southwest Regional Balloon Club and the           ing vigorously to spread its message. The
     Texas Panhandle, TPGA’s District 16. The                              Wolfforth Area Chamber of Commerce and            efforts garnered appearances on Channel 11
     balloon team celebrated Halloween weekend,                            sponsored by the Foundation.                      news, Fox 34 news, Fox talk 950 aM, and in
     october 26-28, 2007, at the “Pirates of the                              This year’s balloon roundup was the most       the Frenship Today newspaper. The group also
     Canyon” Amarillo Invitational Balloon Rally.                          highly attended yet with activities including     got a chance to team up with the Southwest
     over 3,000 attended the three-day festival                            balloon lift-offs at sunrise, a car show, food    Regional Balloon Club to educate the
     that took place at the Tradewind Airport in                           and fun for kids, as well as the annual Harvest   community from the Propane Exceptional
     Amarillo, home of Cadillac Ranch. Proceeds                            Festival Parade. The Foundation, which spon-      Energy Booth at the Harvest Festival on
     from the rally went to benefit the Amarillo                           sored the weekend’s festivities, was joined by    the many benefits of this truly incredible,
     College Foundation.                                                   wylie LP gas and american welding and             exceptional fuel.

24     TexasPropane                                        December 2007

 Propane service corporation
                      Featured Items for December 2007
Each month PSC will offer a 10% discount on
selected items. This discount is good for member
and non-member prices. Discount valid through
12/31/07 on all items.
Please call or fax your order to
PSC manager Larry Minarovic at:
Call orders: (800) 392-0023
Fax orders: (512) 836-6112
Propane Service Corporation                                 end of Year Bonus
8408 north IH-35                                            ITeM 1: RM-8492
austin, tx 78753                                            FLexI-LIGhT LASeR
                                                            • Unique moveable neck
                                                            • High density white LED light
ITeM 1: RM-14A-D “LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS”                  • Bright red laser beam pointer
DECAL (All Letter Sizes: 2”, 3”, 6”)                        • Powerful magnetic base
ITeM 2: RM-25A-C OSHA BULK STORAGE HAZARD                   • 2 lines for logo imprint
RATINGS DIAMOND DeCAL (Sizes 7” x 7”, 10.5” x 10.5”,        (Call for quanity pricing)
15” x 15”)
                          Marketer                                sHowcase

      community volunteer shawn Kelly, Balloon pilot Phillip Bryant, Julie and gordon
      gabert of Boyd’s equipment of amarillo, cynthia Leathers and balloon crew
      chief rick hatzel bundle up after a chilly morning in the Texas Panhandle flying    gretchen scott of TPga member american Welding & Tank with gay conlon
      the Propane exceptional energy hot air Balloon in the “Pirates of the canyon”       (gloria’s sister visiting from colorado), and gloria helton of TPga member
      Balloon rally in amarillo this past october.                                        helton oil at the District 15 meeting.

     The President of the o’Donnell Museum in o’Donnell, Texas, stops for a photo with   TPga President Joe green with Butch of TPga member acme LP gas while travel-
     TPga President Joe green.                                                           ing to a district meeting.
                                                                                         To come

     race fans Justin hawkins of W.a. hawkins construction with host Dustin Dyer of      Vernon Whitley & Paul ferguson of Paul ferguson construction joins his propane
     Jim Black oil all the way from the Panhandle pose next to #9 Kasey Kahne’s Dodge.   retailer, Tom nichols of nichols LP gas (middle) for a day at Texas Motor speedway
     Photo compliments of Latrice Dyer.                                                  during the Dickies 500.

     If you have any photos that you would like to appear in a future issue of Marketers Showcase, email them to
26   TexasPropane         December 2007
                                                                           marketer                           sHowcase

                                                                                      chad Decker of Decker homes, John Walter of schneider Distributing, and
   Justin hawkins of W.a. hawkins construction of hart and Banks akin of Texas        Bob Parry of Parry construction of san angelo were in awe at the size of
   Propane energy of central Texas enjoyed a fun-filled day at the Texas Motor        the speedway as they wait for an afternoon tour of the pits.
   speedway. Photo compliments of Latrice Dyer.

                                                                                    Top row: Bob hornbeck of sharp Propane of Watauga with his guests, Jason
                                                                                    & ray heid of heritage custom Builders of fort Worth, watch intently as
Big race fan Bill Leever of smith Propane of gilmer, along with his guests Donna    the cars round the track. Bottom row: chris swanzy of Propane Bottle
hofferber of Pitts construction and clifton Wier of alto construction, can’t wait   service and clayton Porter of Porter custom homes of fort Worth discuss
for the day’s events to begin.                                                      the afternoon race.

 Taking a break from the whirlwind of the day’s events, alan and nancy norman
 of cy-fair Propane with their builder guest, Kendall Brandon of Kendall Taylor     During the TPeMf & Perc’s Propane Builder appreciation Day, chris Laird
 construction, stand with Keith and Tonya spears of Village custom homes in         of hudson homes of horseshoe Bay sits with his host, carolyn chambers
 salado, who were invited by Tri-co Propane of rogers, Tx.                          of hydrogas of Burnet, and her son, ryan chambers, to watch the race at
                                                                                    Texas Motor speedway.

                                                                                                                         TexasPropane   27

               Tank RefuRbishing
            We refurbish 20 lb. cylinders
           up to 1000 gallon ASME tanks.
               Sandblast, prime, paint,
                and re-valve included.
           No minimum quantity required.
          Call us for price list or more info.                         Thinking of selling out?
                 JR’s Tank service
                new braunfels, TX                                 Thinking of buying a competitor?
                   210-385-4078                                  Thinking of opening a new location?

                                                  We have the resources and experience to make your thoughts a reality.
           TRiangle e coRpoRaTion                 817-615-8393 • 800-267-9311 •
             noRTh TeXas Tank co.
              10,500-gallon transport.
     1995 chevy bobTail, propane powered.
        2600-gallon Ameritank. Runs good!
       ThRee TRiniTy Tanks, 5985-gallon
       each, 250 WP, rotor gauge, saddles not
           welded, all primed and painted.
     neveR used 2002 efabco 3,000-gallon
         barrel, ready to sit on your chasis.
           Call James at (940) 736-7269

            peTRosTaR equipmenT
          Buy & Sell Used Propane Tanks
        5000 gallon to 90,000 gallon 250 psi
        High pressure vessels up to 3000 psi
         Contact: Jim Oliver 281-344-8668

      good clean, used 250 gallon tanks
        80s models $265, 90s models $295
                                                   2001 3,000 Gallon 72” Barrel
               Rebuilt 250 gallon $350
                                                     TST Built Truck, Excellent
       Rebuilt 500 gallon $545 each, Delivery
                                                    condition, Propane powered
          available in load lots at extra cost.
                 Rebuilt includes:
                                                           204,011 miles.
            Grit blasting, oil base primer,
                                                           Please contact
      Oil base finish coat, Revalving with RegO
                                                  bubba’s lone star propane
       valves, Kitted gauges, pressure testing,
                                                        at 512-392-9999
                  Methanol treatment.
                                                       for more information.
         Call for more info. blT Tanks llc
         800-753-5467 • 405-375-4189

28    TexasPropane       December 2007

       6-7                  Perc Meeting ....................................................................................................................................houston, Tx
      24-25                 TPga office closed ............................................................................................................................... austin, Tx

        1                   TPga office closed ............................................................................................................................... austin, Tx
      18-19                 Marketers’ Management forum ........................................................................................................... anaheim, ca

       4-6                  TPga Board & committee Meetings ..........................................................................................................Kemah, Tx
       18                   TPga office closed ............................................................................................................................... austin, Tx

                                                                 Advertising Index December 2007

American Welding and Tank ............................................ 16                           Martin Gas Sales............................................................... 19
Bergquist .......................................................................... 23             Meeder Equipment Co. ............................ Inside Front Cover
Cramer Decker Propane Equipment ................................. 17                                Propane Service Corp. ...................................................... 25
Gas Equipment Corp. ........................................................ 25                     Scott Petroleum ................................................................ 11
K Marketing ...................................................................... 15               Trinity Containers LLC ...............................Inside Back Cover
L.E. Klein Co. Inc. ................................................ Back Cover                     TST—Tri State Tank LLC ................................................... 18
Lone Star Energy Group .................................................... 17                      White River Distributors.................................................... 20
Lumbermen’s Insurance Agency ........................................ 8

                                                                                                                                                        TexasPropane   29
                       propaNe      witH PurPose

                      Propane Powered
                      Insect Fogger
                                    BLaCk FLag HaS CoMe out wItH a new PRoPane-
                                    PoweReD FoggeR, wHICH tHe CoMPany SayS wILL keeP
                                           youR       outDooR            SettIngS        Bug-FRee         FoR      HouRS

                                                   he Black Flag Propane           Flag as being ideal for use before outdoor
                                                   Powered Insect Fogger fogs in   parties, BBQs, camping, pool parties,
                                                   minutes and kills and repels    gardening, and outdoor games.
                                          mosquitoes plus black
                                          flies, deer flies, stable
                                          flies, gnats, moths, and
                                          yellow jackets (includ-
                                          ing carriers of West
                                          Nile Virus, EEE, and
                                          Dengue Fever). The
                                          unit has an auto start
                                    button, an easy-fill insecticide
                                    tank and a long neck to put
                                    fog where you want it!
                                       This new propane powered
                                    product is touted by Black

30   TexasPropane   December 2007
                                                Inroducing the
                                              NEW & IMPROVED
                                               Trinity Containers
                                              Underground Shroud

      High strength special
      blend polyethylene
      Larger workspace(16 9/16” ID)
      Single piece body.
      Lid hinges from left or right
      Available in 28” & 14” heights
      Patent pending product

                     Now available in AG/UG!
    For leading edge innovation, development and improvement of LPG containers,
      personalized service and a responsive team that you can depend upon, call:

Trinity Containers, LLC   • 888-558-8265 • 214-589-8602 •
follow the Leaders in
Vent-free space heating
           gas ProDUcTs

                 Dallas • Houston
         (972)820-8811 • FAX (866)LE KLEIN

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