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					Fourth Street Studio Tenant Application Process and General Overview
4th Street Studio (4SS) provides a community environment for artists and artisans working in different disciplines.
There are regularly scheduled, creative opportunities available to the public in the upstairs classroom/gallery
hosted by the 4SS owners Beth Himsworth and Kyla Kethcart. In addition, 4SS offers affordable, private rental
space for artists/artisans to create their work.

Rental Agreement Basics
        There are 5 lower level studios ranging in size from 56 sq ft- 145 sq ft. Cost is $1 per sq ft plus a monthly
         utility fee. Studios are rented as is, and can be cosmetically altered to suit artists’ needs. Each studio space
         is equipped with fluorescent lighting and electrical outlets. There is also access to running water nearby.
        Rental agreements require a 6-month or 1-year lease plus a security deposit. A 30-day written notice is
         required for tenants who do not wish to renew their lease. Continuing tenancy will be determined by 4SS
         upon written request.
        Tenants have 24-hour, keyed entry access to private studios. Studios are to be used for original art making
         only, not for commercial purposes. Sharing a studio may be requested with approval determined by 4SS.
        Tenants have access to downstairs common area with the following appliances: microwave, small fridge,
         and coffee maker. Tenants also have access to upstairs restroom and utility sink.
        Tenants are responsible for keeping the studio clean and safe. This includes proper disposal of waste.
         Studio practices that include the use of caustic chemicals and fire pose a safety hazard and are prohibited.

Selection Process Overview

Eligibility: 4th Street Studio wishes to create a community of artists representing a variety of perspectives and
practices, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin. All visual
artists/artisans needing a space to work are encouraged to apply. 4SS will select tenants based on the criteria listed

Deadline: There is no formal deadline for application, but we encourage you to apply early to increase your
likelihood of getting your preferred studio space. Applications will be processed in the order in which they are

Acceptance: Artists will be notified of the status of the selection process within 8-10 business days of their
application submission date. Tenancy will begin upon signing the lease.

Wait List: An active waitlist is maintained once an application is received. Once maximum occupancy is reached,
applicants will be placed on a wait list until a space becomes available. Artists on the wait list will be contacted
when a space opens up.

Criteria for Selection

        Application: Email us at to request an application. Artists must submit a
         completed application form and the required support materials listed on the next page. Original artwork
         will not be accepted. Also, submission of original slides or original discs is strongly discouraged.
         Submitted materials will be handled with care, but 4SS cannot assume responsibility for lost or damaged

        Portfolio Review: The ideal candidate will demonstrate a commitment to excellence and professional
         quality in their work. In addition, 4SS will consider the artists’ preferred media, equipment, and production
         requirements to maintain an environment that is safe for the visiting public and neighboring artists.

        Artist Interview: 4SS may request a brief meeting with the artist to gain a better understanding of their
         work and vision.
Checklist of Support Materials


     Completed Application
     Artist’s statement (keep to one page, please)
     Artist’s resume
     Submit up to ten slides OR ten digital jpeg images at 72dpi resolution.
     Slides must be clearly labeled with artist’s full name; title, media, dimensions, and date
      of work; and accompanied by a slide checklist with the same information.
     CDs must be clearly labeled with artist’s full name; and accompanied by an image
      checklist with title, media, dimensions, date of work, and corresponding file names.
     Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to have submitted materials returned.
      Your materials will not be returned if this is not provided.


     You may also include additional support materials such as exhibition postcards, reviews,

Send Completed Application and Support Materials To:
4th Street Studio
1950K North 4th Street
Columbus, OH 43201