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									                               The Church of Jesus Christ
                                Penn Mid-Atlantic Area
                           Missionary Benevolent Association

                  MINUTES OF THE FEBRUARY 28, 2009
                      IMPERIAL, PENNSYLVANIA

    The Penn Mid-Atlantic Area MBA held its Activities Committee Meeting on
Saturday, February 28, 2009, at the Imperial Branch. Brother Dan Covalesky welcomed
everyone and thanked all those who came.
    We opened with #165 ―I Left It There‖ and Brother Eric Darr opened in prayer.
Brother Josh Nicklow spoke from Moroni 9:7 and compared how Moroni wasn‘t able to
control the natural things happening around him to how we aren‘t able to control what‘s
going on in the world today around us. Moroni teaches us how to focus on the spiritual
things of life, not the natural things of life and that only God is in control. We must trust
in God to take care of what happens around us and He will give us what we need.


           President                   Bro. Dan Covalesky              Present
           Vice President              Bro. Ben Hemmings               Absent
           Chaplin                     Bro. Joshua Nicklow             Present
           Corresponding Sec.          Sis. Terri Nath                 Present
           Asst. Corresponding Sec.    Sis Angela Yoder                Present
           Financial Secretary         Bro. Nathan Buffington          Present
           Treasurer                   Sis. Heather Nicklow            Present
           Editor                      Bro. Adam Mathews               Present
           Historian                   Bro. Rich Scaglione Sr.         Present
           Auditor                     Bro. Michael Scaglione          Absent
           Auditor                     Sis. Lucetta Scaglione          Present
           Youth Director              Bro. Kevin Burns                Absent
           Asst. Youth Director        Bro. Robby Bradwell             Absent
           Fundraising Chairperson     Sis. JoAnn Niehl                Absent
           Organizer North             Bro. Eric Yoder                 Present
           Organizer South             Bro. Jonathan Nath              Present
           Camp Director 2009          Bro. Jonathan Nath              Present
           Camp Director 2010          Bro. Adam Mathews               Present
           Choir Director              Sis. Karen Progar               Present
           Camp Procurement Chair      Bro. Eric Yoder                 Present

        Aliquippa                       Bro. Ray Intrieri              Absent
        Fredonia                        Sis. Stacey Shawkey            Absent
        Glassport                       Sis. JoAnn Niehl               Absent
        Greensburg                      Bro. James Speck               Present
        Herndon                         Sis Amanda Valero              Absent
        Imperial                        Bro. Eric Yoder                Present
        McKees Rocks                    Bro. Robby Bradwell Jr         Absent
        Monongahela                     Bro. Adam Mathews              Present
        Roscoe                          Bro John Bloom                 Absent
        Spartanburg                     Bro Harold Littlejohn          Absent
        Vanderbilt                      Bro. Kevin Burns               Absent
        Clairton                      Doesn‘t have a Local MBA at the present time
        Gastonia                      Doesn‘t have a Local MBA at the present time

II. COMMUNICATION - Sister JoAnn Niehl and Brothers Tony Ricci, Jason Monaghan,
Tom D‘Orazio, and Ben Hemmings sent word they were unable to attend the meeting. The
GMBA Officers sent a letter out to be read at all locals regarding the projects that have been
accomplished through the GMBA and a request to raise $25,000 for the upcoming 2011 World
Conference in Chicago, IL. The GMBA is requesting $250 every six months from each local
towards that goal. The GMBA also has continuing needs with GMBA campouts, conferences,
Youth In Action tours, missionary works and other projects. Information was also sent out that
the GMBA Campout‘s registration form is available either from your local president or online at
the GMBA‘s web site. The Campout will be held July 11-17 at Saginaw Michigan. The May
GMBA Conference information is also on it‘s web site. It will be held in Anaheim California
May 16-17, 2009. Anyone interested in the 2009 YIA tours can register online also at the GMBA
web site.

III. FILLING OF VACANT OFFICES – A motion was made for Brother Jeremy Nicklow
to fill the office of Vice President, in Brother Ben Hemming‘s absence.

      A. Financial Secretary – Bro. Nathan Buffington
                      Dec. 31, 2007 to June 30, 2008.
For the last 6 months the area MBA collected a total of $15,052.42. Donations included Imperial
$50, Glassport $50, Vanderbilt $25, Roscoe $25, McKees Rocks $50, Fredonia $25, Aliquippa
$50, Greensburg $75, Monongahela $50, and Herndon $25. Fundraisers included Lollipops with
a total of $103, Empties 4 Cash $80.81, luggage service from area campout $142, and T-Shirt sale
at area campout of $630. The area MBA collected a total of $13,202 from area campout
registration, $90 from Sunday lunches at area campout, and $118 from area campout NSF and
check reimbursement fee. There was a $200 donation to the area MBA as well and the area MBA
collected $64 from the last area activities meeting last October. Total interest collected for 2008
was $17.61.

          B. Treasurers Report – Sis. Heather Nicklow
                  Penn Mid-Atlantic Area MBA Treasurer's Report
                     July 1, 2008 through December 31, 2008
                                        Balance Brought
                                        Forward                                   $4,421.91
Date                                            Receipts
Sep-08                                 Imperial                         $50.00
                                       Glassort                         $50.00
                                       Vanderbilt                       $25.00
                                       Aliquippa                        $50.00
                                       Fredonia                         $25.00
                                       McKees Rocks                     $50.00
                                       Roscoe                           $25.00
Oct-08                                 Monongahela                      $50.00
                                       Greensburg                       $75.00
                                       Camp Bell Hop & Lollipops       $225.00
                                       Empties 4 Cash 9Ink
                                       Cartridges)                      $80.81
                                       Camp Reimbursement NSF
                                       Check & Fee                     $118.00
                                       Donation Smith Family           $200.00
                                       Herndon                          $25.00
                                       Area MBA Business Meeting
                                       Collection                       $64.00
                                       Camp Sunday Lunches              $90.00
                                       T-Shirts Pre-Orders
                                       w/registration                  $630.00
                                       Camp 2008 Registration
                                       Donations                     $13,202.00
                                       Bank Interest through
                                       11/30/2008                       $16.81
                                       Bank Interest through Acct.
                                       Closing 12/17/08                   $0.80

TOTAL RECEIPTS 7-1-08 through 11-30-
2008                                                                 $15,052.42
                                       TOTAL                                      $19,474.33
Ck #                                              Expenses
                                       Terri Nath - Post Office
461                                    Campout Forms                    $17.93
                                       Leah Nath -- Camp T-Shirt
462                                    Samples                         $157.50
                                       Jen Donkin -- Camp- Kids
463                                    Crafts                           $51.70
464                                    C. Smith - Camp Dog Tags        $232.15

                                                    Terri nath -- Camp Pre-
 465                                                Ordered T-Shirts                       $450.00
                                                    Leah Nath -- Cam Candy &
 466                                                Snacks                                   $58.21
                                                    Domino's Pizza -- Area MBA
 467                                                Business Meeting                       $110.40
                                                    Antiochian Village -- Camp
 468                                                2008 Invoice                        $13,716.22
                                                    Bank Fee NSF Check 10-08                  $8.00
                                                    Camp Check Returned NSF
                                                    10-08                                  $110.00

 Total Expenses 7-1-08 through 12-17-08                                                 $14,912.11

 Balance in the PMA MBA Treasurer
 December 17, 2008                                                                                        $4,562.22

 There is a $20 discrepency been the Financial Secretary's (Nathan Buffington) Report
 and the Treasurer's reports at 12/31/08. The PMA account operated by Treasurer Robin Burns
 was closed on 12/17/08. Two checks were given to Heather Nicklow (new PMA Area MBA
 Treasurer) in the amount of $4,562.22 and $20.00. The $20 was deposited when the new PMA
 checking account was open. The new PMA account was not open until 1/2/09. The account
 balance at 1/2/09 was $4,582.22. See attached account opening statement.

       Sister Heather will check and see how much the General Church donation fund (CD) is

                C. Auditors Report – Bro. Michael Scaglione & Sis. Lucetta Scaglione - .
       The books were audited and found in order.

                D. Fundraisers – Sis JoAnn Niehl
      The Penn Mid-Atlantic Area MBA Fundraising Committee is suggesting the following
      - A chili and all the fixins fundraiser dinner to be held in Imperial immediately following the
      Area MBA Activities meeting. The cost is $8/adults and $4/children (4-12).
      - A Scripture-a-Thon to be held at either the Area MBA Campout on Saturday afternoon or
      evening. A letter sent from Bro.Tony Ricci will explain in further detail.
(A Scripture-A-Thon fundraiser: It‘s easy, it‘s fun, and it‘s educational! The idea is to Lift up the Name of Christ,
promote fellowship, involve our children, raise money for the MBA, and who knows—have some fun! We are
proposing that each local involve their children in memorizing Alma 46:13—it‘s a nice 80 word verse! We would
want each local to make an event out of it in their branch or mission. Don‘t be afraid to combine locals! To lift the
name of Christ and to promote the fellowship--pick an evening when you can have a social with refreshments. To
involve our children---have each of them quote this verse one at a time. To raise money for the MBA --give each
child a sponsor sheet (enclosed) and get donors. Ask either a flat fee for whole verse or per word—(i.e.-- if .02
cents per word—owe $1.60). Pick a moderator to make official (hopefully they will give or take 80 words!). To
have fun – reward each child with a certificate of accomplishment (I am sure the MBA can come up with
something), award a medal, or even a little trophy! The Best Part---everybody will be able to quote Alma 46:13!!)

- Gene & Boots candy – Sis. Robin Burns has the candy to be distributed to each of the locals (36
boxes of assorted $1 candy bars). They come as chocolate, krispies, almonds and two chocolate
pretzels in one package. Each local will receive four boxes (one of each kind). There are 24 bars
in a box and nine locals (Aliquippa, McKees Rocks, Imperial, Monongahela, Roscoe, Vanderbilt,
Glassport, Greensburg and Herndon).That would be 96 bars per local. There's a 50% profit on
each bar. We would make $48 from each local, which would give us a $432.00 profit. All money
needs to be turned in by March 30, 2009 to Sis. Robin Burns.
- At the 2009 GMBA Campout we will request to sell the Gene & Boots candy bars at Market
- At the 2009 Penn Mid-Atlantic Area MBA Campout we would like to hold the following
activities along with the Scripture-a-Thon:
Luggage Service
Sundae Bar
- We will also continue to collect empty ink jet cartridges. Any cartridges brought to today‘s
meeting can be given to Sis. Robin Burns.
If anyone ever hears of a good fundraiser, please notify Sis Joann Niehl via email at

A motion was made and passed to accept the reports.

        E. Kidz Korner Activity/Youth Director – Bro Kevin Burns Ice Skating
           February 21, 2009
- YOUTH DIRECTOR- I would like to try something different with the Kidz Korner and the
people involved. We strive each week and every other week to bring more people into the MBA,
be it through friends or even our own members. I put a lot of thought into this and I would like to
propose a new idea.
Once a month, the branch teacher of the MBA, I would like to have them teach a special class
that involves and requires the kids to be there. If they show up, and with the teachers approval
they receive a special item that for now we will call a ―Token‖. Each month one of these classes
will be held in the MBA‘s. When the end of the year comes around, I would like to hold a Pizza
party to reward the children at the end of the MBA service and for attending and being involved.
Hopefully this spurs them to attend MBA more often and over the years and as time goes by, they
might come to the passion we all have for the MBA. The tokens shall be turned in at the end of
the year and as long as they have a token they will receive a special bag of goodies. I‘m not sure
what will be in it yet but I‘m thinking candy, snacks, or small miscellaneous items.
If we draw in the children, we stand a much greater chance of drawing in the parents. I don‘t want
it to sound like a scheme to get people to come to church but we need to show what we have that
sets us apart from every other church out there. We have so much fun, love, and care in our
branches in general, lets start spreading all of it to the people who don‘t attended our MBA‘s lets
show them what they are missing.
- KIDZ KORNER ACTIVITY – On February 21st, 2009 the Kidz Korner held an ice skating
event. The saints made the trip out to Schenley Park after only getting lost a few times. Brother
Dan Covalesky and I arrived with our spirits high. The moment we arrived we already knew God
was with us. I had arrived a little late, due to our scenic route tour, and the pizza man was there.
Brother Robby Bradwell, who was an amazing help to me for this event, was their and paid the
man but had no money for a tip. This wonderful gentleman handed Brother Robby a ten dollar
bill without even knowing him and allowed him to use it. When I arrived I was shocked to hear
this story. I quickly found the man and wanted to pay him back and he accepted after alittle
talking. What a start to the day. As everyone began to arrive we sat down and began to eat pizza
after the blessing. We had people from all over in attendance including the Cincinnatti Ohio area.

Brother Chuck Maddox and his family had come to pay us a most wonderful visit. As the local
hockey team departed from the ice, we began to skate. Games of tag were played and horseplay
was had in good fun. The children laughing were laughing and I felt God‘s blessings upon me and
that this really went off great. After Skating we went to clean up our area and Brother Dan
addressed everyone and closed the afternoon in prayer thanking God for the wonderful day of fun
and fellowship.
I want to thank Brother Robby Bradwell for being my assistant and amazing help to me. Hw was
there when ever I needed help and went above and beyond what he had to do. I want to thank the
officers for allowing this activity and Sister Teri Nath with her amazing patience with me and my
emails, and the children and parents for coming and making this possible. Please always keep
your children involved and look for more events in the future.
Expenses:         Check to Treasury of City of Pittsburgh - $52.50
                  Conicella‘s Pizza                        - $70.00
                  Supplies (plates, cups, drinks etc)       - $21.88
                  Grand Total                                -$154.38

        F. HERNDON TRIP/GAME NIGHT – Sis Amanda Valero/ Sis Regina
           Alverson March 27-29
- Sis. Amanda: We are planning a picnic for Saturday, March 28th, probably to start around 11am.
Weather permitting we‘ll meet at Fairfax Lake Park and do the traditional 3 ―F's‖ of picnic-
in'...Food, Fellowship, and Fun. I don‘t know much about the games that Spartanburg is
planning, I emailed sister Regina regarding that, but we can either stay at the park or go back to
the church building for those. I have a list of homes ready for accommodations so all I need is a
list of singles or families. Per the MBA‘s request everyone should RSVP me by March 14th. My
home # is (540) 895-9568 and cell is (540) 841-2175, email is not the best way to reach me for a
prompt response.
- Sis Regina: Alamo, Budget, Hertz, National & Vic Bailey Rentals do not have 12 or 15
passenger vans in our area (Greenville-Spartanburg)
1)Avis has booked all of their 15 passengers vans for the week- end of March 27th.
2)Thrifty and Dollar Rental is $385.00 for 3 day week-end(99 per day + tax)and a $100 deposit
at the time of pick-up
3)Enterprise at the GSP airport is $413.05 for a 3 day week-end(109 per day + tax & airport fees)
4)Enterprise in Gaffney SC (which is only 20 minutes from my house)was the cheapest. $285.57
for the 3 day week-end and unlimited mileage.(84.99 per day + tax) I used this Enterprise when
renting the 15 passenger van for the shuttle service at GMBA Campout at Furman University.
They have all of my information on file so I can secure the van with my credit card and pay with
a Church Check when dropping the van off Monday the 30 of March. We will need at least a 15
passenger van since we have 11 people (4 families) firmly planning on making the trip thus far.
We may have 4 more making the trip.

        G. Area Picnic/Mini Camp- Bro. Adam Mathews at Greensburg June 26-27
I hope you are all as excited for the mini-camp/area picnic weekend at the Greensburg Branch
which is a collaborative effort of the Monongahela and Greensburg locals. Friday night a snack
will be provided as we enjoy a night of fun and fellowship. There will be a warm campfire and
many can spend the night in tents outside the branch. Saturday morning a breakfast will be
provided by the two locals. We are asking that those who attend the picnic Saturday bring a
covered dish. The Area MBA will provide the hamburgers, hotdogs, and beverages. It will be a
weekend full of fun and a blessed time for everyone.

        H. Campout Kick-Off – Bro. Jonathan Nath at Aliquippa August 8, 2009
We are planning to have a ―Camp Kick-off‖ on August 8th in the Aliquippa area. What I would
like to do is to have a type of activity that people will be excited about attending and also would
help to build some excitement for the upcoming camp. My desire is to hold an area softball game
that would have all the makings of a major league baseball game.
         We would ask Brother Paul Palmeri to throw ―the ceremonial first pitch‖ as president of
the church
         Have entertainment between innings like they do at a professional game
examples…‖baseball quiz‖ and a ―box of mystery‖, Mascot or perogie race, T-shirt launch and
         Post game awards for MVP, golden glove, or other made up awards
         Announcers/umpires/national anthem etc
         Separate games for the small children who are in attendance (I already have volunteers to
organize this)
We would have to coordinate with the Aliquippa local for the location. Depending on the
location, after the game we could possibly have a cookout at the park if the facilities are available
or meet back at the branch for dinner where we can have a slideshow projected on the wall from
this past year‘s camp. I think this will be an event that is fun not only for those who want to play
softball but also for all the spectators.

        I. Campout 2009 Sept. 11-13 Antiochan Bro. Jonathan Nath
In a little over 6 months we will once again be gathering at the Antiochan Village in Ligonier, PA
for the Penn Mid-Atlantic Area Campout. I am camp director and Brother Adam Matthews is the
assistant camp director. My thoughts for this year‘s theme come from Psalm 4:4-5. It states,
―Stand in awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Offer the
sacrifices of righteousness, and put you trust in God.‖ The words ―Be Still‖ have been on my
mind over the past several months, and I have been seeing them everywhere (scriptures, books,
and even on a license plate in a unique experience at a gas station.) My hope is that this camp will
remind us of our need as God‘s children to be still as in ‗hushed, or quiet‖ to be able to hear
God‘s voice, to raise our level of righteousness and to always trust and wait upon Him. I am still
working through the exact wording I would like to use for the theme but this is the direction I feel
the Lord has inspired us to take. We plan to have all the camp forms out to the branches by
GMBA campout as well as on the Area‘s web site. Please keep Brother Adam and myself in
prayer as we pick our committees and fill all the positions for this year‘s camp.

Hymn #153 ―The Trumpets Were Blowing this Morning Again‖ was sung.

        J. Camp Procurement Committee – Brother Eric Yoder
Brother Eric presented a new camp for consideration for the 2010 Campout. Camp Allegheny is
located 60 miles north of Pittsburgh, PA, on 100 acres of rolling hills and plush woodlands along
the Slippery Rock Creek, in Ellwood City. It‘s an ideal spot for both overnight and day use for
church retreats, conferences, or daytime meetings. There are top of the line facilities including
cabins, dining hall, chapel, and meeting rooms. Camp Allegheny is available for use by outside
groups between September and the end of April. It‘s owned and operated by the Salvation Army.

Brother Eric showed a slide presentation of the accommodations, meeting areas, and recreation
areas available. (The following was taken directly from the camp website):

                            Cabins: Each cabin can accommodate up to 18 campers in two
                            dormitory-style rooms with cots each equipped with its own set of
                            sinks, toilets and showers. Each cabin also has a ―counselor‖ room with
                            three beds and furniture and a private bath and a common room for
                            group activities. All cabins are winterized. You would be responsible
                            for bringing your own bedding and towels.
Motel: For those desiring more comfort and privacy, our motel units each have two single beds
and a private bath. . We have 32 motel units, for a maximum group size of 64 persons. During the
summer, program, support, and leadership staff live in these units known as ―staff housing.‖
Tabernacle: With a maximum capacity of 600 persons for large events, the tabernacle can also
be sectioned into three sound-proof meetings rooms for more intimate meetings. Each room can
be equipped to meet your AV needs with sound, television and VCR, dry erase boards, and an
overhead projector.
Pavilion: With its fully equipped sound, video, and PowerPoint capabilities and stone fire place,
the pavilion is the ideal spot for outdoor meetings. During the summer the pavilion is used for
staff worship services and meetings.
Outdoors: Facilities include a baseball field and soccer fields,
basketball courts sand volleyball court, miniature golf course,
playground, nature lodge, and fishing in the Slippery Rock Creek,
and hiking trails. They also have two campfire circles along the
creek for and an outdoor camping area.
Indoors: Facilities include the staff center and the gymnasium.
The staff center contains couches, billiards, ping pong and table
soccer, air hockey, table shuffle board, a television with VCR, a
stone fireplace, and internet access, as well as a kitchen and snack area. The gymnasium can be
set up for basketball or volleyball.
In addition, based on our tour of the facility, I‘d like to pass along the following information.
There is a Nature Center that has a horse, tropical fish, ferrets, sheep and goats. This would be a
nice afternoon walk with parents and their children. The Staff Center would also be available to
us which includes; an industrial kitchen, three lounge areas, pool table, air hockey and foosball.
This would be the ideal place for the young people to ―hangout‖. The Cafeteria is very large and
would also be available to be used for 2-3 meeting areas. The prices compared to what we are
currently paying at Antiochian Village would be significantly lower. For example: a family of
four (2 adults and 2 children) would pay $310 (estimated) for the weekend. For the same family
to stay at Camp Allegheny it would cost approximately $240. Here is the breakdown of the

           Price Comparison                          (estimates)

     • Antiochian Village                  • Camp Allegheny
         – Based on quad occupancy             – Per person in cabin
           (lodging and meals                      • $37 lodging
           included                                • $50 food
             • $115 per person                 – Per person in motel
         – Based on double                       (double room)
           occupancy (lodging and                  • $50 lodging
           meals included                          • $50 food
             • $140 per person                 – Children (12 and under)
         – Children (5-12)                         • Food cost only
             • Food cost only - $25                • To be negotiated
         – Children (under 5)
             • Free

As you can see, there is a great opportunity for us to save some money while having a
wonderful time at a different facility. If rating Camp Allegheny, it would fall in between
Antiochian Village and Jumonville.

        K. Conference Business Meeting - Bro Dan Covalesky Oct 17, 2009
                     Glassport 1:00 PM
Brother Dan announced the date has changed due to a conflict and is now being held Saturday
October 17th in Glassport.

A motion and passed to accept all reports.

Hymn # 184 ―From Steeple to Steeple‖ was sung.

         A. Fundraisers
                  1) ―Scripture- a-Thon‖ for all children was discussed. Locals who have children
can adopt a local which doesn‘t have any children to get involved. The children will be able to
have a feeling of accomplishing something. A few weeks prior to campout, the children who
learned the verse can say it for their local and adoptive local, so the can see them, and receive a
certificate from their branch. The Local president will inform the Area officers of the children‘s
names that memorized verse. The ―Grand Finale‖ will be held at campout Saturday evening,
where those children that are able to attend, will all say it together and receive a medallion of
some kind. A motion was made and passed to hold a ―scripture–a-thon‖ as described.
                  2) A motion was made and passed to have the Luggage Service and Sundae Bar
at campout. Permission must be received from camp to bring ice cream and its fixins on camp.
                  3) A motion was made and passed to sale Gene and Boots candy bars now and at
GMBA campout. If your local needs or wants more bars, you must contact Sister Robin Burns.
         B. Kidz Korner Token Program was discussed and a motion was made and passed that
the locals give it a try. This involves children 3-12 years only, once a month the local would try
and have a special class or activity for those children, and each child would receive a token for
attending. This will be left to the local president and teachers to decide what kind of activity or
class they would have and would be best for their local. The tokens will be rewarded by the

Youth Director at the end of the year. The presidents are also asked to come back to the October
business meeting with a report on how this worked.
         C. A motion was made and passed for Spartanburg to be allowed to rent a van from
Enterprise. They will be reminded that they can use the church‘s tax exempt number and those
riding in the van pitch in to pay for the gas. Due to the high cost of rental fees here in the
Pittsburgh area a motion was made and passed that those going car pool and let Sister Paula
Hemmings, appointed coordinator, know if you have room in your car for others to travel with
you. Sister Paula has to RSVP to Sister Amanda Valero on how many are coming by March 16th.
         D. A motion was made and passed to accept the idea for the Camp kick-off and have
Aliquippa look into parks that might be able to be used.
         E. After discussing and comparing pros and cons of ―Antiochan Village‖ and ―Camp
Allegheny‖ a motion was made for Brother Eric Yoder to move forward in securing this camp,
Camp Allegheny in Elwood City, for the Area to hold their 2010 Campout the second weekend of
September 10th -12th .
         F. Brother PJ Ciotti brought a request from the RMOC for the Area MBA to support and
help them in the Butler area if asked. The Area YIA falls under the Area MBA and Brother Josh
Nicklow is the Area‘s representative as well as part of the RMOC. The officers said the Area
MBA will help the RMOC whatever way they can.

Brother Rich Scaglione Sr. asked those from certain locals see him and take report forms back to
their local historians to fill out and return to him.

A motion was made and accepted to adjourn.

Hymn #91 ―Theres Not Anything That Jesus Cannot Do‖ was sung and Brother Carl Framolino
closed in prayer.

A chili dinner fundraiser was held immediately following the activities meeting. A big
thank you is given to Brother David Gibson for his wonderful talent of cooking.

Bro. Dan Covalesky
Bro.Dan Covalesky

Sis.Terri Nath
Sis. Terri Nath
Corresponding Secretary


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