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									LCD versus Plasma: What’s The Difference?
So you are thinking about getting a large screen TV to install in your great room. It can get pretty confusing with all of the TV manufacturers, model
numbers, features and kinds to pick from. As we consider at this together you will notice that there is no such thing as the perfect TV here, as you will
find that it depends on each individuals specific situation. In this article we will discuss the most commonly asked question.

So Should I Get An Plasma or LCD TV?

1) What size of a screen will you be selecting?
Believe it or not both the LCD and plasma TV's are available in up to 65” now. Are you thinking about a TV larger than 50"? If price matters most to
you...then you will find the plamsa are less expensive than the 50"+ LCD. But don't give up yet…LCD’s are becoming less expensive every day.

2) Lets now discuss the rooms lighting.
The reason I mention this to you is that the amount of direct sun light will play a role when selecting your flat panelwall mount TV set. The reason I
bring this up is that the plasma’s glass screen can reflect plenty of natural.If you have a room filled with natural sunlight, can you see how this might
effect your being able to watch TV comfortably? Did you know-- direct sunlight can also contribute to a washout of color. Even indirect or ambient
lighting can cause a contrast ratio reduction, especially in black colors produced on the screen.

Now we'll talk about the benefits of the LCD, because the LCD is equipped with a plastic matte screen that reflects less light. So if you have a very
bright room-- the LCD is probably your best choice. So score a point for the LCD here.

3) Lets talk about your furniture layout.
The reason I ask is that unfortunately, when you sit at a funny angle from the screen you will get a faded LCD picture. So this may be an important
thing to consider when arranging your furniture in your TV room. Sometimes based on the rooms design…You really don’t have much of an option. So
think carefully about the trade off here. You tend to see some brightness and color shift when you're on too much of an angle with LCD’s. (The good
news is that LCD companies are working day and night experimenting with solutions to this problem. On the other hand, a plasma can be viewed with
a fairly solid picture from almost an angle. So score a point for plasma's here. Since technology is changing almost overnight and quality varies from
manufacturer to manufacturer (and model to model) I would suggest a side-by-side comparison with several flat screens you are toying with. Try to
make believe where your favorite comfy chair would be so you can watch it from the estimate angle you will be using at home--and simply see for

These are just a few concerns to think about when choosing a flat screen for your media room.

Would you like to learn more about the differences between a plasma and LCD?

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