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					LCD TV or Plasma TV? 5 Tips to Help You Get the Best Buy
TV technology is moving incredibly fast and the pace is hottest with LCD and Plasma TVs. Last year's models will be outperformed by the new
season's products for sure. Even better LCD and Plasma TVs are getting slimmer, more elegant and 'room friendly' all the time. The beauty of flat
panel TVs is that they take relatively little space, look great and make for a great home theater system.Until recently, a Plasma was the only sensible
large, flat panel TV choice, but LCD TVs are now available all the way up to 50 inch sizes. At that size they are more expensive than an equivalent
size Plasma TVs, but the gap is closing fast. For smaller sizes up to 32 inches, an LCD TV is the most common flat screen TV choice.Buyers Tip No 1.
Make sure you know the size you want and that it fits in your room. Measure up the space where your LCD and Plasma TVs will go - on top of a
cabinet or hanging on a wall. The reason for this step? When you get to the mall and see the largest screen you're going to go "Wow I want that!"
Buyers Tip No 2. Know your budget and stick to it. No doubt about it, LCD and Plasma TVs are sexy, especially when you see one showing one of
your favorite movies. This means it's very easy to get carried away, spend too much and end up regretting your purchase as you pay it off, when you
should be enjoying your new Plasma or LCD TV.Buyers Tip No 3. Be patient and shop around - time is on your side. Because the technology is
evolving so quickly, prices drop noticeably every month and the products are getting better. Wait a little longer and the price for the Plasma or LCD TV
you want will drop into your budget range.Buyers Tip No 4. Write down the features you want in a checklist. For example High Definition TV (HDTV) is
now common, so you'll probably want that. Many Plasmas and almost all LCD TVs are now High Definition ready. List your key features in a table
format and use it to compare and check off the features of each model on your shopping list.Buyers Tip No 5. At the end of the day, just trust your own
eyes (and ears). After you've set your budget, worked out what size and features you want and compared the TVs in your price range, how do you
make your choice? The answer is simple - buy the LCD or Plasma TV that you like the best. The best picture (and best sound) at the end of the day is
the one you like best.Good shopping.

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