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					LCD and Plasma TVs - The Differences
There is a bit of confusion for many people when it comes to the differences between LCD and plasma TVs. Many people think that it is the same
technology with a different name. They may also believe that a flat screen television or flat screen monitor is the same.

They are not the same. A flat screen TV can be an LCD or a plasma TV, but there is a difference between the two terms. You need to know the basics
when you are looking to purchase a new telly.

The main difference between LCD and plasma TVs is what is put between the two pieces of glass that make up the picture. Plasma TVs have gas
which produces the color and LCD uses liquid crystals.

The phosphors make pixels which make up the picture. An LCD is two sheets of glass, but has liquid crystal instead. Rather than charging the
particles, the crystal cells filter the colors.

If one is choosing between lcd and plasma what is the best choice? Opinions vary, but one flaw of plasma televisions is "screen burn", caused when
the set is left on too long. A screen burn occurs when a static image is left on the screen for a long time and remains even when you change the

If a static image remains on the screen for a long time, screen burn happens and the image stays on the screen permanently. This can also easily
happen with computer monitors.

If the confusing information did not daunt you and you kept reading, then you should know that LCD and plasma TVs are much better than the
previous models of television sets. The slim design and space they utilize often make them worth the purchase. When you factor in the clear pictures
and better quality, you quickly become sold on the idea of owning one.

If you decide to buy a plasma or LCD television, then compare the differences and then decide for yourself.

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