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									                      LCD                                  PLASMA                   COMMENTS - DIFFERENCES
Viewing Angle         Up to 178.5°.                        Up to 170°.              Not too much difference these days.
                                                                                    Plasma TVs used to have a better
                                                                                    viewing angle, but the high-end LCD
                                                                                    TVs have caught up.
Burn-in               LCD TVs do not suffer from           Plasma TVs can suffer Never plasma TVs have addressed burn-
                      burn-in.                             from burn-in produced in and reduced the issues of older
                                                           by static images. After models, but LCD TVs are obviously
                                                           extended periods,        better here.
                                                           stationary images
                                                           'burn in' the screen and
                                                           produce an after-
                                                           image ghost which
                                                           remains permanently
                                                           on the screen.
Screen Refresh        LCD TVs were originally              Plasma TV displays       While the LCD TVs have markedly
Rates (How do they    designed for computer data           refresh and handle       improved in this area in the last couple
handle fast moving    displays, and not video. Refresh     rapid movements in       of years, they still suffer from a very
video images)         rates have therefore been            video about as well as slight 'trailer' effect - so plasma TV
*(in my opinion, it   improved. LCD TVs with refresh       normal CRT TVs.          technology slightly edges it here.
is the most           rates of 16 ms or higher show
importanat factor.)   very little noticeable difference.
Contrast Ratios       Current plasma TVs can measure      Current plasma TVs        For scenes with a lot of dark and light
                      contrast ratios of up to 10.000:1   can measure contrast      images shown simultaneously (such as
                      (which is the measure of the        ratios of up to           with content originating from DVDs and
                      blackest black compared to the      500.000:1 (which is       video games) plasma TVs will normally
                      whitest white).                     the measure of the        outperform LCD TVs. However, this is
                                                          blackest black            debatable and many of the best quality
                                                          compared to the           LCD TVs display sufficiently dark
                                                          whitest white).           blacks to please even the most
                                                          Panasonic TH-             discriminating eyes.
                                                          42PV80 has got this
                                                          ratio.Nowadays, this
                                                          model is the most
                                                          popular model in our
                                                          country.But you can
                                                          buy only TEKNOSA.
Product Life          LCD TVs life span is typically      Typical plasma TVs        LCD TVs run about twice as long as
                      60,000 hours, which equates to      have a life span of       plasma TVs.
                      about 6 years of 24/7 use.          25,000 to 30,000
                      However, LCD TVs will actually hours, which equates
                      last as long as its backlight does, to about 3 years of
                      and those bulbs can be replaced - 24/7 usage before the
                      so in essence there's nothing       TV fades to half the
                      which can wear out.                 original brightness.
Weight                LCD TVs weigh less than             Plasma displays are       Plasma Display’s are havier than the
                      similarly sized plasma TVs, and     fairly heavy.             LCD’s on similarly sized
                      can be more easily installed.       (I.E 25-60 kg)
                                                          While mounting on a
                                                          wall or ceiling, these
                                                          need to be able to bear
                                                          the weight and may
                                                          require additional
Colour Saturation     LCD displays reproduce colours In plasma TVs, each            Plasma TVs are better here than LCDs
                      by manipulating light waves and pixel contains red,           with similar pixel counts and for moving
                      subtracting colours from white      green, and blue           images.
                      light. This makes it more difficult elements, which work
              for maintaining colour accuracy       in conjunction to        LCD TVs are better at displaying crisp
              and vibrancy. But, LCD TVs            create 68 billion        static images (as they were initially
              have colour information benefits      colours.(From            developed for computer users).
              from the higher-than-average          Panasonic TH-
              number of pixels per square inch      42PY70F). Colour
              found in their displays (especially   information is more
              when compared to plasma TVs).         accurately reproduced
                                                    with plasma TV
                                                    technology than it is
                                                    with any other display
Power         LCD TVs use florescent                Plasma TVs are fairly    LCD’s costs less energy.
              backlighting to produce images,       power hungry and use
              and as such require substantially     a lot of electricity
              less power to operate                 lighting each and
                                                    every pixel you see on
                                                    a screen (even the
                                                    dark ones).
Screen size   Sizes range from 13 inches to 46      Screen sizes range     Plasma secreen sizes are larger than Lcd
              (inches, but larger screens are       from 32 inches to 103  screens.If you want to investigate the
              coming out soon.                      inches.(Panasonic      biggest screen plasma , you can look :
Thickness     As thin as 2 inches deep.             As thin as 3 inches    In my opinion ,this part isn’t
                                                    deep.(Up to 13 cm)     important.Products aren’t harsh.Because
                                                                           ,all of them are in fashionable
Price         Different prices                      But generally, plasmas Plasmas are typically more expensive
                                                    are more expensive     than equivalent-sized LCDs

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