LBNL Open House 2002 by forrests


									LBNL Open House 2002
Engineering Division Planning
Ken Chow
Updated September 24, 2002

Public LBNL Open House website:

Exhibit areas
1. Welcome Tent
   Items to get:
          Item                         Status                    Person
          Main Poster                  Finished                  Paul Harris, TEID
          Table                        Finished
          Fliers: Eng Div info
          Fliers: Recruiting           Finished on Dawn’s desk
          Fliers: Shops tour
          Samples of giveaways
          Standing tabletop posters
          Example of
          Electromechanical Petting
          Zoo item
          Paperweights so that paper
          does not blow away
          LCD monitor showing
          (robotics corral)
          Waving CRS robot arm         Reprogramming             Ken Chow
         Plasma screen??

  Things to do:
        Item                           Status                    Person
        Secure volunteers                                        Tony Hansen
        Collect fliers and samples
        Coordinate setup of table
        Give people manning the
        table information on other
        parts of Open House,
        emergency contacts, etc.
        Get water and snacks for
        Make card handouts for
        Shops Tour

2. Engineering Division Tour of Shops
   a. Carving parts in metal—Modern Machining Demonstration
   b. Walking amongst machines—Displays of Engineering Projects
   c. See how we “print” parts in 3D—Rapid Prototyping Demonstration
   d. Did you ever wonder what's inside things?—The Electromechanical Petting Zoo
   e. You vs. a flock of robots—The Robotics Corral
   f. Cool yourself with ice cream

  Items to get:
         Item                        Status                         Person
         Title posters/banners       Banner for Petting Zoo
                                     Need banners for other stops
        Samples to show
        Samples to give away
        Relevant business cards
        Information posters
        Signs for directions

  Things to do:
        Item                         Status                         Person
        Design posters
        Design signs
        Get volunteers
        Get EHS and Fire Marshal
        Make giveaways
      Name                  Time         Place
      Tony Hansen
      Steve Dellinges
      Zach Radding
      Weyland Wong
      Bill Edwards
      Ken Chow
      Calvin Guinn
      Dawn Munson
      Seno Rekawa
      Norm Salmon
      Ed Tully
      Jim Triplett

Setup items on Friday before the event
 Things to do:
       Item                 Status       Person
       Clean up
       Turn off machines
       Safety walkthrough
       Put up signs

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