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					Live Auction:
        10 items is really the max number
        Auction for 9 items took 1 hour 15 minutes in 2006
        Presentation
              o Set-up the timing so one with Sponsors and Live Auction info runs all night and
                  changes every 15 seconds
              o Best to advance the Live Auction slides manually. Put less info on each slide, but
                  use more slides. Best with 2 or 3 bullets with 35 font or just a picture. Be sure details
                  and pictures are at top of screen because bottom part of screen is hard for most
                  people to see. Maybe put NAWN logo and Item # at bottom next year.
              o Have a back-up laptop with back-up presentations available just in case of technical
              o Scott Klabunde agreed to provide the overhead projector and screen again. Put a
                  table behind it with a black linen on it so it looks nice and prevents someone from
                  pushing it over.
        Need 10 table top easles to display signs.
        I emailed my 10 signs to Staples and they printed in color for $8 each. They told me to save
         them in JPEG first and then email, but it messed up the font. I would email in Power Point.
        Pre-bidding didn’t really work. Works for Circle of Friends so may not be a bad idea to try
         again, but we only bids on 3 or 4 items.
        Ask Sound Man to increase the volume of the microphone for auctioneer once music
         stops…wasn’t loud enough
        For trips that can sell multiple times, put each winning packet in a different envelope clearly
         marked so the first couple doesn’t get handed all copies and then the other couples get
        For check-out, have your Runner volunteers aware of why we need to swipe the actual card.
         Most people were annoyed by that, but I think it is because we pay a lower % fee if the card is
         swiped. Double check with the Treasurer on that.
        May want to have 2 runners for Kent Smith house and 4 runners for Klabunde house.
1- Two Season Tickets for all 2006 OSU Home Football Games - donated by New Albany Women's Network
Opening Bid - $1,500; Minimum - none; Value - $850 (usually goes for around $3K, I think)

Sold for $4,500 Charles and Lorraine Spahr.

        two President's Club Level season tickets for all 2006 OSU home football games

        Seats in section 22a, row 27, seats 31-32

2- Georgian-style Doghouse - donated by The Tuckerman Development Company
Opening Bid - $2,000; Minimum - none; Value - $4,000

Did not sell

        Built by The Tuckerman Development Company and architect Todd Parker

        Delivery included by Tuckerman

3 - Private Villa at Celebration of Life in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico - donated by Kent Smith Photography

Opening Bid - $2,500; Minimum - $3,000; Value $4,900

Sold twice for $4,400 to Jackie/Tim Sokol and Kelly/Kristen Fox and also to Sherri/Jim Mullins. We pay
Kent Smith $2,300 per week no matter what the selling price.
        three bedroom, three and a half bath Mexican villa awaits up to 13 people - ideal for 3 couples or 2
         couples with children

        in Cabo San Jose, Mexico

        gourmet kitchen, an extensive outdoor patio overlooking your private spa, an infinity edge pool, a
         beautiful 5 acre lake and a view of the Sea of Cortez

        5 amazing golf courses in the area with spectacular ocean and mountain holes - get a reduced 'locals'
         rate of $50 for Mayan Palace course

        Walking distance to restaurants and the ocean

        Activities - swimming, horseback riding, scuba diving, whale watching, fishing, and every water sport
         you can imagine

        Direct TV in the suites, indoor/outdoor music system, satellite radio, high speed internet

4 - Wine Collection and Dinner Party - donated by New Albany Women's Network Members and Shane's
Opening Bid - $1,000; Minimum - none; Value - $700 for wine and $1K for Shane's

Sold for $1,600 Janet Doyle

        Various wines displayed on table with values from $10 to $150 per bottle

        5-course meal for eight in your home cooked by chef

        Linens, stemware, silver and china included

        Service personnel and clean-up included

5 - Vacation Home in Sugar Mountain, North Carolina - donated by The "Pilar" In Home Sales!
Opening Bid - $1,000; Minimum - none; Value - $2,500

Sold twice for $2,200 to Ginger Sluder and also to Mark Barwig

        new four bedroom, two bath home near Boone, NC

        Private home

        Playroom, bonus room and exercise room

        One week rental

        double decks with a mountain view

        Activities: golf, skiing, mile high swinging bridge at Grandfather Mountain, outlet malls, tennis, white
         water rafting and much more

        Nearby there is the Tweetsie Railroad where you ride a train and get taken over by Cowboys and
         Indians - kids love it

6- Super Suppers Private Party - donated by Super Suppers
Opening Bid - $1,500; Minimum - none; Value - $2,525
Sold to Crystal Carstens, Jen Maple, Marj Anzalone, Kelly Vaziri, Terri Erdman, Elizabeth Murch, Chandra
Panley, Dee Kates, Marianne Troutman, Brandi Burch, Amy Sypek and Cherie Nelson for $1,900

        12 people can make 12 meals each

        Each meal feeds 4-6 people

        Store closed for private party

        Cocktails and appetizers included

7 - Luxury Vacation at Villa Paraiso in Manzanillo, Mexico - donated by Scott and Gail Klabunde (WE CAN

Opening Bid - $5,000; Minimum - $10,000 to get December to March dates; Value - $12,000

Sold 3 times for $10,000 to Jennie Wilson and also to Mark/Sarah Ryan and Karl/Maurine Billisits and also to
Sherri/Jim Mullins. ALMOST sold it to Tim/Laura Scholten and Stephanie/Joe Sestak , so hit them up for it
early next year. This is a 50/50 split so we get half to keep.

        10,000 square foot open air, tropical villa

        four master suites with private baths (sleeps 12)

        a pool with a full bar, your own private beach and two tennis courts

        cook, maid, bartender and driver included

        Activities - golfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, shopping, ATV jungle trips, or waterfall

8 - Orthodontic Case for Child or Adult - donated by Dr. Conroy and Dr. Maple
Opening Bid - $1,500; Minimum - $1,000; Value - $5,500

Sold for $3,400 to John Morgan.

        Included initial exam, all records needed for diagnosis and treatment planning, braces/appliances,
         appointments, retention appliances and 24 months of retention visits

        One child or adult

9 - Sanford Winery (as seen in "Sideways") Vacation Package - donated by C. Robert and Mary Kidder, Jim and
Ellen Bachmann and Vicki Damiani

Opening Bid - $500; Minimum - none; Value - $1,250

Sold for $1,800 to Deb Sybert, 4241 Conklin Court, New Albany, OH 43054 855-1065

        Private tour of Sanford Winery, which was featured in the "Sideways" movie

        Case of Pinot Noir and coasters from winery

        Sideways book and DVD

        2 night stay in Upham Hotel

                             A Victorian treasure in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara
                      the oldest continuously operating hotel in Santa Barbara, Southern California

                      Constructed of redwood with sweeping verandas

                      50-room 1871 landmark is surrounded by an acre of gardens

                      intimacy of a bed and breakfast with the convenience of a full-service hotel

                      Breakfast and taxes included

                      Complimentary wine and chees by the fireplace

                      Complimentary cookies and milk at bedtime

      Generator – Tony Carstens will do again. Next year need to get the next larger size up from
       the 20KW and ask for the extra plug box.
      Music was too loud, unable to talk. Ask Sound Man to turn down.
      Invitation List – be sure new attendees and auction bidders are added to the invitation
       list…also new auction donors.