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									                               2008 Beijing Olympics Games Case Study – Suggested Answer

                                      Suggested Answer

Part 1

1. D                  2. B              3. C               4. A               5. D
6. D                  7. A              8. E               9. C               10. A

Part 2

Activity 1
         According to Bulter (1980), there is a 6-stage life cycle for any travel destination (1
           Exploration, 2.Involvement, 3.Development, 4.Consolidation, 5.Stagnation, 6.
           Decline/rejuvenation.). Each stage will bring different extents of economic, environmental
          and social impacts to that place.

         Teacher may refer to Life Cycle of Travel Destination on page 37-40 of “Global Tourism
          Towards and Integrated Approach”.

1d.       Pull factors: you may refer to 《Travel and Tourism Student Manual Unit 1-1.7》
                       A good supply of cultural attractions
                       Capital of China
                       Close to Asian culture
                       Focus on tourism development and promotion
                       Comprehensive infrastructure and transportation network

                             2008 Beijing Olympics Games Case Study – Suggested Answer

Part 3

Olympic Facts

1.    Equestrian
2.    Guo Jing-jing
3.    Prince of Gymnastics
4.    Sailing
5.    All around scoring
6.    China National Women’s Volleyball Team
7.    Torch
8.    The United Kingdom
9.    Pommel Horse
10.   Wang Jun-xia
11.   Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center
12.   Jing-jing
13.   Heptathlon Women
14. Middleweight
15. Gymnastics
16. Torch kindling

                                   2008 Beijing Olympics Games Case Study – Suggested Answer

Part 4
Activity 2

    Social                -    Encourage investment, help improve locals’ livelihood
                           -    Help Beijing become a modern international metropolitan
                           -    Enhance quality of citizen, sense of pride and international image

    Economical            -    Create jobs
                           -    Investment projects can facilitate economic growth, thus increase
                                national income
                           -    Help enterprises create a better business environment

    Environmental         -    Speed up Beijing’s green environmental planning
                           -    Improve the living environment of Old Town

Part 5
Activity 3
  SWOT Analysis of Beijing’s Tourism Development after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
                    Strengths                                      Weaknesses
 Adequate supply of tourism facilities          Monotonous tourism products. Post-Games’
    (Hotels, roads, airports and public toilet    visitor arrivals and spending mainly on
    etc.).                                        cultural tourism.
 Increase in the number of lavish tourism       A difference in standard of tourism-related
    facilities (Large-scale convention and        service between local and international.
    exhibition centres, luxurious hotels).        Therefore, it’s likely to expect limited
 Enhance tourism-related service                 improvement after the Games.
 Improve the quality and increase the
    quantity of tourism resources (e.g.
    Olympic competition venues and cultural
 Optimize infrastructure and natural
    environment of the city.
                  Opportunities                                       Threats
 The effect of Olympics on a city’s mage        Supply of tourism facilities may exceed the
    will be sustained for a long period of time   demand after the Games.
 Post-Games positive economic                   Impact of World Expo 2010 Shanghai on
    development will become a driving force       visitor arrivals-diversion. (Due to a good
    for tourism development.                      supply of tourism resources and economic
                                                  development in the Yangtze River Delta,
                                                  Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Shanghai may attract
                                                  a large number of visitors).
Beijing’s Prospects, “Sustainable Development of important service industries after 2008”, 6 November 2006
                                2008 Beijing Olympics Games Case Study – Suggested Answer

Part 6
                    Green Olympics               High-Tech Olympics             People’s Olympics
Measures                 1,4,5,8                          7,9                        2,3,6,8
Impact             To achieve                   Competition venues -          Comprehensive
                    sustainable tourism           a form of man-made             tourism resources
                    development                   tourist attractions can        and local residents
                                                  attract more tourists          can benefit from
                                                  to Beijing and                 hosting the
                                                  transforms Beijing             Olympic Games
                                                  into a diversified

Activity 4:
   For information about Beijing Olympic competition venues, teacher may refer to website of the
    The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG)

   For samples of tour commentary, teacher may refer to Hong Kong Tourism Board

Question for Discussion:
1. Personal quality:
    Not to be biased or prejudiced by first impressions to people from different countries or
    Able to speak fluent English apart from Putonghua and should be interested in learning
       foreign languages.
        Be patient, considerate and helpful.
        With a strong interest to know customs and lifestyles of different countries.
        With basic knowledge of world geography.
        Knowledgeable about the characteristics, modes and taboos of foreign cultures.

Activity 5
   Teacher may refer to for information on the three
    concepts of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
   Teacher may refer to for travel tips for Beijing

                                 2008 Beijing Olympics Games Case Study – Suggested Answer

Extended learning
1.   Measures that ensure smooth traffic flow within the city:
      encourage people to choose public transport
      encourage employers to arrange flexible working hours with employees
      airports designated for domestic and international arrivals
      boost the transport capacity of the new subway line – No. 5.
Part 7
Natural resources:    Climate (outdoor activities), geographic feature (mountain climbing, skiing,
                         water sports), nature (hunting, horse back riding, bird-watching, camping
                         and hiking) etc.
Cultural resources:      Sports venues and facilities

                        Cultural Tourism                                 Sports Tourism
                                                     Participants(playing)          Spectators(watching)
    Tourism          Cultural traditions and    Activities related to             Mainly visiting sports
     Resources        activities consisting of   geographical features and         venues, sports-related
                      heritage, relics,          natural resources. For            industries and watching
                      heritage museums,          example, mountain climbing,       sports events.
                      buildings and              gliding, skiing and water
                      traditional customs.       sports.
    Tourism Trend    Activities not affected    Activities subject to             Activities not quite
                      by seasonality,            seasonality, weather and          affected by seasonality
                      weather or availability    availability of natural           and weather.
                      of natural resources.      resources.
                      Sightseeing activities     Tourists are generally willing to Tourists are generally
                                                 participate in activities that are more laid back.
                                                 far away, hard, exciting and
                                                 require physical fitness and
    Tourism          Affordable moderately Tourists with high spending            Expenditures are extreme
     Consumption      priced tourism        power.                                 where watching game is
     (tourism         products                                                     expensive but visiting
     products)                                                                     venues is reasonable.

Extended activity
                                 2008 Beijing Olympics Games Case Study – Suggested Answer

1. Yes.
   According to the definition of the World Commission on Environment and Development,
   sustainable development refers to “development that meets the needs of the present without
   compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." Sustainable
   development should conform to economical, environmental and social development.

     Sports tourism combines tourism and entertainment together with sports. It promotes not only
     a healthy lifestyle, it can enhance the development of recreational and leisure tourism.
     Ultimately, it can ease off the carrying capacity of a few famous cultural tourism attractions in
     Beijing, for example, the Imperial Palace, the Ming Dynasty Tombs and the Great Wall, in order
     to sustain Beijing as an attractive destination.

     Sports tourism depends on natural resources, such as flora, countryside, climatic and
     geographical features. These readily tourism products can reduce environmental destructions
     caused by developing man-made attractions. Sports tourism is thus favorably placed to meet
     the criteria of sustainable tourism development.

        Category                         Example                                Scale
                                                                    mega       Global       Regional
     Sports events       Olympic    Games, FIFA World Cup      √
                         World  Games, Hong Kong                          √
                          Sevens, the Commonwealth
                          Games, Tour of Shanghai
                         East Asian   Games, Standard                                  √
                          Chartered Hong Kong Marathon
     Cultural events     Festival   de Cannes                  √
                         Edinburgh    International Festival              √
                         Hong  Kong Lunar New Year                                     √
                          Night Parade
     Commercial          WorldExpo, World Trade                √
     events               Organization “Ministerial
                         International   Tourismus-Borse                  √
                          (ITB Berlin)
                         Food   Expo, Hong Kong Book Fair                              √
     Festive events      New   Year Eve / New Year Day,        √
                                 2008 Beijing Olympics Games Case Study – Suggested Answer

                           Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
                          Christmas   / Lunar New Year                      √
                                  of Lord Buddha, Cheung
                          Birthday                                                       √
                           Chau Bun Festival, Oktoberfest,
                           Songkran Festival

3. (a)
   Form: Business Tourism

                                            Leisure Tourism                Business Tourism
        Tourism Resources             Destinations are mainly in     City in particular Central
                                       coastal areas, beaches,        Business District. Business
                                       rural areas and city centre.   activities
        Tourism Trend                 Frequency of travel is         Frequency of travel is not
                                       usually affected by the cost   affected by the cost of travel.
                                       of travel. They are not        Frequent travelers but
                                       frequent travelers.            lengthy of stay is short.
                                       Travelling affected by of paid Not affected by seasonal
                                       holiday, weather, travel visa factors, such as weather or
                                       and transport.                 of paid holidays.
      Tourism Consumption             Package-tour & individual      Tourists generally expect
       ( tourism products)             travel                         and demand high quality
                                                                      services, for example, travel
                                                                      on business class and stay
                                                                      in conveniently located

3.    (b)
      World class business facilities and services: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre /

       Asia World-Expo
      Comprehensive transportation network: Hong Kong International Airport is a major hub

       serving major cities
      Government policy: Support from Hong Kong Tourism Board / Tourism Commission / Trade

       Development Council
      Political tide with tourists’ country of origin: Ease of entry for APEC member countries /

         businessmen from the mainland.
        Close business tide with tourists’ country of origin: Hong Kong is a member of the World
         Trade Organization, also benefits from the mainland’s economic development.
                                  2008 Beijing Olympics Games Case Study – Suggested Answer

        A stable political climate: Hong Kong is relatively safer and politically stable compared to
         some Asia-Pacific regions.
        A compact selection of natural and man-made attractions appeal to an array of tourists’
        Climate: subtropical climate; extreme climates are rare.

3        (c) Free answers.

Part 8

a        Social:         -Enhance Hong Kong’s international status in Asia
                         -Heighten Hong Kong people to take pride in their country
                         -Sports events promote healthy lifestyle
                         -Sports facilities and venues provide citizens with better recreational and
                          entertainment facilities after the Games

         Economic:       -Economic contributes to tourism’s primary sectors
                         -Olympic related projects create new jobs
                         -Develop into a diversify destination

         Environmental development
                            -The concepts of Green Olympics help to facilitate government’s
                            environmental protection measures
                            - A series of promotional activities on green and environmental protection
                            promotion activities heighten citizens’ awareness to environmental

b        Role of government in tourism development
      Planning: Proper land used for sports venues and related facilities, so as to show Hong Kong
       capability to host world-class sports events.
      Coordination: To improve the existing cooperation system among government departments,
       and strengthen cooperation with the industry, as well as increase the transparency of
       inbound travel’s arrangements
      Promotion: Government promotes equestrian events to overseas markets as a mean to
       strengthen Hong Kong as a major international destination.

                            2008 Beijing Olympics Games Case Study – Suggested Answer

Extended activity
1. Free answers.

Part 10

Olympic Symbols
1. The Olympic Rings, Olympic Torch, Olympic Emblem and Olympic Mascots.

2. The Rings represent five continents

      -   Africa,
      -   Americas
      -   Asia
      -   Europe
      -   Oceania

Part 11

1.   Provincial Capital
         Shandong Province – Jinan
         Tibet Autonomous Region – Lhasa
         Sichuan Province – Chengdu
         Guangdong Province – Guangzhou


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