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					EFFECT IVE: 10/01/2009                                                                                                                                          OKALOOSA COUNT Y
                                                                                                                                                                GROWT H MANAGEMENT DEPART MENT
                                                                                                                                                                ORGANIZAT IONAL CHART

                                                                                               BOARD OF COUNTY              EGLIN INSTALLATION
                                                                                                COMMISSIONERS               GROWTH COMMITTEE

                                                                                             COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR

                                                                                             GROWTH MANAGEMENT

 FINANCIAL COORDINATOR   TRANSIT COORDINATOR             PLANNING                                       Building Official                                             CODE ENFORCEMENT      GROWTH GRANT
                          & GRANTS MANAGER               MANAGER                                                                                                         SUPERVISOR      PROJECT COORDINATOR

                   GRANTS                  PLANNING                                                                                                                   CODE ENFORCEMENT
                                                                PERMITTING/LICENSING            DEPUTY BUILDING                              CONSTRUCTION
                  SPECIALIST             COORDINATOR                                                                                                                      OFFICER (2)
                                                                     MANAGER                       OFFICIAL                                INSPECTOR I, II, III (2)

                                        ADMINISTRATIVE                                                        CONSTRUCTION                   CONSTRUCTION
                                                                      PLANNING & PERMIT
                                         ASSISTANT II                                                       INSPECTOR I, II, III (2)        PLANS EXAMINER
                                                                    TECHNICIAN SUPERVISOR

                                           PLANNER III               LICENSING SPECIALIST                                                         CHIEF FIRE
                                               (2)                                                                                               INSPECTOR
                                                                       PLANS & PERMITS
                                          GIS ANALYST
                                                                    LEAD PLANNING & PERMIT
                                           PLANNING                       TECHNICIAN

                                         ASSISTANT II

Fighting Yank Fighting Yank
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