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									                                                      A Message From Jean Perrault

The InfoSherbrookois is published by the
                                                   Dear Citizens,
Communications Service of the Ville de                                          It is with some emotion that I address you for the last
Sherbrooke and is delivered by Publi-Sac Estrie.                                time through the InfoSherbrookois. First, I would like to
Please note that most Sherbrooke activities                                     thank you for your confidence over the past 27 years
listed in this newsletter occur primarly in                                     of political life, spent at your side defending the
French. Borough of Lennoxville activities                                       interests of our city. Those years represent an
are generally bilingual.                                                        extraordinary phase of my life and I remain deeply
Director:                                                                       attached to the future of Sherbrooke. However, I am
Colette Ouellet                                                                 convinced that it is time for me to make room for a
Editor-in-chief and Co-ordinator:                                               successor who will bring a new perspective to
Diane Parent                                                                    Sherbrooke’s challenges.
Information Co-ordinators and Editors:
                                                                               Throughout my political career, I learned that municipal
Stéphanie Doyon
Isabelle Gauthier                                                              life couldn’t exist without the support of citizens who,
                                                                               day after day, shape the identity of a city. Sherbrooke
Final Proofs:
                                                   is a city in constant evolution and for this reason elected officials need to hear
Sylvie Hallé
                                                   what you have to say. To be effective, municipal political life requires your
Editorial Commitee:
                                                   participation and commitment – it’s the level of government that is closest to you.
Martin Carrier
                                                   By participating in political life, expressing your vision, and influencing major
Lyse Cloutier
                                                   debates, our city can only get better because it will be a reflection of what you
Luce Dostie
Joanne Dutil                                       want it to be.
Jonathan Fitzmorris                                I invite you to closely follow the next election campaign and exercise your right to
Chantal Grenier                                    vote on November 1, 2009. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that, in a democracy,
Mélanie Guillet                                    this will be an important time because it will affect the future of your city.
Natie Lahitte
Lucine Laprise
Sophie Leclair
Christine Lessard
Gilles Pelland
Carmen Pion
                                                            Jean Perrault
Serge Turgeon
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CIBLE solutions d’affaires, 819-562-2222
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Stevenson & Writers Inc., 819-569-5945
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Claude Roussel                                                                                  CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS
Photo archives                                                                                  September 8 and 21, October 1*,
Cover photo:                                                                                    November 16, and December 7
François Lafrance                                                                               7 p.m. at City Hall
Printing:                                                                                       191, rue du Palais, Sherbrooke.
Hebdo Litho                                                                                     *This meeting will take place at 5 p.m.
Legal deposit with the Bibliothèque nationale                                                   The public is welcome to attend
                                                   SOCIÉTÉ DE TRANSPORT DE
du Québec                                                                                       council meetings. Check first as the
                                                   SHERBROOKE BOARD MEETINGS
INFORMATION: 819-821-5572                                                                       dates may change: 819-821-5500.
                                                   Public meetings: September 9,
Postal address:                                    October 14, November 11 and
P. O. Box 610, Sherbrooke, Quebec J1H 5H9          December 9, 6 p.m.                           WEB PORTAL
                                                   Meetings are held at the Société             Visit the city’s Web portal for useful
                                                   de transports de Sherbrooke,                 information on municipal news at the
                                                                                                following simplified address:
                                                   895, rue Cabana, Sherbrooke.
                                                   Information: 819-564-2687

                                                                   Info Sherbrookois
                                                                      Autumn 2009
In Brief...
                                                                                                                                         This product contains 46.5%
                                                                                                                                         post-consumer recycled fibre.

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  Maintenance and Roadways ......11                         Music ............................................66   Borough of Jacques-Cartier ..........139
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  Sports & Recreation                                       Cultural Events..............................68
  Aquatic Activities ..........................16           Books ............................................69   Borough of Rock Forest–
  Aquatic and Nautical Activities ......17                  Socio-cultural Activities................70
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  Recreational Activities ..................33              Cultural Column............................78
  CONTACT INFO FOR                                          Community Life
  RECREATION CENTRES ................34                     Community Organizations............80
  CHARMES Activities ....................56                 In the Boroughs ............................84
  Sherbrooke,                                               Youth Organizations......................97
  Cité des rivières Activities ............57                                                                        2009 EDITIONS OF THE
                                                            Organizations for Seniors ..........107
                                                            Intercultural Page........................119
                                                                                                                     • Week of April 20
                                                                                                                     • Week of August 17
                                                                                                                     • Week of December 7

Property tax: Payment of 4th instalment                                                                                  SUBSCRIBE TO
The fourth instalment of the 2009 general municipal property tax
is due on September 1, 2009.                                                                                             Nous!
Payment may be made at any one of the following locations:
 Location                                         Address
 Rodolphe-Langis building                                                  145, rue Wellington Nord
 Hydro-Sherbrooke office                                                   1800, rue Roy
                                                                                                                         The Ville de Sherbrooke's
 Borough of Brompton                                                       133, rue Laval                                new web magazine Nous,
 Borough of Fleurimont                                                     1735, chemin Galvin                           (in French only) has been
 Borough of Jacques-Cartier                                                2050, rue King Ouest, Office 010              available on the city's
 Borough of Lennoxville                                                    150, rue Queen                                portal:
                                                                                                                         since May!
 Borough of Mont-Bellevue                                                  600, rue Thibault
 Borough of Rock Forest–Saint-Élie–Deauville                               1000, rue du Haut-Bois Nord                   Happy reading!
 Any financial institution within the Ville de Sherbrooke
on or before September 1, 2009, to avoid interest charges.
If you are a new property owner
If you recently purchased property, your property tax bill may have been sent to the previous owner. This does not in
any way remove your obligation to pay your taxes by the due dates set by the city. If in default, you will be required
to pay interest as of the due dates established for the instalments. Please note that the Ville de Sherbrooke does not
issue new tax bills when a property changes owners. However, a copy of your tax bill is available on the city’s Web
portal at:
If you have not received your tax bill, or you are unclear, it is your responsibility to ensure that your file
is up-to-date by contacting the revenue division at 819-821-5626.

                                                                        Info Sherbrookois
                                                                            Autumn 2009
                                                      2009 Sherbrooke Elections

2009 SHERBROOKE ELECTIONS                                       It is VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE that as citizens, it is
                                                                your responsibility to ensure that your name and address
Election office:                                                are correctly registered on the voters list. If you have any
Élection Sherbrooke 2009                                        changes to make, you can do so during the revision
191, rue du Palais, Office 104                                  period. For a municipal election, if your name is not
P.O. Box 610, Sherbrooke, QC J1H 5H9                            already registered on the voters list, you will not be able
Tel.: 819-822-6100                                              to vote. You are not allowed to add your name on election
Fax: 819-822-6160                                               day. Make sure you check your registration notice!                                               INFORMATION FOR CANDIDATES
                                                                Anyone interested in declaring their candidacy for
IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER                                     the position of mayor, municipal councillor or borough
                                                                councillor can apply now to the office of Élection
September 1
                                                                Sherbrooke 2009 and obtain the required documents
Date of eligibility to vote
                                                                and candidate’s guide or make an appointment with
September 18                                                    the returning officer.
Start of electoral period
September 18 to October 2
                                                                A certain amount of information on the 2009 election
Submission of candidates
                                                                is available on the Ville de Sherbrooke’s Portal at
October 2                                              Check it out!
Proclamation of acclaimed candidates
October 6 to 8                                                  ELECTORAL STAFF NEEDED
Mailing of a registration notice to each household              If you are interested in working during the revision process,
indicating the names of people registered on the voters         advance or mobile polling or on voting day, you must:
list for that address, if any, and providing relevant           • Complete an employment application available on the
information on how to make revisions to the list.                 portal, under the “2009 Elections” tab or
October 10 to 16                                                • Call the Élection Sherbrooke 2009 office at
Meetings of the committee to revise the voters list.              819-822-6100 to provide your contact information.

October 20, 21 and 22
Mailing of reminder notice to each voter
October 25
Advance poll, noon to 8 p.m.
October 24 to 26
Mobile polling stations in health care institutions
and retirement homes
November 1
Voting day, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

                                                        Info Sherbrookois
                                                           Autumn 2009
Legal Affairs

OUTDOOR FIRES:                                                      CHIMNEY SWEEPING REQUIREMENTS
NEW REGULATIONS IN EFFECT                                           All homeowners, tenants or occupants of
                                                                    a building equipped with a chimney used
Since June 5, 2009, outdoor fires are allowed under                 in conjunction with solid-fuel heating
certain conditions on properties with detached or semi-             equipment, must keep this equipment in
detached single-family homes located in Sherbrooke,                 good working order at all times to ensure
regardless of the size of the property.                             tenant safety. Homeowners must clean the
The fireplace must be made of rock, brick or metal and              chimney at least once a year themselves or
must be closed on all sides with non-flammable materials            have the work carried out by a chimney sweep.
or a fire screen. In addition, the outdoor fireplace must be        We invite you to consult the provisions with regard
installed in the back or side yard of the main building and         to chimney sweeping on the Ville de Sherbrooke’s
must be at least six metres from any structure (including           portal under Municipal By-law no 1 in the section
porches and patios attached to the buildings), three                on fire prevention.
metres from all property limits, fence, tree or hedge
or any other flammable material, and six metres from any
container, reservoir or tank containing gas or flammable            BACK TO SCHOOL
liquid.                                                             It’s back-to-school time and we
                                                                    invite you to be doubly careful –
Additional conditions stipulate that fires must be
                                                                    especially in school zones – and
constantly supervised by an adult responsible for keeping
                                                                    respect all road signs, particularly
the fire under control. Dry, unvarnished, unpainted and
                                                                    at pedestrian crossings. Know that
untreated wood must be used and no accelerants must
                                                                    when a pedestrian steps onto a
be used to start the fire. The regulation also stipulates that
                                                                    pedestrian crossing, all drivers
the required equipment to prevent a fire, such as a shovel,
                                                                    must stop their vehicles and allow
rake, and a pail of water, watering hose or fire extinguisher
                                                                    them to cross safely.
must be in close proximity to the fireplace.
                                                                    WELCOME BACK, STUDENTS!
The category of outdoor fires includes bonfires,
camp fires and fires to burn debris. Each of these fires
is regulated by particular conditions and some of these             EXCESSIVE NOISE
require a permit from the fire protection services.                 Popular belief has it that everyone must tolerate
For more information on outdoor fires, consult the city’s           noise between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. This is false!
Municipal By-law no 1 on the portal at               The municipal by-law stipulates that it is forbidden at
Click on the “Municipal Services” tab (section available            all times for anyone to produce, cause or allow noise
in French only) on the upper left hand of the page, and             to be produced or caused, that would disrupt the
select “Legal Affairs” from the scroll-down menu.                   comfort or well being of one or several persons in
Municipal By-law no 1 is available under the heading                a neighbourhood.
“Legislation and Regulations”. The provisions are found
in section “Titre 5. Protection de la personne et de la             It is also strictly forbidden, between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.,
propriété” under “Chapitre 8. Prévention contre les                 to use or allow to be used a radio or instrument that
incendies.” Consult them when needed!                               produces sound, to carry out noisy work, mow the lawn,
                                                                    cut wood or cause any noise that would disrupt the rest
                                                                    of one or several persons in the neighbourhood.
                                                                    Nuisance caused by noise could eventually lead to a
                                                                    civil suit for breach of law in addition to requiring police
                                                                    intervention and the issuing of a ticket. There is a minimal
                                                                    fine of $50 plus fees for infringement.

                                                       Info Sherbrookois
                                                          Autumn 2009
DEAD LEAVES – NO PROBLEM!                                           Please note that the Ville de Sherbrooke will NOT
The brown bin: an excellent way to reduce or avoid having           be distributing compost to residents this year.
to buy paper bags for your leaves. Place your leaves in             Thanks for your cooperation.
your bin as they fall. Weekly compost collection continues
until November 23, then it’s once a month!                       INFORMATION SESSIONS ON
If you have too many leaves, the collection of leaves
in paper bags is back again this year.
                                                                 HOUSEHOLD COMPOSTING
Too many dead leaves for                                         Les AmiEs de la Terre de l’Estrie is continuing its touring
your brown bin to handle?                                        training program on HOUSEHOLD composting. The
Leaf collection is back!                                         tour will stop in Sherbrooke on Monday and Tuesday,
Once again this year, the only way                               September 21 and 22, at 843, rue King Ouest. The free
to participate in the leaf collection is                         training program will take place from 7 to 9 p.m. and will
to use PAPER BAGS and put them                                   address basic principles, techniques and uses of
out during the leaf-collection period.                           compost. Reservations are required (maximum 30 people).
Don’t forget that leaves will NOT be                             Household compost bins will be available for $40 each.
picked-up during large-item collections                          Tel.: 819-562-4413.
regardless of the type of bag: paper                             E-mail:
or plastic.
                                                                 Please note! Household composting is not to be
                                                                 confused with street side compost collection using
LEAF COLLECTION: DATES AND INSTRUCTIONS                          the brown bins. Household composting involves
• From October 26 to November 20, in all boroughs.               producing your own compost using a container that
• Paper bags must be put on the curb on garbage                  is left in the garden or yard. Take the time to find
  collection day. They will be collected on that day             out more.
  or the days that follow.
• Keep your bags away from garbage, compost
  and recycling bins so they don’t interfere with
  the various pick-ups.
• Don’t put dead leaves in the street! This is
  prohibited as it makes street cleaning harder.
• If possible, leave the bags open and under shelter
  until the collection date. They won’t get wet or
  damaged and the collection crew’s job will be easier.

Did you miss the leaf collection?
You should take your leaves to one of the two
ecocentres. If they are in plastic bags the staff will
ask you to open the bags and empty them out.
Visits to the ecocentre are free.
Opt for leaf-based fertilizer!
The best way to dispose of leaves is to shred them
using your lawnmower. The leaves make excellent
fertilizer and mulch for your garden. In fact this is an
ideal solution that should be used as much as possible.
Thank you for your cooperation!

                                                         Info Sherbrookois
                                                            Autumn 2009

Ecocentres                                                      Large-item garbage collection
SUMMER HOURS (until November 14)                                NOTE! NEW THIS YEAR!
Mondays to Saturdays: 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
                                                                You probably already know, but large-item garbage left
WINTER HOURS                                                    by the curbside is taken to a landfill site. To increase the
(From November 15 until April 10, 2010)                         conversion of our waste, the Ville de Sherbrooke asks that
Tuesdays to Saturdays: 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.                      you favour the use of ecocentres and participate in the
                                                                new wood collection initiative.
Free service for Sherbrooke residents only
Please note that grass clippings are accepted only              From now on, only the following items will be accepted
three times per year. After your third visit, clippings         in large-item collections: household furnishings such as
will be refused. Proof of residence is required. Consult        carpets, linoleum, window blinds, mattresses, toilets,
the list of accepted materials on the city’s portal at          sinks, bath tubs, armchairs, sofas and all other furniture                                      not made of wood. In addition, for garbage to be
Fees for Sherbrooke contractors and businesses                  considered “large-item”, it must be too large to fit in a
Call an ecocentre for existing fees.                            rolling bin.

Limited quantity                                                INSTRUCTIONS
The accepted limit per visit is 1.8 m3 or                       Maximum weight of garbage: 20 kg (44 lbs.)
the equivalent of a 1.2 m x 2.4 m trailer.                      Maximum volume: 1 m3
Recycle your bicycle
Don’t forget that bicycles are accepted at ecocentres.          MATERIALS REFUSED
If reusable, they will be given to a charitable                 • Abrasives (crushed rock, gravel)
organization, but if too damaged, they will be                  • Ashes and live coals
recycled for the scrap metal and rubber (tires).                • Automobile parts
Please note that ecocentre employees                            • Bags of garbage
are not obliged to assist with unloading                        • Construction, renovation and demolition materials
materials.                                                      • Earth and other granular material
                                                                  (rocks, concrete, bricks, asphalt)
Écocentre Michel-Ledoux, 819-822-6010                           • Explosive, corrosive or radioactive materials
1000, rue Léon-Trépanier
                                                                • Garden and lawn waste
(access via boulevard Lavigerie)
                                                                • Household hazardous waste (HHW)
Écocentre Rose-Cohen, 819-822-6033                                (e.g. paint, used oil, car batteries, etc.)
365, rue Pépin (access via boulevard                            • Leaves
de Portland or boulevard Industriel)                            • Medical waste (ex.: syringes)
                                                                • Metal and electrical appliances
                                                                • Old clothes and rags
                                                                • Televisions, computers and electronic equipment
                                                                • Tires
                                                                • Wood
                                                                Note: Some of these materials
                                                                are accepted at the ecocentres.

                                                    Info Sherbrookois
                                                       Autumn 2009
Large-item garbage collection (continued)
                                                              All large-item garbage must be left at the curb by 8 a.m.
                                                                         on the REGULAR COLLECTION DAY:
 Borough of Brompton                               Week of October 19
 Borough of Fleurimont                             Week of October 5
 Borough of Jacques-Cartier                        Week of October 19
 Borough of Lennoxville                            Week of October 5
 Borough of Mont-Bellevue                          Week of October 12

 Borough of Rock Forest–Saint-Élie–Deauville       Week of October 12

 Note: Collection begins on your area’s regular collection day and continues on the days that follow.

NEW COLLECTION:                                                  COMPLIANCE OF GUTTERS
                                                                 Since By-law 1-40 came into effect
Curbside wood collection                                         on June 1, 2007, the Ville de
                                                                 Sherbrooke has inspected the
In order to meet the concerns of citizens for a better           gutters of close to 30 000 homes.
environment, the Ville de Sherbrooke offers a new
collection of wooden items. The materials collected              The gutter compliance team
will not be sent to landfill but rather diverted to a            completed its mandate in the
recycling centre. Thank you for your cooperation!                summer of 2009 and thanks all citizens for their
                                                                 cooperation. The team also encourages those who have
ACCEPTED WOOD ITEMS                                              yet to correct their non-compliant gutters to undertake
• Wood that has been painted, treated, or from pallets           the necessary steps to do so in order to reduce the
                                                                 environmental problems linked to erosion, the destruction
• Furniture entirely made of unusuable                           of natural habitats and deterioration to the quality of bodies
  wood or melamine                                               of water in the region.
• Branches tied in bundles with a diameter
  no larger than 30 cm                                           The Ville de Sherbrooke would like to remind residents
                                                                 of the importance of blocking former openings following
INSTRUCTIONS                                                     modifications to gutters. This will avoid the risk of pest
                                                                 infestation and ensure optimal performance.
For your wood items to be collected, please respect
the following dimensions: maximum length of 1.2 m
and total maximum volume of 1 m3.

  BOROUGH                     Place your wood items
                               curbside no later than
                              8 a.m. on the REGULAR
                                   collection day.

  All boroughs                Week of October 26
  Note: The collection truck begins to pick up items                RECYC-FRIGO
  the regular day of collection for your sector and                 ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM
  finishes, if needed, the following days.
                                                                    This program offers a free household appliance pick-up
                                                                    service. The refrigerator or freezer must be older than
                                                                    10 years, be in working order, plugged into the wall,
                                                                    and have a volume of 280 to 710 litres (10 to 25 cubic
                                                                    feet). Call 1-877-49FRIGO (493-7446) or go online at
                                                           to make an appointment. Owners
                                                                    will receive a $60 cheque for each recycled appliance.

                                                         Info Sherbrookois
                                                            Autumn 2009

Did you know that 75% of sewer back-ups are caused by the improper use of sewers by residents? In fact,
the mechanical malfunctioning of the sewage network accounts for only a quarter of back-ups. To prevent
any inconvenience, please read the following.
When undertaking repair or maintenance work on the system, it is always surprising to find certain waste products
thrown into the sewage network (diapers, rags, Swiffer-type dusting cloths, insulation, clothing, wipes, etc.).
In addition to causing regular back-ups, this waste matter causes serious damage to pumps and motors
required for pumping in waste-water treatment plants.
Toxic liquids such as oils, paint, and solvent should never be poured into drains. They are dangerous for workers,
hinder waste-water treatment and are responsible for odours filtering back into homes.
For more information on this topic, consult the municipal by-law on the city’s portal at
(By-law no. 1, heading 6, chapter 2, article 6.2.6).

It is PROHIBITED to throw the following waste and liquids in the sewer network (toilet, sink or drain outlet):
• Diapers                                                      • Construction materials (pieces of wood, insulation, etc.)
• Disinfectant wipes and bandages                              • Sand
• Sanitary napkins, tampons and applicators                    • Dirt
• Cotton swabs                                                 • Grass
• Condoms                                                      • Oil products (gas, diesel, heating oil, etc.)
• Hair, beyond that normally lost during a shower              • Paint
• Facial tissue and paper towels                               • Solvents
• Rags
• Swiffer-type dusting cloths
                                                               Be eco-friendly and visit the Michel-Ledoux
                                                               or Rose-Cohen ecocentres to get rid of most
                                                               of this waste.

 x x x x x x
 Diapers     Tampons     Cotton swabs   Condoms       Disinfectant       Dusting
                                                         wipes            cloths

                                                    Info Sherbrookois
                                                       Autumn 2009

                                      SEPTIC SYSTEM INSTALLATIONS
Situation                                                      What to do
You own one of the following models of septic systems:         • Obtain a maintenance contract for the septic
Enviro-septic, ECOBOX, Le Roseau purifier,                       system and renew it when needed
Ecoflo Biofilter, BIONEST                                      • Send a copy of the maintenance contract to the city
                                                               Have you forgotten? It’s not too late…
The date of emptying arrives                                   • Remove the covers from your septic tanks to provide
                                                                 quick and easy access
                                                               • Follow the owner’s guide provided by the manufacturer
                                                                 for instructions related to emptying the tank.

You live in a sector where emptying is not scheduled           • Contact the septic system management coordinator
for the current year and:                                        for an appointment to empty your tank.
• your septic tank has reached maximum capacity
• a problem forces the emergency emptying of your tank.

A change occurs in the use of your property                    • Contact the septic system management
(ex.: your business changes its services,                        coordinator to adjust the rate.
you add a second living unit to your home)
To contact the city:                                            For more information:
Septic system management coordinator                            • Municipal By-law n°1
                                                                  (available on the city’s portal
Tel.: 819-821-5745
                                                                • Regulation respecting waste water disposal systems for
Fax: 819-821-5177                                                 isolated dwellings (RSQ, c. Q-2, r.8) available online at
Postal address: Ville de Sherbrooke, Division de        
l’environnement, 555, rue des Grandes-Fourches Sud,               r8/latest/rq-c-q-2-r8.html
Bloc B, P.O. Box 610, Sherbrooke, QC J1H 6C9                    • City’s portal, environment section

                                            Maintenance and Roadways
AN INNOVATIVE ENERGY                                           hot water used for showers and the ice-grooming
                                                               machine. To understand the heat produced by ice
EFFICIENCY PROJECT                                             refrigeration units, consider the heat emanating from
                                                               the back of a household refrigerator.
                                                               The addition of a supercharger to the ice refrigeration
                                                               system to recover hot gases is a process that was
                                                               developed by the city’s maintenance and roadways
                                                               employees with the help of a local engineering and
                                                               consulting firm. This initiative was made possible thanks
                                                               to funding from Hydro-Québec and the Agence de
                                                               l’efficacité énergétique du Québec. Energy savings of
                                                               close to 40% of the building’s total energy consumption
                                                               is expected.
                                                               This innovative project is a concrete example of
The Ville de Sherbrooke is proud to announce the success       the pioneering spirit of the Ville de Sherbrooke’s
of an innovative energy efficiency project as part of its      employees who wish, more than ever, to invest in
sustainable development efforts. Thanks to this project,       sustainable development.
the Ville is successfully recovering heat produced by the
ice refrigeration units at the Palais des sports Léopold-
Drolet to heat the arena, dressing rooms, offices and
                                                       Info Sherbrookois
                                                          Autumn 2009

Electrical safety education
Electrical power has become a major component of our                To comply with regulations
way of life. This type of energy, which is associated with          • In case of doubt, ask a qualified electrician to inspect
many aspects of our well-being, requires that we apply a              your home’s electrical system to ensure its safety.
number of safety rules that everyone must know,
including the following:                                            With regard to electrical wires
                                                                    • Do not go near aerial electrical wires; keep a minimum
To keep children safe                                                 distance of three to five feet.
• Place plastic safety caps (available in stores) into any
                                                                    • Never try, even indirectly, to touch high voltage wires.
  unused power outlets. These items conceal the outlet
  and help to ensure your children’s safety.                        • Never place a ladder close to electrical wires.
• Replace burnt light bulbs immediately. Never leave                • Do not install a clothesline on a utility pole.
  the socket exposed as children may stick their                      This is dangerous for you and line workers.
  fingers into it.                                                  • When installing an antenna, make sure you are
• When plugging in an appliance or device, make sure the              at a safe distance from electrical lines.
  plug is fully inserted in the outlet since otherwise children     • If you see a damaged, low or broken electrical line,
  could slip their fingers into the exposed space.                    call Hydro-Sherbrooke immediately.
• Explain to your children that they must remain far away           • If an electrical line falls on your car, stay inside your
  from fences surrounding electric transformer stations               vehicle unless you see fire, in which case, get out of
  and transformers.                                                   your car while avoiding touching metal and the ground
                                                                      at the same time and, if possible, jump to the ground
In case of fire
                                                                      with your feet together.
• Report a fire by calling 9-1-1.
                                                                    For more information, visit the Ville de Sherbrooke’s
• For an electrical fire, remove all cords from outlets or,
                                                                    portal (, under “Municipal Services”,
  if possible, shut off the main power source.
                                                                    “Hydro-Sherbrooke” (in French only).
• Never use water to put out an electric fire.

In 2008, Hydro-Sherbrooke undertook changing its 20-year old billing system. The new system will modernize the
existing functions in addition to adding new ones, and will adapt to the market’s new technological trends and a
customer relationship manager (CRM). The new system should be operational by January 2010. It will enable
Hydro-Sherbrooke to offer even better customer service. Stay tuned for more details.

                                                        Info Sherbrookois
                                                           Autumn 2009
                                                                              Police Department

Do you know the difference between
an exclusive intersection,
a semi-protected intersection
and an audible intersection?
Sherbrooke has about 126 intersections with traffic
and pedestrian lights; 71 are semi-protected and 55 are
exclusive. Of these 55 exclusive intersections, 11 are audible.
The following explains the differences between them.

 Type of intersection                                Explanation                                           Examples
Exclusive                As a pedestrian, when you see a sign indicating that you                  - King/de Vimy
intersection             can cross the street, all lights are red for vehicles. You have           - de l’Université/Léonard
                         a fixed amount of time, which varies depending on the
                         intersection, to cross.                                                   - King/de Carillon
                                                                                                   - Terrill/du Cégep
                         Drivers must remember that the pedestrian always has priority
                         once they begin crossing, even if turning right on a red light is         - Galt/du Saint-Esprit
                         permitted at this intersection.
Semi-protected           As a pedestrian, you can begin crossing once you see the sign             - King/Belvédère
Intersection             appear. Before you have finished crossing, vehicles will get the          - Galt/de l’Université
                         go ahead to turn right. Despite this signal, if the pedestrian is still
Pedestrians and                                                                                    - King/Jacques Cartier
                         crossing the street, the driver must give the pedestrian the right
drivers must be extra
                         of way, since he/she still has their signal to cross.                     - Saint Lambert/Laval
careful at these types
of intersections.        Drivers must remember that the pedestrian always                          - Belvédère/Sara
                         has priority once they begin crossing.
                                                                                                   The traffic flow at major
                                                                                                   intersections explains
                                                                                                   the need for this kind
                                                                                                   of installation.

Audible intersection     This intersection is identical to exclusive and semi-protected            - Portland/des Érables
                         intersections, except that when the signal appears to permit              - King/Wellington
                         pedestrian crossing, an audible signal is heard.
                                                                                                   - King/10e Avenue
                         These intersections were designed for the visually impaired.
                                                                                                   - Collège/Queen
                                                                                                   - de l’Université/Léonard

Drivers and pedestrians, please take greater care at intersections and let’s all work
together for mutual respect so that Sherbrooke is a safe city for pedestrians.

                                                         Info Sherbrookois
                                                            Autumn 2009
Info Sherbrookois
   Autumn 2009
Info Sherbrookois
   Autumn 2009

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