Reminders by forrests


									Welcome to Casa Kiana,

Hola! My name is Kiana. Casa Kiana is more than just a rental house. It’s also my
family’s vacation home. We (ok, my dad) have put a lot of time and effort into
making the house clean and comfortable for you. You’ll also find a few extras for
your convenience. Please enjoy your stay and help take care of our home.
      Thank You, Kiana Wong

HOME Reminders:
1. Please turn off all lights, ceiling fans, and AC, before leaving the house by using the main key switch or individually turning off the
   appliance directly. The refrigerator always stays on. Make sure the computers are off before shutting down the main power. Mexico
   often has power surges and power outages. You will be responsible for any damages to the computer if the damage could have been
   avoided by turning it off.

2. Please lock both the front door and the metal gate when leaving the house.

3. Please arrange a cleaning schedule with the representative. You should have it cleaned at least once a week minimum.

4. In an effort to conserve water, bring only the sheets and/or towels that you want washed, down to the washing machine on the day of
   cleaning. Everything else will be taken care of by the housecleaner.

5. Although there is often a bottle of drinking water when you arrive, water is not supplied as part of the rent. There are two ways to get
   water. 1) at any grocery store 2) the water truck passes by almost daily. Flag him down and you can purchase a large bottle from him
   for less than $2 US. Make sure its “Ciel” as they are our delivery people and will refill the bottles without any hassles.

6. There is a cell phone that you can use for free and pay only for the cost of the calls. You’ll need to purchase a prepaid “TelCel or
   Amigo” card. You can find it at almost any store. You can ask the clerk or Norma, my representative, to help you “load” the phone with
   minutes. They come in 50, 100, 200, and 500 pesos amounts. Local calls cost about 1 peso (10 cents) per minute, but calls to the
   U.S. or Canada cost about a dollar per minute. Most U.S. and Canadian cell phones work here. Check with your provider to determine
   your costs. You are responsible for returning the phone in working order or you will be charged $100.

7. You can also use the phone on the desk to call the U.S. or Canada. It is a free service and you will not be billed for any calls. Use the
   headphones provided to make Skype calls or Messenger calls thru the computer. You can also receive calls provided the computer is
   on and connected to the internet at 916-222-1536.

8. Computer stuff: Username: “casakiana”, password: “guest”. If you have need wireless access, the password is “casakiana05”.

9. Finally, you will find a few locked cabinets and/or doors. These are used for our personal things and or cleaning supplies. You can use
   anything in the house, but if you use it up please replace it for the next guest. ie. sugar, salt etc.


10. Please use caution going up and down the stairs, both in and outside of the house. They are a little steeper than normal.

11. Although PV is a safe place, never carry too much cash around town. Use your common sense

12. The exchange rate is about 10 pesos to the dollar and you can change your money at a bank or at exchange casas around town. You
    will receive the maximum rate when using your credit card at major stores.

13. Taxis are reasonable, safe and abundant. Most times you can wait on the main street on Allende and a cab will pass by within 5-10
    minutes, or it’s a short walk down the hill to the Melacon. My family and I walk up and down the hill every day or night, whenever we
    visit PV.

Norma: 322-205-5901 Mex. Cell.      Leo: 916-769-6238 U.S.
DEPARTURE DAY: Please tell my representative what time you will be departing so she can meet you to collect the keys BEFORE you
leave the house.

Please enjoy your stay, and have a safe trip! You can call our representative or my Dad if you need anything!

Norma: 322-205-5901 Mex. Cell.      Leo: 916-769-6238 U.S.

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