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Dr. Julie A. Ertz, Superintendent/Elementary Principal
   Dr. Rebecca Hale, Junior High/High School Principal

                     New Underwood Mission Statement
                            Teach Today…Prepare for Tomorrow

                      New Underwood Vision Statement
We will promote rigorous academics and relevant learning opportunities. We will provide
experiences that challenge learners to discover and enhance their individual skills.

                   New Underwood Philosophy Statement
The New Underwood School District 51-3 believes education is a joint process in which all
stakeholders participate and are responsible for the child’s educational growth. Through
communication, cooperation, and a positive learning environment the staff and community will
serve as positive role models for life-long student achievement.

                       WELCOME TO OUR SCHOOL

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All substitute teachers shall be approved for hiring by the superintendent of Schools. All
substitutes will be required to comply with the state required background checks unless
continuing employment from a previous year. The Principal will have the responsibility for
assigning substitute teachers. A handbook will be provided to each substitute.

Substitutes will be paid according to the following schedule:

         Non-certified                $68.00/day     $8.00/hour
         Non-certified—Long term      $93.50/day     $11.00/hour
         Retired Teacher              $80.75/day     $9.50/hour
         Retired Teacher –Long Term   $106.25/day    $12.50/hour
         Certified                    $93.50/day     $11.00/hour
         Certified -- Long-term       $119.00/day    $14.00/hour

Certified substitutes must be currently certified by the state of South Dakota. Long-term is a
period of 11 or more consecutive days for the same staff member.

     Substitute Teacher Information
     1.    The day will be from 7:30am-4:00pm. School begins at 7:50am.
     2.    The teachers will have a folder either on or in the desk for the substitute which
           will include the following material:
           A. Lesson plans.
           B. Seating chart or roll list of students.
           C. List of students on medication.
           D. List of students with special needs
           E. Fire drill instructions
           F. Class and Bell schedule. (Band, SPED, Title I, Special Area Classes, or,
           G. Lunch schedule
           H. Duty schedule
    3.     At the end of the day, please leave a summary for the teacher.

*Please provide the business manager a copy of your teaching certificate if you have one.
*You will need to sign payroll forms with the business manager as soon as possible.

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                              GENERAL GUIDELINES
Accident Reports

All accidents must be reported to the office. An accident form must be filled out in such
instances. Forms can be obtained in the principal’s offices.


Attendance is taken daily on the computer. Because you do not have password access to a
teacher’s system, attendance should be written on a piece of paper and delivered to the office by
a student or use the intercom system. Attendance is to be completed by 8:15am for the
elementary and within the first five minutes of each period for grades 7-12.


Please contact the offices as soon as a custodian is needed. DO NOT SEND A STUDENT TO
FIND THE CUSTODIAN. The problem will be taken care of as soon as possible. If it is an
emergency, contact the office.


Teachers need to be a positive example for students. Expectations should be clear. Effective
classroom management techniques are a key to teaching self discipline. Students need to be
encouraged to make positive choices for themselves. It is expected that staff will manage daily
disruptions as they occur. Please communicate with the teacher any concerns that you had and
do not hesitate to contact the building principal if needed. We do utilize a discipline form in the
event that a student needs to be sent out of your classroom to the Principal. This form should
accompany the student.

Dress Code

The New Underwood School Board believes that administrators, teachers, teacher assistants and
office personnel are required to follow a basic dress code. The purpose and intent of the dress
code is to assure that the school system staff projects a professional image to the public as well
as to the students. Employees are expected to dress in appropriate professional attire that
distinguishes them from students, and to follow basic rules of good grooming and personal

Professional employees must take care to dress and groom in ways which nurture student respect
and good behavior. As a matter of professionalism, administrators, teachers, teacher assistants
and office personnel should refrain from wearing jeans and shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, while
students are in attendance. Guidelines also apply to substitute teachers, student interns, and
college volunteers.

Modifications will be made to accommodate specialized duties for physical education or for field
trips which require or permit a relaxed mode of dress. Exceptions may be made for days

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designated ―School Spirit Days‖, i.e. Homecoming week. In addition, staff will be allowed to
wear jeans the last Thursday of each month.

Inclement Weather

A calling tree will be utilized in the event that school will be cancelled. Notification of school
cancellations because of inclement weather or other emergencies will be broadcast over radio
stations KBHB in Sturgis; KKMK/93.5FM and KIQK/104FM in Rapid City; and TV stations
KEVN Channel 7, KOTA Channel 3 and KELO-LAND Channel 4.


NO student is to be given medication (i.e. aspirin, cold tablets, cough medicine, etc.) without
consent from the parent or guardian. First aid treatment of various cuts and bruises can be
treated with antiseptic creams and band aids.

Phone Use

Please be considerate of the working areas of the secretaries. They frequently have confidential
information that needs to remain confidential in their work areas. Students are to use the phone
only for emergencies. Long distance phone calls are not to be made unless prior authorization is
given. Messages will be taken when phone calls are received unless you have a free period or it
is an emergency situation.

Special Area Classes (PE, Music, Library, Art)

Classroom teachers should be prompt in taking students to and picking students up from these
classes. Please make sure students are ready when subbing for an elementary class.

Student Check Out

The parent/guardian must come to the office and check out a student BEFORE THE STUDENT
released directly to a parent/guardian unless notified by the office.

Student Supervision

STUDENTS MUST BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES. It is our responsibility to insure the
safety of ALL students and to avoid legal issues through the negligence of supervising students.
If a student is to stay after school, the teacher must make sure responsibility and transportation
for each student has been rearranged. Parents need to have given their consent before a student
can remain after school.

All parents, visitors, police, salesmen, friends of students, etc. are to be directed to the office.
They must receive permission to meet with students of faculty members during school hours.
Please direct them to the administrative offices. Never allow a student to leave the school
property with an unidentified person.
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                                 DISTRICT POLICIES
Following are district policies for you to be aware of:

If there are any questions, please contact the respective building principal or superintendent.


The New Underwood Public Schools will cooperate in staging drills covering emergencies such
as fire, civil defense, tornado, and lockdowns as deemed necessary for the safety of the pupils.
Other general emergency situations such as fuel spills or vehicle disasters may be staged.

When a Disaster Alarm sounds by a series of short signals on the Class Bell System, teachers
will close all doors and windows and supervise moving students to designated areas. Designated
areas will be posted in each room.

Students will proceed immediately to the designated area posted in each room and assume the
proper position for a disaster drill. They will leave their books in the rooms and will not go to
their lockers. Teachers and students will remain in designated areas until the ―all clear‖ signal is
sounded which will be a one minute continuous blast on the fire alarm system.

A Disaster Drill will be held once each semester and fire drills at least twice per semester.
Evacuation procedures will be Lockdown drills will be conducted at least annually. posted in
each classroom.

Bomb Threat Building Evacuation Procedure: In the event a bomb threat is called in to the New
Underwood School District 53-1, the following procedure will be used to attempt to insure the
safety of students and employees:

         1.    All students and employees will be evacuated from the building threatened and
               housed in the nearest safe structure.
         2.    The law enforcement personnel (who are trained in bomb searches) will be
               notified and they will conduct a search of the threatened area.
         3.    If a bomb is not found, the students will be returned to their scheduled classes.
         4.    If a bomb is found, parents will be notified and school will be dismissed. A
               demolition squad will be secured to deactivate the bomb.
         5.    School will reconvene when an all clear signal is received from the demolition
         6.    An all out effort will be made to identify the caller and, if identified, will be
               prosecuted to the fullest extent permitted by law.

In the event of a bomb threat or other school related potentially violent situation, the following
steps will be followed:

1. Upon receiving the call:
      a. The person taking the call will have a form that has a series of questions for the

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         b.    When the caller hangs up the person taking the call will use the same line and press
               *57. This will cause a trace to be placed on the call. The New Underwood Police
               Department will contact Golden West to access the results of the trace (New
               Underwood Police Department Phone Number (754-6767)
2.   If the call comes before school:
          a. Follow phone procedure
          b. New Underwood Police Department will assist in setting up a safety zone around the
          c. The staff should be notified as to the situation and that there will be no school.
          d. The media should be contacted to inform students not to come to school.
          e. The search of the building will be conducted by the New Underwood Police
             Department and bomb dog if available.
3.   If the call comes during the school day:
          a. Follow phone procedure
          b. Students from will walk to the bus barn. Cars will not be allowed to leave the campus
             as they may be the targets of the bombing.
          c. Before the staff member leaves the classroom, he/she should take a quick visual
             inventory of the room. They will be looking for anything that is out of the ordinary.
             This is NOT to be a physical search, but instead a brief scan of the room for anything
             that should not be there. If an unfamiliar item is found, nothing should be disturbed
             around or near the unfamiliar item.
          d. No student will be allowed, for any reason, back onto the school premises after being
             released until it is determined no bomb exists and everything is safe.
          e. The New Underwood Police Department will be in charge of the search.
4.   Reporting of Bomb threats:
          a. A student who learns of a bomb threat or the existence of a bomb on school premises
              must immediately report such information to the building principal, teach or other
              employee in a position of authority.
          b. An employee of the school who learns of a bomb threat shall immediately inform the
              building administrator.       The building administrator shall immediately take
              appropriate steps to protect the safety of staff and students in accordance with the
              District’s bomb threat procedure, and inform the Superintendent of the threat.
          c. All bomb threats shall be reported immediately to the local law enforcement
              authority, as provided in the bomb threat procedures.
          d. The Superintendent shall be responsible for reporting any bomb threat to the Board of
5.   Student discipline consequences:
          a. Making a bomb threat is a crime. Any student suspected of making a bomb threat
             shall be reported to law enforcement authorities for investigation and possible
             prosecution. Apart from any penalty imposed by law, and without regard to the
             existence of status of criminal charges, a student who makes a bomb threat shall be
             subject to disciplinary action.
          b. The administration shall suspend and may recommend for expulsion any student who
             makes a bomb threat.
6.   Aiding other students in making bomb threats:
          a. A student, who knowingly encourages, causes, aids or assists another student in
             making or communicating a bomb threat shall be subject to the disciplinary
             consequences described in section 5 of this policy.
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7. Failure to report a bomb threat:
       a. A student who fails to report information or knowledge of a bomb threat or the
           existence of a bomb or other destructive device in a school building or on school
           property may be subject to disciplinary consequences, which may include suspension
           and/or expulsion.
8. Staff discipline consequences
       a. A school system employee who makes or communicates a bomb threat will be
           reported to appropriate law enforcement authorities and will be subject to disciplinary
           action up and to including termination of employment. Disciplinary action taken
           shall be consistent with collective bargaining agreements, other employment
           agreements and Board policies.
       b. A school system employee who fails to report information or knowledge of a bomb
           threat or the existence of a bomb on school premises will be subject to discipline up
           to and including termination of employment.

Once the administration is aware of the situation, the following procedures will be followed.
         a. The classrooms around the crisis area will be immediately vacated. Students will be
            lead out of the area without going past the door of the crisis room. This will be done
            as quickly and as quietly as possible with attempts of trying not to put the students in
            immediate danger.
         b. Students in the rest of the buildings will be evacuated from the building(s) by the route
            that takes them out of sight away from the crisis area. Junior and senior high students
            will be allowed to leave the campus using their vehicles IF it is not a threat to their
            safety. If it is determined to be a hazard, students will go to the bus barn and wait until
            the building is cleared.
         c. The New Underwood Police Department will conduct the negotiations with the
            individuals(s) involved.

The New Underwood Police Department will inform the Administration when it is safe to re-
enter the building.


Staff Reminders:
     Staff and children need to be aware of their surroundings. If it appears someone is
       watching movements of children and staff – this needs to be reported immediately.
       Police will respond as a priority. Go with gut instinct. If something doesn’t feel right
       then it probably isn’t.
     Reminder: To dial out for an emergency you must dial #9-911.
     Staff need to know at all times how many kids they have and their whereabouts. No child
       is to be left unsupervised.
     It is best to have at least two barriers between you and the threat.
     Whenever a room is left unoccupied, the room needs to be secured and locked.
     Be prepared to see the worst.

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Reasons for Lock Downs:
    Stranger or unauthorized person in the building.
    Non-responsive parent
    Non-custodial parent
    Out of control child or adult
Call the reception desk and proceed with lock down.

Lock Down Procedures:
    The announcement of ―Lock Down, Lock Down, Lock Down‖ will be made. A specific
      placement of threat will also be noted if known. (If conducting a drill – then this will also
      be noted).
    Remain CALM – teachers are the heartbeat of the kids. If teachers panic – kids panic.
      Maintain positive control of children.
    Do a quick visual sweep of the hallway before closing and locking door. Sweep any
      children into your room.
    Close door and lock it.
    Cover windows.
    Turn off lights.
    Everyone needs to be silent.
    Evacuate to the areas farthest from doors/windows as possible.
    Do not leave room for any reason – do not go out to see if you can stop the threat or to
      see what’s going on.
    Do not answer door for anyone – even if you hear knocking. Officials/staff will come
      into rooms with a key.
    Remain in secure area until told to move by known and identified staff member.
    Staff and children in bathrooms – stay put, lock doors and stand on toilets.
    If a staff member is returning to a building and something is feels wrong then don’t enter
      the building. (eerily quiet, something out of order)

All-Clear Procedures:
     Do not contact the office at anytime.
     Do not use cell phones or two way radios at anytime.
     Remain in secure spot until directed to move by official or recognized staff member.
     The intercom announcement needs to state official’s first and last name and two all-
       clears. For example, ―Attention staff: this is Amy Willman, we are all clear, we are all
     Do not clear unless you hear official’s first and last name and 2 all-clears.

It is the intent of the New Underwood School District to work cooperatively with the New
Underwood Community in the event of an emergency. If mass transportation is needed,
administration should be contacted by law enforcement to assist in coordinating the use of the
school buses.
A Crisis Intervention Team will consist of the following to assist in the event of an emergency

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                New Underwood Police Department Representative
                New Underwood School District Superintendent and Principal/s
                New Underwood School District School Counselor
                Local counselor/s
                County Health Nurse
                Rapid City Regional Emergency Team through the local hospital


Fire drill instructions will be posted in every room. Fire drills will be staged at anytime to
acquaint the students with procedures desired in case of an emergency. Fire drills will be held
regularly in all buildings of the New Underwood Public schools. All students will go outside
immediately through the exits designated for the various locations of the students in the building.

Teachers will make certain that windows and doors are closed and leave the building for fire
drills. Teachers whose rooms are near washrooms will check to see that no students remain
there. Civil defense rules are also posted and drills will be staged periodically to acquaint the
students with procedures.


The Board subscribes to the fullest extent to the principle of the dignity of all people and of their
labors and will take action to ensure that applicants are employed, assigned, and promoted
without regard to their age, race, creed, color, sex, marital status, political affiliation, or national


All staff members have a responsibility to familiarize themselves with and abide by the laws of
the State as these affect their work, the policies of the Board, and the regulations designed to
implement them.

In the area of personal conduct, the Board expects that teachers and others will conduct
themselves in a manner that not only reflects credit to the school district, but also sets forth a
model worthy of emulation by students.

All staff members will be expected to carry out their assigned responsibilities with conscientious

Essential to the success of ongoing school operations and the instructional program are the
following specific responsibilities, which will be required of all personnel:

1. Faithfulness and promptness in attendance at work.
2. Support and enforcement of policies of the Board and regulations of the school
   administration in regard to students.

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3. Diligence in submitting required reports promptly at the times specified.
4. Care and protection of school property.
5. Concern for and attention to their own and the school district's legal responsibility for the
   safety and welfare of students, including the need to ensure that students are under
   supervision at all times.


The following procedures/precautions should routinely be used throughout the school system to
minimize the risks of transmission of communicable diseases. These guidelines provide simple
and effective precautions for all persons including pregnant women potentially exposed to the
body fluids of any students. They will be updated, as new information/recommendations are
available from the State Department of Health.

―Body Fluids‖ applies to blood, drainage from scrapes and cuts, feces, urine, vomit, saliva, and
drainage from any orifice (i.e. nose, ears). Direct skin contact with body fluids of others should
be avoided when possible.

Gloves should routinely be worn when direct hand contact with body fluids is anticipated;
treating bloody noses, doing hemicranias, handling clothes coiled by incontinence or vomit,
cleaning small spills by hands, etc. Gloves and other materials used for this purpose should be
put in a plastic bad or lined trash can. Plastic bags should be changed daily and disposed of
routinely. Double bagging can be used when indicated (known high-risk contamination).

Gloves should be kept in all areas of high risk, e. g. health room, maintenance areas, main office,
and any classroom where risk of spills is particularly high.

Students should e taught to handle their own ―body fluids‖ as appropriate (for age, state of
health, etc.). When feasible, students should dispose of own tissue after blowing nose, apply
pressure to nose and dispose of tissues, paper towels for bloody nose, wash own scrapes/cuts etc.

Students should be taught good hand washing technique and encouraged to use it routinely –
before eating, after toileting, after vomiting, etc.

When direct skin contact or contamination of materials occurs from unanticipated skin contact
with body fluids (helping a child in the bathroom, vomiting, etc.) proper cleaning technique
should be followed. Hands and other affected skin areas of exposed persons should routinely be
washed with soap and water after contact.

Clothing items soaked through to the skin should be removed, placed in a plastic bad and sent
home for laundering. Items laundered for school use, or in school, should be washed in a hot
cycle before reuse. One cup of bleach added to the wash is recommended when feasible.

Contaminated disposable items (tissues, paper towels, diapers) should be handled with
disposable gloves.

Spilled body fluids should be removed from the environment by proper cleaning technique.

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Grossly contaminated environmental surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned with a freshly prepared
solution containing one cup of household bleach per gallon of water. A germicide (e.g. Lysol)
can be substituted and the bleach solution should be disposed of promptly down a drain pipe.

Maintenance responsibilities will include daily cleaning with bleach/germicide as in toilet(s),
sink(s), student and staff lavatories, etc. Plastic bags should also be changed daily and disposed
of routinely; disposable gloves should be worn.

Spilled body fluids on carpets will be disposed of by routine use of a moist absorbent which is
then swept/vacuumed, followed by washing carpet with carpet cleaner etc.

The clothing of persons at high risk for frequent contact with body fluids will be protected. Lab
coats may be worn to protect personal clothing.


Student and employee safety is a paramount concern to the School board. Employees under the
influence of alcohol, drugs, or controlled substances are a serious risk to themselves, to students,
and to other employees. Therefore, the School Board will not tolerate the unlawful manufacture,
use, possession, sale, distribution or being under the influence of drugs or controlled substances.
Nor will the board tolerate the unlawful use of, or being under the influence of, alcohol by an on-
duty employee. Any employee who violates this policy will be subject to disciplinary action
which may include dismissal. Each employee of the district is hereby notified that, as a
condition of employment, the employee must abide by the terms of this policy and will report to
the Superintendent any criminal drug statue convictions for a violation occurring in or on the
premises of this school district, or while engaged in regular employment. Such notification must
be made by the employee to the Superintendent no later than five days after conviction. Within
ten (10) days after the Superintendent receives such notification in any school district receiving
direct federal aid, the Superintendent will report the violation to the United States Department of
Education and in all cases report the violation to the State Superintendent.

Thirty days after receipt of information concerning a violation of this policy the district will take
appropriate disciplinary action which may include termination of employment or may require the
employee to participate in drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation programs.

All employees will attend a district drug-free awareness program at which employees will be
informed about the dangers of drug abuse in the workplace; this policy of maintaining a drug-
free workplace; available drug counseling; rehabilitation, and employee assistance programs; and
the penalties that may be imposed upon employees for drug abuse violations occurring in the

The school board recognizes that employees who have a drug abuse problem should be
encouraged to seek professional assistance. An employee who requests assistance shall be
referred to a treatment facility or agency in the community if such a facility or agency is
available. The School Board hereby commits itself to a continuing good faith effort to maintain
a drug-free workplace.
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The School Board recognizes that smoking represents a health and safety hazard, which can have
serious consequences for the smoker and nonsmoker and the safety of the District. In order to
protect the students, staff, employees, visitors and guests of the District from an environment that
may be harmful to them, and because of possible harm to personal well-being, the Board hereby
prohibits smoking by staff members, employees, visitors, or guests in all District buildings and in
all school vehicles at all times.

For the purpose of this policy, "smoking" will mean all uses of tobacco, including cigars,
chewing tobacco, cigarettes, and pipes.

It is understood that this policy will be in addition to other Board policies concerning the
prohibition of smoking by students on school property and buses.

This smoking prohibition will be in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will apply to
anyone present in District buildings.

The Board hereby directs the superintendent to formulate the necessary procedures to ensure the
enforcement and implementation of this nonsmoking policy.


          It is the policy of the board to only employ individuals who do not have a "disqualifying
          record." Each offer of employment is subject to the provisions of SDCL 13-10-12, et
          seq., relating to criminal background investigations. This policy shall apply to all
          individuals employed for the 2000/2001 school year and thereafter, who were not
          employed by the district during the preceding school year. An employee is any person
          the district lists on its payroll and makes payroll deductions pursuant to state or federal

Each person considered a final applicant for employment shall be provided with a memo to and
certification form for completion by the law enforcement agency as provided in Exhibit File
GCDB-E/GDDB-E, together with fingerprint identification cards approved by the South Dakota
Division of Criminal Investigation, and an envelope, postage prepaid, addressed to the South
Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation, 500 East Capitol Avenue, Pierre, South Dakota
57501. The final applicant shall take the fingerprint cards, the memo, and the addressed,
stamped envelope to a law enforcement agency and submit to the fingerprinting process. The
school district will provide to the law enforcement agency a check or money order made out to
the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation in the amount of $39. The final applicant's
completed application will be attached to the certification of the law enforcement agency when
Any person granted employment subject to this policy is employed on a temporary basis
conditioned upon no disqualifying report being received from the criminal background
investigation. Any disqualifying record will result in immediate termination of employment
without further notice or hearing. A "disqualifying record" means any conviction of a crime of
Page 13
violence as defined in SDCL 22-1-2(19), a sex offense as defined in SDCL 22-22-30, or
trafficking in narcotics. In addition, a conviction of any crime of moral turpitude as defined by
SDCL 22-1-2(25) may constitute a disqualifying record as determined by the board on a case-by-
case basis.     Any criminal conviction not disclosed by an applicant may be treated as a
disqualifying record. Any criminal conviction may be considered in making a hiring decision.
This policy applies to all other employment agreements, whether written or oral.


The Board recognizes that religious education is the responsibility of the home and church.
Within the school district, neither the Board nor any of its employees will promote any particular
religious belief or non-belief. All students and staff members will be encouraged to appreciate
and be tolerant of an individual's religious views. In the spirit of tolerance, students and staff
members may be excused from participating in school activities-- such as holiday assembly
programs -- which may be contrary to their religious beliefs.


Those controversial issues which are directly related to the curriculum may be discussed in
classes. The instructor shall not make any opinionated statements, or attempt to propagandize
any issue, but shall present all relevant points of view dealing with the controversial issue.

During the school hours or at any school function, no school employee shall in the presence of
students, discuss partisan politics, or make opinionated political statements, or propagandize any
political party or political aspirant.


The New Underwood School District is committed to maintaining a constructive, safe school
climate that is conducive to student learning and fostering an environment in which all students
are treated with respect and dignity.

Persistent bullying can severely inhibit a student’s ability to learn and may have lasting negative
effects on a student’s life. The bullying of students by students, staff or third parties is strictly
prohibited and shall not be tolerated.

Bullying consists of physical, verbal, written or electronic conduct directed toward a student that
is so severe, pervasive and objectively offensive that it:

   1. Has the purpose of effecting or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive academic
      environment, or
   2. Has the purpose or effect of substantially or unreasonably interfering with a students’
      academic performance which deprives the student access to educational opportunities.

This policy is in effect while students are on property within the jurisdiction of the board; while
students are in school-owned or school-operated vehicles; while students are attending or
engaged in school-sponsored activities; and while students are away from school grounds if the

Page 14
misconduct directly affects the good order, efficient management and welfare of the school

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to develop administrative regulations in
accordance with this policy, to protect the district’s students from the harmful effects of bullying.
Regulations accompanying this policy shall include, but are not limited to:

   1. Additional definitions, if necessary, to assist in the implementation of this policy;
   2. A procedure to report incidents of bullying;
   3. A process to investigate reported acts of bullying;
   4. A procedure, consistent with district policy, to provide appropriate consequences for any
      individual found to have engaged in bullying;
   5. A statement prohibiting retaliation against individuals who, in good faith, report acts of
      bullying; and
   6. A process to inform staff, students and parents of the district’s bullying prevention
     policies and efforts.

This policy shall not be interpreted to prohibit civil exchange of opinions or debate protected
under the state or federal constitutions where the opinion expressed does not otherwise
materially or substantially disrupt the education process or intrude upon the rights of others.


The Board expects all students to be under assigned adult supervision at all times when they are
in school, on school grounds, traveling under school auspices, or engaging in school-sponsored
activities. School personnel assigned this supervision are expected to act as reasonably prudent
adults in providing for the safety of the students in their charge.

In keeping with this expected prudence, no teacher or other staff member will leave his/her
assigned group unsupervised except as an arrangement has been made to take care of an
emergency. During school hours, or while engaging in school-sponsored activities, students will
be released only into the custody of parents or other authorized persons.


All school personnel shall have the responsibility to report suspicious acts of willful child
neglect, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse for nay child enrolled in the New Underwood
School District 51-3 and under 18 years of age.

School personnel shall report all suspected cases to the building Principal or in their absences the
Superintendent. Principals shall report the data to the Superintendent and/or the Guidance
Counselor. The Superintendent or Guidance Counselor will report cases to the Department of
Social Services as expediently as possible.

The report will be made orally, as soon as possible, followed by a written report within 48 hours
using the appropriate school district reporting form. The report shall include all specific
information that the reporting party has on the child and his or her family that supports the
suspicion of possible abuse or neglect.
Page 15
          It shall be further known that:

            1. The duty to report concerns suspicion only. The burden of proof does not rest
               with the person reporting.
            2. Medical or professional confidentiality does not apply in cases of suspected child
               abuse or neglect.
            3. No person may be sued for reporting a suspected case, in good faith, even if the
               suspicion is proved to be unsubstantiated. On the contrary, failure to report
               constitutes a Class I misdemeanor.

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