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Mexico Mailer


									                                             BELMONT UNIVERSITY

                                     BUENOS AIRES

                             *MAY 29 / JULY 1, 2010
                Imagine yourself in Argentina next summer!

              Priority Deadline December 1
    Applications are available from the Belmont Office of International
 Education on the 2nd Floor of Gabhart Student Center (above the Bookstore)

                                               Spanish Classes
    You may receive 6 Foreign Language hours of credit in Spanish (the equivalent of 1 year) in 5 weeks through
successful completion of the Belmont Study Abroad Program to Argentina.
    The academic program takes place in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. The following courses for
Belmont University credit will be offered:

SPA 1950     Elementary Spanish, 6 hrs
SPA 2950     Intermediate Spanish, 6 hrs
SPA 3950     Spanish at the Advanced or Superior Level, 6 hrs (counts even if you’ve already taken 3100/3110)

    There will be morning classes that will focus on Argentine culture and afternoon classes to study the Spanish
language. The Spanish classes will concentrate on the four basic communication skills: speaking, listening, reading,
and writing Spanish. Also students will participate in afternoon activities to reinforce what you learn in both classes-
language and culture. We will also go to a Tango show!
    Tutorial assistance will be provided free-of-charge for all Belmont students who desire extra help.

                                                   Cell Phone
   All students will be provided with an Argentine prepaid cell phone and phone number. Prepaid phones do not
come with unlimited minutes. Students will be responsible for purchasing needed credit depending on your own use.

                                         Argentine Host Families
    As an important part of the immersion process, participants will live with Argentine families who are requested
to only speak Spanish with the students- usually one student per family. They are incorporated into the families as
members during their stay. They must obey the house rules and treat their families with respect and courtesy. The
families will provide breakfast and dinner.
    Included in the cost of the program are excursions to different areas to have a variety of experiences:
    Buenos Aires: we will visit many sites in different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires and will travel to the country
    to visit an “estancia” (ranch)
    Uruguay: Weekend trip by boat to visit the city of Colonia on the other side of the Río de la Plata in the country
    of Uruguay
    Iguazú waterfalls: 3 day trip to view the waterfalls located on the border of Argentina with Brazil

                                                Financial Aid
    With the exception of tuition waivers, any financial aid that a student would have to attend Belmont in the
summer usually can be applied to the Belmont Study Abroad Programs. Inquire with Financial Aid Office in Fidelity
Hall as soon as possible if you need financial aid.

    The program is open to qualified students from all disciplines as well as other institutions. Undergraduates
should have a GPA of 2.5 or above; graduate students at least a 3.0 average. Non-matriculating students need
permission from the Dean of Humanities and must submit transcripts at the time of application.

     The cost of the 5-week program is $5095 plus six hours Belmont tuition. Note: tuition on summer study
abroad programs is 1/3 of normal summer tuition. This does not affect the cost of the program but it does
provide a substantial savings in the cost of tuition. The program cost includes travel, room and board for three
meals per day in Buenos Aires (breakfast and dinner with the homestay family and lunches during the week in the
university cafeteria), cell phone without credit, insurance, excursion costs, museums and event tickets (for group
visits). To insure this cost and the details of this program, a minimum of 14 students must enroll. This is a package
price that means if the student varies at all from the group they must pay any additional charges. The price includes
round trip airfare from Nashville departing on May 29, 2010 as a group. No deviations in departure city or date are
permitted. Any deviations in the return date must be paid for by the student at an additional cost.Cost of the program
could go up due to airfare or other unpredictable increases, exchange rate and inflation. Students do not get refunds
for missed excursions or activities. Not included in the costs: lunch and dinner while traveling on excursions; ground
transportation in Buenos Aires (for example, subway, buses or taxis to/from homestays are not included in the
program cost), and spending money.

                                           *Dates to Remember
DECEMBER 1 – PRIORITY Registration date
FEBRUARY 1- Final application deadline, Registration deposit due, non-refundable
MAY 29-      Departure for Buenos Aires from Nashville
JULY 1-      Arrival in Nashville

*All dates are subject to change by the Program Co-Directors

         Email to Dr. David C. Julseth:
         Telephone:                              (615) 460-6858
         On campus office is:                    Wheeler Humanities Bldg. #213A

         Email to Dr. Natalia Pelaz:   
         Telephone:                              (615) 460-6804
         On campus office is:                    Wheeler Humanities Bldg. #200D

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