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					                                       Agenda Item No.

                                AGENDA ITEM BRIEFING

Submitted by:     (Name), President

Subject:          Authorization to Award an Honorary Degree

Proposed Board Action:

Authorize the President of (Institution) to award an Honorary Doctor of (Name of degree) degree
to (Name of Recipient).

Background Information:

(Provide a brief overview of the proposed honorary degree recipient and the accomplishments
which warrant this person’s nomination for an honorary degree. All nominations must be in
compliance with the System criteria stated in Section 1.2 of System Policy 11.07, Granting of
Honorary Degrees. See the example below.)

Example: Jeana Yeager holds nine world aviation records and is best known for designing,
constructing and flying, with copilot Dick Rutan, the Voyager Aircraft which was the first
around the world non-stop, non-refueled flight. That 216-hour journey earned her a world’s
absolute distance record – the first time a woman was listed in an “absolute” category. A
summary of Ms. Yeager’s accomplishments (or biography, resume or CV) is attached.

(Provide a short paragraph on when this nomination received the support of the university-level
committee [provide its formal name and identify its overall composition] and approval by the
president. Include a statement that the nomination is in accordance with Board, System, and
Institution policy/regulation/rule/procedure. (See the example below.)

Example: This nomination received the unanimous support of the University Honorary Degree
Committee, which is comprised of representative faculty, staff and one student, who forwarded
the nomination in accordance with Texas A&M University-Commerce Procedure A11.07,
Conferring of Honorary Degrees.

(Identify the proposed period/date of when this honorary degree will be awarded, including a
reference of the need for confidentiality, if applicable.) See the example below.)

Example: With Board authorization, this degree will be awarded in December, 2005, at Texas
A&M University-Commerce’s commencement, when Jeana Yeager will be the keynote speaker.

A&M System Funding or Other Financial Implications:

                                       Agenda Item No.

                               Office of the President
                               (Date of Submission)

Members, Board of Regents
The Texas A&M University System

Subject:     Authorization to Award an Honorary Degree

I recommend approval of the following minute order:

              “(Institution) is authorized to award an Honorary Doctor of (Name of
       degree) degree to (Name of Recipient).”

                                            Respectfully submitted,

                                            CEO’s Name, Title

Approval Recommended:                       Approved for Legal Sufficiency:

Name *                                      Name *

Name *

* See Signature Block Style for current names.
                                          ATTACHMENT TO ITEM

Bio, Resume, CV, or Summary of Accomplishments of
            Honorary Degree Recipient

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