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-Fall 2006-         Agora Napoli

                            WHAT WE DID

                    Workshop at Warszawa
                    Breaking stereotypes in intercultural relationships by Alex
                    Frame. CWG intercultural communication workshop – role of
                    seduction and attraction in intercultural communication: idea
                    that foreigners are attractive, or repulsive, but don’t leave us
                    cold. AEGEE has been described as Europe’s first and largest
                    dating agency.As one of the team said in the online
discussion to prepare the workshop: “Although sex is extensively practised among
AEGEE members, its cultural and sociological dimension is totally overlooked in
our organisation and in Europe as a whole”.
We wanted an interactive workshop, with some intercultural communication
theory to explain why we are attracted to foreigners. And also to find out who
are the sexiest Europeans, and why. Announce the results of the survey into the
sexiest Europeans: the answer is… the women. But the ws participants also
expressed a preference for the Italians, the Turks, and the Ukrainians (in that
order). We came to the conclusion that relationships within AEGEE were to be
actively encouraged, representing a mix of foreign sexiness to keep things spicy,
and good potential marriage partners. Long live cultural exchange in AEGEE.

                    OneEurope Magazine
                    One of the main activities of CWG in this term was definitely
                    taking again an active part in the production of articles for
                    the culture section of the AEGEE publication “OneEurope
                    Magazine” (OEM). Thank you to all the CWG members who
                    contributed with nice texts to this edition! If you are interested
in getting to know the latest trends in literature, arts or intercultural
communication, you should definitely make sure to grab your issue of the
magazine at this Agora in Napoli! 

                   Culture Working Group Elections 2006/2007
                   At the end of September we started the long awaited
                   elections for a new board for the CWG. There were nine
                   candidates, and out of them six are elected on the 24th of
                   October. You can read the results of the elections on the
                   back of this booklet. With the support of the network this fresh
                   board will make some great events in the coming year. What
kind of plans we have you can read on the next page. What we’ll do 
                          WHAT WE’LL DO
                     A crucial point in the strategy of the Cultural Working
                     Group for the next future is Intercultural Learning: we
                     would like to increase our knowledge of it and to
                     offer special activities within that framework. During the RTC in
                     Heidelberg in June, Anna had the possibility to meet Nadine
                     Karbach and Marino Bresciani from FECT in order to
                     reactivate and strengthen the cooperation between the two
bodies in the field of intercultural dialogue and exchange. If you are curious of
the results we have achieved so far don’t hesitate to attend our joint workshop at
this Agora.

                       The Culture Working Group is in contact with both AEGEE
                       Ljubljana and AEGEE-Padova in order to cooperate in the
                       planning of cultural events for 2006/2007 with those
                       antennae. Apart from that we were also involved in the 2nd
                       “Shooting Europe”-Movie Festival that took place in Karlsruhe,
                       represented by our former PR-Responsible Benedetta who
                       was the manager of that project. Hopefully in the next edition
we will be again participating. With a new board, some new idea’s arose. One of
the possibilities is that we will cooperate with AEGEE-Trieste on the The
International Poetry Prize "Castello di Duino" which will take place in March 2007.
With the support from Luxembourg 2007 association, we might organise event in
Luxembourg, one of the two Cultural capitals of Europe in 2007. There are four
topics which we can chose from: theatre, art performance, dance and music.
And last but not least, Istanbul. That might be a place for a cool cultural event.
The place itself is really suitable since two cultures meet in that city, the European
culture and the Asian culture. So as you can see there are a lot of plans for the
coming year.

                 The CWG at Napoli
                 Workshop: you can join our workshop “Cul-Tour: Check out
                 culture in AEGEE” In this workshop we want to work out with
                 you how we can strengthen the pillar of Cultural Exchange in
                 AEGEE. We want to enhance the planning of cultural events
                 within AEGEE and discuss ideas for intercultural activities. Of
                 course we will also try out some of the methods directly in
practice!  And for that we need you! So don’t hesitate and join us for our
               CWG BOARD MEMBERS

Speaker: Veronica Dumitrescu >

Secretary: Mehmet Balkan >

Treasurer: Alessandro Pelicioli >

PR responsible: Jolana Valsamisova >

Events responsible: Flavio Landi >

Webpage responsible: Costas Deltouzos >

You can check the hottest news from the AEGEE-Cultural Working
Group via the website

The AEGEE-Culture Working Group has the e-mail as the main
media of communication from different antennae. To be always
up to date subscribe to our mailing list:
Send an e-mail without subject-line with the text: “Subscribe
CWG-L Name Surname Antenna” to

If you want to contact to Board members directly you can e-mail
                     The emails written above 

We are looking forward to your ideas, comments, suggestions and
love letters ;-)

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