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walk on water there was no          to never forget rule # 1. ‘          humourous movies. Eventu-          rich, take “Snowball” along              brother know that while I am          gratitude. Continue to reinforce
way of getting off the ship                                              ally his health was restored.      with you. We all know what               appreciative, I am also really        what a good brother he was
until it reached Honolulu. I                     Three                                                      happens when you roll a                  tired of hearing him remind           for literally giving you the gift
concluded that there was no            Buffet, one of the world’s                     Five                  snowball down a hill. In Buf-            me every day?                         of self, and return the favour
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lem I had no way of control-        tinued to live for years in          medications could help             money along the way.                                         KENTUCKY          fragile ego. It’s a fair exchange.


Singles mix and mingle Meeting Room for singles Find your perfect match
   One of Ontario’s top dating services and singles event com-                                                                                          Perla Rosenberg has "a very strong passion" for helping people find
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opportunities that SITC offers. Upcoming events include:                 ting where singles can meet like-minded individuals, to have                in touch with potential mates who match your personality and astro-
• Toronto Speeddate – Tuesday, Dec. 9 at Alleycatz, ages 22-30 and 30-   fun and hopefully form lasting relationships.”                              logical chart. Perla will continue to let you know about prospective part-
40                                                                          The Meeting Room is not a matchmaking service and it does-               ners until you meet your perfect match.
• Mississauga Singles Holiday Bash – Saturday, Dec. 13, Norma Jeans.     n’t arrange dates.                                                             Countless people have.
• Toronto Speeddate – Tuesday, Dec. 16, Lily Lounge, ages 39-49F / 43-      “Our goal is to create a friendly and easy-going atmosphere                 “Perla has changed my life,” says a Toronto man. “(I) can not thank
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