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					                    Tentative List of Scholarships Open for Nomination by Academic Departments or Application by Students in 2006/07

Name of Scholarship           Open for             Tentative Date    No. & Value of    Academic           Stipulations #
                              Nomination from      of Inviting       Scholarship in    Department(s)
                              Academic             Application or    2006/07 (in       Involved
                              Departments/         Nomination        HKD)
                              Application from
Scholarships for Hall         Open for             Dec 2006/         (No. & value of   ABCT, AF, AP,      Normally to full-time local students who have
Residents %                   application by       Jan 2007          awards and        APSS, BRE, BSE
                              students                               departments       CBS, COMP, EE,     1) attained a minimum GPA of 3 in the first
                                                                     offering          EIE, ENGL, HTI,    semester of 2006/07, 2) involvement in
                                                                     donation are to   ISE, ITC, LSGI,    extra-curricular activities (including hall activities)
                                                                     be confirmed.)    ME, MM, LGT, SD,   and community services, and 3) financial need.
                                                                                       SN, RS, FENG
                                                                                                          The applicants should have resided in the Halls in
                                                                                                          the whole Semesters 1 & 2 of 2006/07.

                                                                                                          Details to be announced nearer the time.
Hong Kong Association of      Nomination invited   End Aug 2006      4 x $5,000        All except AMA     To full-time second-year degree students in 2006/07
University Women              via Faculties                                                               with the best academic performance in her
Undergraduate Scholarships                                                                                Faculty/School in 2005/06. The nominees are
                                                                                                          required to compete for the scholarships with the
                                                                                                          nominees from other 9 tertiary institutions.
Postgraduate Research         Nomination invited   End Aug 2006      1 x $30,000 &     All                To full-time current female postgraduate research
Scholarships donated by the   via RO                                 4 x $20,000                          students who are members of the HKAUW. The
Hong Kong Association of                                                                                  nominees are required to compete for the
University Women                                                                                          scholarships with the nominees from other tertiary
(HKAUW)                                                                                                   institutions.
Sir Edward Youde Memorial                          Early Sept 2006                     All
(SEYM) Award Scheme %

SEYM Fellowship
                              Nomination via                         $30,000 @                            PolyU can nominate a fixed number of full-time
                              Faculties                                                                   local students for the fellowships, scholarships,
SEYM Scholarship                                                                                          fellowships/scholarships for disabled students and
                              Nomination via                         $20,000 @                          awards for disabled students respectively.
                              Departments                                                               The nominees are required to compete for the
SEYM                                                                 $30,000@ &                         fellowships/scholarships/awards with the nominees
Fellowship/Scholarship for                                           $20,000@ for                       from other tertiary institutions.
Disabled Students             - ditto -                              fellowships &

                                                                     Not fixed

SEYM Award for Disabled
Students                      - ditto -
Li Po Chun Charitable Trust   Nomination invited   Early Sept 2006   1 x $25,175     All                To a full-time local currently registered postgraduate
Fund Scholarship (for         via RO                                                                    research student.
Postgraduate Research
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Open for                 Early Sept 2006   2 x $89,000     All except AMA     To 2 full-time local first-year (for 3-year programme)
Scholarship               application by                                                                or second-year (for 4-year programme) degree
                          students                                                                      students.
Prof. Chau Wai-yin            Nomination via       End Sept/         1 x $10,000     All except AMA &   To a full-time final-year degree student having the
Memorial Scholarship          Academic             Early Oct 2006                    AP                 best academic achievement or the greatest
                              Departments                                                               improvement in academic performance at the end of
                                                                                                        the second-year of studies.
Outstanding Students Award    Nomination via 6     End Sept /        7 x $5,000      All                An award of $5,000 to an outstanding student from
Scheme                        Faculties, SD &      Early Oct 2006                                       each Faculty. Only full-time final-year students on
                              SHTM                                                                      non-credit based program or full-time students on
                                                                                                        credit based program who have completed 2/3 of
                                                                                                        the total credits required are eligible.

                                                                                                        The Most Outstanding PolyU student will be
                                                                                                        selected from the outstanding students from the 6
                                                                                                        Faculties, SD & SHTM.
Sonca Products Gold Medal     Nomination via       End Sept /        10 x 24K        All                To ten 2006 fresh graduates from degree/sub-degree
Award %                       Academic             Early Oct 2006    gold medals                        programs.
AIA Foundation Scholarship   Open for            Early Oct 2006   2 x $15,000     All except AMA   To 2 full-time local second-year degree students.
                             application by
Travelling Scholarship       Open for            Nov 2006         To be confirmed All              To full-time non-final-year students to travel abroad
                             application by                                                        during summer.
HSBC Overseas Scholarship    Nomination via      Nov 2006         A maximum of 3 All except AMA    To a maximum of 3 full-time local degree students
2007/08 %                    Academic                             overseas                         of specified disciplines, who will proceed to his/her
                             Departments                          scholarships                     second year (for 3-year or 4-year program) or
                                                                  (value to be                     third-year (for 4-year program) in 2007/08 to study
                                                                  confirmed)                       overseas for one year at the specified universities.
Scholarships Stipulated to   Nomination via      Nov 2006         N/A             All              A list of scholarships will be sent to individual
Individual Academic          individual Academic                                                   academic department in November each year. The
Departments/ Faculties       Departments /                                                         scholarships included in the list are stipulated to the
offering Degree programs     Faculties offering                                                    department and no competition with other
                             Degree programs                                                       departments is involved.
Zonta Club of Kowloon        Open for            Jan 2007         1 x $5,000      All              To full-time female students with good academic
Scholarship %                application by                                                        performance (the applicants should have attained at
                             students                                                              least an accumulative GPA of 3 by the end of the
                                                                                                   first semester of 2006/07) and proven records in
                                                                                                   local community services. Both local and non-local
                                                                                                   students are eligible.
HSBC Scholarship for         Nomination via      Jan 2007         10 x $10,000    All except AMA   To full-time non-local degree students. The
International/ Mainland      individual Academic                                                   nominees should have obtained a minimum GPA of
Students %                   Departments                                                           3.3 in 2005/06 (for non-first year students) or in first
                                                                                                   semester of 2006/07 (for first year students). The
                                                                                                   selection will be based on academic merit mainly and
                                                                                                   extent of involvement in extra-curricular activities &
                                                                                                   community services will also be considered.
Mrs. Cheung Chan Yau Fong Open for               Jan 2007         A maximum of 5 All               To full-time students, who are alumni of Cheung
Grace Scholarship         application by                          scholarships of                  Chuk Shan College or St. Paul's Co-educational
                          students                                $30,000 each                     College, with excellent academic performance in
SkyLeaders Scholarship         Open for               Mar 2007          1 x $20,000         All except AMA          To a full-time local first-year degree students. The
Award                          application by                                                                       applicants are required to submit an article of at least
                               students                                                                             500 words.

                                                                                                                    The selection of the awardees will be based on the
                                                                                                                    candidates’ (a) good results in previous public
                                                                                                                    examinations, (b) outstanding academic performance
                                                                                                                    in previous and current year of studies and (c)
                                                                                                                    extensive interest in contributing to the aviation
                                                                                                                    industry of Hong Kong.


*     Unless otherwise specified, nomination is invited via academic departments direct.
#     Please refer to the separate announcement inviting application/nomination for the finalized and detailed awarding conditions and selection criteria. The basic
      selection criterion is academic merit. Other aspects such as involvement in extra-curricular activities & community services, leadership potential and financial
      needs of the candidates might also be taken into consideration.
%     Renewal of Donation/ No. & Value of each Award are subject to donor's confirmation.

7 September 2006

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