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					                                                                                                                                            No.50 November2008

ESF Community Grants Programme Launched
Karen Ferguson, GLE
                                                          Community Grants will fund 150 organisations for
                                                                                                                 Commentary                               RayPhillips
                                                          the 2008-2009 Programme. Successful projects will
                                                          work with a minimum of 15 participants and support
                                                          one or more of the following target groups:            50 Issues On!
CommunityGrantswillprovideupto£12,000                n Lone parents
tosmallvoluntaryandcommunityorganisations             n Disabled people                                    We’ll we’ve made it to 50. For those of us in
toengagewithlocalcommunitiesanddelivera             n People belonging to Black, Asian and Minority      the third sector at street level, there’s not much
rangeofskillsandemploymentsupportactivities.          Ethnic (BAME) groups                               to celebrate. Financing the sector has become
Thesegrantswillsupportqualityoutreach                 n Women                                              increasingly difficult. The credit crunch is just a
provision,providinganessentialsteppingstone           n	Older people (aged over 50 years)                  further turn of the screw. Groups concerned with
forunemployedandeconomicallyinactive                   n	Young people aged 19-24                            unemployment and poverty face the prospect of
participantstofindemploymentorprogressto                                                                  being at the end of another queue when it comes to
furtherlearning.                                       Applicants need to be aware that grants will           “bailing out”. Indeed, there is the very real danger
                                                          no longer be paid 100% up front before the             that the public spotlight will move to the re-skilling
This new Programme is funded jointly by the London        commencement of projects. Instead, payments will       of the new unemployed at the expense of those
Development Agency (LDA) and the European Social          be paid in 3 stages:                                   furthest from the labour market.
Fund. Grants will be awarded and administered by
the Greater London Enterprise (GLE) selected by the         n 50% of the grant will be paid once the contract    In the Commentary to our 1st Issue in November
LDA to act as the Grant Co-ordinating Body.                   is signed.                                         1999, reference was made to London “In so far as
                                                            n	 of the grant will be paid when the grant          anything is certain in politics, we can be assured
Overall there will be a total of three tendering rounds       recipient can demonstrate actual spend of          that the arrival of the impoverished states of
for Community Grants over the period 2008-2010.               30% of the total grant. Evidence of spend will     Eastern Europe over the next few years will leave
The first tendering round opened on 22nd October              include invoices, copies of bank statements and    only crumbs at the Structural Funds’ table in 2007.”
2008. To be eligible, applicant organisations must            cheques.                                           Yes, we have seen the size of the London share
meet the following criteria:                                  the
                                                            n	 final 5% will be paid at the end of the           diminish over the years but this has been the spur
                                                              Project on the final submission of expenditure     to more effective targeting in the recognition that
  n a written constitution/set of rules formally              reports and all required monitoring information.   London remains a “tale of two cities”.
    adopted by 31 October 2007.
  n no more than 2 full time paid staff or the            Further details about upcoming workshops and           The plight of the economically disadvantaged in
    equivalent.                                           application packs can be obtained from http://www.     London reflects the fear in the third world that
  n Income must be no more than £60,000 in the   or             the faltering of the global financial system will,
    most recent complete financial year.                  020 7940 1515.                                         in the end, hit them hardest through no fault of
  n a bank account in the organisation’s name with                                                               their own. Important steps taken by governmental
    a minimum of two signatories.                         The deadline for applications will be                  leaders must include the reassertion of support for
  n must not have been in receipt of ESF funding          19 November 2008 at 5.00pm. n                          interventionist programmes such as the European
    before (except under Fast Forward).                                                                          Structural Funds premised on notions such as social
  n charities must be registered with the Charities                                                              justice and combating exclusion and inequality.
                                                                                                                 Present economic challenges call for the
                                                                                                                 reinvigoration of the European social model. In

      London Programme Revalued                                                                                  London, we’re embarking on the new 2007-2013
                                                                                                                 Programmes of the European Social Fund and
                                                                                                                 the on the new European Regional Development
                                                                                                                 Fund. With the former, we have the added scope
AsaresulttherevaluationoftheEnglandESF           Employment or Training) to be matched with funding     of the Transnational Programme, which gives us
Programme,followingthesignificantdecreasein         from 13 boroughs. The request has been approved        an opportunity to link up with our continental
thevalueofthepoundagainsttheeuro,London          by the ESF Regional Committee and London Councils      neighbours around new EU initiatives such as Active
hasreceivedanextra£26,123,143ESFforthe            launched a prospectus to tender the new funds on       Inclusion.
firsthalfoftheProgramme(2007-10).Once              21 October 2008.
brokendownbyPrioritythisresultsinanextra                                                                Crumbs can be useful when the cupboard is
£17,622,527forPriority1and£8,500,616for            The LDA European Programmes Unit is in discussion      otherwise bare! n
Priority2.                                              with the other London CFOs around the use of the
                                                          remaining funds. n                                     SupportLVSTC...become a Member!
London Councils has already made a formal
request for an additional £4,566,368 ESF under                                                                   helping LVSTC continue to provide strategic support for the
Priority 1, including a very small amount of funding                                                                         voluntary and community sector
under Priority 1.2 (Young people Not in Education
                                                                                                                   If your annual turnover is less than £60K claim your
                                                                                                                                  membership discount.
                                                                                                                       Contact Ingrid Babcock,

London Voluntary Sector Training Consortium                                                                               

Around the London ESF Programme … Meanwhile
                                 with ERDF
LDA European Programmes Management Unit
                                                            Initial analysis of the result shows that 38% of the
                                                            funding has been allocated to Third Sector providers.
                                                                                                                        In the opening bidding round of the London
London Councils published its first prospectus worth        Sector                   Number of contracts                European Regional Development Fund Programme,
£7.2m (ESF & match) on 15th November 2007. From             Third sector             40                                 67 applications were submitted to the LDA
136 applications received, 33 projects were selected        Public sector            29                                 European Programmes Management Unit. 60
for funding and applicants were notified of the results     Private sector           30                                 were successful at the appraisal stages and entered
in March. After completion of contract negotiations,                                                                    contract negotiations (for a total amount of
£3.69m ESF has been awarded across 32 contracts             In total over £48 million has been allocated under the      £64.5m ERDF). There was one appeal which was
and a list of successful projects is available on London    LSC’s first ESF tendering round. The LSC is in the final    not upheld. One-to-one Pre-Grant Meetings have
Councils’ website. Below is a sector breakdown of the       stages of contract negotiations with providers. A list      been held with all applicants to discuss eligibility
contracts.                                                  of successful providers (subject to award of contract)      and other technical aspects of applications. Three
                                                            has been published on the LSC website.                      applications have withdrawn to date, enabling
                                                                                                                        £1.03m to be returned to the pot and presented
Sector                   Number of contracts                In Round 2, LSC ESF Youth, Adult and Employer               for allocation in Round 2.
Third sector             32                                 Responsiveness Projects tendered in June 2008
Public sector            0                                  have been appraised and moderated and successful            The second round of the London ERDF 2007-2013
Private sector           0                                  providers have been informed of results. £10.2million       Programme is now open for applications. There
                                                            of ESF is expected to be allocated in this second           are two main Priorities for which applications are
London Councils launched the 2nd Prospectus under           round, resulting in full allocation of the LSC’s Priority   invited by the EPMU:
the new Programme in October. This tendering                1.1 and 1.2 funding for 2007-10. The initial analysis
round will seek to allocate the additional funding          results reveal that 46% of the funding will be               nPriority1 - Business innovation and research
that the CFO has recently applied for as part of the        allocated to Third Sector providers.                           and promoting eco-efficiency
programme revaluation. A further tendering round                                                                         nPriority2- Access to new markets and access
will be launched in autumn 2009 to allocate the             The LSC will be looking to launch a further tendering          to finance
remaining funds under London Councils’ 2007-10 CFO          round in April 2009 to allocate the remainder of their
Plan. n                                                     Priority 2 funds. However, the increased flexibilities      The second Prospectus (Round 2) builds on Round
                                                            in Train to Gain are presenting a major challenge (at       1 and reflects the Operational Programme setting
LondonDevelopmentAgency                                   both regional and national level) to the LSC’s ability      out the investment priorities for London ERDF. The
                                                            to identify the gaps in mainstream provision where          Prospectus provides information on the specific
The LDA launched its 1st Prospectus under the 2007-         ESF can add value. The LSC has identified some              types of projects which will be supported, the
13 Programme on 23rd November 2007. The value               potential gaps under Priority 2.2 and 2.3 and hope to       application process, timetable, and the technical
of the Prospectus was £20.26m (ESF & match), with           be in a position to provide a more detailed update on       eligibility criteria. There is no Expression of
£17.2m supporting activities under Priority 1.1 and         the situation by end November. n                            Interest Stage for Round 2. To prevent applicants
£3.06m for activity under Priority 2. 329 applications                                                                  spending unnecessary time preparing applications
were received and 60 projects were selected for                                                                         unlikely to succeed, the EPMU strongly encourages
funding across the two Priorities. A list of successful     DepartmentforWork&Pensions                             applicants to meet with officers to discuss
providers has been published on the LDA website. The                                                                    applications. Officers are not in a position to
sector breakdown of the projects is a follows:              DWP published its ITT on 3rd December 2007, with            suggest project ideas, source match funding or
                                                            the intention of allocating the entire share of ESF         confirm whether applications will or won’t be
Sector                   Number of contracts                for 2007-10 (£44.7m). A total of 53 tenders from            successful.
Third sector             20                                 16 different organisations were received against the
Public sector            12                                 15 published project specifications. Following post         Applicants must complete the Full Application/
Private sector           28                                 tender negotiations with preferred bidders, 7 Prime         Business Plan for submission to the EPMU at the
                                                            Contractors have been awarded 13 contracts and the          LDA by 12 noon on Friday 16 January 2009.
Contract negotiations have been completed with              published list is available on the DWP website.
around 40 projects. The LDA expect to award a                                                                           Details can be found on the LDA website
total of approximately £20m (ESF and match), with           Below is a sector breakdown of the successful Prime         at:
roughly £17m for activity under Priority 1.1 and £3m        Contractors (excluding the two contracts                    =ConWebDoc.2823
for activity under Priority 2.1 (Employees with basic       re-tendered).
skills needs) in total.                                                                                                 EPMU is working with LDA colleagues and the GLA
                                                            Sector                   Number of contracts                Communications’ Team to ensure that the official
The LDA plans to launch a second tendering round in         Third sector             2                                  programme launch on 8 December is publicised.
November 2008 to award the remaining unallocated            Public sector            0                                  At a practical level, EPMU has updated the ERDF
funds under Priority 1.1 and 2.1 of its the 2007-10 CFO     Private sector           11                                 web-pages by creating a project management page
Plan.n                                                                                                                  that contains necessary information regarding
                                                                                                                        the day-to-day running of projects including
LearningandSkillsCouncil                                There are 48 sub-contractors beneath the 13 Primes          complying with EU communications regulations.
                                                            and 23 (48%) of these are third sector organisations.
The LSC published its 1st Invitation to Tender for                                                                      See
Round 1 of the new Programme on 24th November               The preferred bidders for two London specifications         00100l003001003
2007. The total value of the ITT was £58.08m ESF,           (South and West London) re-tendered in June have
comprising £10.08m for activity under Priority              now been selected and post tender discussions are
1.1, £27.75m for Priority 1.2 (Young people Not in          currently underway. Contracts have been signed for
Education, Employment or Training) and £20.25m              all 13 providers, with a total value of £34,594,824.        DWP is not currently planning any future tendering
across Priority 2 (Employees with: Basic Skills; Level      The two re-tendered contracts are expected to               rounds but this may change dependent on any future
2; Level 3/4 needs). In total 328 ITTs were received        be awarded in November to a maximum value                   requests for revaluation funds. n
from 237 organisations and following scoring and            of £5,650,000. Some projects have commenced
moderation, 99 projects were selected for funding           delivery and over 200 participant starts have been
across the 3 activity areas of Adult, Youth (Priority 1.1   reported to date.
and 1.2) and Employer responsiveness (Priority 2).

2 london euroscene
                                                                                                                                       EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND

               New LDA Round Ahead                                                                                    New Minister for ESF
TheLDAispreparingtolaunchthesecond                a requirement to attend a workshop. Registration on
prospectus(Round2)underitsEuropeanSocial           CompeteFor can be done now.                                 IntheGovernment
Fund(ESF)Programme2007-2010inmid                                                                                reshuffleon3October
November.ThefocusofprojectsinRound2               Emphasis in Round 2 will be placed on partnership           2008,TonyMcNulty
willbeonsustainedemploymentoutcomesfor             working and larger scale projects. Applicants are           movedtobecome
participants.Paymentswillincreasinglybemade         encouraged to consider a joined-up and consortia            MinisterofStatefor
onachievementofresultsandprogressions.The          approach to this round where appropriate. The LDA           Employmentand
LDAwouldalsoliketoencouragemoreflexibility        is also keen to ensure a spread of projects across          WelfareReformat
forapplicantsbyfundinginnovativeprojectsto         London. The LVSTC Partnership Portals offer a system        theDepartmentfor
achievetheseoutcomes.                                 whereby organisations from all sectors can target           WorkandPensionsand
                                                         prospective providers, ensuring closer cooperation,         MinisterforLondon,
Round 2 will consist of a 2-stage application             greater reach and improved cross –sector involvement        attendingCabinet.
process. Stage one is an on-line Pre-Qualification        ~ contact           Forthefirsttime,the
Questionnaire which applicants have to complete via                                                                   responsibilitiesforwelfarereformandESF
CompeteFor. In Stage 2, short-listed applicants for       Following the launch of the Round 2 Prospectus, the         havebeencombinedinthesameportfolio
each of the Programme specifications will be invited      LDA website may be used as a tool to access further
to submit full Applications.                              information and guidance applicants. The key support        Tony McNulty was elected to Parliament in
                                                          mechanisms in place to guide you through the                the May 1997 General Election. He served
Further information is available at       application process will be:                                as a Whip from 1999 to 2002, following a
competeFor                                                                                                            period as Parliamentary Private Secretary
                                                          n Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)                         to David Blunkett. He was then appointed
A workshop will be organised to advise on how to          n Workshops                                                 Parliamentary Under Secretary to the Office of
register on CompeteFor. If you would like to attend an    n Guidance Notes                                            the Deputy Prime Minister with responsibility for
introductory workshop, please fill in the online form     n ESF e-mails                                               neighbourhood renewal, housing and planning.
at However, it is not                                                                  He was moved to the Department for Transport
                                                                                                                      in June 2003 as Parliamentary Under Secretary
                                                          The deadline for submission of applications is              with responsibility for aviation, local transport,

 London Goes                                              12 December 2008. The assessment process is
                                                          expected to be completed by end of January 2009,
                                                          with projects due to commence delivery from
                                                                                                                      and London, and was promoted to Minister of
                                                                                                                      State with responsibility for Rail and London in
                                                                                                                      September 2004.

 Transnational                                            1 April 2009. Each Theme will be supported at
                                                          national level by a Thematic Network planned to be
                                                          in place for the launch of projects.
                                                                                                                      Tony moved to the Home Office on 9 May 2005
                                                                                                                      as Minister of State for Immigration, following
London has an allocation of just over £4m ESF to fund                                                                 the general election reshuffle. In May 2006 his
dedicated innovative and transnational activity in the    More information can be found on the national ESF           Home Office portfolio changed to responsibility
region. A menu of Themes has been developed by the        website at n                                over policing and crime, security and
national Innovation Mainstreaming & Transnationality                                                                  counter-terrorism. In July 2007, he became
Sub-Committee. The London Regional Committee has                                                                      a Privy Councillor. n
prioritised Themes for the region.

The selected Themes for the London region are:
                                                           LVSTC Portal
                                                          LVSTC has one of the most comprehensive databases
 Active Inclusion
 Engaging with Employers
                                                          of voluntary and community sector providers in the
                                                          region and we have been exploring ways in which
                                                          we can exploit this technology for all organisations
                                                                                                                   London Councils
 New Challenges – Demographic Change (Older
 workers and Migration)
                                                          wishing to access the European Social Fund.
                                                          Collaborative and partnership working being as
                                                          it is, projects will be larger than in the previous
                                                                                                                   offers new ESF
 Priority2                                               programme, resulting in the need for well organised
 Engaging with Employers                                  and sustainable partnerships and consortium.             London Councils has launched a second round of ESF
 New Challenges – Demographic Change (Older                                                                        funding. 13 boroughs have provided funding to be
 workers and Migration)                                   Our Portal offers an essential system whereby            matched by ESF to create a £9m programme. London
 Skills for Climate Change                                organisations from all sectors can target prospective    Councils welcomes tenders from organisations
                                                          providers, ensuring closer cooperation, greater reach    to deliver in one of the 13 boroughs: Barking &
There will be no more than 4 projects in London and       and improved cross sector involvement. The Portal        Dagenham, Bromley, City of London Corporation,
each project is expected to be worth around £2m           can be searched by: target groups, location, skills,     Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Hillingdon,
(ESF & match). Projects will be delivered outside of      provider status and alphabetically.                      Kingston, Lambeth, Redbridge, Southwark, Tower
Co-Financing, through direct bidding and as such                                                                   Hamlets, Wandsworth, Westminster.
applicants will need to supply their own match            Once you have found an organisation that is of
funding. The split of funding by Priority is £2,749,114   interest, you can then simply either contact your        For more details, applicants should go to http://www.
for Priority 1 and £1,326,096 for Priority 2. As such,    prospective partner yourself, or ask LVSTC to make
3 projects are expected to be supported under P1          initial enquiries on your behalf. We will also provide
and 1 project under P2. There is no stipulation of an     support for organisations, consortia, partnerships or    The ESF Prospectus and ESF Tender Application Form
amount for each Theme in order to allow flexibility       other collaborative arrangements resulting from its      are available for download on the London Councils
to allocate the funds on the basis of the quality of      use.                                                     website. Thedeadlinefortendersis12noonon
applications received.                                                                                             Monday17November2008.
                                                          If you would like to take part in developing
The England ESF Division supported by the recently        collaborative working through the Partnership Portal,    LVSTC is offering help and advice to third sector
appointed ITM Co-ordinating Body (Birmingham City         go to and            applicants and their partners. Contact Kwasi Ofei
Council) issued a call for proposals on 31 October        complete the Partnership Portal Data Collection          on 0845 262 2006/020 7538 4309
2008. The Co-ordinating Body will be responsible for      Form.                                                    or email n
publicising the call for proposals and will be holding
4 information events in November. The event for the       For help and information about the ESF Partnership
South will be held in London and is taking place on       Portal, contact the ESF Unit at LVSTC on 0845 262
14th November.                                            2006 / 020 7538 4309. n

                                                                                                                                                  london euroscene3

                                                              portal will need to register in order to access and      The Leitch Report a review of skills by highlighted

         Hello                                                respond to all LDA contract opportunities which
                                                              are not being awarded via an existing panel. The
                                                              LDA's next ESF tendering round will be precured via
                                                                                                                       that health problems, including depression and
                                                                                                                       obesity, are more common in unskilled and low-
                                                                                                                       income households. The review went on to say

      CompeteFor!                                             CompeteFor.

                                                              Registering on CompeteFor opens a wide range
                                                                                                                       that skills can impact upon health either directly,
                                                                                                                       by providing information on improving health, or
                                                                                                                       indirectly, by improving income and making a healthy
TheCompeteForservicewaslaunchedinLondon                of LDA and non-LDA contract opportunities to             lifestyle more affordable. The Review concludes
on17January2008alongwiththeLondon                     organisations.                                           by stating that whilst it is difficult to estimate the
BusinessNetwork.London2012anticipatesthat                                                                       potential health benefits of skills improvements,
betweennowand2012therewillbeupto75,000              Find out more by visiting the CompeteFor website:        these are likely to be greatest at the lower end of the
contractsavailablethroughtheLondon2012                    skills distribution. The report also highlights that:
supplychain.Thesecontractswillbefroma                 login.jsp n
widerangeofindustriesfromconstructionto                                                                           n   Unemployment rates are a key indicator of
hospitality.TheLondonDevelopmentAgency                                                                                 health inequalities;
                                                                    Health in ESF                                        n Worklessness is directly associated with mental
                                                                                                                           and physical; health and with poverty and other
                                                                                                                           factors impacting on health;

CompeteFor acts like a ‘dating’ agency matching                                                                          n    Prosperity is increasingly seen as a route to
buyers throughout the 2012 supply chain with                  TheLDAhaveincorporatedforthefirsttime                  health and skills are a driver of prosperity.
potential suppliers. The service is open to all               HealthasaregionalCrossCuttingTheme.This               Improving employment for those parts of
businesses but is specifically designed to support            meansthattheyexpectprojectstodemonstrate                the population affected by ill health is a key
Small and Medium-sized Enterprise to bid for                  howtheywilladdressandcontributetothe                   objective in the report. Statistics point to the
contracts further down the 2012 supply chain.                 strategysetoutintheregionalESFprogramme.              fact that those people with poor health live
Bidders not already registered on the CompeteFor                                                                             in low income households and that increasing
                                                                                                                             employment is the best way to reduce poverty.
                                                                                                                             The London Health Commission reports that
     LVSTCupandcomingESFandBAMERworkshops                                                                             the average life expectancy is 8% higher for
                                                                                                                             women and men living in Kensington and
                                                                                                                             Chelsea (80.5 for men, 85.8 for women)
November                                                                                                                     compared to Newham (73.9 for men, and
                                                              12      SustainableDevelopment                               78.8 for women).
4      EqualityandDiversityincludingGender                      venue: LVSRC, Holloway Road
         Equality                                                      time: 9.30am to 1.00pm                          The GLA Act (2007) gives the Mayor a new duty
         venue: Bromley Hall                                                                                           to produce a Health Inequalities Strategy (HIS) for
         time: 9.30am to 1.00pm                                        This workshop will enable Providers to fully    London. The ESF programme will be co-ordinated
                                                                       explore issues of this cross cutting theme      with the emerging HIS. More information about
         The workshop aims to ensure that all ESF                      under 5 broad themes (energy, water,            the Health Cross Cutting Theme can be found on the
         providers and potential ESF providers can                     waste, procurement and transport) and will      LDA’s website . n
         implement this cross cutting theme (via                       also inform participants about attainment
         embedding EO in Policies/Procedures,                          of the Green Mark.
         monitoring/equality-proofing, targeting
         excluded groups) and share good practice.                                                                      SupportLVSTC...become a Member!
5       BusinessContinuity-BAMERgroups                                                                              helping LVSTC continue to provide strategic support for the
         venue: Bromley Hall                                                                                                        voluntary and community sector
                                                              4       Fundraising
         time: 9.30am to 1.00pm
                                                                       venue: Bromley Hall                                If your annual turnover is less than £60K claim your
         This is a half day workshop aimed at                                                                                            membership discount.
                                                                       time: 9.30am to 1.00pm
         providing an awareness of the risks affecting                                                                        Contact Ingrid Babcock,
         an organisation and outlining measures that
                                                                       The workshop is for groups who are seeking
         can be taken to ensure business continuity.
                                                                       to hone their skills or knowledge about
         The workshop is intended to help project
         managers to develop a plan to ensure
                                                                       fundraising, and signposting for more            LVSTCstaffcontacts
                                                                       experienced fundraisers about strategies
         business continuity in the event of a disaster
                                                                       and new opportunities.
         such as a fire or a flood. It will highlight the                                                               ESF(incCEEP)
         importance of backing up data and explain            10      FinancialPlanning                             Stewart Goldring, Deputy Director –
         the process of developing a back up plan.                     –BAMERgroups                                  Misbah Javed, ESF Senior Adviser –
         This workshop is aimed at project managers                    venue: LVSRC, Holloway Road                      Kwasi Ofei, CEEP Co-ordinator –
         likely to be involved in this process but with                                                                 Barbara Deason, Consultant –
                                                                       time: 9.30am to 1.00pm
         little or no experience in this area.                                                                          Jacqueline Black, IT Officer –
                                                                                                                        Wayne Deane, ESF Adviser –
                                                                       The overall aim of this workshop is to           Angela Heap, Training Adviser –
6       TrackingBeneficiaries
                                                                       strengthen the capacity of ESF project
         venue: Bromley Hall
                                                                       managers and finance officers in the
         time: 9.30am to 1.00pm                                                                                         Directorate(incSGEIP)
                                                                       preparation, management and monitoring
                                                                                                                        Ray Phillips, Director –
                                                                       of budgets in order to enhance the
         This workshop explores practical techniques                                                                    Bill Burke, Finance Officer –
                                                                       governance and accountability mechanisms         Ingrid Babcock, ICT Co-ordinator –
         in identifying outcomes for beneficiaries,
                                                                       of BAMER projects.                               Humera Gondal, Information & Publicity Officer
         recording them and reporting positive
         results to funding agencies.                                                                                   –
                                                                                                                        Geoff Robinson, SGEIP Co-ordinator –
                                                                                                                        Ian Foster, SGEIP Outreach Adviser –
                                                                                                                        Steve White, ELM Co-ordinator –

                      London Voluntary Sector Training Consortium                                                     “ The London voluntary and community
                      Bromley Hall, 43 Gillender Street, London E14 6RN
                      Tel: 0845 262 2006/020 7538 4309 Fax: 0845 262 2005/020 7005 0275
                                                                                                                        sector in partnership with Europe to
                      Web: Email:                                                    promote social inclusion.”
                      Company No: 2433659 Charity No: 80307