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									                                             PRACTICE TEST 11

Mark the letter A,B,C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose undelined part is
pronounced differently from that of the rest in each of the following questions.
Question 1: A. pollution         B. polite             C. possible          D. police
Question 2: A. chew              B. fetch              C. achieve            D. echo
Question 3: A. blind            B. find               C. kind               D. win
Question 4: A. moaned            B. presided           C. viewed            D. robbed
Question 5: A. worry            B. wholly              C. by                 D. body

Mark the letter A,B,C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the
following questions.
Question 6: My roommate, ............... parents used to work in a circus, can ride a horse.
              A. who                     B. whom                      C. whose             D. of whom
Question 7: He doesn’t smile at all. He seems to have no................ of humour.
             A. feel                     B. taste                    C. skill             D. sense
Question 8: If you want to join this club, you must ................ this application form .
            A. fill in                  B. make up                   C. carry on         D. write down
Question 9: My dad is a ............. person, always attentive to every family member.
            A. caring                   B. careful                   C. careless         D. carefree
Question 10: They lived in a very ................ area of Italy.
            A. populate                  B. population                C. populated        D. popularly
Question 11: Had you told me that this was going to happen. I ................ believed it.
            A. haven’t                   B. hadn’t                    C. can’t have       D. wouldn’t have
Question 12: I ................. TV when Tom came into the room.
            A. watch                     B. watched                   C. am watching      D. was watching
Question 13: What a naughty boy !
           A. miserable                  B. mischievous               C. misconduct       D. misbehave
Question 14: My younger sister and I have many ...............
           A. differs                    B. differences               C. different         D. differently
Question 15: .............. they feel threatened, dogs sometimes display aggressive behaviour.
          A. Until                      B. When                       C. Where            D. Before
Question 16: It’s not certain how the fire started, but it might ................. by an electrical fault.
         A. cause                        B. caused                   C. be caused         D. be causing
Question17 : If I were you, I would persuade him ................ the new treatment.
         A. to try                      B. trying                    C. tries             D. try
Question 18: John had his bicycle.............. yesterday.
         A. repaired                    B. repair                    C. to be repaired   D. repairs
Question 19: Sorry, I’m ........... tired ............. I can’t stay any longer.
         A. so/ that                   B. such/ that                C. very/ that         D. too/ that
Question 20: In any culture, parents usually .............. their children.
         A. supply                    B. suppose                    C. support           D. supplement
Question 21: Would you mind turning the fan on? “ ...................”
        A. Yes, please               B. No, thank you              C. Not at all         D. No, I’m not
Question 22: He refused to go until he .................. all the paintings.
       A. has seen                  B. had seen                    C. would see          D. will have seen
Question 23: That’s why I told my father that he ............. start walking once a day.
       A. can                       B. should                      C. must               D. would
Question 24: I never feel like ............... early on Sunday morning.
       A. getting up               B. get up                      C. gets up            D. to get up
Question 25: “ Is Mr Smith in?” “ .......................”
       A. I regret it              B. I’m sorry not               C. Not, sorry         D. I’m afraid not
Question 26: I have to live on unemployment benefit because I am ...................
      A. out of duty              B. off work                    C. out of work        D. out of job
Question 27: Fire engines and ambulances have ............. over other traffic.

    A. prior                     B. priority                  C. before               D. precedence
Question 28: Our .............. is that our grandfather will soon be well.
    A. trust                    B. wish                       C. liking               D. believe
Question 29: ............. he tried, his father didn’t let him run the company.
    A. Whatever hard            B. However hard               C. No matter hard       D. Although hard
Question 30: “ What a lovely hat you have!” “ Thanks. ................”
    A. That’s OK               B. I don’t care                C. Certainly            D. I’m glad you like it.

Mark the letter A,B,C or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs
Question 31: Because with their beauty, flowers are a favourite form of decoration.
                        A                   B            C                  D
Question 32: I am going to have the locks on my doors change.
                   A         B                 C          D
Question 33: Vietnamese students may encourter some problems when studying in abroad.
                       A                  B                         C            D
Question 34: My father reads books whenever he has little free time.
                          A             B               C     D
Question 35: The bridge was collaped during the flood but fortunately no one was using it at the time.
                             A          B                  C                      D

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the
correct word for each of the blanks from 36 to 40.
        If you were to stop people in the street and ask them (36 ).................. a ship that had been sunk, it is
likely that nearly all of them would say the Titanic. For the sinking of the Titanic was, if not the most
tragic, certainly ( 37 ).................. sea disaster in the history of ocean ( 38 ).........................
       The Titanic was built as a luxury liner, intended to be the fastest in the world, and a great deal of
publicity had surrounded it. The last point probably explains why so many important people from all ( 39 )
................. were on the boat when it went down.
       The Titanic was on its maiden voyage to America in 1912 when it ( 40 ).............. an iceberg and
sank. Of its 2.300 passengers, more than two thirds were drowned.
Question 36: A. to name                     B. to call             C. to remind                D. to remember
Question 37: A. famous                      B. more famous         C. most famous              D. the most famous
Question 38: A. journey                     B. travel              C. trip                     D. tour
Question 39: A. societies                   B. circles of life     C. walks of life            D. lives
Question 40: A. struck                      B. drove               C. crashed                  D. slipped

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the
correct answer to each of the questions from 41 to 45.
      A long and happy marriage is something that many people wish for, but finding the right partner is
much more difficult than you might imagine. A friend of mine, Susan, had not been very successful in her
attempt to find the perfect partner, and she was beginning to lose heart and feel rather depressed. One
day she happened to hear someone talking about a computer dating agency which could help you to find
the ideal partner. Susan immediately made an appointment to see someone at the agency, then wanted
to see what would happen. The agency arranged a meeting with a “suitable” partner at the local railway
station a week later, although I advised her not to go. My friend arrived a few minutes early but could see
noone who matched the appearance of the man in the photograph she had been sent. She noticed a
man waiting under the station clock and holding a bunch of flowers, but there was noone else around.
Suddenly the man started chatting to her and, after a while, he asked her if she would like to go and have
a coffee. Not until much later did they come to the conclusion that they had both waiting for each other!
When they had both recovered from the shock, they decided that the computer had been right after all!
Question 41: What do many people wish for?
              A. A long and happy marriage
              B. A right partner
              C. A friend

           D. B or C
Question 42: Why did Susan lose her heart and feel depressed?
           A. She found an ideal partner.
           B. She failed to find a perfect partner.
           C. She saw someone.
            D. She talked about a computer dating agency.
Question 43: What did the agency do?
           A. It advised her not to go.
           B. It sent her a bunch.
           C. It sent her a photograph of a man.
           D. It arranged a meeting with Susan’s ideal partner.
Question 44: Who did Susan see at the station?
           A. The man in the photograph.
           B. No one
           C. A man holding a bunch of flowers.
           D. A or C
Question 45: What did the man do?
           A. He started to chat to her.
           B. He invited her to go and have a coffee.
           C. He recovered from the shock.
           D. A or B.

 Mark the letter A,B,C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the
following questions.
Question 46: I haven’t stayed in a hotel for years.
             A. It’s years since I stay in a hotel.
             B. It’s years since I stayed in a hotel.
             C. I haven’t stayed in a hotel years ago.
             D. It’s years when I stayed in a hotel.
Question 47: “ Could you tell me how to get to the airport?”, he asked me.
            A. He asked me how to get to the airport.
            B. He said if I could tell him the airport.
            C. He told me how to get to the airport.
            D. He asked me to tell how he got to them airport.
Question 48: If only I had told Nina the truth.
            A. I regret not having told Nina the truth.
            B. I regret not to tell Nina the truth.
            C. I wish to tell Nina the truth.
            D. I wish I told Nina the truth.
Question 49: Scientists say forests are being destroyed by air pollution.
            A. Scientists blame air pollution for the destruction of forests.
            B. Scientists are blamed for destroying forests.
            C. Forests are being destroyed by scientists.
            D. Scientists say that there’s much air pollution in the forests.
Question 50: We couldn’t go out because the weather was so bad.
         A. It was so bad a weather that we couldn’t go out.
         B. It was such a bad weather that we couldn’t go out.
         C. It was so bad weather that we couldn’t go out.
         D. It was such bad weather that we couldn’t go out.


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