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					Governing Documents                                                   Meetings

Throughout this handbook, reference is made to the                    The Association holds monthly Board of Director meetings at
Condominium’s Governing Documents, otherwise known as                 the offices of Monticello Management, 135 Fort Lee Road,
the Public Offering Statement of the Terrace West                     Suite 105, Leonia, NJ 07605. These meetings are held on the
Condominium Association. The Governing Documents consist              third Tuesday of every month. Homeowners are encouraged to
of the master Deed, The Bylaws and Rules and Regulations.             attend if they so choose.
The Provisions contained within these documents set forth the         An annual meeting of homeowners is held once a year at which
structure of the Association, its operations and its form. All        time the Association also holds its elections. Homeowners are
decisions made by the Board of Directions are based on the            particularly encouraged this meeting as they may participate
contents of the Governing Documents which are the basis for           and voice their opinions at this time.
the governing of any Condominium Association. The
Governing Documents should be received from the seller upon           Maintenance Fees
closing on a unit. If you do not have a set, you may order one
from Monticello Management, your property manager.                    The purpose of the monthly maintenance fee assessment is two
                                                                      fold. The general maintenance fee collected is used to pay the
Board of Directors                                                    operating expenses of the Association such as the water bill,
                                                                      insurance and upkeep expenses among other items. The
The Board of Directors consists of seven elected homeowners.          Reserve Fund portion of the maintenance fee is used to build
Its purpose is to govern and administer the business of the           the reserve funds needed for long-term capital projects such as
Association. The goal of the Board of Directors is to maintain,       roof repair or replacement, parking lot and sidewalks and other
improve and enhance both the physical value of the property           structural items.
and the quality of life at Terrace West Condominiums.
                                                                      Maintenance fees are due on the first of each month and late
Membership in the Association                                         payments are subject to a $25 late fee after the 15th. Your
                                                                      maintenance invoice will reflect the current month’s dues, any
Membership in the Association is automatic. Upon purchasing           arrears if applicable. The invoice will arrive with a self-
of a home in the Condominium complex, an owner becomes a              addressed return envelope to facilitate payment. If you do not
member of the Association and is entitled to the full benefits        receive your monthly maintenance invoice by the 1st of the
and rights of membership.                                             month, please call Monticello Management.

Maintenance fees are payable to Terrace West Condominium             Insurance Requirements
Association and should be mailed to Monticello Management,
Inc. accounting office at 171 Main Street, Suite 105, Matawan,       Terrace West Condominium Association maintains insurance
NJ 07747.                                                            to cover the entire property. Insurance requirements of the
                                                                     individual homeowners are covered under the Master Deed and
Management Company                                                   Bylaws and additional insurance coverage should be discussed
                                                                     with your insurance agent.
Terrace West Condominium Association is managed by
Monticello Management located at 135 Fort Lee Road, Suite            Exterior Modification to Units
105, Leonia NJ 07605. Our telephone number is (201) 592-
0700. We can be reached directly 24 hours a day, 7 days a            No modifications to the exterior of the home are permitted
week. Our business hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.              without approval of the Board of Directors. This includes but
Monticello Management’s purpose is to facilitate the                 is not limited to changes to exterior doors, handling of items on
administration and operation of the Associations day-to-day          the exterior of the home, window modifications, painting and
operations. Monticello Management is responsible for                 mailboxes.
maintaining the administrative and financial records of the
Association, the meeting minutes, repair and maintenance             Interior Modifications to Units
administration and assist homeowners.
                                                                     Prior to a modification of your home, each homeowner is
Emergency and Frequently Used Numbers                                required to submit a request to Monticello Management. This
                                                                     request should include a scope of work from the contractor of
Police, Fire, First Aid             911                              your choosing. It should include a current certificate of
Non-Emergency Police                (201) 592-3500                   insurance for the contractor. Your contractor must be licensed
Non-Emergency Fire                  (201) 592-3585                   and able to apply for work permits. The request is reviewed
Non-Emergency First Aid             (201) 592-3500                   immediately and approved by the Board of Directors.
Monticello Management               (201) 592-0700
Monticello (Emergency)              (917) 375-0840                   Maintenance
PSE&G                               (201) 330-6573
Time Warner Cable                   (201) 886-0900                   Monticello Management, on behalf of the Association performs
United Water                        (800) 422-5987                   general maintenance on the property. From time to time, it is
                                                                     necessary to perform major maintenance. At this time,

Monticello Management will inform homeowners in a timely                 *      Plumbing – So much of the common plumbing as
manner. Monticello Management strives to perform any and                        extends from the interior surface of the walls, floors or
all work in a manner that is least intrusive and disruptive to the              ceilings into the unit.
residents of the Association.                                            **     Electrical – All electrical wires which extend from the
                                                                                interior surface of the walls, floors or ceilings into the
Access to Units                                                                 units and fixtures, switches, outlets and circuit breakers.

The Master Deed and Bylaws give irrevocable right to be                  Association Responsibility
exercised by the Board of Directors or by Monticello
Management to have access to any home from time to time,                 Common Elements – common elements are areas that belong
during reasonable hours as may be necessary for repair or                     to the Association and are for the benefit of all
replacement of common or limited common elements or in the                    homeowners.
event of an emergency. Whenever possible, notice is given in
advance.                                                                        The Association is responsible for the following
                                                                                Common Elements: Common Area lighting; main-line
Homeowner Responsibilities                                                      plumbing; paved areas; parking lots; pool; landscaping;
                                                                                snow removal; fences and exterior painting and repair.
Interior of windows and doors
Interior floors and carpeting                                            Limited Common Elements – limited common elements are
Interior/Exterior locks (must comply with standard)                             areas that belong to the Association, but are for the
Interior pest control                                                           exclusive use of the homeowner such as driveways and
Interior walls and partitions                                                   decks.
Property taxes on units
Interior plumbing *                                                             The Association is responsible for the following
Interior stairway                                                               Limited Common Elements: Decks; exterior home
Interior electric **                                                            lighting and garage doors.
Air Conditioning Units
Interior lighting
Interior painting
Snow removal from driveways, patios and decks.

Requests for Service                                                   Temporary (24 hour) parking passes are available to guests
                                                                       from Monticello Management. Please call or write to make a
A homeowner with a maintenance request may call Monticello             request.
Management at any time or go to our website and use our website to                    Driveways
submit a request for maintenance. Homeowner requests are               Parked cars need to be confined to the driveways to ensure
logged and addressed as soon as possible.                              sidewalks are unobstructed to pedestrians.

Grounds/Landscaping and Irrigation System                              Heating/Air-conditioning and Dehumidifier Systems

The grounds are equipped with an automatic underground                 Repair and replacement of the heating and air-conditioning
irrigation system. The system is in operation from May to              systems are the responsibility of the homeowner. We
October. If the system is malfunctioning in your area, please          recommend that all homes have their heating and air-
notify Monticello Management immediately.                              conditioning systems checked by a professional service twice a
                                                                       year prior to the spring and winter season.
                                                                       Hot Water Heaters
The Association is responsible for the common area lighting;
this includes the outside lights of your home. Should you              The replacement and repair of the hot water heater is the
notice a light out on the grounds or at your home, please notify       responsibility of the homeowner.
Monticello Management immediately.
                                                                       Trash and Recycling
Parking at Terrace West
                                                                       Regular garbage pick-up is on Wednesdays and Saturdays each
Residents are encouraged to park in their garage or driveway.          week. Place household garbage in receptacles or in properly
There are no assigned parking spots in the parking lot. Each           tied/sealed garbage bags and place at the curb for pick up.
unit is given two (2) parking passes; a pass must be placed on
the rearview mirror when the car is parked in the lot.                 Recyclables are picked up on Thursdays as follows:
If you need to contact the towing company for any reason (i.e.                1st and 3rd Thursday -      newspaper and cardboard
                                                                               nd       th
to tow illegally parked cars), the information is posted at both              2 and 4 Thursday -          plastic, bottles and cans
entrances to each lot.                                                        5th Thursday          -     NO PICK UP

Bulk Trash                                                             Fireplaces

Refrigerators, mattresses and large items are considered bulk          The Fort Lee Fire Department recommends that you have your
trash. You must call the department of Power and Water (201)           fireplace cleaned and inspected by a professional service once
592 – 3634 to schedule a pickup.                                       a year if you use it regularly.

You may not leave these items in front of your home more than          Leasing of Units
24 hours before a pickup.
                                                                       Homeowners may lease their units. In the event of a lease,
TV Antennas and Cable TV                                               homeowners must notify Monticello Management in writing at
                                                                       which time we will forward a Lease Package to you. Your
Each home is pre-wired for cable television. Connection to             tenant must sign the lease package and return it to Monticello
the cable system is the responsibility and expense of each             Management in a timely manner. Please be advised that the
homeowner and must be arranged directly with the cable                 homeowner is responsible for the tenants’ actions. Should
company. No antenna or satellite dish of any kind is permitted         tenants violate and of the Rules and Regulations, the
to be placed upon any portion of the common elements without           homeowner is subject to the fine.
the prior written permission of the Board of Directors.
                                                                       Please notify Monticello Management in the event that you
Pets are allowed and must be kept on a leash at all times. No          plan to sell your home. Monticello Management will assist
pets are allowed in the courtyard or on lawn areas at any time.        your attorney in facilitating the transaction.

Outdoor Grills

In accordance with the rules of the Fire Department, the use of
outdoor grills may not be within six (6) feet of the structures.

Rules and Regulations                                                     of the violation and request a remedy within (30) thirty
                                                                          days of notice. If the violation is not remedied within
   1. No garage may be used for any purpose other than                    (30) days, the homeowner shall bear all costs and
      private parking, storage or related uses. No garage may             expenses to prosecute and evict the tenant.
      be partitioned or sub-divided for any purpose or
      converted into a habitable space.                                7. There shall be no obstruction of the Common Elements
                                                                          nor shall anything be stored in the Common Areas
   2. No automobile maintenance may be performed in any                   without prior consent of the Board of Directors.
      driveway or other parking area.
                                                                       8. Each homeowner or tenant shall properly place all
   3. No bicycle, tricycle, big wheel, motorized or battery               garbage and refuse in appropriate garbage containers or
      operated vehicles, skate board, roller skating, frisbee or          properly sealed garbage bags and place them at the curb
      other ball playing may be permitted in the Common                   for pick up.
      Areas such as the courtyard, guest parking areas,
      landscaped areas or pool area.                                   9. Upon a homeowner’s intent to list their unit for sale or
                                                                          lease and prior to closing of sale or lease signing, the
   4. Units may only be used for private residences.                      homeowner shall inform Monticello Management, in
   5. No unit may be rented or leased for a period of less than
      one year.                                                        10. Homeowners or tenants shall not build, plant, screw,
                                                                           nail or maintain any matter or thing upon the Common
   6. No unit may be rented in part or portion of.                         Elements or otherwise alter the exterior of any unit
      Copies of all leases must be furnished to Monticello                 without the written consent of the Board of Directors.
      Management prior to the commencement of the lease                    This includes flower boxes hung off of the outside of
      term and upon renewal of a renewable lease. Leasing                  the deck.
      does not relieve the homeowner of the obligations
      under the Governing Documents or the Rules and                   11. Each homeowner is responsible for the maintenance
      Regulations or other agreement which the                             and cleaning of the interior and exterior of the window
      condominium is subject to. In the event that a tenant of             surfaces, skylights, front and back door as well as any
      the unit fails to comply wit the provisions of such                  locks, hinges or other hardware pertaining to the unit.
      documents, the Association will notify the homeowner                 However, repairs to any leaks – caused by gaps in the

   exterior siding, old caulking or something similar – is           16. No exterior loudspeakers other than those contained in
   the responsibility of the Association. The homeowner                  portable radio or television sets are permitted.
   is solely responsible for the repair or replacement of
   any broken glass or damaged screens in any window of
   the unit or doors.                                                17. A homeowner or tenant may not burn, chop or cut
                                                                         anything on, over or above the property. However the
12. If, due to the negligent act or omission of or misuse of a           use of outdoor grills on the patio is allowed (see page 5
    homeowner, a member of his/her family, pet or a guest                for specifics).
    or other authorized occupant or visitor of such
    homeowner, damage that is caused to the Common or                18. Vehicular restrictions – no vehicle bearing commercial
    Limited Areas or to a unit owned by others or if                     signs or lettering is permitted on the property. No
    maintenance/repair/replacement shall be required as a                mobile homes, recreational vehicles, boats or boat
    result which would otherwise be an Association                       trailers are permitted on the property. Commercial
    expense, then such homeowner shall pay for such                      vehicles servicing the property are temporarily
    damage and be liable for any damages, costs and                      permitted.
    expenses including attorney fees.
                                                                     19. No homeowner or tenant shall cause or permit any
13. Pets must be kept controlled on a leash at all times.                clothes, sheets, blankets or laundry of any kind; plants
    Pets are not allowed in the courtyard or on the                      or planters or any other articles to be hung or displayed
    landscaped areas. Pets are not allowed in the pool area.             on the outside of the windows or placed on the outside
                                                                         of window sills, walls or hanging over rear balconies of
14. Homeowners may not make any interior structural                      any building, parking area or other Common Element
    additions, alterations or improvement to their unit                  and no signs, awnings, grills, patio or balcony,
    without the prior written consent of the Board of                    enclosure, fence, canopy or installed in or upon the
    Directors.                                                           Common Elements or any part thereof without the prior
                                                                         written consent of the Board of Directors. No
                                                                         homeowner hall enclose or otherwise alter any
15. No structural modifications may be made to the unit                  stairways, landings, porches, terraces or balconies or
    which may impair the integrity of the structure or                   any part of the exterior of any building without the prior
    change the structure of any building.                                written consent of the Board of Directors.

20. No homeowner or tenant shall conduct any activity
    which is noxious or offensive in or about such unit the
    Common Areas, nor shall such homeowner or tenant
    willfully or negligently perform any acts which may be
    or become an annoyance or nuisance to the occupants
    of any other unit or the surrounding neighborhood.

21. A homeowner or tenant shall not cover or paint over or
    remove any portion of a fire alarm system projecting
    into the unit or tamper with the fire alarm system in any

22. Draperies, blinds, curtains or shades must be installed
    by each homeowner on all windows of the unit and
    must be maintained at all times.

23. Shopping carts, commercial or otherwise are prohibited
    in the courtyard or any other Common or Limited
    Common Area.

24. Common expense payments are due on the 1st of the
    month. Late payments are subject to a $25 late fee.

25. Work on units may be conducted Monday through
    Saturday from 9am – 6pm.

26. Moving in or out of Terrace West may be conducted
    Monday through Saturday between 8am and 8pm.

   Pool Rules and Regulations                                        8. Changing diapers in the pool area is prohibited.

                                                                     9. The pool may be closed at the direction of the Board of
The Following Rules and Regulations are set forth the safety            Directors for maintenance, adverse weather conditions
and enjoyment of all residents of Terrace West.                         etc. Should a closure be necessary, all swimmers will
                                                                        immediately clear the water and the pool area.
   1. On an annual basis, each unit receives pool passes from
      Monticello Management. The passes must be presented            10. No ball playing or throwing of any object in the pool
      to the lifeguard on duty to allow entry.                           area is permitted.

   2. Pool hour are from 11am-7pm but a subject to change.           11. No food or glassware is permitted in the pool area.
                                                                         Plastic or metal containers are allowed for beverages
   3. Homeowners are permitted guests.                                   only.

   4. All guests must be accompanied, at all times, by the           12. Trash containers are provided in the pool area.
      homeowner who is the host. The host is responsible for
      the conduct of his/her guest and any damages.                  13. Smoking is not allowed in the pool area.

   5. Children under twelve (12) years of age must be                14. Noise level at the pool, including radios, should be kept
      accompanied by a resident sixteen (16) years old or                at a level as to not disturb others.
      older when using the pool. THIS WILL BE
      STRICTLY ENFORCED.                                             15. Running, pushing, abusive language or any misconduct
                                                                         will not be permitted. Violator will be asked to leave
   6. Appropriate swimming attire is required. Bermudas,                 the pool area and disciplinary action may be taken.
      Shorts, Gym Trunks and Cut-Offs will not be permitted
      in the pool.                                                   16. Swim fins, goggles, masks, rafts, floats, inner tubes and
                                                                         any other floatation device with the exception of water
   7. Baby carriages are not permitted on the deck area of the           wings for children which are allowed in the pool.
      pool. Children wearing diapers must wear rubber pants
      over the diapers when the child enters the pool.               17. Any injury must be reported to a member of the Board
                                                                         of Directors or Monticello Management.

18. The Board of Directors reserves the right to limit the
    number of persons to the estimated capacity of the pool
    and facilities.

19. All persons using the pool are requested to shower prior
    to entering the pool to eliminate sun tan oil from
    clogging the filters.

20. Pool badges may not be loaned to other residents or

21. No swimming is allowed when the lifeguard is not on
    duty. Any resident found using the pool when the
    lifeguard is not on duty will be fined and have their
    pool privileges suspended until the fine is paid in full,
    repeat violations may cause seasonal suspension of pool

22. Any person showing evidence of skin disease, sores,
    inflamed eyes, colds, nasal or ear discharge or any
    communicable disease will not be permitted in the pool