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					MEXICAN GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIPS                            Have a working commitment in their country at the                     The first allowance will be paid to scholarship
FOR FOREIGNERS 2008                                       end of the scholarship                                                  grantees at the end of the month of their arrival and in
                                                                                                                                  accordance with the annual schedule they will receive
                                                                                                                                  from their local Mexican Embassy before traveling to
OPENING DATE Thursday, February 15, 2007                   Meet the requirements stipulated in the Call for                      Mexico. Consequently, it is essential that recipients
CLOSING DATE Tuesday, July 31, 2007                         SRE Scholarships for Foreigners.                                      bring enough funds for living expenses for at least the
                                                           Have completed High School and hold a                                 first 30 days.
                                                            Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate degree,
TYPES OF SCHOLARSHIPS OFFERED                                                                                                      PAYMENT OF ALLOWANCE
                                                            depending on the type of studies they intend to
                                                            pursue.                                                               The monthly-allowance payment day is stipulated in
   Bachelor’s (*)
                                                           Have the academic acceptance of the receiving                         the annual schedule. In accordance with said
   Master’s                                                                                                                      schedule, all scholarship grantees accredited with
   Doctorate                                               Mexican institution where they are to study.
                                                           Have a minimum GPA of 8, on a scale of 1 to 10                        institutions in the metropolitan area (Mexico City)
   Specialty                                                                                                                     must go to sign the corresponding payroll list at the
   Medical Specialty                                       (or equivalent).
                                                           Return to their country of origin upon conclusion of                  offices of the Directorate for Academic Exchange.
   Post-doctoral Visits                                                                                                          Scholarship grantees studying in the interior of the
                                                            the scholarship.
   Research Visits                                                                                                               Republic must send – via fax or e-mail – confirmation
   Artistic Visits                                       BENEFITS (*)                                                            of receipt of their allowance payment. For said
   Visiting Professors                                    Enrollment and school fees.                                           purpose and at the moment of being documented,
   High-level Lecturers                                   Monthly allowance:                                                    they will be given a simple form prepared by the
   Spanish Language and Mexican Culture                    4 minimum D.F. (Federal District-Mexico City)                         Directorate for Academic Exchange.
                                                            wages for a Bachelor’s, Master’s, non-medical
(*) Only in the case of “special offers”.                   Specialty or Master’s research.                                       SELECTION PROCESS
                                                            5 D.F. minimum wages for a Doctorate, doctoral                        Is divided into two stages:
AREAS OF STUDY                                              research, postdoctoral visits, and medical                             Preselection in the candidate’s country.
Scholarships are offered in all areas of knowledge          specialties or subspecialties.                                         Definitive selection by the related competent
except for odontology, plastic surgery, marketing,         Full coverage medical insurance from the Mexican                         authorities in Mexico.
accounting, advertising, business administration and        Social Security Institute (IMSS), effective as of the
related areas. In the field of medicine, scholarships                                                                             AWARDING OF THE SCHOLARSHIPS
                                                            third month of the scholarship.
are awarded only in the areas established under the                                                                               Scholarships for the year 2008 will be granted by the
                                                           At the beginning of the scholarship, transportation
Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Ministry of Health Program.                                                                           SRE (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) through its General
                                                            from Mexico City to the city of the academic
                                                                                                                                  Directorate for Cultural Affairs and the grantees of
HOST INSTITUTIONS                                           institution where the recipient is to study, and
                                                                                                                                  said scholarships will be notified between November
More than 90 specialized Mexican institutions               transportation from there back to Mexico City upon
                                                                                                                                  15, 2007, and February 29, 2008. The results shall be
recognized for their high academic level and teaching       termination of the scholarship.
                                                                                                                                  delivered in writing at the corresponding Mexican
quality.                                                   International air travel, but only in the cases
                                                            indicated in this Call.                                               Embassy.
These scholarships are open to foreigners who are           (*) Any expenses not stipulated in the foregoing shall be             FORMALITIES
not currently residing in Mexico and who meet the           payable by the scholarship grantee, including: costs involving
following requirements:                                     printing of the thesis; tutorials, graduation and degree-
                                                            procurement processing fees; study incorporation and validation        IMMIGRATION
 Academic excellence                                       fees; costs of registration in the National Register of Foreigners;   Once candidates have received official written
 Working experience in the area of study applied for       visa renewal fees.                                                    notification of the scholarship award, they must then
 Nominated by their government                           SCHOLARSHIP/GRANT BENEFITS                                              proceed to process all the formalities stipulated
                                                           FIRST ALLOWANCE                                                       before the corresponding Mexican Embassy or
Consulate. Grantees must be documented as                                                                              Scholarship grantees may contact the persons
scholarship students with Immigration Form 3                     Respect Mexican laws.                                responsible for their monitoring at the following
(FM3 Subsection VII) – not as tourists. Scholarship              Maintain a minimum grade point average of 8.5        telephone numbers and e-mail addresses:
grantees may not travel on diplomatic or official                 in their studies.                                    Scholarship Grantees from South and Central
passports.                                                       Provide the Directorate for Academic Exchange        America:
                                                                  with periodic reports on their academic activities   Tels. 5063 3000 exts. 5291 and 6320
 TRAVEL TO MEXICO                                                and/or research.                                     E-mails:        or
If international air travel forms part of the scholarship        Reside in Mexico for the duration of the    or
benefits, the airline ticket will be arranged by the              scholarship.
General Subdirectorate for Program Planning and
Control of the General Directorate for Cultural Affairs      Mexican Government scholarships are intended for
and sent to the grantee’s country. The Mexican               nationals of other countries to benefit from the          Scholarship Grantees from the Caribbean:
Embassy will inform the grantee of the ticket details.       experience and knowledge acquired in our country.         Tel. 5063 3000 exts. 5294 and 6303
In the event international air travel is not included in     Nonetheless, they are also conceived as multiplying       E-mails:              or
the scholarship benefits, grantees must travel to            mechanisms insofar as scholarship grantees return to
Mexico at their own expense.                                 their native countries and pass on their experience.
                                                             Hence, it is an essential requirement that grantees       Scholarship Grantees from Europe and North
                                                             return to their homeland upon termination of their        America:
Upon arrival in Mexico City, scholarship grantees
                                                             studies in Mexico.                                        Tel. 5063 3000 exts. 5278, 6302 and 6305
must report in person to the offices of the General
Directorate for Cultural Affairs located at: Plaza                                                                     E-mails:    or
                                                             APPLICATION FORMS                                                  or
Juárez N°20, Piso 4 (Fourth Floor), Col. Centro,             There are three types of application forms:
06010, México, D.F. between 09:00 and 13:30 hours                                                            
                                                             Application Form “A”, which is used for all
to arrange the necessary formalities for their               postgraduate and multilateral programs; Application
registration as SRE scholarship grantees.                                                                              Scholarship Grantees from APAMO
                                                             Form “B”, used exclusively for Special Programs, with     Tel. 5063 3000 exts. 5103 and 6312
                                                             the exception of Professional Practice programs and       E-mails: or
 FINAL FORMALITIES                                          the program for Asia, Pacific, Africa, and the Middle
Upon completion of their studies, scholarship                East; and Application Form “C”, which is used for
grantees must hand in to the Directorate for                 Bachelor’s studies.
Academic Exchange of the General Directorate for                                                                       Offices of the Directorate for Academic
Cultural Affairs a scanned copy of the cover sheet            RECEPTION OF DOCUMENTS                                   Exchange:
and an electronic version of their thesis – in the case       Candidates’ documentation must be presented in           Plaza Juárez N°20, Piso 4 (Fourth Floor), Col. Centro
of formal school studies and research students must           dossier form before the Mexican Embassy located in       06010, México, D.F., Tel: 9159 5274/75/76. Fax:
hand in their final work. If applicable, they must also       the candidates’ country of origin or before the          9159 5298
request the airline ticket to return to their native          concurrent corresponding Embassy through the             Internet webpage:
countries and must personally close out their account         Ministry of Foreign Affairs and/or the local
with the HSBC bank.                                           government Institution designated for said purpose
                                                              (between February 15 and July 31, 2007).
OBLIGATIONS OF SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS                         If candidates have not yet received academic
These can be found in the document entitled “Rules Applicable acceptance at the time of submitting their dossiers,
to Grantees of SRE Scholarships for Foreigners”, which their candidature shall be received conditionally.
grantees must sign at the moment of receiving the scholarship Priority will be given to candidates whose dossiers
award and thereby promise to abide by the contents. Of the are complete upon submission.
latter, the most important are to: