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  Topic                                                       Performance Benchmarks
  Areas                                  Recognize/understand                                   Produce

Who I am     Say my name                 Hello! Hi!                                 Hello! Hi! Bye!
             Say hello                   What’s your name?                          Sample:
                                         How are you?                               T. What’s your name
                                                                                    S. Alessia
At School    Talk about school           What’s this? Is there a ….?                Sample:
                                                                                    T. What’s this?
                                         Days of the week                           S. a book

Numbers      Count from 1 to 50          Written/spoken numbers 1-50                Numbers 1-50
             Say how old I am            How old are you?                           Sample:
                                         How many…. ?                               T. How old are you?
                                                                                    S. eight
                                                                                    T. How many cats are there?
                                                                                    S. two
Colours      Identify and say colours    What colour is it?                         Sample:
                                         Colours: see categorical vocabulary list   T. What color is it?
                                                                                    S. Red
                                                                                    T. Where’s the red balloon?
                                                                                    S. [ points to it]
Alphabet     Identify and say letters    What letter is this?                       A to Z
                                         How do you spell …..?                      Spell their name out loud
                                         Written/spoken letters A to Z
My Body      Identify and say parts of   Body parts: see categorical vocabulary     Sample:
             the body                    list                                       T. Where’s your mouth?
                                                                                    S. [ points to it]
My Family    Talk about family           What’s your /family member/’s name?        Sample:
                                         Who’s this?                                T. Who’s this [pointing to a
                                         Family: see categorical vocabulary list    person in a picture brought
                                         How old is your brother/sister?            from home]?
                                                                                    S. Mum!

My Clothes   Talk about clothes          What are you wearing?                      Sample:
                                         Clothes: see categorical vocabulary list   T. What are you wearing?
                                                                                    S. jeans
                                         What’s ….. wearing?                        T. Is she wearing a hat?
                                         Word order: a red jacket, blue trousers    S. [nods] / Yes

                                                                                             Primary 2 Syllabus 

   Topic                                                         Performance Benchmarks
   Areas                                   Recognize/understand                                    Produce

My House       Talk about rooms in their   Have you got a …..?                         Sample:
               house                       Yes, I have/No, I haven’t                   T. Where’s the bedroom?
                                           Where’s the …..?                            S. [points]
               Talk about where things     In, on, under (for position)
               are in a room               Big, small (for size)                       T. Have you got a computer
               Talk about possessions                                                  in your bedroom?
                                           3 person                                    S. [nods] / yes

Celebrations   Talk about birthdays,       Food: see categorical vocabulary list       Sample:
               Christmas, Halloween        Expressions: Happy Birthday! Merry          T. What do you want for
                                           Christmas! Happy Halloween!                 Christmas?
                                                                                       S. a bike!
                                           What do you want for your Birthday/

                                                    Grammar Items
 Adjectives    Articles    Conjunctions          Prepositions  Pronouns          Possessive    Verbs
 fat           a           and                   at              I               my            eat
 little        an                                in              you             your          fly
 new           the                               on              it                            hop
 noisy                                                                                         jump
 small                                                                                         like
 old                                                                                           run
 quiet                                                                                         sleep
 thin                                                                                          walk

                                                                                               Primary 2 Syllabus 
Pick up language:
The following language items are in addition to ones contained in Primary 1 and make up those expressions,
instructions, commands, and strings of words that the Teacher may use in the classroom or which may appear in the
student workbook or textbook accompanied by images and which the student may respond to by doing an action.

          Close                   the door, the window

                                                                                               Primary 2 Syllabus 

                 New words in alphabetical order

           A     Father Christmas         living room        scissors
arm              favourite                lunch              sea
at               felt pen                             M      sharpener
           B     fifty                    monitor            sheep
baby             finger                   monkey             shorts
balloon          forty                    mountain           skateboard
bat              fly                      mouse (computer)   skeleton
bathroom                     G            music lab          sleep
bear             ghost                                N      spider
bedroom          giraffe                  name               stocking
bike             gloves                   new                surname
black            glue                     noisy                           T
blackboard       goldfish                 number             teddy bear
breakfast        Good Afternoon                       O      television
budgie           Good Evening             old                thin
           C     Good Morning             onion              thirty
canary           Good Night               orange             tiger
candle           grey                     orange juice       toes
canteen          gym                                  P      toilet
carrot                       H            parrot             tomato
cd rom           hair                     party              tracksuit
chick            hand                     pear                            U
chicken          Happy Easter             pencil case                     V
Christmas tree   Happy New Year           penguin            video game
coat             hat                      pepper                          W
cola             head                     phone              walk
comic            home                     pig                watch
computer lab     hop                      pizza              water
cow              hot dog                  play station       white
crisps                       I            potato             whiteboard
           D     ice cream                present            witch
dinner                       J            printer            wizard
dolphin          jump                     pumpkin            write
dress            jungle                               Q      wrong
duck                         K            quiet                           X
            E    keyboard                             R                   Y
eat              kitchen                  right              yoghurt
elephant                     L            rubber                          Z
exercise book    leg                      rucksack           zebra
            F    lemon                    ruler
family           like                     run
farm             lion                                 S

fat              little                   Santa Claus

                                                                              Primary 2 Syllabus 

                                New words by category

          Animals              Computer                  Holidays      favourite
bat                   cd rom                    Christmas tree         name
bear                  keyboard                  Father Christmas       number
budgie                monitor                   Santa Claus            party
canary                mouse                        Imaginary World     present
chick                 paper                     ghost                  right
chicken               printer                   pumpkin                stocking
cow                          Greetings &        skeleton               surname
dolphin               Good Afternoon            witch                  toilet
duck                  Good Evening              wizard                 wrong
elephant              Good Morning                         Places                Adjectives
fish                  Good Night                canteen                fat
giraffe               Happy Easter              computer lab           little
goldfish              Happy New Year            farm                   new
lion                            Family          gym                    noisy
monkey                baby                      home                   old
parrot                family                    jungle                 quiet
penguin                         Food            mountains              thin
pig                   breakfast                 music lab                       Prepositions
sheep                 carrot                    sea                    at
snake                 cola                                 School                  Verbs
spider                crisps                    blackboard             eat
tiger                 dinner                    exercise book          fly
zebra                 hot dog                   felt pen               hop
         Body parts   ice cream                 glue                   jump
arm                   lemon                     pencil case            like
finger                lunch                     rubber                 run
hair                  onion                     rucksack               sleep
hand                  orange                    ruler                  walk
head                  orange juice              schoolbag              watch
leg                   pear                      scissors               write
toes                  pepper                    sharpener
           Clothes    pizza                     whiteboard
coat                  potato                               Toys
dress                 tomato                    bike
gloves                water                     comic
hat                   yoghurt                   play station
shorts                   House & Home           skateboard
tracksuit             bathroom                  teddy bear
           Colours    bedroom                   video game
black                 kitchen                          Miscellaneous
grey                  living room               balloon
white                 phone                     candle

                                                                                           Primary 2 Syllabus 


Active knowledge/use: vocabulary, structures and language items which are introduced in a specific context and
practised in a controlled manner to the extent that students should be able to understand meaning and possibly
produce verbal and nonverbal responses in an exam setting which mirrors the learning experience.

Passive knowledge/use (shaded items): additional vocabulary, structures and language items which may be found in
textbooks or used in class and although students may be able to recognize them and understand their meaning, they
will not be tested on these language items for the present level.

Vocabulary is cumulative across levels and passive items are counted as part of the level they are listed in. For
example, a passive word in the primary 1 new word list (i.e., hamster) will not be repeated in the primary 2 new word
list. The general vocabulary list contains items from all 5 levels, Primary 1, Primary 2, EC 1, EC 2, ED First.

                                                                                                  Primary 2 Syllabus 