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					                            Maxine Ellis, R.N., B.S.N.
                       206-888-6328 24/7 E-Fax/Voice Mail


Clinical Nurse/Liposuction Botox Therapy May 2008 - Present
Assist Board Certified Cosmetologist/Physician with Liposuction – Cosmetic
 Monitor Vital Signs
Administer Medication while coordinating Patient Regimens
 Coordinate Cardiac Care while Monitoring Patient Telemetry
Maintain Surgical Asepsis
Coordinate patient care, monitor laboratory values with Physician Orders

January 2006 – June 2009
Clinical Nurse Instructor/Nurse Educator
American Nursing Network Annex, Inc./American International Institute of Health
 Clinical testing, career education, development and evaluation of Licensed
   Practical Nurses in an Acute/Long Term Care Setting, NCLEX Review
 Nursing Care Plans/Treatment Plan Monitoring and Development
 Utilization of Diagnostic Models, Case Management and educational videos
 Skilled planning and execution of special nursing projects during time-critical
   clinical rotations
 Psychiatric Rotations, Medical Surgical Rotations, Geriatric Clinical Rotation
 Proven ability to adapt quickly to challenges and changing medical
 Highly skilled at solving customer relations problems, providing expert and
   compassionate nursing care, while promoting patient safety
 Able to effectively communicate with students, customers and management
 High initiative, computer literate, organized, efficient and precise with strong
   management skills

Private Duty Nurse
 Direct patient care and advocacy
 Medication administration
 Vital Signs/Cardiac monitoring
 Counseling and education
 Charting, documentation and review
Medical Surgical Nurse/Cardiac Nurse
Medical Staffing Network
 Provided skilled nursing assessment of primary patients and family
 Participate in triage and extensive post-operative care and recovery
 Perform primary nursing care
 Promote learning via educational videos, brochures and specialized information
 Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills
 Performed medication assessments, administration and consult with physicians
   concerning medication regimens.
 Progressively responsible and sophisticated nursing experience in Orthopedic,
   Nursing, Cardiac Patient Care, Plastic Surgery, Alzheimer’s and Geriatric Care,
   Ophthalmology, Acute Medical Care, General Surgical, and Medical Surgical
   Nurse in Hospital, Clinical and Professional Health Care Settings.

OMV Medical Center on Assignment:
 Medical Surgical Nurse/Cardiac/Telemetry Nurse
 Cardiac Care Nurse
 Telemetry Nurse
 Intermediate Care Nurse with Telemetry
 Post Operative Triage, Medication Assessments, in Hospital, Professional Health
   and Clinical Care Settings
 Client Education and Teaching
 Team Health Care Player and Independent Nursing Consultant in triage,
   primary care, post-operative care and recovery
 Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills
 Medication Administration, I.V. Infusion and Assessments and Physician Patient
 Adhered to Client Confidentiality Protocols, Client Charting Goals and
   Physicians Statement of Necessity

Registered Nurse Supervisor of Home Health Care
Pediatric Services of America
 Coordinate provisions of home care for the Family: Mother/Well Baby
 Responsible for the home care of chronically ill pediatric clients
 Train, supervise, develop, support and review staff of 20-30 Nurses monthly
 Provide in service training/education for Licensed Practical Nurses
 Review Service plans for appropriations, cost and compliance with State
   Determine client eligibility according to age, finances and need
   Act as a liaison to service providers and community agencies
   Plan and implement Mother/Well Baby training programs
   Provide Diabetic Education to families and in service Diabetic Education to LPN
   Proven written and teaching demonstration skills for extensive education on
    tracheotomies for in-home care
   Supported parents and provided discharge teaching throughout home care
   Coordinate Medical Plan of Care with Doctors, family, hospital and State policy

         Dominican College of Blauvelt, Orangeburg, NY
         Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 1995

              University of the State of New York, Albany, NY
              Bachelor of Science in Biology, 1993

              Strayer University, Alexandria, Virginia,
              Candidate for Oct 2009 Graduation, MBA

              Dominican College Quality Student Program

          Maryland Registered Professional Nurse
          Virginia Registered Professional Nurse


              American Heart Association
              Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation BLS: CPR
              For Health Care Providers 2009-2011

REFERENCES: Available Upon Request
                              Maxine Ellis, R.N., B.S.N
                              14501 Cobblestone Drive
                              Silver Spring, MD 20905
                         206-888-6328 24/7 Voice Mail E-Fax

June 8, 2009

Dear Sir/Madam:

I believe that I have the combined clinical expertise and nursing management skills that
would qualify me as an ideal candidate for the PACU Nurse Educator opening that is
posted in the Human Resources Building at Shady Grove Hospital.

I am a dedicated professional capable of educating clients and working effectively with
physicians, nurses, laboratory and professional specialty groups and can offer more than
14 years of combined responsible experience in the health care field. My health care
experience ranges from Staff Nurse to Nursing Supervisor to a Nurse Educator/Clinical
Instructor and Liposuction/Cosmetic Surgery.

I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and my graduate studies have focused on
Business Management. My experience encompasses a sound knowledge of nursing,
quality assurance programs and in-service education programs. Throughout my career, I
have worked both independently and as part of a team on studies involving nursing
research trends and development, NCLEX RN and LPN State Board Review, PACU and
Recovery Care, staffing the nursing shortage, health care training, nursing education,
cardiology, sickle-cell anemia, diabetes and oncology.

I can be contacted at the above address, or at 206-888-6328 (Voice Mail and 24/7 E-Fax)
to arrange a mutually convenient time for a meeting. I am very interested in joining the
Clinical Nursing and Education/Recruiting Team at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital and
hope to speak with you soon.

Thank you for your consideration.


Maxine Ellis

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