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					Team Assignment Feeback Report

Below is a sample feedback report used for team assignments in this course that are evaluated
only by the instructor.

MA1630 – Team Assignment Review
Instructor: Brian Rague

Assignment: Team Assignment #1
Due: 9/18/08
Design Team: B

1. Assess the clarity and purpose of the Problem Statement (0 is lowest, 10 is highest):


2. Assess the strategies and algorithms used to solve the mathematics/computing problem,
including the clarity and conciseness of solution description (0 is lowest, 20 is highest):


3. Assess the clarity and content of the Summary (0 is lowest, 10 is highest): _________


4. Provide an assessment of any submitted algorithm/program by answering the question,
“Would I want to maintain this code base?” (0 is lowest, 10 is highest): _________


Code/Algorithm Performance (if required):

Program contains a complete and informative comment header: Yes
Program contains a complete and informative change log section: Yes

Program compiles without errors: Yes
Correct use of Java/C statements: Yes
Program logic clear and concise: Yes
Program executes according to specifications: Yes
Accommodates appropriate range of inputs: Yes
Output images are correctly rendered: Yes
Any output text is formatted and clear: Yes


Grade:   Items 1-4 Total:               50
         Code Performance Total :        50
         Total:                       100       out of 100