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					     Quality and Productivity of InkZone Move Now
    Extended to Digital and Flexo Printing Processes

                    InkZone Move
                    Digital & Flexo
InkZone Move, already an established color meas-                   measurements. Digital and Flexo printers now
urement solution for commercial print applica-                     have a complete package for quality control and
tions, is now available in a format specifically                   color consistency with a never-before seen price-
designed for digital and flexo printing applica-                   performance ratio.
tions. InkZone Move Digital & Flexo is both cost-
effective and easy to use. The Eye-One measure-
ment device from X-Rite is an integral part of the
system and supports both manual and automatic

Flexible use and simple operation            tones and shadows are reproduced            job information such as customer name,
The InkZone Move Digital & Flexo             within pre-established tolerances. In       job number, as well as color names and
(IZM Digital & Flexo) solution works         addition, neutral gray can be evaluated     values. Once created, color reference
both in manual and automatic mode.           to assess color balance between primary     values for different job substrates are
For manual monitoring, the user can          process colors. All measured patches        saved in a centralized library, along with
measure single elements across the           are represented in an additional chart      all measured data. JDF can be used to
substrate width during makeready or          as Delta E deviations from the target       access this information and combine it
production. Once measured, the color         color. At a glance, the IZM Digital &       with other job or customer information
results are displayed both graphically and   Flexo software shows if the measured        for reporting, data analysis and quality
as numeric values using the included         color values are within the established     control.
IZM Digital & Flexo software. Measured       tolerances so that corrective action can
results are compared to colorimetric         be taken.                                   Quality and Reliability
tolerances which can be tailored to                                                      IZM Digital & Flexo is the only solution
individual customer or process require-      Communicating Via JDF                       on the market that requires a single,
ments.                                       A key feature of the IZM Digital & Flexo    comparatively-inexpensive, scanning
    IZM Digital & Flexo is equally well-     measuring system is the clever support      device for both manual and automatic
suited for automated measurements via        of the Job Definition Format (JDF). Using   measurements. Unlike many other solu-
the Eye-One and the optional DC2/4/8         JDF, IZM Digital & Flexo can take advan-    tions in the market, IZM Digital & Flexo
motor drive. For each measured color,        tage of information previously entered      is specifically tailored to the needs of
the operator can evaluate solid and          into a Management Information System        flexo and digital printers in order to
tonal density to ensure highlights, mid-     (MIS), in order to automatically create     maintain high quality with an uncom-

InkZone Move Digital & Flexo: all relevant data for the            Simple presentation compares actual and target values for
process run and quality checks are displayed within seconds.       all color patches.
                                 Ph: 1300 889 124 Fx: 1300 889 125 Em: Web:
  InkZone Move Digital & Flexo

                                                                     The Advantages of InkZone Move Digital & Flexo
                                                        •   Use of the X-Rite Eye-One in the                  •   Data exchange is fully supported,
                                                            pressroom allows an inexpensive,                      based on industry-approved stan-
                                                            market-proven, spectrophotometer                      dards (JDF, XML, ASCII)
                                                            to take the place of more expen-                  •   Job files can be imported from
                                                            sive instruments used in competi-                     many MIS solutions in XML format
                                                            tive systems.                                         (customized formats can also be
                                                        •   The scanning process is fast and                      configured)
                                                            effective, and assures accurate                   •   The system allows manual meas-
                                                            measuring results                                     urement of color tones at any posi-
                                                        •   All color parameters can be meas-                     tion across the substrate width
                                                            ured easily with a single scan of a                   providing analysis of maximum
                                                            color control bar                                     Delta E and average Delta E (aver-
                                                        •   The software displays both graphi-                    age deviations over the whole pro-
                                                            cal and numerical values on a sin-                    duction run)
                                                            gle screen for easy interpretation                •   Graphic representation of spectral
                                                            and press color adjustment.                           curves allows for easy comparison
                                                                                                                  between proof and press run.

                                                                                           Technical Requirements
                                                                                           Technical Requirements
                                                        Hardware, Operating System, Software Applications
                                                        Hardware, Operating System, Software                      (dongle)
                                                        • Eye-One spectrophotometer from X-Rite
                                                                                                              •   1 free USB port with sufficient power supply for
                                                                                                              •   1 free USB port with sufficient power supply for
                                                        • Eye-One spectrophotometer from X-Rite                   the Eye-One measuring device
                                                          (firmware B, C, D or higher; version A not              the Eye-One measuring device
                                                          (firmware B, C, D or higher; version A not          •   1 free serial RS232 port for DC2, DC4 or DC8
                                                          applicable)                                         •   1 free serial RS232 port for DC2, DC4 or DC8
                                                        • Microsoft Windows XP Professional or
                                                                                                                  electrical drive
                                                                                                                  electrical drive
                                                        • Microsoft Windows XP Professional or                •   Touchscreen monitor (19’’ or larger)
                                                          Vista Business                                      •   touchscreen monitor (19’’ or larger)
                                                          Vista Business                                          strongly recommended
Fully automatic measurements                            • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.x or higher
                                                        • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.x or higher
                                                                                                                  strongly recommended
                                                        • 1 free USB port for the hardware protection key
with the Eye-One from X-Rite and                        • 1 free USB port for the hardware protection key
the optional DC 2/4/8 motor drive.

plicated solution. The objective meas-                                  Technical Data InkZone Move Digital & Flexo
urement of color control patches guar-                  Scan Function (Automatic Measuring Procedure)         Further Functions
antees process results based on data and                Visualization of a complete color chart and of five   • control compared to target values
tolerances, not on visual assessment                    tonal patches for up to twelve ink colors             • control compared to a measured proof
                                                        • as density values                                   • file backup of measurements to a centralized
and subjective press adjustments. Using                 • as Delta E                                            location (ASCII/XML)
IZM Digital & Flexo can help bring con-                 • as gray balance                                     • output of measurement logs using standard
                                                                                                                reporting software
sistency based on metrics to digital,                   Single Measurement (manually)                         • graphic visualization of measured data
packaging and label printers, reducing                  Visualization of the difference between target val-     (2-D CIELAB plot, Dot Gain)
costs and increasing quality.                           ue and actual value with reference to
                                                        • lightness                                           Color Bars
                                                        • color hue angle                                     Individual color bars for digital and flexo printing
 Technical Specifications for                           • Delta E                                             are included. User-defined color bars are also sup-
                                                                                                              ported. Patch sizes must be a minimum of 5 mm in
Optional Motor Drive DC2/4/8                            Numeric Readout                                       the scanning direction.
 •   electrical drive for automatic measurement of      • as Delta E
     printing control strips                            • as LAB value                                        Setting Target Values
 •   DC2/4/8: maximum scanning and paper length                                                               Target values for each print substrate are specified
     54 cm/21’’ (DC2); 77 cm/30’’ (DC4);                Monitoring of                                         by the user
     106 cm/41’’ (DC8)                                  • LAB coordinates of primary colors CMYK (L* a* b*)
 •   1 free USB port with sufficient power supply for   • dot gain of 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% patches
     the Eye-One measuring device                       • variation of tonal values
 •   1 free serial RS232 port for the drive control     • spot colors measurement

                                            Ph: 1300 889 124 Fx: 1300 889 125 Em: Web:

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