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									BUDGET 09/10

    A Message from
    the Prime Minister
    Supporting Jobs
    Dear Resident,

                                  Investing in nation
    This Budget is about
    Nation Building for
    Recovery. It stimulates
    the economy and helps
    cushion Australia from
    the full impact of the
                                  building infrastructure
    Global Recession, while       Kevin Rudd and Bernie Ripoll MP are
    also laying the foundation
    for a strong and more         supporting jobs today, by building the
    prosperous future.
    We took tough decisions
                                  infrastructure we need for tomorrow:
    to reduce debt and return       $4.6 billion to improve rail networks across
    to surplus after the Global     Australia.
    Recession, ensuring
    Australia’s net debt            $3.4 billion to upgrade highways across the
    remains the lowest of any       country.
    major advanced economy
                                    $3.2 billion for public hospital infrastructure,
    in the world.
                                    modern cancer services and medical research.
                                    $1.5 billion for new solar technologies, including
                                    up to 4 large-scale solar generation projects.
    Kevin Rudd                      $389 million to expand port infrastructure to
    Prime Minister
                                    boost Australia’s exports.
                                    $4.7 billion to start building the National
                                    Broadband Network, improving vital
                                    communications infrastructure.
                                    This Budget builds on the schools infrastructure
                                    package, the largest school modernisation
                                    program in Australia’s history.
    Upgrading Highways                                   National Broadband Network

Small Business
The Rudd Government is
boosting the highly successful
Tax Break for Small Business
by increasing it from 30 per cent
to 50 per cent for eligible assets.
Reduced Pay-As-You-Go
tax instalments in 2009-10
providing cash-flow relief for
more than one million small
businesses.                             Bernie Ripoll MP says the National Broadband Network will have
Upgrading or building new               real economic benefit for the Western Corridor, securing jobs and
facilities at every local school.       improving education and other services.

Boosting the building
industry by the construction of
20,000 new public and defence         Building a National
homes and increasing the first
home owners’ grant.
Installing ceiling insulation
                                      Broadband Network
                                      The Rudd Government has established a company to build and operate
and solar hot water systems           a new National Broadband Network. The Government will make an
in local homes.                       initial investment $4.7 billion towards an enhanced National Broadband
Building Community                    Network, which is estimated to cost up to $43 billion.
Infrastructure Through grants         The National Broadband Network will help secure long-term
given to every local council: $10     productivity growth, global economic competitiveness, the creation of
million for the development of        jobs and better delivery of services like education and health care.
Springfield Central Parkland – a      “The Rudd Government understands that access to affordable,
new community hub in the heart        fast broadband is increasingly essential to the way Australians
                                      communicate and do business.” Bernie Ripoll MP
of Greater Springfield.
                                      The National Broadband Network as a priority investment in
                                      infrastructure for Australia’s future.

                                       Mid term progress report of the
                                       Rudd Government available now!
                                                               The recently released mid-term progress report comes as Australia, along with
                                                               the rest of the world, faces the most difficult global economic conditions since
                                                               the Great Depression. 29 of the 30 OECD countries are in recession or have
                                                               experienced negative growth since the onset of the global crisis. This includes 8
                                                               of Australia’s top 10 trading partners.

                                                               The Government has taken strong and decisive action to cushion Australia from
                                                               the worst impacts of the global recession, by stepping in where the private sector
                                                               is in retreat, and supporting jobs and small business today by investing in the
                                                               nation building infrastructure we need for tomorrow.

                                                               The Government is also using its economic stimulus strategy to build the
                                                               infrastructure and skills that Australia needs both for the recovery and for our
                                                               long term economic productivity and growth. The Government has also put in
Our local MP Bernie Ripoll is                                  place a fiscal consolidation strategy, to return the budget to surplus once the
working with Kevin Rudd to                                     global economy recovers.

support local small businesses                                 If you would like to receive a copy of this report please contact Bernie Ripoll on
                                                               3818 3900.
during this Global Recession.
   New Rail Network                                               Investing in hospitals

                                   Local Jobs
                                      70% of the
                                    Rudd Stimulus
Kevin Rudd is investing in solar
and renewable energy sources.      is infrastructure
Solar Energy
The Rudd Government
will invest $1.5 billion to
support the growth of solar
energy generation and new
technologies and to reduce
carbon emissions. This will
stimulate economic activity
                                   Investing in hospitals
and support thousands of new       To improve our health system and stimulate economic
low pollution jobs.                activity, the Rudd Government is investing in hospitals,
The Australian Government is       health infrastructure, and the health workforce by:
committed to ensuring 20 per
cent of Australia’s electricity        Investing $1.5 billion to upgrade hospitals and clinical
comes from renewable sources           training infrastructure across Australia.
by 2020.                               Providing a massive $1.3 billion Health and Hospitals Fund
The $1.4 billion Solar Flagships       (HHF) investment in cancer infrastructure.
program will aim to create an          Investing $430 million in state-of-the-art research and
additional 1,000 MW of solar           clinical training facilities.
generation capacity.
                                       Providing more funding for training doctors including a
This ambitious target is three         35 per cent increase in GP training places and growing the
times the size of the largest          nursing workforce.
solar energy project
currently operating                    Providing more incentives to encourage more doctors
anywhere in the world.                 and nurses to work in rural areas to address severe
                                       health workforce shortages which the previous Government
                                       neglected for its 12 years in office.
    The largest school modernisation
    program in Australia’s history

                                                                                        The Daily Telegraph 4/2/2009
      To support thousands of small businesses and trades people the
      Rudd Government is investing in every school in the Territory.
           A new school library, multipurpose hall, or classroom upgrade to benefit
           all of Australia’s primary school students.
               500 new science labs or language centres for Australia’s secondary schools.
               Funding of between $50,000 and $200,000 for every school for
               maintenance and school building upgrades.

Funding the Ipswich                                                                     Nation Building Investment
Motorway Upgrade                                                                        in affordable housing
The Government will provide an additional $884 million to undertake additional works
on the Ipswich Motorway.
                                                                                        The Australian Government has received applications for more than 27,000 dwellings in
The Ipswich Motorway serves Brisbane’s south-west industrial and transport              Round 2 of the National Affordable Rental Scheme (NRAS).
hub. Seventy per cent of all Brisbane’s road and rail freight is destined for the
Wacol-Rocklea-Acacia Ridge area.                                                        But in a bid to immediately support jobs in the housing sector, incentives for 55 new
                                                                                        affordable rental properties in the electorate of Oxley are being built now and will soon be
The Government’s additional investment will:
                                                                                        ready for tenants.
•      provide for additional works on the Ipswich Motorway between Dinmore
                                                                                        Today’s announcement will see 30 new homes constructed in Calamvale and a further 25
       and Goodna
                                                                                        in Goodna.
•      support initial planning for an upgrade from Darra to Rocklea.
                                                                                        The National Rental Affordability Scheme aims to improve affordability in the private rental
Completion of the Ipswich Motorway upgrade will deliver greater road safety. It will    sector by requiring that the rent charged be at least 20 per cent below the market rate.
also help relieve traffic congestion.
                                                                                        By providing incentives to build new rental homes, the Australian Government is
Construction of the project is underway and is scheduled for completion in late 2012.   supporting jobs in the construction and building industry at a time when we need them
                                                                                        the most.
The Ipswich Motorway upgrade will deliver greater road
safety and relieve congestion

                                                                                            The National Rental Affordability Scheme supports jobs
                                                                                            and low to moderate income earners.

        STOP PRESS!                             Did you know that the Western Corridor is now benefiting from a massive infrastructure
                                                boom with 437 local projects worth nearly $87 million already announced under the
                                                Rudd Government’s Economic Stimulus Plan

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