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									Santa Clarita Valley Corvette Club
P.O. Box 1175
Canyon Country, CA 91351

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 Congrats To Car Show Winners         Page   4     You Know It‟s Not Your Day     Page   11
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   (Club events are in BLUE. Events in RED are for your info, but not necessarily SCVCC attending)
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Oct 16-18    Lone Pine Weekend Eastern Sierra Adventure - Our 1st weekend trip of the new year...A
Fri-Sun      California along Hwy 395. Lots planned including...well I can't tell you......Don't miss out on this
             one. 20 rooms reserved now. Make your reservation as soon as possible. Best Western
             Frontier Motel. (760) 876-5571....$79.00 per night which includes the 10% AAA rate. Contact
             Carey for more details.

Nov 1        Two Tujunga Run a.k.a “Lose Your Lunch Brunch” – This by far has been my favorite drive
Sun          of the year. We’ll be meeting at Denny’s parking lot (Hwy 14 @ Sand Canyon Road) Time to be
             determined. This drive gives you plenty of time turning the wheel, hitting the gas, and pressing
             the brake pedal. As usual, we'll divide into several groups. The 1st group will be those that
             prefer to drive a little faster than most & the 2 nd and 3rd groups will drive at a more leisurely pace.
             We'll stop midway to allow both groups to catch up with each other. Contact Fred and Howard for
             more details.

Nov 15       Mystery Run & Brunch – Well, if I said anything about it then it wouldn’t be a mystery!!! Greg
Sun          Attl will be organizing this and will be sending out a notice shortly on when and where to meet.

Dec 6        Motor4Toys – We ask that each guest bring along at least one new, unwrapped toy valued at
Sun          $10 or more. Come and join us for a beautiful, sunny day with the most spectacular high end
             autos the world has to offer. A caravan drive will be organized to the Anthem (Blue Cross)
             Building parking lot in the Warner Center as we can all arrive at the same time.

Dec 12       Christmas Party – new venue – 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant at Van Nuys airport. Great
Sat          food, awesome room, we’re looking for a HUGE turnout!!! Mark your calendars! Live music and
             dancing provided by the famous Blues Racket Band. There will be an optional gift exchange and
             charity toy collection. The best part…. It’s free for club members! Non-club members (spouses,
             girlfriends, and significant others) pay only $55. A flyer will be sent out shortly. Contact Howard
             Butler, Sara Seeley, or Moira Moe for additional details.

Dec 17       Christmas Lights Tour – Due to safety reasons and the overwhelming number of cars that wish
Thurs        to caravan with us, this year we’ll divide into groups of not more than 10 cars driving together.
             We will then all rendezvous at a pleasant destination for hot coffee, egg nog, and good cheer.
             Decoreting your car in holiday spirit is encouraged. We will be meeting at Route 66 Classic grill
             and will be leaving shortly after the social gathering ends. More information as it becomes

                                                 Sept / Oct 2009 President‟s Message

As I am writing this, we have just finished our 2009 Car Show. My hat goes off to Joe
Ryan and his henchman for putting this event together. As you look around the show,
you realize just how much goes into it. All the details large and small needed to be
addressed and the end result proved how well the planning was performed. A big
THANK YOU goes to the Club members that worked the booth processing application
forms, selling raffle tickets (didn‟t Mike McCloskey look cute in his apron?), selling
drinks, drawing and posting the prizes, tabulating the votes for the awards, and much
more. Once again, Howard Butler did a great job as our master of ceremonies.

My congratulations to the Club members that took top honors in their respective
categories. These are Joe Ryan for C1, Wayne Simon for C4, and Bill Thomas for C6.
And of course, Howard Butler won the People‟s Choice award. Who says money can‟t
buy happiness. 

We‟re heading into a wonderful time of the year. It is cooling down and we can actually
drive our cars with the windows down. The holidays are right around the corner and the
activities the AG‟s (activities guys) have set for us are outstanding. Check your
calendars and sign up for as many runs as you can make. Each one is different and
promises a day of fun. Who knows what Greg Attl has planned for us on the Nov. 15
Mystery Run, but I‟m sure it will be great. (No pressure Greg).

My cover car this month is a 1963 Corvette. Yes, it was a split window. The story goes
that Bill Mitchell, then Chief Designer (he took over from Harley Earl in 1958), gave the
car to his friend Pinin Farina, the founder of the Italian design house “Pininfarina” to
rebody the car any way he wished.

Thus, the “Rondine” was born, which loosely translates into Swallow, a bird with a
slender streamlined body, long pointed wings, a stubbed bill, and a long tail. The car
was altered to a nearly unrecognizable razor edged coupe with one-off taillights, a
recessed license plate box, tubular styled grille, and low slung eyelids that electronically
rotated to reveal fixed round headlights. Even the rear window could be opened at the
touch of a button. A total of four of these special Corvettes were built. It was originally
unveiled at the 1963 Paris Auto Show.

Paul Trock
President - SCVCC
     2009 Official Winners
      Corvette Car Show
C1 - 1st Place - Joe Ryan – White „54
C1 - 2nd Place – Chris Summerell Yellow „56
C1 - 3rd Place – Robert & Michaele Broline Red „62

C2 - 1st Place - Mike Patterson – Black Split Window ‟63 Coupe
C2 - 2nd Place – Peter & Ann Koretz ‟67 427
C2 - 3rd Place - Roberto Rodriguez ‟66 Blue roadster

C3 - 1st Place - #36 Patty Kemple – Red ‟69 Coupe
C3 - 2nd Place - #84 Rob Bitner Red „73
C3 - 3rd Place - #30 Russ Obarski – Green ‟73 Coupe

C4 - 1st Place - #16 Wayne Simon – Red ‟91 ZR-1 Coupe
C4 - 2nd Place - #90 Rick & Wendy Aldrich ‟96 coupe
C4 - 3rd Place - #62 Dan Rodriguez ‟96 Grand Sport

C5 - 1st Place - #75 Randy Lastrapes Custom Flame „02
C5 - 2nd Place - #58 Howard Butler – Blue „ 04 Z06 “Le Mans Commemorative
C5 - 3rd Place - #91 Jeff Smith ‟04 Z06 Le Mans Blue Commemorative Edition

C6 - 1st Place - #10 Bill & Judy Thomas – Black ‟08 Z51Supercharged Coupe
C6 - 2nd Place - #68 Ron & Helen Tanabe ‟07 Yellow Z06
C6 - 3rd Place - #92 John Gavagnini ‟07 Z06

People's Choice Award - #58 Howard Butler - Blue „ 04 Z06 “Le Mans
Commemorative Edition”

                    Pictures and a story to follow next month!!!
Business Meeting on the 1st Thursday of each Month
             Social Hour at 6:00 p.m. Meeting at 7:30 p.m.
                Marie Callender‟s
                27630 The Old Road (at Magic Mountain)

            Next Business Meeting: November 5, 2009

Social Gathering on the 3rd Thursday of each Month
             Social Hour and dining at 6:30 p.m.
                    Route 66 Classic Grill
                    18730 Soledad Canyon Rd (Edward‟s Entertainment Ctr.)
                    Canyon Country
            Next Social Gathering: October 15, 2009

      September / October Birthdays

                      Milt Pollack                             Sept 2nd
                       Johnny Percivalle                       Sept 14th
                        Chris Kirksey                          Sept 16th
                         Greg Kushiner                         Sept 18 th
                         Mike “Clutch” McCloskey              Sept 21th
                           Brett Papworth                      Sept 22nd
                            Don Lee                           Sept 22nd
                              Pam Kirksey                     Sept 24th

                            Moira Moe                         Oct 2nd
                            Joel Ogden                        Oct 5th
                          Barbara Walker                      Oct 14th
                         Marcia Stern                        Oct 14th
                       Lou Stablie                           Oct 15th
                     Jeff Hernandez                          Oct 17th
                    Russ Randall                             Oct 21th
                   Nancy Noski                               Oct 27th
                  Marcia Stern                               Oct 14th
                Maureen Felts                                Oct 30th

                             Meeting Minutes
                                  Recorded by Wayne Simon, Secretary

Minutes of Aug 6, 2009 Meeting

      Meeting was called to order by Paul Trock at 7:30pm.
      Minutes of July 2, 2009 meeting were read by Wayne Simon and approved by the
      Treasurer’s Report was presented by Dick Gauthier who said “we have money”.
      Membership: Pat Attl said we currently have 92 members. Channing Licon received his
       club jacket. He then showed us his C6 Corvette tattoo. Linda Nobel took pictures. Guest
       Matt Chaplan said his father has a 1990 ZR1, 1000 miles, in storage for 20 years! Guest Ron
       Posen showed us samples of the plenum covers he manufactures.
      Activities: Sara Seeley introduced Nicholas Holden of the Painted Turtle. Nicholas thanked
       us for our support of the charity and for showing our cars to the kids. Fred Seeley thanked
       Carey Moorehead and Greg Attl for their work on putting together future events through
       June, 2010. Upcoming events: Fred mentioned the BBQ at the McCloskey’s, and our
       September 20th trip to the Huntington Library and Gardens. Carey Moorehead mentioned the
       Lone Pine overnight trip on Oct.16, 17, and 18. Bob Siecke went over the Bowling Green
       trip itinerary. Howard Butler said all 26 tickets for the August 22 nd “Margarita Madness” trip
       have been sold.
      Quartermaster Bill Thomas introduced some new shirt colors and said he’s taking orders.
      50/50 Raffle for $103 was won by Nicholas Holden of the Painted Turtle.
      “Badge It or Lose It” drawing for $60 was won by Ruth Gauthier.
      Old Business: Bill Thomas said he spoke to Bill Jensen, Sr. who is recuperating from a
       fracture. Linda Ogden said she would organize a sign up list for anyone wishing to prepare
       meals to take to Bill during his recovery.
      New Business: Joe Ryan spoke about our upcoming car show. He needs our entry forms in
       ASAP. We are also in need of raffle prizes, donations, and gift certificates for the show.
      Car Talk: Jeff Hernandez said our SCVCC license plate frames are in and cost $36 each.
       There are three extra ones available. Also, Jeff said to check out Cruise Night in Van
       Nuys—every 2 nd Wednesday of the month, and Friday night gatherings at Telly’s in Castaic.
       Ed Hoffman mentioned that his 1993 ZR-1 received the first ZR-1 “Dave Hill” mark of
       excellence award.
      Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.

                              Meeting Minutes
                                  Recorded by Wayne Simon, Secretary

Minutes of Sept 3, 2009 Meeting

      Meeting was called to order by Paul Trock at 7:30pm.
      Minutes of August 6th, 2009 meeting were read by Wayne Simon and approved by the
      Treasurer’s report was presented by Dick Gauthier.
      Membership: Moira Moe was filling in for Pat Attl and introduced 5 guests. Tony Napoli,
       who has a 1969 white coupe; Matt Chaplin who has a 1990 red ZR1; Chet Morris who has a
       2005 coupe; and Tom and Elyse Couples, Tom has a blue 2006 , and Elyse has a blue 2008
       ZO6. Jeff and Maureen Felts received their club jackets.
      Activities: Carey Moorehead said 49 people are signed up for the September 5 th BBQ at the
       McCloskey’s. The Lone Pine trip on Oct. 16 th, 17th, and 18th has 11 cars signed up. Fred
       Seeley spoke about the Sept 20 th trip toe the Huntington Library/Museum, and there are 21
       people signed up to go.
      Quartermaster’s Report: Bill Thomas says to check out our new club t-shirt colors. Also, we
       have the new beer steins for sale at $12.00 each.
      Newsletter: Howard Butler was not at the meeting.
      50/50 Raffle for $83.00 was won by Jim Bancroft.
      “Badge It or Lose It” drawing for $20.00 was NOT won by Mike McCloskey because he didn’t
       have his badge.
      Paul Trock read the names of the 9 members with September birthdays.
      Old Business: Joe Ryan noted that we could use more raffle prizes and volunteers for our
       October 3rd car show. Forty participants are signed up.
      New Business: See Bill Thomas for more information on the November 30 th through
       December 5th Second Annual Corvette Cruise to the Cayman Islands. Four couples have
       signed up. A January 2010 Temecula Hot-Air Balloon weekend versus a Ventura Day trip was
       discussed and voted upon. The Ventura trip was the winner—further information to follow.
      Car Talk: Rydell Chevrolet in Northridge is raffling off a new Camaro on October 4 th, and
       tickets are $100 each. Jeff Hernandez gave an update on the group of members who traveled
       to Bowling Green. At the Bowling Green assembly plant Pat Attl was selected to start a new
       Corvette on the assembly line. Also, Jeff mentioned the September 26 th “Cruisin for a Cure”
       event to benefit the City of Hope for prostate cancer research and treatment. Lastly, West
       Coast Corvettes will give up a club discount. Fred Seeley mentioned a track day on September
       16th at Willow Springs and invited all members to come join him, Jeff, and Wayne.

      The meeting was adjourned at 8:13pm.

                    Corvette Obsession – The Tattoo Story
                                   By Channing Licon with preface by Howard Butler

Kings and commoners. Sailors and prisoners. Tribsman and sweethearts. All have shared one thing: the art of
the tattoo.

Evidence from ancient Egypt, Greenland, Siberia, and New Zealand shows how truly global the tattooer's art is —
and how old. In fact, tattooing had existed for thousands of years before England's Captain Cook encountered it
in the South Pacific in 1769. Merchant and naval seamen soon spread the art to Europe and America. But while
its meaning has varied from people to people and from place to place, tattooing has most often served as a sign
of social status, as a mark of one's passage through life, or simply as a way to beautify the body.

Once regarded in the West as frightening and repulsive, the tattoo has enjoyed great popularity in our own culture
in recent years. Everywhere we look today — movies, advertisements, television-are signs that people of all
walks of life appreciate and practice the art of the tattoo.

Here’s a first hand account as told by a SCVCC member, Channing Licon…

                              I don't have anything really exciting to say about the tattoo. I have been telling
                              people I was going to get a tattoo for quite a while, but could not think of anything
                              worthwhile. I have been told that a tattoo has to mean something special because
                              it's permanent. I almost got "YOUR NAME" on my left butt cheek but decided
                              against it. I may still get that after a few drinks! We'll see...

                              Below the C6 logo is "CLICON6". That's been my e-mail address for several
                              years...about youngest is 13. The "C" is for Channing, "LICON" is my last
                              name and "6" is the number of people in my family: me, my wife and 4 kids = 6. I'm
                              sure glad we did not have any more kids because I would have had to wait for the

It took some time to get the Corvette letter font and to make
the logo just the right size. Especially since my arms are so
big and I did not want the logo to appear inferior!! The font is
not standard and I was able to get it from the Corvette
Forum. I printed out several samples and taped them to my
arm. I almost got a temporary tattoo to put it on for a
while and see if I liked it before taking the plunge, but my wife
just rolled her eyes and said "just do it!" Kind of like when I
called her from the dealership - three times...on the same
day! - and asked her if I should buy the Corvette in the
showroom. Once again, she said, "just buy it already!" I think
she got tired of me talking about getting a Corvette since we
got's been several years, yes, several December, it will be 22! (c;)!!!

I'm am so glad I got the tattoo and, of course, even happier that I got "Vettie"...she makes my Fridays pretty
          Margarita Madness and a Train Ride to Nowhere
                                    By Moira Moe, Cub Reporter

Trains are fun. Trains, Margaritas, and dancing under the stars are a blast! Twenty six
SCVCC people on the same train as members of the Orange County Singles Club ~

It was a hot summer night and we were ready to
play…how much fun can we have celebrating
Howard‟s birthday while enjoying a margarita
party? We can have A WHOLE LOTTA fun! The
train cars were decorated for the festivities, and
there were plenty of folks looking to have a good
time. The Margaritas weren‟t exactly „free flowing‟,
but if you were willing to pony up some cash, they
were pretty tasty and packed a serious Jose
Cuervo punch. We think the bartender was „new‟.
He sure wasn‟t prepared for the pitcher orders he
was receiving from the entire train – all at once!

                                       The food was unremarkably ordinary. This was a
                                       surprise because the Murder Mystery train ride we
                                       had last year the food was very good. Oh well,
                                       different event, different caterer. The margaritas
                                       were still good. People had started to pass thro ugh
                                       our dining car headed to the bar car and the dancing
                                       under the stars car. Several of our party decided to
                                       meet some of the strangers and found that they
                                       were all from Orange County and this was a Singles
                                       Mixer event. How fortunate for us ~ crazy people out
                                       for a fun evening!

So the party moved to the outdoor dance floor
where the band had begun to play some great
disco dance tunes. The weather was perfect and it
was a few days past a full moon, the stars were
plentiful, and the air temperature was perfect.
Some SCVCC folks actually danced, the rest of us
enjoyed the music and watched the „swinging
singles‟ have Saturday Night Fever. Photos prove
there was a fun time being shared.

We returned to our dining car, Howard opened a few novelty gifts, and we all had a few
laughs. There were entertaining quotes for the evening, but I failed to write them down and

the Cuervo erased them from my short-term memory banks. I do recall Renee being
obsessively pouring glasses of water for people (that no one wanted *wink*).

When the train pulled back into Fillmore Station we headed towards our cars and realized
there had not been a dessert served .. and what meal is complete without dessert? You‟ll
never guess (or believe) where we ended up … so I‟ll tell you. Marie Callender‟s main
dining room. I know, hard to believe! There were ice cream sundaes, pies a la mode, and
adult coffee beverages around the table. More chuckles, crazy recounts of the events of
the evening, and another perfectly wonderful event with great friends.

                                       Did Howard actually end up on the front page of
                                       the Orange County Singles newsletter???

         You Know It‟s Not Your Day When…
                                      By Mike McCloskey

Twenty-four years ago when I had the honor of leading this great club as President, I was
presented a problem by the Board. It seemed that guests and new members were not
always made welcome or at least they felt that way. I gave the issue considerable thought
then, at the next board meeting, I made the following suggestion: I concluded that it was
difficult for a newbie or guest to approach the old timers and the seasoned members were
hesitant to greet the new folks only because they didn‟t know each others names. We all had
name tags but they were seldom worn. How „bout the club puts up $10 per meeting and it
goes to the name drawn from the hat, provided they are wearing their name tag? We‟ll call it
“Badge it or Loose it”. The Board approved my suggestion.

For the next 24 years I faithfully wore my badge to every meeting and event, after all, it was
my bright idea! My name was NEVER drawn from the hat. The first Thursday of last month I
decided I‟d make a run to Burbank to pick up the brats for the End of Summer BBQ the
following Saturday. My plan was to get home in time to change clothes and put on my badge
before going to the meeting. The traffic was horrid and it took much longer than I had
expected. I decided I couldn‟t make it home and still get to the meeting on time so I went
directly to Marie Callender‟s. When it was time for “Badge it or Loose it”, I elbowed my
buddy, John Noble, and said watch this. This is the first time I have not worn my badge to a
meeting in 24 years and they‟ll pull my name. You guessed it! They did. That‟s my story
and I‟m stickin‟ to it.

                                  SCVCC Officers 2009 / 2010

           Office                   Name         Telephone               Email address

         PRESIDENT               PAUL TROCK       --------------

       VICE- PRESIDENT           CHRIS NOSKI     661-644-1561

         SECRETARY               WAYNE SIMON     661-296-1264

         TREASURER              DICK GAUTHIER    661-424-0271

       QUARTERMASTER             BILL THOMAS     661-2951216

         MEMBERSHIP               PAT ATTL       661-799-8979



FUN RUN ACTIVITES COORDINATOR      CAREY          --------------


   COMUNICATIONS OFFICER          MOIRA MOE      818-367-7020

     NEWSLETTER EDITOR          HOWARD BUTLER    805-338-7561

         WEBMASTER                   DEBI         --------------


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