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Georgia Municipal Court Clerks - PDF by lonyoo


									                                                  Georgia Municipal Court Clerks
                                                  Continuing Education Providers
                                    Pre-approved by the Georgia Municipal Courts Training Council

 Provider & Subjects ________            Contact Telephone           Contact Email & website __          __    Contact Person (s)_

Georgia Superior Court Clerks’           404-327-7320 (local)                     Rachel Rice
Cooperative Authority                    866.847-4058 (toll free)                     Julie Maher
                                         404.327.7325 (fax)                 Maureen Miranda
“Fines and Fees”                         866.847.4105 (toll free

Department of Driver Services           678.413.8444 (office)                        Cheryl Vicente
                                        678.413-8882 (fax)
“Traffic Laws Updates “ &                                  
 “GECPS Procedures”

Carl Vinson Institute                   706.542.3512                             Catherine Bennett
  of Government                         706.542.9534                                Jean Lord

“Certificate Program for city                              
and county clerks”

Georgia Department of History           678.364.3791                          Andrew S. Taylor
and Archives                            678.364.3860 (fax)

“Record Retention and Record                              
Georgia Council of Court                770-898-7623                            Will Simmons
“Court management &
Certificate program”
Georgia Crime Information               Central West                   Adrianne Smith
Center (GCIC)                           North-East                    Christina Watts
                                        North-West                         Bill Tatum
“Automated Criminal Histories”          Metro-Atlanta                   Cheryl Payton
“T.A.C. Conference”                     Central-East                   Bonita Preston
                                        Southwest                             Cortne Brent
                                        Southeast                           Michelle Daniel

NOTE: Continuing education credit hours for the mandatory training requirements for municipal court clerks are only available from
these listed providers every other year.

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