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DATE: March 5, 2009

PURPOSE OF MEETING: Regular meeting.

OPENING: The Muskingum Township Trustees met in regular session on March 5,
2009 at 7:00 p.m. in the Township Hall. All trustees and fiscal officer were present.

The minutes of the February 5, 2009 meeting were read and approved.

The checks were approved and signed for payment.

Steve Fusner made a motion to move into executive session regarding employee issues.
Jerry Miller seconded.

Jerry Miller moved to reconvene into regular session. Bunting Seconded.

All trustees agreed tat the bills submitted from the fire department that was not pre-
approved, or had purchase orders was going to be the responsibility of the fire department
for payment. Fire Department was advised at the September 4th, 2008 meeting, when the
minutes were read at the October 4th, 2008 meeting, the re-organizational meeting and
when those minutes were read at the February 4th, 2009 meeting that all purchases must
be pre-approved by the trustees and/or purchased order given before purchasing.

Fire Chief John Benson asked the trustees in regards to the bills being denied for
payment, what the fire levy was for. If it is for Fire Equipment, etc. Miller said that is
what the levy is for, but that purchase orders/pre-approval is needed before hand.

Jerry Miller asked Chief Benson that he would like Jon William’s personal file. Benson
stated it is at the fire department and he will copy everything in his file and give to the
trustees. Benson submitted a run sheet and the remainder of the driver’s license and
proofs of insurance. Benson further advised that it is still an ongoing investigation with
the computer incident. And also advised that they have applied for their drug license for
getting the squad up and running, but that there is a lot of procedural things that need to
be done and it takes a lot of time. Benson advised they will be conducting their Blood
Borne Pathogen training and submitted the PowerPoint preparation.

Chief Benson submitted again, and estimate for garage door openers for the fire house.
The estimate is $2790.72, and said the fire department would pay $2000.00 and asked if
the trustees would pay the balance. All trustees agreed to pay the balance of $790.72 for
the garage door openers. Benson also asked about getting 5 door closures with key locks
and asked if the trustees would purchase those. Jerry Miller advised for Benson to get
estimates on these door closures and Benson advised he will get them to the trustees.
Benson said he still does not have any paperwork from Jody Armstrong. Chief Benson
asked about transferring the fire levy money to the fire department and they could handle
their own expenses. He wanted to know about paving in front of the new fire building.
Benson said he will get copies and resubmit. Also asked about the status of the
breezeway between the two buildings. Fusner stated they are still waiting for the details
of the water hookup, as that must be done first. Miller tabled the addition until next
meeting. Fusner seconded.

In October 2009 the State Fire School will be held at our Fire Department. He wanted to
know what kind of funding the Trustees will do for this school. Trustees agreed that the
funding for this school would come from the Fire Fund.

Benson said they need about $1100.00 worth of equipment for pieces and parts for their
trucks to match up to Dresden’s trucks.

Jerry Miller submitted equipment from Jon Williams to the fire department. Equipment
included a mask, radio and the “710” that was on Williams’ helmet. Charles Mattingly
also turned in his radio, minus a pager, as he stated it was lost.

Mr. Parker from the Ohio Plan Insurance wanted to leave some literature in regards to
insuring our township.

Jerome Durant would like some road work done in the Georgia Road/Virginia Road area.
Stated it needs repaved. Fusner stated the trustees will look at the roads and Miller said
they will take it under advisement.

Jerry Miller requested to put a bid out for a new backhoe. And to also put a bid out for
selling the old backhoe. Fusner seconded. Stating that the bids will be opened Thursday,
March 26, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. at the township hall. Miller also stated that the bids for the
cemetery mowings will also be opened at this time.

Jerry Miller moved to go into executive session with John Benson and Brian Williams to
remain. Fusner Seconded.

Miller moved to reconvene back into regular session with Fusner seconding.

Trustees agreed to have Brian Williams lead the investigation of the Taser issue that
happened at the fire house with a minor.

Karen Maniaci wanted to know when the road crew would start sweeping the streets. She
was advised as soon as they are sure it isn’t going to snow anymore.

Miller moved to adjourn. Seconded by Fusner. All ayed.

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