Housing Options for People with Disabilities

					Housing Options for
People with Disabilities

Department of
Housing and
Works offers a
range of housing
options to assist
people with
>>> The Department of Housing and Works offers a
      range of housing options to help people with
      disabilities access appropriate and affordable
      housing. This includes singles, couples, families,
      people who wish to share and people who need
      to live with a carer. Options include:
      v Mainstream rental housing:
        - Home modifications to make housing
          more accessible.
         - Purpose-built rental accommodation.

      v Home loans to purchase, build or
        modify private homes.

      v Community housing options, where the
        Department provides housing to non-profit
        organisations which manage the
        accommodation for clients with

      v Rental bond assistance loan.

>>> Who is eligible?
    Assistance is available to people with an
    intellectual, physical, cognitive, neurological,
    HIV/AID’s, sensory or psychiatric impairment.
    The disability must be permanent or likely to be
    permanent, and impact on housing requirements
    (ie building design, proximity to services and/or
    support needs).

    You must also meet Department of Housing
    and Works income limits. These limits are higher
    than for our other customers, recognising the
    additional costs faced by people with disabilities.

>>> Rental Accommodation
    Homeswest can assist you with accommodation
    by allocating existing housing, modifying a home
    or purpose building an appropriate home for
    you and/or your family. If you require urgent
    accommodation please ask for assistance at any
    Department of Housing and Works Office.
    Applicants can also apply for a Bond assistance loan
    to assist with renting privately.

    If you are a Homeswest tenant please contact your
    Accommodation Manager who will discuss your
    housing needs with you.

    If required a Homeswest Occupational Therapist will
    determine what modifications are needed in your

>>> Home Ownership
    The Department’s Access Home Loan Scheme is
    structured to assist people with disabilities buy or
    build their own home or modify an existing home
    to cater for their disability needs.

    People on Disability Support Benefits and their
    carers in receipt of a Centrelink Payment can apply
    for this loan. This Loan program will also assist
    people with disabilities to refinance mortgages
    where income has been reduced permanently
    because of a disability.

    For further information on disability housing
    services, contact your nearest Department of
    Housing and Works office, listed on the back of
    this brochure, or call:

    Community housing options
    (08) 9222 8167
    (08) 9222 4897
    Home Finance Options
    (08) 9429 4000

>>> Community Housing
    The Department of Housing and Works manage
    a number of programs to help community
    organisations provide housing for people who need
    support to live independantly in the community.

    The Community Disability Housing Program
    provides housing to non-profit community
    organisations, regional housing associations, local
    government, government and non government
    agencies, who manage the accommodation for their

    Tenants must be people with a disability who
    meet income and other eligibility criteria for public

    The Department of Housing and Works also
    participates in joint venture arrangements with
    community organisations and agencies which
    contribute land and other resources to establish
    housing projects in partnership with the

    Department of Housing
    and Works Offices

    Head Office                     Fremantle
    99 Plain Street                 42 Queen Street
    East Perth 6004                 Fremantle, 6160
    Tel: (08) 9222 4666             Tel: (08) 9430 0300
    Toll free: 1800 093 325         Kwinana
    City Office                     Shop 7
    605 Wellington Street           Hub Commercial Centre
    Perth 6000                      40 Meares Avenue
    Tel: (08) 9476 2444             Kwinana 6167
                                    Tel: (08) 9439 0300
    METROPOLITAN OFFICES            Mandurah
    Mirrabooka                      11 Pinjarra Road,
    6 Ilkeston Place                Mandurah 6210
    Tel: (08) 9344 0555             Tel: (08) 9535 5788
    21 Old Great Northern Highway   SOUTHERN
    Midland 6056                    Albany
    Tel: (08) 9250 9191             131 Aberdeen Street
    Cannington                      Albany 6330
    17 Manning Road                 Tel: (08) 9842 0444
    Cannington 6107                 Katanning
    Tel: (08) 9356 0444             30 Richardson Street
    Armadale                        Katanning 6317
    Unit 1, 42 Commerce Avenue      Tel: (08) 9821 1822
    Armadale 6112                   Narrogin
    Tel: (08) 9497 1600             Government Building
    Bentley                         Park Street, Narrogin 6312
    Brownlie Towers                 Tel: (08) 9881 1299
    28/32 Dumond Street,
    Bentley 6102
    Tel: (08) 9458 3020

    SOUTH WEST                    MID WEST / GASCOYNE
    Bunbury                       Geraldton
    22 Forrest Avenue             Union Bank Building
    Bunbury 6230                  201 Marine Terrace
    Tel: (08) 9792 2111           Geraldton 6530
    Busselton                     Tel: (08) 9923 4444
    Suite 4, 8-10 Prince Street   Carnavon
    Busselton 6280                30 Robinson Street
    Tel: (08) 9752 4388           Carnarvon 6701
    Manjimup                      Tel: (08) 9941 1129
    Unit 10, 30-32 Rose Street    Meekatharra
    Manjimup 6258                 Main Street
    Tel: (08) 9771 1200           Meekathara 6642
                                  Tel: (08) 9981 1115
    220 Hannan Street             South Hedland
    Kalgoorlie 6430               Cnr Brand & Tonkin Sts
                                  South Hedland 6721
    Tel: (08) 9093 5200
                                  Tel: (08) 9172 0800
    Balmoral Square
                                  3-5 Welcome Road
    The Esplanade
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    Esperance 6450
                                  Tel: (08) 9144 1707
    Tel: (08) 9071 2046
    Merredin                      KIMBERLEY
    44 Mitchell Street            Broome
    Merredin 6415                 Frederick Street
    Tel: (08) 9041 1744           Broome 6725
    Northam                       Tel: (08) 9192 0100
    McIver House                  Derby
    297 Fitzgerald Street         Lot 265 Loch Street
    Northam 6401                  Derby 6728
    Tel: (08) 9622 1500           Tel: (08) 9191 1411
                                  563 Banksia Street
                                  Kununurra 6743
                                  Tel: (08) 9168 1588
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