Quotes+from+The+House+on+Mango+Street by liwenting


									                                       Quotes from The House on Mango Street

Instructions: Most of the following quotes are figures of speech that reveal something about the people
and places that are part of Esperanza’s life, and what she feels about them. They provide insight into how
she views her world. Explain what each quote reveals or implies about how Esperanza sees the part of
her world that the quote examines (See the example below and then do all the rest).

Example: “But even so, it’s not the house we thought we’d get.” (p. 3)

Response: The narrator and her family had dreamed of a bigger house, one that was more spacious,
which would accommodate all of them. Instead, they moved into a house with one bedroom that they all
had to share. Nonetheless, it was better than the apartment they had lived in.

“Stairs inside like the houses on T.V.” (p. 4)

“Hair that smells like bread” (p. 7)

“I am a red balloon, a balloon tied to an anchor” (p. 9)

“Laughing the crooked ride back.” (p. 16)

“Fat Popsicle lips” (p. 17)

“The nose of that yellow Cadillac was all pleated like an alligator’s” (p. 25)

“Those two green apples you call eyes” (p. 27)

“The tortilla star” (p. 31)

“You can never have too much sky” (p. 33)

“You are like the Cream of Wheat cereal.” (p. 37)

“My feet swell big and heavy like plungers” (p. 47)

“Ready and waiting like a new Buick with the keys in the ignition” (p. 49)

“A home in the heart: (p. 64)

“Leap and somersault like an apostrophe and comma” (p. 71)

“Eyes like Egypt and nylons the color of smoke” (p. 81)

“Sad like a house on fire” (p. 84)

“They smiled and waved in their smoky way.” (p. 105)

“You are Mango Street: (p. 107)

“House quiet as snow” (page 108)

“The house I belong to but do not belong to” (page 110)

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