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                                             Wayne Swan – Your Federal Member for Lilley                                                                      Edition 2, 2009

Historic Nation Building Budget
                                                                                                                           Budget 09
                                                                                                                           Welcome to this special Budget edition of
                                                                                                                           the Northside Community News. The budget
                                                                                                                           was forged in the fire of the most challenging
                                                                                                                           global economic conditions since the Great
                                                                                                                           Depression. It is a Budget that supports jobs
                                                                                                                           today by investing in the infrastructure we need
                                                                                                                           for tomorrow. In the worst of economic times
                                                                                                                           it is a nation building Budget, carefully crafted
                                                                                                                           to bolster employment now, construct a solid
                                                                                                                           foundation for future growth, and position us to
                                                                                                                           capitalise on the global recovery when it comes.
                                                                                                                           This Budget’s one central task: Nation Building
                                                                                                                           for the Recovery. We are investing $22 billion
                                                                                                                           in the infrastructure our nation needs to grow
                                                                                                                           and prosper in the years ahead. In this Budget
                                                                                                                           the Rudd Government has taken momentous
                                                                                                                           steps forward by investing in a Paid Parental
                                                                                                                           Leave scheme and increasing the pension. We
                                                                                                                           are supporting small businesses by providing
                                                                                                                           immediate additional assistance by increasing
                                                                                                                           the Tax Break to 50 per cent. The Budget also
                                                                                                                           charts our path back to surplus after the global
                                                                                                                           recession wiped more than $200 billion off
                                                                                                                           government revenue. The Government has a
The centrepiece of this Budget is the $22 billion         recession in living memory. Our nation building Budget           clear strategy that is currently expected to see
the Government is investing in the infrastructure         is focussed on roads, rail, ports, clean energy and              the Budget return to surplus in 2015-16. It is true
our nation needs to grow and prosper in the               universities across Australia, including locally in Lilley.      that the economy will recover strongly and that
years ahead.                                              Nation Building for the Recovery has become                      Australia will be better placed than many other
this Budget is the third stage of the government’s        Australia’s central task; the central task of this               nations to grasp the opportunities presented by
economic stimulus plan, which is working to help          Government and the central task of this Budget.                  the recovery because of our early and decisive
cushion the local economy from the worst global                                                                            stimulus action.
                                                            More Budget details page 2
  The Rudd Government’s Budget includes:

       An historic $22 billion investment in the
       nation’s infrastructure. Building ports, roads
       and rail to support jobs now, and laying
                                                          Simpler, more flexible pension system
       the foundations for a stronger and more            The Government will provide an additional $1,689 a year to full rate single pensioners and $527 a year
       prosperous future;                                 to full rate pensioner couples (combined).
       An increase of $20 billion to rebuild hospitals;   this brings the total value of pension payments for singles to two‑thirds (66 per cent) of the couple combined
                                                          package, in line with a key finding of the Harmer Pension review.
       An extension of the First Home Owner’s             All pensioners, including couples (combined) will receive at least $527 additional per year.
       Boost for an extra six months with a phase‑        these reforms give pensioners more financial security and flexibility in how they receive their payments. the reforms
       out period starting on October 1 this year;        will simplify the complex maze of pensioner payments and make the system fairer and sustainable into the future.
       Another major boost to our highly successful                                                                     New Pension                  Annual Carer
       Tax Break for small businesses, increasing                                         Base Rate increase            Supplement* increase         Supplement
       it from 30 per cent to 50 per cent for eligible     Full Rate Single
       assets;                                                                            $30.00/week                   $2.49/week
       An extra $32.49 per week to full rate single        Full Rate Couple                                             $10.14/couple/week
       pensioners and $10.14 per week combined to          Pensioners
       couple pensioners;                                  Full Rate Single Disability    $30.00/week                   $2.49/week
       More assistance for carers at a total cost of       Full Rate Single Carer
       $1.8 billion over five years;                                                      $30.00/week                   $2.49/week                   $1200/year (if also
                                                                                                                                                     in receipt of Carer
       Building on the Education Revolution with           Full Rate Couple Carer                                                                    Allowance)
       a $5.7 billion investment over four years to        Payment
       deliver reforms across the higher education                                                                                                   $600/year for each person
                                                           Carer Allowance
       and innovation sectors; and                                                                                                                   in care
                                                           Wife Pensioners                $30.00/week                   $2.49/week                   $600/year
       investing $731 million over five years to
       implement a Paid Parental Leave scheme             *the new Pension supplement replaces separate allowances for Gst, Utilities, telephone/internet and
       starting from 1 January 2011.                      Pharmaceuticals. the Pension supplement will be paid fortnightly. After 1 July 2010, pensioners may elect to receive
                                                          about half the value of the supplement quarterly.

    Nation Building Budget Highlights
Historic Paid                                                  Government assistance                                      First Home Owners
Parental Leave                                                 to small business                                          Boost
                                 The Rudd                      Small businesses are the backbone of the                                                    The First Home
                                 Government will               Australian economy, employing around half                                                   Owners Boost (FHOB)
                                 deliver an historic           of all private sector workers. That is why in                                               has supported
                                 Paid Parental Leave           this budget the government is providing                                                     employment and
                                 (PPL) scheme to               a package of measures to support small                                                      helped 59,000
                                 support Australian            businesses.                                                                                 Australians buy
                                 families and prepare                                                                                                      their first home.
                                 Australia for the                 increase and extend the Small Business                                                  Because it’s been so
                                 economic and social               and General Business Tax Break for small                                                successful the boost
                                 challenges of the                 businesses from 30 per cent to 50 per cent and                                          will be extended for
                                 future.                           extend it so it applies to eligible assets acquired                                     a further six months-
                                                                   between 13 december 2008 to 31 december                                                 including three
this government‑funded scheme will provide the                     2009 and installed by 31 december 2010.                                                 months at the full
primary career with 18 weeks post‑natal leave, paid at             the Small Business Support Line will provide                                            rate, before stepping
the adult federal minimum wage (currently $543.78 per              initial advice to small business owners and                                             it down by half.
week).                                                             put them in touch with specialist advisors on
this will be of particular benefit to low and middle‑              matters such as obtaining finance, cash flow            the FHOB is critical in supporting the housing sector
income families who’ve been left out in the cold for so            management and marketing and promotion.                 and the jobs of builders, concreters, plumbers,
long.                                                                                                                      electricians and other tradies, as well as the companies
                                                                   Funding of $10 million is being provided for
We are very mindful that this significant reform must                                                                      further up the supply chain.
                                                                   a Small Business On-Line program to equip
be progressed in a measured and responsible way and                                                                        the FHOB will continue in its current form to 30
                                                                   small businesses to go on‑line and improve
for that reason the scheme will not commence until 1                                                                       september 2009, and when combined with First Home
                                                                   their e‑commerce capabilities.
January 2011.                                                                                                              Owners Grant will provide eligible first home owners
As someone who’s been very concerned with the early                PAyG 2009-10 cash-flow relief for 1.5 million           with a total of $14,000 for established homes and
years’ agenda for all of my political life, nothing could be       small businesses                                        $21,000 for new homes.
more important to a prosperous economy and a healthy                                                                       From 1 October 2009 to 31 december 2009, the value
                                                                   A new Research and Development Tax Credit
society, than a measure like this.                                                                                         of the Boost will be halved to $3,500 for established
                                                                   available from 2010‑11 at a rate of 45 per cent
to ensure the scheme is responsible and sustainable                                                                        homes and $7,000 for new homes, bringing the totals
                                                                   for companies with an annual turnover of less
over the long‑term, high income primary carers earning                                                                     to $10,500 for established homes and $14,000 for new
                                                                   than $20.0 million.
over $150,000 won’t be eligible.                                                                                           homes.

                                                               Anzac Day 2009
                                                               There were huge turnouts at ANZAC Day                     wife, Kim, attended many local services on my behalf
                                                               services once again this year.                            and she informed me that crowds were huge this
                                                               Unfortunately i was unable to make it to local            year – especially with the young – which is fantastic.
                                                               services as i attended urgent G20 economic
                                                               meetings in Washington. However while i was there          Photo: Earnshaw College School Captains Jared
                                                               i was honoured to be invited to speak at the AnzAC         Peut and Hannah Longhurst address the crowd
                                                               day service at the national Cathedral on April 24. my      at the Banyo Anzac Day ceremony

2                                                                     THE NORTHSIDE COMMuNITy NEWS

Economic Stimulus:
All Lilley’s 45 schools to share in $26.5 million

 Visiting year 7 students at St Dympna’s School in Geebung. St Dympna’s received $3 million in
 the first round of the Primary Schools for 21st Century funding for the construction of a new hall.

The Federal Government’s $14.7 billion Building             Schools for the 21st Century program with two more            roofs and interactive whiteboards.
the Education Revolution has started rolling                rounds to go.                                                 successful schools in Lilley include nashville state
out with projects set to commence in local                  this investment will deliver much needed funding to           school, sandgate High school and Wavell state High
schools this month- directly stimulating the local          every primary school for major infrastructure projects        school.
economy by supporting local jobs.                           like libraries, multipurpose halls or classrooms.             in the middle of the worst global recession in living
                                                                                                                          memory it’s critical we do all we can to stimulate
Primary Schools for 21st Century                            National School Pride Program                                 economic activity and support jobs – this investment
nine primary schools will share in almost $20 million for   All of Lilley’s 45 primary and secondary schools will         does just that.
new infrastructure projects under the nation Building       share in $7 million for critical infrastructure upgrades in
and economic stimulus Plan.                                 the national school Pride Program.                            more information about the nation Building economic
shorncliffe, northgate and Kedron state schools were        these funds will be used for much needed upgrades             stimulus Plan is available at:
among those successful in the first round of the Primary    including construction of outdoor shades and repairs to       www.economicstimulusplan.gov.au

Economic Stimulus                                           New Social Housing
Measures Boosting                                           Almost 70 new social housing dwellings will
                                                            be built in the electorate of Lilley under the
Investment                                                  Australian Government’s Nation Building
                                                            Economic Stimulus Plan.
In March the Arnott’s Virginia bakery announced             By July 2010, 68 new social housing dwellings will be
a $37 million capital investment that will boost            built across the electorate at a cost of more than $20
local jobs by installing a new, state-of-the-art            million.
biscuit production line.                                    the rudd Government has moved quickly to provide a
the new line, which will be operational by mid 2010, will   stimulus to the local economy by fast‑tracking projects
boost the bakery’s capacity by a further 10,000 tonnes      so building work on new social housing dwellings can
per annum.                                                  begin immediately.
this investment will stimulate economic activity and
employment at the plant once the new baking line is         Repairs and Maintenance
installed.                                                  Under the rudd Government’s nation Building                    Craig Langstone from Enviro Qld installing ceiling
this investment is likely to attract the rudd               economic stimulus Plan the Australian and Queensland           insulation in dwellings in Nundah
Government’s 30 per cent small Business and General         Governments have committed to deliver maintenance
Business tax Break which is a part of the $42 billion       and repairs to almost 9,500 dwellings across the state by     was installing insulation.
nation Building and Jobs Plan announced in February.        July next year at a cost of more than $40 million.            As a result of our stimulus measures, Craig has gained
the virginia bakery also boasts a new $30 million           these repairs involve tradespeople doing repair work          the confidence to back his initiative and employ 12 more
distribution centre; purpose built by Linfox for Arnott’s   and installing roofing insulation on department of            people. this is great news for local jobs and the local
to streamline production and distribution.                  Housing properties across Queensland.                         economy – in these tough times it’s critical we do all we
in the face of the most severe global economic              repairs and maintenance will be carried out on 562            can to help businesses retain their workers.
conditions in our lifetime it’s encouraging to              dwellings in the Lilley electorate, at a cost of more than    this investment will stimulate activity in the
see Arnott’s and Linfox, supported by the rudd              $2 million.                                                   construction industry and the treasury estimates it will
Government, investing with confidence, and i                While visiting a dwelling in nundah recently i met            to support 15,000 jobs nationally over the next two
congratulate them for this.                                 redcliffe small business owner Craig Langstone who            years.

                                                                     THE NORTHSIDE COMMuNITy NEWS                                                                                 3

A new resource centre for Nundah State School Out and about in Lilley

                                                                                                                                   Budget Preparation kept me from attending a fantastic
                                                                                                                                   youth event at the Breakfast Creek Hotel recently.
                                                                                                                                   minister for sport and Youth Kate ellis was on hand to
                                                                                                                                   chat to young people about what concerns them. there
                                                                                                                                   is a great core group of young people in Lilley who are
 The school’s marching                                                                                                             interested in social issues and meet regularly at events
 band kick things off at the                                                                                                       such as these to interact and meet new people. if you
 Resource Centre opening                                                                                                           would like to be involved sign up on my website: www.

It was a day for celebrations at Nundah State                at nundah state school are encouraged to realise
School recently when the school celebrated their             their full potential and attain their goals. the school is
first Mayfair in more than 20 years and opened a             also eligible for $200,000 in the national school Pride
new $1.2 million resource centre.                            Program and $3 million for a new hall in the Primary
the centre was jointly funded by the Federal and state       schools for the 21st century program.
Governments and i was pleased to join my colleague           i congratulate the school staff, P&C Association,
neil roberts to officially open the centre for the school.   students and school community for their hard work in
these outstanding facilities will help ensure all students   organising these two fantastic events.

Promoting Australian Produce Superfast Broadband
The Rudd Government has approved a funding                                                 The Rudd Government has
grant of more than $215,000 to the Kangaroo                                                committed to establish a                As part of the Government’s Community Infrastructure
Industry Association of Australia.                                                         new superfast National                  Program, the deagon sportsground, the Banyo Library
Local meat processing plants here in Lilley, in Hamilton                                   Broadband Network which                 and the Hamilton Community Centre are three projects
and eagle Farm, stand to benefit from this new export                                      will be the largest nation              set to receive a share in the $2.8 million allocated to the
market opportunity.                                                                        building infrastructure                 Brisbane City Council. i was pleased to drop into the
the Promoting Australian Produce grant will fund an                                        project in Australian history.          sandgate PCYC and deliver the good news to Councillor
export development strategy and marketing campaign                                                                                 victoria newton (middle) and Branch manager nichole
for Australian kangaroo meat exports to China. While         this new national Broadband network will:                             sampson (right) that the club will receive $250,000 for
russia is our largest export destination for kangaroo        •	 Connect 90 percent of all Australian homes, schools                stormwater harvesting systems. sandgate saints players
meat ($23.8m in 2008), the kangaroo industry sees China         and workplaces with broadband services with speeds                 Calypso Hanley and Bridget Howe and sandgate/
as a major new market and strongly supports the grant.          up to 100 megabits per second - 100 times faster                   redcliffe district Junior Cricket club player Christopher
Promoting Australian Produce is a three‑year, $5 million        than those currently used by many households and                   Abbey whose clubs use the fields were on hand to hear
program and a key election commitment for the rudd              businesses;                                                        the good news.
Government. it aims to develop industry capacity to          •	 Connect all other premises in Australia with next
better promote and market Australian produce to their           generation wireless and satellite technologies that
traditional markets and to new and established export           will be deliver broadband speeds of 12 megabits per
markets.                                                        second;
i am encouraged that the industry is being proactive         •	 directly support up to 25,000 local jobs every year, on
in exploring new market access opportunities for                average, over the 8 year life of the project.
kangaroo products, to grow our roo exports, and              every house, school and business in Australia will get
support local jobs and the local economy here in Lilley.     access to affordable fast broadband.

  Yes, I’d like more information on:                         Name:
    � Seniors and Veterans
    � Families                                               Email:                                                                i enjoyed a fantastic day at the shorncliffe state school
    � Students                                               Phone:
                                                                                                                                   90th Birthday Celebrations earlier in the year. more than
    � youth                                                  What most concerns me is:
                                                                                                                                   200 past students turned out for the day and took the
                                                                                                                                   time to reminisce over historic photos and see how
    � Small Business                                                                                                               far the school has come. the school and the P&C did
    � Climate                                                                                                                      a fantastic job organising this wonderful community
                                                                                                                                   event. Here i am pictured with the school Leaders Claire
   Mail this form back to my office FREE at:                 Note: Wayne’s kits are usually assembled and/or hand delivered by a   Harris and Orion Gardiner, past student from 1938 ivy
   Reply Paid 182, NuNDAH Q 4012                             team of community volunteers – please allow delivery time.            Hurlstone and Year 3 student mabel mcCormack cutting
                                                                                                                                   the cake.

           produced by      Wayne Swan MP, Federal Member for Lilley
                                               Post PO Box 182 nundah QLd 4012 Office 1162 sandgate road nundah
                                                Phone 3266 8244 Facsimile 3266 4263 Internet www.swanmP.org

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