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Helmets must be


Helmets must be

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									Issue 1                                                                                    1st February 2010

        TERM DATES 2010                                                        I also appreciate the flexibility and
                                                                               preparedness of the teachers to work
 1      1 February—26 March            Welcome to all our new students and     over the weekend to set up the rooms.
                                       their families and welcome back to      If you get a chance please pop your
 2      12 April—25 June               all those returning to the school. I    head in and have a look.
                                       hope everyone is feeling revitalised
 3      12 July—17 September           after the summer break and that you     Next week’s newsletter will contain
                                       had some time to relax with friends     the calendar with a number of events
 4      4 October—17 December          and family.                             and meetings to be held this year.
                                                                               Please keep this in a safe place.
                                       I would also like to welcome our
             Student Banking Day       new staff members Angela Alessi         Included in the newsletter is all the
Tues                                   (1A), Felicity Lingard (1L), Adrian     information about the School Council
             Gear Shop 8.45 - 9.15am
                                       Cusmano (3C), Rhiannon Sammons          elections. There are three vacancies for
Wed          Assembly 9 am
                                       (4S), Penelope Thompson (4T),           parent members on the council this
             Gear Shop 3.15 – 3.45pm   Melanie Coffill (6C), Rick Pedetti      year. Nomination forms are available
Thurs                                  (6R). We had two wonderful reasons      at the front office.
             Rubbish Free Lunch
                                       to celebrate when we returned to
                                       school last week. Sally Stasey and      Thank you to Rachael Luke and the
Canteen      Monday - Friday
                                       Frank were married so Sally is now      parents who provided the morning tea
                                       Sally Di Salvo and Rachel Winter        this morning to give the parents of our
                                       became engaged. Shay, Rachel’s          new Prep children a chance to meet
                                       fiancé is American but is due out       one another and swap stories.
            Helmets must be            here as soon as the Immigration         Fruit Break Just a reminder that the
           worn when riding bikes,     Department complete his paper           students need two pieces of fruit each
           scooters or skateboards     work.                                   day to eat at each of the two fruit
to school. Remember to dismount                                                breaks.
       at the school gate.             The transportable classrooms are
            Thank you!                 looking great after the work that was
                                                                               Parent Information Nights.
                                       done on them during the holidays.
     From School Council
                                       They are painted, all have new sinks
                                                                                     Prep Tuesday Feb 9th at
                                       and surrounding areas and new
                                       carpet and lino. We are waiting on
                                       the new blinds, noticeboards,                 Year 5/6 Wednesday Feb 10 at
                                       concertina doors and some                      6:30 pm
                                       cupboards. I really appreciate the            Year 1/2 Tuesday Feb16 at
                                       endeavour of the builders who                  6:30pm
                                       worked long hours to ensure the
                                                                                     Year 3/4 Wednesday Feb 17th
                                       rooms were ready for the students
                                                                                      at 6:30pm.
                                                                               The meetings will be held in the
               CALENDAR 2010                                                     ADVERTISING / COMMUNITY NEWS

Feb 9   Prep Information Evening 6:30pm
                                                                                          MINTIES NETBALL CLUB
        5/6 Parent Information Night 6:30pm
                                                                      The Minties Netball Club has been established for 24years
                                                                      The 2010 Season Commences March 2010—Games are on Saturdays in age groups from U11—U19
Feb     Year 6 Camp                                                   New members are always welcome and our Registration Day
 15     Year 2 Swimming                                               Saturday 6th February at Thomas Street Courts, Hampton from 9.30—11am
                                                                      Registrations via email :
Feb                                                                   Coaches are always needed, should you require further details please contact our
        Year 1 & 2 Information Night
                                                                      President Marita Bracun
                                                                      H 9521 0088
Feb     Year 5 Camp                                                   M 0400 486 889
 17     Year 3 & 4 Information Night                                  E
Feb     Year 4 Camp
 22     District Swimming Sports MSAC

Mar 1   Year 1 Swimming
                                                                      Dear Parents

Mar 8   Labour Day Public Holiday                                     Keyboard lessons will be resume this year the 2nd week of term.
                                                                      The program runs weekly at this school. Tuition is in groups of 5, group of 2
        House Cross Country Years 4-6                                 or private for 30 mins.

Mar                                                                   Enrolments are open to students in grades 2-6.
        Last Day of Term

                                                                      If you have not as yet handed your enrolment form into
          1st YEAR JUNIOR TRAINING                                    the school please do so immediately or call Lili at the
                                                                      Music Melodies office on 95960290.
  Sandringham Youth Club Netball Association
           Netball lessons for beginners.                             Happy Keyboarding.
  Participants must be 7 years of age on or
  before 31st December 2009 and may not turn
  9 years of age before 1st January, 2010.                                                   Please label your school children’s clothing
  Sessions are at 8 a.m. each Saturday during                      School children are notorious for leaving personal items behind in the school ground. Did you know
  school term (not school holidays or long
  weekends) from 13th March until the end of                       that only half of the lost property items were well labelled with a child’s name? Most names written in
                                                                   texta are illegible.
  Enrolment will take place between 9 and 10
  a.m. on Saturday,                                                To save you and us time and money, please label your:
  13th February, 2010. There is no provision for
  late enrolments.                                                 Child’s clothes and swim wear with sew on or iron on labels

  Fees: $125 per child includes compulsory                         Lunchboxes, drink bottles, bags etc with stick on labels.
  insurance for the year. Payment may be made
  by cash or by cheque made payable to                             Please label with child’s full name (eg Sandy Shore)
  SYCNA. We do not have credit or EFTPOS                           The bought labels are tough, durable, bright and can be personalised with names
  facilities available.                                            and your choice of fun cartoon icons.
  Full details on our website                              You could try or

                                                                                    PLEASE NOTE
    Items submitted for the newsletter must be emailed by Friday 4:00pm for inclusion in the following week. Items must be sent as an attachment in Word or Publisher 2003-2007
    compatible or as a PDF. Items sent in files not compatible with DEECD applications cannot be included.

                                                                           COMMUNITY & CLASSIFIED NOTICES
                 The Department of Education & Early Childhood Development and Sandringham Primary School do not endorse the products or servi ces of any private advertiser.
                                        They accept no responsibility for accuracy of information contained in advertisements or claims made by them.

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