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  featuring on friday feBruary 27, 2009

 Habitat                                               IDEAL HOME SHOW

 Revitalise your business this autumn with the Habitat Ideal Home Show
 special 32-page magazine edition in The West Australian – it’s the perfect
 marketplace to showcase your new season products and services!

 Habitat is The West Australian newspaper’s premium home and garden publication bursting with the most
 relevant DIY, interior design, gardening and home improvement information and tips for the WA market.
 Habitat is published every Friday with a potential readership of 632,000* readers statewide.
 2009 will be the 24th record-breaking year for the Ideal Home Show making it the largest, longest running
 and most successful home show in Western Australia. As an exhibitor at the Ideal Home Show, The West
 Australian would like to offer you the exclusive opportunity of advertising within the official guide and
 program of the Ideal Home Show 2009. In doing so your business can potentially reach a further 632,000*
 people statewide.
 This is the quintessential magazine for any business in the housing and garden industry.
 It provides you with the perfect environment and the most relevant content to advertise
 your business to The West Australian’s 632,000* Friday readers statewide.
 Secure your space today and promote your business to the masses by contacting Habitat
 advertising executive: Melissa King T: 08 9482 3754 M: 0449 141 526 or melissa.king@
 wanews.com.au Or your regular West Australian advertising contact.

 *Source: Morgan Readership Survey 12 months ending June 2008
Booking DeaDline: Friday 6th February, 2009 | Material DeaDline: Monday 16th February, 2009
featuring on friday feBruary 27, 2009

Habitat                                    IDEAL HOME SHOW
RATES AND DEADLINES                                                    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS
Rates (inc. colouR and PRoduction)
                                                                       YOU'LL NEED TO KNOW
Full page                  34x7     (340x270mm)          $10,659       suPPlYinG diGital adVeRtisinG MateRial
                                                                       Outlined below are some simple points to remember when
Half page (horizontal)     20x7     (200x256mm)           $6,090
                                                                       compiling your advertisement. Please review these points prior to
Half page (vertical)       34x4     (340x145mm)           $6,090       saving your advertisement as a PDF file.

                           20x4     (200x145mm)           $4,060

                           10x7     (100x256mm)           $3,480       How to coMPile YouR files
                                                                       •	   Think	CMYK.
                                                                       •	   All	placed	images	must	be	cropped	to	finished	size	and	
Bleed advertisements: Add 4mm to trim size on each side that bleeds.
                                                                            rotated within their native application.
* All prices include GST. ** Conditions Apply.                         •	   All	placed	elements	MUST	be	Greyscale	or	CMYK	with	a	
                                                                            minimum dpi of 170.

deadlines                                                              •	   GCR	is	recommended.
                                                                       •	   Total	ink	density	230%.
Publication Date:                   Friday 27th February 2009
                                                                       •	   Black	ink	limit	80%.
Booking Deadline:                   Friday 6th February 2009           •	   Allow	for	30%	dot	gain	screen.
Complete Material Deadline:         Monday 16th February 2009          •	   Ruling	is	100	lines/inch.
                                                                       •	   All	fonts	MUST	be	embedded.	DO	NOT	outline	fonts	unless	
                                                                            there is no other option.
                                                                       •	   Use	only	Postscript	Type	1	or	Type	3	fontsTrue	Type	fonts	
                                                                            ARE	NOT	ACCEPTABLE.
                                                                       •	   BEWARE	-	Photoshop	5.0	will	embed	a	colour	profile	by	
                                                                            default		Uncheck	Postscript	Colour	management.
                                                                       •	   Flightcheck	your	PDF	by	saving	it	as	an	EPS.	Place	this	EPS	
                                                                            in a page layout programme and print separations.

                                                                       wHeRe to send YouR files
                                                                       Always include your contact details or the details of a person
                                                                       who can be contacted regarding the file being sent.
                                                                       •	   QUICKCUT	ads	send	to	West	Australian	Newspapers
                                                                       •	   Email	PDF	files	to:	magazines@wanews.com.au
                                                                       •	   If	you	require	more	information	about	the	digital	delivery	
                                                                            procedures	please	call	Derek	Williamson	on	(08)	9482	3690.

                                                                                                     TO DISCUSS YOUR ADVERTISING
                                                                                           or to reserve your space in Habitat phone:
                                                                                       Melissa King on 08 9482 3754 • 0449 141 526 •
 2009                                                                                                  melissa.king@wanews.com.au
featuring on friday feBruary 27, 2009

Habitat                     IDEAL HOME SHOW

                                                                    Half PaGe
                                                                  VeRtical 34x4
      full PaGe 34(h)x7
    tRiM size 340x270mm                                             tRiM size
    tYPe aRea 326x256mm
                                           Half PaGe
                                                                    tYPe aRea
                                        HoRizontal 20x7            326x145mm

   $4,060                                 100x256mm

                                                                        TO DISCUSS YOUR ADVERTISING
                                                              or to reserve your space in Habitat phone:
2009                                                      Melissa King on 08 9482 3754 • 0449 141 526 •

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