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					Director of Land Use Report
May, 2008
Bill Dart

BLM Nevada
Carson City Office

Sand Mtn Recreation Area (SMRA), Pine Nut Mtns, Hungry
Valley – I have been having ongoing communication with the Carson
City office about the issues I reported last month regarding all three of
these areas under their jurisdiction.

California Wilderness Proposals – Buck McKeon has introduced a
Wilderness bill for the eastern Sierras and the California desert. I
worked with McKeon’s staff to protect the most popular snowmobiling
area in the eastern Sierra and to get language in the bill to allow
snowmobiles to cross the Pacific Crest Trail in this area.

Nevada Wilderness Proposals – The proposed Wilderness bills for
Lyon, Mineral, and Esmeralda counties continue to have heavy
opposition that has stopped any bills from being introduced so far. I
continue to communicate with Nevada activists and monitor the

Idaho Wilderness Proposals – The Boulder/White Clouds
Wilderness bill got some attention recently when Congressman
Simpson took out some of the land transfers to local towns and
counties. These provisions have been opposed by Wilderness
advocates. I have been communicating with Simpson’s Chief of Staff
regarding retaining the language in the bill that recognizes and
protects motorized uses in the Boulder/White clouds, and he assures
me that they will not allow the bill to be amended to take out this
language or expand the acreage.

The Owyhee Wilderness bill was approved by the Senate Committee on
Energy & Natural Resources, and will go to the floor of the senate

Boise District, Owyhee Field Office – I have been continuing to
work with local activists on a proposed trail map to be submitted to
the BLM in the next 60 days
Four Rivers District – I attended a public meeting on the revision of
the Resource Management Plan for this office, and gave verbal
testimony. I will be tracking the plan over the next two years while it

BLM California

Hollister Field Office – I have been strategizing with other OHV
groups on how to best respond to the recent emergency closure of the
Clear Creek OHV area after the EPA released a new Risk Assessment
Report recommending the closure. There will be a short term strategy
developed to deal with the emergency closure, and a long term
strategy to deal with the required revision of the Management Plan for
the area. We are looking at a wide range of options.

Sand Car Issue – There is no progress to report regarding any
settlement between ARB and the sand car consortium, but I continue
to monitor the situation, as does Terry McHale

More Emission Related News – The Center for Biological Diversity
jumped into this issue in May when they released a "hit piece" article
that grossly exaggerated emissions from OHVs. You can expect more
attacks on this vein, about emissions, carbon footprint, and using
energy for recreational purposes.

US Forest Service

Eldorado National Forest, CA. – I finished writing an appeal of the
Eldorado National Forest Route Designation plan, focused on closure of
trails and snowmobile areas without adequate justification or using
incorrect information. On June 4, I participated by conference call in
an informal appeal resolution meeting to see if any of the 28 appeals
filed against this plan could be resolved. As expected, none were
resolved, and all 28 will go forward to the Regional Forester for his
decision. One significant issue was that the Center for Biological
Diversity is one of the appellants, the first time they have been
involved with issues on the Eldorado NF.

Salmon Challis National Forest, Idaho – I am writing scoping
comments for proposed Travel Plan for the Salmon-Challis National
Forest in central Idaho. The proposed action is reasonable in most
Ranger District, but we are asking for eliminating some proposed
closures in 2 Ranger Districts.
Potlatch Corporation – I observed the Idaho City 100 National
Reliability Enduro on June 1, where they used Potlatch land for the first
time for their event. The promoting club, the Boise Ridge Riders, is an
ORBA member and I successfully negotiated use of their lands for the
event, and I am having very productive ongoing negotiations with
Potlatch about public use of their private lands on a semi-permanent
basis. Potlatch staff was very pleased with the event, and look
forward to working with us.