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									         City of Cockburn
                                                                                                             The City of
Our Mission:
 Is to make the district of the City of Cockburn
 the most attractive place to live, work and visit in
 the Perth Metropolitan area.

“Customer Service Charter”
 We know that our customers are the reason
 we are here and we will endeavour to:
 • Treat our Customers, as we would like to
   be treated ourselves.                                                                      PROBLEM?
 • Listen to our Customers and find out their
 • Respond to our Customers needs
 • Accept Customer complaints and deal with
   them fairly.
 • Be responsible for our actions.
 • Provide the appropriate skills to assist our
                                                             Road Services Unit
 • Remember everyone is a Customer,
   regardless of how they contact us.                         Footpath Officer
                                                              City of Cockburn
                                                                PO Box 1215
                                                         BIBRA LAKE DC WA 6965

                                                                Phone: (08) 9411 3760
                                                                Fax: (08) 9418 6892
                                                                                             Customer Request
                                                                                               Report Form

              Working Together
                                                                                               Road Services Unit

                                                                                                  Tel: (08) 9411 3760
                                                  What do I do if I see a damaged footpath?                               Footpath Report Form
             FOOTPATHS                            Please fill in the form on the opposite page and
                                                                                                                                    Yes I would like to Report a
                                                  either send it to the Council or hand it in at the                                Footpath problem as detailed
                                                  Council Administration Centre.                                                               below
                  The following information
                                                  How do I get a footpath in my street?
                  is for those people who                                                                                            Yes I would like to request a
                  use the footpath network        You can write to the Council requesting a footpath                                  footpath for the following
                  within    the     City     of   be constructed in your street, indicating which side                                          street
                  Cockburn to access the          of the road and from where to where. It would
                  many facilities available and   also assist negotiations if you had the agreement of
                  want to raise an issue          other residents in the street. From there your

                  concerning them.                request would be investigated and placed on the
                                                                                                         Postal Address
                                                  forward works program for construction.
The City of Cockburn has around 300
kilometres of footpaths, Dual Use Paths,          What if I felt there was a need for a
Cycle ways and Public Accessways available        cycleway?
to deliver you to your destination safely.
                                                                                                         Contact Phone Number—Day Time:              Date:
                                                  You would need to follow the same instructions as
                                                  mentioned above for a “Footpath”
The City has a maintenance program that is                                                               Location of Request

undertaken each year to endeavour to keep         What if I see a hazard on a footpath?
the path network in a safe usable condition.      If there are any hazards that you feel could cause
                                                                                                         Details of Request

                                                  injury to someone along a footpath or make it
These paths vary in width from 1200 mm
                                                  difficult to access the path (i.e., a tree branch
wide to 2500 mm wide to cater for the
                                                  hanging down, a trip hazard, no access ramp etc)
cyclist, to the recreational walker. There
are links from the Coast to the Recreational      please fill in the form on the opposite page and
                                                                                                                          Send this completed form to:
Waterways, Parks and Reserves, Shopping           send it in to the Council.
Centres, Senior Citizen Centres, Schools etc      Contact Numbers:                                                    Footpath Officer
all to have you arriving safely at your                                                                               City of Cockburn
destination.                                      Council (day time)          (08) 9411 3760
                                                  Between 7.00am & 4.00pm—Monday to Friday                              PO Box 1215
The City has a commitment to supply safe                                                                         BIBRA LAKE DC WA 6965
                                                  Council After Hours Service        1300 658 877
infrastructure for its residents and visitors
to the City to be able to move around in a                                                                   Or hand it to the Receptionist at the main
safe, comfortable and user friendly manner                                                                            Administration Offices.
by developing future programmes to                                                                            Next to Phoenix Park Shopping Centre
enhance the existing network of paths                                                                                              Phone: (08) 9411 3760
throughout the City.                                                                                                               Fax: (08) 9418 6892

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