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Privacy commitment – Informative report

DOC CONGRESS S.R.L. is committing to protect personal data you provide entering our website.
You are kindly requested to carefully read this information sheet since it explains which
information we can collect on you and how those ones are treated.

DOC CONGRESS S.R.L. is part of an international group. Some link included in our website can
connect you to another website of affiliates companies that would ask you for some personal data
in order to provide you specific services. This privacy informative report applies only to this
website and do not apply to any other website you can access through any link.
All information you would provide us using email address or filling in form sheet embedded into
the website might be used in helping us to answer your requests. Those information could be
forwarded or disclosed as here requested and your email address would be kept in order to
contact you. These information will not be sold or disclosed to third marketing companies.

How to access and up-to-date your personal data
We kindly ask you to contact us at the email address for any request that
refers your personal data collected by us, to know how to access or up-to-date it DOC
CONGRESS S.R.L. reserves the right to access and disclose personal data for the aims requested
by the law and for legitimate legal requests by Authorities, as well as to maintain the complete
integrity of its system

Modification to the present informative report
DOC CONGRESS S.R.L. reserves the right to up-to-date or modify, at his discretion, this
informative report. In this case, we will embed in our website the updated version of the
informative that become effective starting from the same date of publication. For this reason we
invite you, to regularly visit this page of our website, so that you will be sure to have read the
current and valid Privacy Informative report.

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