Feast Show @ Picnic In the Park, Adelaide, South Australia Sunday by lindash


Feast Show @ Picnic In the Park, Adelaide, South Australia Sunday

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                                       The eighth bigger, better, even more amazing

  Lesbian, Gay and Queer homegrown vegetables, fruit and flowers, home cooking,
 home made pickles, jams, homecrafts plus extraordinary new categories on show.
            Get involved – it’s easy and fun! All you need to know is in this booklet.

 Feast Show @ Picnic In the Park, Adelaide, South Australia
               Sunday 29 November, 12 noon – 5.00 pm
                         All you need to know about the                                       Read this booklet and tell your friends
                                                                                              about the Feast Show!
                                                                                              Who can enter the Feast Show?                    Entry Fee
                                                                                              The Feast Show is open to gay, lesbian, bi,      The entry fee is $2 per entry for all categories
                                                                                              trans and queer members of our community         in each section. Pay your fee when you drop
                                                                                              and our friends and family. There is a special   off your entry.
                                                                                              junior section for under 16’s.
                                                                                                                                               Delivery of items entered
                                                                                              How to enter                                     Deliver your entries to the Show marquee at
Feast Office:            Its time to pickle your pickles, brew some beer,
                                                                                              • Think about the categories you want            Picnic in the Park for judging by 10am
Lion Arts Centre         get crafty, plan a baking bonanza and create                           to enter                                       on Sunday 29 November.
Courtyard                collections for this years Feast Show at Picnic                      • Plan on creating, making, growing
Corner North Terrace &                                                                                                                         Judging – Awards and Certificates
Morphett Street          in the Park.                                                           your entry ready for Show day,
Adelaide SA 5000                                                                                Sunday 29 November                             Judging will take place from 10.30am to
                         As the biggest and best queer show in the world                      • Fill in the entry form enclosed
                                                                                                                                               noon. Judges have expertise in the categories
PO Box 8183                                                                                                                                    they are judging/have previously judged at
Station Arcade           we expect thousands of people to come down to                          with this booklet.
                                                                                                                                               shows. Judges can’t enter the section they
Adelaide SA 5000         look at your wares.                                                    OR download and print an entry form
                                                                                                                                               are judging. Rosettes or certificates will be
                                                                                                from the Feast Show website at
Tel: 08 8463 0684                                                                                                                              awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners in each
                         Its easy, its fun and with lots of categories to                       www.feast.org.au
Fax: 08 8231 8793                                                                                                                              category. A Champion in each section will
                                                                                                (Go to ‘participate’ then to ‘feast show’)
feastshow@feast.org.au   choose from, so get active, get thinking and enter.                                                                   be recognised with a unique rosette. Special
www.feast.org.au                                                                              • Preferably post your entry form to:            certificates will be awarded at the judges’
                         Just fill out the entry form and we’ll see you at                      Feast Show                                     discretion.
                         what will be the best show ever!                                       9 Frontenac Avenue                             Where is the Show at Picnic?
                                                                                                Panorama SA 5041                               How will it look? Who can go?
                         Kerry Ireland                                                          OR take in, fax or post your entry             The Show will have its own spacious marquee
                                                                                                form to the Feast Office
                         Creative Producer, Feast 2009                                                                                         at the Picnic, you won’t be able to miss it!
                                                                                                OR email your entry details to
                                                                                                                                               Entries will be displayed on trestle tables in
                                                                                                                                               their sections. All entries will be on show,
                                          Who organises the Feast Show?                       Your entry will be acknowledged by letter with   arranged beautifully by the Feast Show
                                          The Feast Show Committee, a voluntary Feast         further specific details relating to Show day.
                                          committee with a passion for home produced
                                          food, flowers and crafts, etc: Ralph Brew, Warren   Extra Booklets/Entry Forms                       Cut flowers will be displayed in green glass
                                          Chambers, Lyndall Fowler, Margie Fischer, Keith                                                      bottles. Stewards will be on duty at the Show
                                          Herbig, Peter Holderness, Stephen Martin, Phillip   Ring Feast office 8463 0684 or Feast Show
                                                                                                                                               marquee to ensure the security of all entries
                                          O’Callaghan, Geoff Phillips, Miranda Roe, Doug      8177 1394 or email feastshow@feast.org.au
                                                                                                                                               on display. The Feast Show is free. Everyone
                                          Scotney and Brenton Smith.                          or photocopy the entry form in this booklet.
                                                                                                                                               at the Picnic can come to the Feast Show.
                                          The Feast Show Committee is supported by the
                                                                                              Closing date for entry forms
                                          Feast office Team. A special thankyou to Peter                                                       Collection of entries after the Show
                                          Tonkin Design, Denise Crichton and Pam Price.       No later than Wednesday 25 November 2009
                                                                                                                                               From 4.30pm - 5.00pm (unless otherwise
                                                                                              Earlier please if at all possible.
                                                                                                                                               decided & advised with your entry
                                                                                              Late entries may be accepted & displayed but     confirmation letter.)
                                                                                              may not be judged.
                                                                                                                                               Any questions?
                                                                                                                                               Ring Brenton or Stephen 8177 1394 or
                                                                                                                                               Margie 8388 5572 or email
2009 Feast Show Categories and Items                                                                2009 Feast Show Categories and Items

Category A: Home Gardener                        Category D: Pot Plants                             44    Any other flower, 3 stems/blooms              69   Olives any variety
All vegetables must be grown by the exhibitor.   All pot plants must be grown by the exhibitor.     45    Any other flower, 1 stem/bloom                70   Pickles, any variety
Please include a description of ‘Any other’      Please include a description of ‘Any other’                                                            71   Preserves, any variety – sweet
Items entered.                                   Items entered.                                     Category F: Floral Art
                                                                                                                                                        72   Preserves, any variety – savoury
1     Asparagus – bunch of 6                     19    Bonsai                                       Both professional and non-professional (mark
                                                                                                    entry form with P if professional). No artificial   73   Quince Paste
2     Beans, plate                               20    Cactus, one
                                                                                                    flowers permitted.                                  74   Relish, any variety – mild
3     Beetroot, bunch of 4                       21    Cactus, three different or same
                                                                                                    46    Creative floral presentation                  75   Relish, any variety – spicy
4     Carrots, bunch of 4                        22    Novelty pot
                                                                                                    47    Floating arrangement                          76   Sauce, any variety
5     Herbs, plate                               23    Succulent, one
                                                                                                    48    Floral Posy (Nose-gay)                        77   Vinegar Herb – (one bottle)
6     Onions, bunch of 4, any variety            24    Succulents, three different or same
                                                                                                    49    Herbal Posy (Tussie-mussie)
7     Rhubarb, bunch of 4                        25    Any other variety, flowering                                                                     Category H: Cookery
                                                                                                    50    Vase/bowl of one variety
8     Any other                                  26    Any other variety, non-flowering                                                                 All entries must have been prepared/made
                                                                                                    51    Vase/bowl of mixed flowers                    by the exhibitor. Both professional and
Category B: Organic Gardener                     Category E: Cut Flowers                                                                                non-professional (mark entry form with P if
                                                                                                    Category G: Home made Jams, Jellies,
All vegetables must be grown by the exhibitor    All flowers must be grown by the exhibitor.                                                            professional). Packet mixes must not be used.
                                                                                                    Pastes, Preserves, Sauces, etc.
without the use of synthetic pesticides,         To prevent wilting, we suggest you cut flowers                                                         Please include a description of ‘Any variety’
                                                                                                    All entries must have been prepared/made            Items entered.
herbicides or chemical fertilisers. Please       the night before with longest stems possible.
                                                                                                    by the exhibitor. Both professional and
include a description of ‘Any other’ Items       Stand in water up to ‘neck’ all night. Transport                                                       78   Bread, brown or white, one loaf
                                                                                                    non-professional (mark entry form with P if
entered.                                         with stems wrapped in damp cloth. Please                                                               79   Biscuits, plate of 4
                                                                                                    professional). All entries to be dated. One jar
9     Asparagus – bunch of 6                     include a description of ‘Any other’ Items
                                                                                                    per item. Please include a description of ‘Any      80   Lamingtons, plate of 4
10    Beans, plate                                                                                  variety’ Items entered.                             81   Muffins, plate of 4
                                                 27    Alstromeria, 3 stems
11    Beetroot, bunch of 4                                                                          52    Cumquat Marmalade                             82   Scones, plate of 4
                                                 28    Arum Lily, 3 stems
12    Carrots, bunch of 4                                                                           53    Grapefruit Marmalade                          83   Shortbread, plate of 4
                                                 29    Cornflower, 3 stems
13    Herbs, plate                                                                                  54    Lemon Marmalade                               84   Slices, plate of 4
                                                 30    Delphinium, 1 stem
14    Rhubarb, bunch of 4                                                                           55    Lime Marmalade                                85   Banana cake, iced
                                                 31    Gerbera, 1 stem
15    Any other                                                                                     56    Orange Marmalade                              86   Birthday cake, decorated
                                                 32    Gypsophila, 1 stem
                                                                                                    57    Marmalade, any other variety                  87   Butterfly cakes (small cakes with cream
Category C: Fruit                                33    Hollyhock, 1 stem
                                                                                                    58    Apricot Jam                                        not iced)
All fruit must be grown by the exhibitor.        34    Iris, 3 stems
Please include a description of ‘Any other’                                                         59    Blackberry Jam                                88   Carrot cake, iced
                                                 35    Lillium, 1 stem
Items entered.                                                                                      60    Fig Jam                                       89   Celebratory cake
                                                 36    Native flowers, 1 stem
16    Basket of mixed Fruit                                                                         61    Plum Jam                                      90   Cheesecake
                                                 37    Pentstemon, 3 stems
17    Lemons, 4                                                                                     62    Raspberry Jam                                 91   Chocolate cake, iced
                                                 38    Perennials, 3 different, 1 stem each
18    Any other Fruit                                                                               63    Strawberry Jam                                92   Fairy cakes (small cakes, iced)
                                                 39    Rose, 1 bloom
                                                                                                    64    Any other Jam                                 93   Fruit cake, baked iced or un-iced
                                                 40    Rose, 3 blooms
                                                                                                    65    Chutney, any variety                          94   Fruitcake, boiled iced or un-iced
                                                 41    Sweet Pea, 3 stems
                                                                                                    66    Fruit Jelly, any variety                      95   Gluten-free cake
                                                 42    Stock, 3 stems
                                                                                                    67    Home made cheese                              96   Marble cake
                                                 43    Stock, 1 stem
                                                                                                    68    Lemon butter or curd                          97   Over-the-top cake
2009 Feast Show Categories and Items                                                              2009 Feast Show Categories and Items

98    Poppy Seed cake, un-iced                   123 Over-the-top coat hanger                     149 Junior collection – see 157 for
99    Sponge cake, filled                        124 Patchwork                                        requirements
100 Sponge cake, unfilled                        125 Quilting                                     150 Junior handicraft any article
101 Any other cake                               126 Scarf                                        151 Junior knitting, any article
102 Date and/or Nut loaf                         127 Tea cosy, hand knitted                       152 Junior vegetables, any variety
103 Pavlova, decorated                           128 Toy, hand knitted                            153 Junior floral – miniature arrangements
                                                                                                      (Not to exceed 100mm overall.)
104 Quiche, any variety                          129 Any other Home craft
                                                                                                  154 Junior floral – posy in an eggcup
105 Homemade chocolate, 1 plate
                                                 Category L: Handicrafts
                                                                                                  Category N: Special Category
Category I: Home Made Brews                      All entries must have been prepared/made by
                                                 the exhibitor. Please include a description of   All entries must have been prepared/made by
All entries must have been prepared/made by
                                                 ‘Any other’ Items entered.                       the exhibitor.
the exhibitor. Please include a description of
‘Any other’ Items entered.                       130 Beadwork                                     155 Any other homemade item relating to
                                                                                                      the Feast theme of ‘Home Grown’
106 Beer                                         131 Carved fruit and vegetable garnishes
                                                                                                  156 Boots, shoes and slippers – a pair – any
107 Liqueurs’                                    132 Celebratory item representing
                                                                                                      type. Please provide a short background
108 Wine                                             commitment
                                                                                                      to their story, use etc. This will be taken
109 Any other home made non-alcoholic            133 Doll, handmade                                   into account when judged.
    beverage                                     134 Felted article                               157 Collections – six items from your
                                                 135 Hat, decorated                                   collection. Any type of small collection
Category J: Eggs
                                                 136 Jewellery                                        – could be teddies, teapots, Dolphins,
All entries must have been home produced.                                                             frog ornaments… whatever you collect,
                                                 137 Lampshade
110 6 duck eggs                                                                                       we’d love six of the best from your
                                                 138 Lead lighting                                    collection to exhibit.
111 6 brown hen eggs
                                                 139 Leatherwork                                  158 Drag Costume. (Please provide a
112 6 white hen eggs
                                                 140 Masquerade mask                                  display mannequin or stand.)
113 Sensational display of a dozen eggs
                                                 141 Original or novelty craft
                                                                                                  Category O: Photography
Category K: Home crafts                          142 Rainbow article of any description
                                                                                                  Mounted on card 25cm x20cm (10
All entries must have been prepared/made by      143 Silk or fabric painting                      x 8 inches.) The exhibitor must have
the exhibitor. Please include a description of
                                                 144 Teddy Bear, handmade                         photographed all entries.
‘other or items’ entered.
                                                 145 Woodwork                                     159 Queer family group or portrait
114 Apron
                                                                                                  160 Any subject
115 Baby outfit, hand knitted                    Category M: Junior (under 16) Entries
116 Beanie, knitted or crocheted                 All entries must have been prepared/made by
117 Child’s garment, hand knitted                the exhibitor. Please include a description of
                                                 ‘Any variety’ Items entered.
118 Child’s garment, machined sewed
                                                 146 Junior cookery, any cake, iced or un-iced
119 Crocheted item
                                                 147 Junior cookery, breakfast in bed tray
120 Cushion, most attractive
                                                 148 Junior cookery, any slice or biscuit,
121 Embroidery any item
                                                     plate of 4
122 Jumper, hand knitted
Rules and Regulations
All entries to be delivered to the Show
marquee between 9am and 10.00am
on Sunday 29 November. Stewards
will be on hand to receive your entry.
If your entry needs hanging, you need
to supply the means to hang it.

The Judges decision is final and no
correspondence will be entered into.

Many entries are valuable. Feast will
have Feast security staff at the Show
at all times.

All reasonable care will be taken by
Feast Show stewards. Feast will not
be responsible for loss or damage
that may occur to any entry, during or
after the event.

Late Entries
Late entries may be accepted &
displayed but may not be judged.

No identification of entrants on
entries until after judging. Exhibitors
name cards will be placed with
entries after judging by stewards.

Pick ups
Entries must be picked up 4.30pm–
5.00pm on Sunday 29 Nov from the
Show marquee.

Feast Show photography by
Peter Holderness & Brenton Smith.

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