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									Extra traffic patrols for long weekend
                                                               10 June 2005

Dedicated ACT Policing patrols will be out on the roads this Queen’s
Birthday long weekend as part of Operation Snowsafe and to monitor
driver behaviour during a busy period on the ACT roads.

The Territory's roads will be patrolled by extra ACT Policing traffic
operations members and general duties patrols performing static and
targeted breath-testing stops, vehicle inspections - including registration
and warrant checks - as well as enforcing posted speed limits.

"Marked, unmarked and specialist police vehicles will be present on the
Territory's roads leading up to, during and after the long weekend,"
Sergeant Jeff Knight, from ACT Policing Traffic Operations, said today.

“We want the message to be quite clear: drivers who demonstrate
irresponsible behaviour such as speeding or drink-driving will face the full
weight of the law.

“The easiest way to avoid loss of license and heavy fines is to slow down
and obey the road rules."

NSW Police are also targeting motorists over the holiday period.
"People heading into NSW will face the same outcome if they break the
traffic laws in that state," Sgt Knight said.

“Those coming in to the Territory who think they can plead ignorance of
our traffic laws will be sorely mistaken. Everyone should know by now that
the penalties are significant and the law will be enforced," he added.

Double demerits are currently in effect in the ACT and will end at midnight
on Monday (June 13).

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