; Employers look on bright side
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Employers look on bright side


Employers look on bright side

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									Employers look on bright side
 Amid the talk of gloom and doom                with specialist officers who conduct
surrounding the world financial crisis, last    company audits that identify skills gaps,
week's Hervey Bay industry engagement           design a training program to fill the gaps,
workshop showed employers there is a            provide apprenticeship and traineeship
brighter side to tough times.                   services and facilitate host employer
  Sponsored by a partnership between            relationships.
Wide Bay Institute of TAFE, Sarina Russo         "We're all very aware of our responsibility
Group and Wide Bay Group Training               to work together to find jobs and training
Scheme, the workshop was held at the            solutions during the current downturn but
TAFE campus and attracted employers             have realised that companies are not fully
from retail, tourism and hospitality sectors.   aware of what is available to them.
  Training Solutions Director Donna              "Companies do not seem to be aware
Norman said the employers were                  that together we can design training
introduced to new ideas on how effective        programs that are tailor-made, recruit
employee recruitment and employment             suitable staff and manage the employment
and training contributed to a company's         of apprentices and trainees for local
profitability and helped them trade
through an economic decline.                     enterprises in Hervey Bay."
 "We're going through one of those times          Ms Norman issued an invitation to any
in the business cycle when a company's           employers who missed the workshop to
edge over its competitors could be the           contact Jennifer Kallie at the Wide Bay
factor that helps it stay afloat," Ms Norman     Institute of TAFE, Hervey Bay campus on
said.                                            0400 734 172, Heather Reid at Sarina
 "It's important to make sure all                Russo on 0448880658 or Ian Langer on
employees are contributing to the bottom         0400330795 at Wide Bay Group Training
line. This industry partnership can help         Scheme.

Last week's industry engagement workshop, which attracted employers from retail,
tourism and hospitality sectors, aimed to show employers the bright side of tough times

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