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					                      Environmental Defenders Office (Qld) Inc
              Environmental Defenders Office of Northern Queensland Inc

                       EDO BULLETIN
                                                                                                 April-May 2009
   In this issue:               Commonwealth refuses to release audit report
• EDO case updates
                                on False Cape
• Details of EDO law re-        The Commonwealth Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the
  form submissions - both       Arts (“DEWHA”) has refused to release to EDO-NQ a copy of the full audit re-
  State and Federal             port in relation to the developer’s compliance (or lack of) with Commonwealth
• Recent changes to envi-       development approval conditions without an application under the Freedom of
  ronmental law & policy        Information Act 1982 (Cth).

• Your opportunity to           This refusal comes despite
  comment on major envi-        the long-time and ongoing
  ronmental issues              monitoring of the False Cape
                                site near Cairns by the con-
                                cerned local community and
                                conservation campaigners
                                and their free sharing of in-
                                formation and results of that
                                monitoring with all levels of
                                government, and all relevant
                                departments and agencies,
                                including DEWHA.
                                                                Photograph by Steven Nowakowski
                                      For more information about EDO-NQ cases contact us on (07) 4031 4766 or
False Cape update           1                                                    
Vegetation moratorium       1
                                Queensland Government moratorium on
Port Hinchinbrook -         2
update                          clearing endangered regrowth
Gunns Pulp Mill             2   Effective from 8 April, the Government has placed a maximum 6 month
                                moratorium on clearing of key regrowth vegetation. The Vegetation
EDO Submissions          3-4
                                Management (Regrowth Clearing Moratorium) Act 2009 applies to
Qld law & policy watch      4   regrowth vegetation within 50 metres of a watercourse in the Great Barrier
                                Reef catchments of Mackay/Whitsunday, Burdekin and the Wet tropics; and,
Federal law & policy        5   certain mapped areas of endangered regrowth vegetation on freehold and
watch                           leasehold land.

Reports released            5   EDO hopes to provide input into the drafting of the new regrowth regulations
                                that will follow the moratorium.
Opportunities to com-       6
                                 For more information contact EDO Qld on (07) 3211 4466 or
Earth Jurisprudence         6
EDO News                    6                                                        Something to watch for…
                                  New EDO-NQ fact sheets on private land conservation.
                                                                                                      Coming soon!
PAGE 2                                           E D O B U LLE T I N                                     A P R I L- MA Y 2 0 0 9

 Department of the Environment refuses Port Hinchinbrook
 sea-dumping application
 EDO-NQ, its long time clients and supporters the                To date, the dredge spoil has been removed and
 Alliance to Save Hinchinbrook Inc. (“ASH”) and                  dumped on approximately 30 hectares of nearby
 many others within the North Queensland                         agricultural land owned by the developer. It is
 conservation community were delighted to hear                   understood that the developer still holds a
 that the Queensland Government recently relied                  discharge licence to dredge the Port Hinchinbrook
 on the Cardwell Hinchinbrook Regional Coastal                   waterways to land disposal; but it is understood
 Management Plan to refuse an application by Port                that no land disposal sites are currently approved
 Hinchinbrook Services Pty Ltd for permission to                 as required. In addition, for many years ASH have
 dump sea dredge spoil from the Port Hinchinbrook                raised concerns that the dumping of acidic and
 marina development into the World Heritage                      saline dredge spoil on 30 hectares of nearby
 listed Hinchinbrook Channel. The refusal decision               agricultural land has caused the death of much
 was made by the Queensland Government’s newly                   vegetation in the coastal Girramay National Park.
 formed Department of Environment and Resource                   It is understood that DERM are continuing their
 Management (“DERM”), following consultation                     investigation of those concerns.
 between the previous Environment Protection
 Agency and Department of Natural Resources and                  The developer still holds a discharge licence to
 Water.                                                          dredge the Port Hinchinbrook waterways to land
                                                                 disposal, but land disposal sites must be approved
 The marina development at Oyster Point (“Port                   for the purpose and Port Hinchinbrook currently
 Hinchinbrook”), south of Cardwell and adjacent to               has none approved. Possibilities include developer-
 the World Heritage listed Hinchinbrook Island,                  owned agricultural land on the western side of the
 has a long and controversial history. It has been               Bruce Highway, and agricultural land south of the
 the focus of tireless opposition on a wide range of             present 30-hectare spoil-covered site, where a large
 environmental grounds and from a large number                   proposed golf course is apparently intended to be
 of individuals and groups, including the now                    continuously built up on top of incoming dredge
 defunct Friends of Hinchinbrook Inc. and ASH.                   spoil. The spoil is proposed to come not only from
                                                                 existing artificial waterways, but also from a
 The Port Hinchinbrook marina developer has                      proposed new marina of some 13 to 26 hectares
 maintained that in order to have its canals                     (part of the so-called ‘Stage II’ proposal).
 accessible and operable throughout the day and
 night, and in all tides, it is necessary to dredge the                For more information, please contact Adam Millar
 canals within the marina and to remove that                                                                 at EDO NQ.
 dredge spoil to another location.

 Conditional approval of Gunns Pulp Mill lawful, says Federal Court
 Readers will recall that the Federal government                 In doing so the Court confirmed the validity of the
 previously granted conditional approval to Gunns                Environmental Impact Management Plan (EIMP),
 Ltd for the construction of a pulp mill in                      stating that the EPBC Act did not provide an
 Tasmania’s Bell Bay. On 9 April 2009, the                       exhaustive list of the conditions which may be
 Federal Court of Australia dismissed an                         imposed on an approved project and, that the
 application by Lawyers for Forests Inc that the                 Environment Minister had the discretion to amend
 Environment Minister had no power to grant                      the EIMP upon receiving new information.
 conditional approval to Gunns, without knowing
 the impact of the mill’s effluent output on the                 On 8 May 2009, Justice Tracey decided that
 surrounding environment.                                        Lawyers for the Forest had to pay Gunn’s costs.

 In dismissing Lawyers for Forests application,                  The full decision in Lawyers for Forests Inc v
 Justice Tracey found the Minister had given                     Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts
 appropriate consideration to the ‘precautionary                 [2009] FCA 330 can be accessed here:
 principle’ as required under the EPBC Act (which      
 states that a lack of full scientific certainty should
 not justify the postponement of a measure
 preventing environmental degradation).
PAGE 3                                         E D O B U LLE T I N                                            A P R I L- MA Y 2 0 0 9

                        STATE LAW REFORM SUBMISSIONS
Draft SEQ Regional Plan off track
EDO Qld lodged its submission on the draft SEQ                   provisions to make
Regional Plan 2009-2031 on 1 May 2009. The plan                  them as binding as
has some good points but is basically off track.                 possible on all parties.
Under current population growth projections the                  Most environment
draft plan cannot deliver its promise of balancing               organisations
economic growth and sustainability, environmental                advocate an emissions
protection and climate change within an ecologically             reduction target of, at
sustainable framework. The State of the Region                   least, 30% by 2020
Report 2008, which is a State government document                below 1990 levels.
meant to inform the regional planning process,                   Queensland
which has been effectively ignored, shows that our               Conservation Council
current population is severely degrading our region              (QCC) believes that
– doubling SEQ’s population will topple our life-                Australia is well
support systems. The draft Plan fails to identify                placed to move even
whether there is sufficient water, food, energy and              further and set a 50% reduction target with a
open space to support such a population.                         climate neutral position by 2050.
Apart from keeping population to sustainable levels,             Thank you to the following volunteers who ably
which is the job of State governments, not just the              assisted EDO’s Scott Sellwood and Jo Bragg with
Commonwealth, a key recommendation of the EDO                    this detailed submission: Sarah Wilson, Benedict
submission is that mandatory targets for                         Coyne, Polly Grace, Joyce Teh, Jena Moghaddam
greenhouse gas emission reductions and renewable                 and Jayne Lightfoot.
energy in SEQ must be determined before the draft                                   This submission is available at
Plan is finalised. These regional targets should be    
incorporated into the draft State regulatory                                                      lawreform.htm.


 CPRS Exposure Draft Bill                                            • Removing all provisions that allow direct
                                                                      assistance to be given to coal-fired electricity
 EDO Qld and EDO NQ recently contributed to the
                                                                      generators, as these entities have been aware of
 ANEDO submission on the Carbon Pollution
                                                                      the Scheme’s introduction for several years;
 Reduction Scheme Exposure Draft Bill (‘the Bill’).
 While ANEDO generally supports national action                      • Giving the public access to data on the
 to avoid catastrophic climate change, changes to                     emissions of individual facility;
 the Bill are needed if it is to deliver a just
                                                                     •Making provision for merits appeal rights for
 transition to renewable energy economy. ANEDO
                                                                     third parties, as a check on decision making and
 made detailed recommendations, including:
                                                                     accountability, where a decision under the
 • Permitting stabilization levels below 450 parts                   Scheme has potentially significant consequences
   per million of carbon dioxide equivalent (as                      and is accompanied by a broad discretion.
   climate science is updated);
 • Prohibiting the Climate Minister from
                                                                     Australia’s Future Tax System
   considering voluntary actions when setting the                    Also in April, ANEDO (of which EDO Qld and
   emission cap as doing so allows the Minister to                   EDO-NQ are part) made a detailed submission to
   introduce less stringent caps, thus failing to                    the inquiry into Australia’s Future Tax System,
   provide incentives for big polluters to undertake                 concentrating on the opportunities for
   voluntary action;                                                 environmental tax reform.
 • Requiring emissions permits be in the form of a                   The nub of ANEDO’s submission was the
   licence, with no proprietary character;                           recommendation that the traditional pillars of
 • Adopting a price floor instead of a price cap, to                 traditional taxation pillars of equity, efficiency
   ensure permit prices are high enough to                           and simplicity, should be informed by the
   encourage the transition to a low carbon                          principles of Ecologically Sustainable
   economy;                                                          Development (ESD).
PAGE 4                                          E D O B U LLE T I N                                            A P R I L- MA Y 2 0 0 9

                            National Law Reform - continued
Access to (Environmental)                                             • That the risk of adverse cost orders against
                                                                       public interest litigants be alleviated through the
Justice                                                                use of own costs orders, upfront costs orders and
In May, ANEDO, with input from EDO Qld and                             limited cost orders
EDO-NQ made the following recommendations on
                                                                      • Extend the Commonwealth Test Case Fund to
the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs                            allow for use in public interest litigation
Committee Inquiry into Access to Justice:                              concerning State laws
• Amending the standing requirements of s 475 of                      • Improve core funding to EDO offices around
 the Environment Protection and Biodiversity                           Australia to better meet the
 Conservation Act 1999 should be open to all                           need for environmental law
 parties by a s 475 to provide that any person can                     assistance
 commence proceedings to enforce a breach of the
 Act                                                                  These national submissions are
                                                                      available at
• That legal aid be made available for public                         policy/policy.html.
 interest environmental law matters on a
 national scale;

                LAW AND POLICY WATCH - April to May 2009
                         Queensland environmental law and policy changes

 Nature Conservation                                                  Environmental Protection
 • On 3 April 2009, the Queensland government                         • EDO welcome’s Brisbane City Council’s decision
   declared 19,000 square kilometres of land in the                    to purchase the floodplain between Wynnum
   Archer, Stewart and Lockhart River basins of                        and Manly Roads, forming one half of the
   Cape York as ‘wild rivers’. The Wild Rivers                         Hemmant Tingalpa Regional Wetland Corridor.
   Act protects these areas from developments                          EDO congratulates BCC politicians and staff
   that will degrade the natural values of these                       and most of all, Hemmant Tingalpa Wetlands
   river ecosystems. The declarations also                             Conservation Group and B4C for their tireless
   preserve Indigenous peoples traditional                             efforts over the last 8 years to protect this
   hunting, fishing, land management and                               important area from urban development. We
   conservation rights and promote sustainable                         urge the State and local governments to
   commercial activities by limiting the types and                     cooperate to purchase the old Master Butchers
   scale of development allowed.                                       Site nearby, currently subject to Planning and
                                                                       Environment Court appeal concerning
 Planning and Development                                              Sunnygold’s development proposal. This is a
 • Development on school campuses, funded as                           most important link in the environmental
   part of the Federal government’s “Building the                      corridor.
   Education Revolution”, are, following
   amendments to the Integrated Planning                              Local Government
   Regulation, exempt from assessment against                         • A Bill to replace the Local Government Act 1993
   local planning schemes. The amendments                              has been introduced into parliament. EDO will
   which came into effect on 24 April, place                           take a close look at the draft provisions to
   restrictions on the size and placement of                           ensure the new laws hold local government
   proposed buildings, particularly in schools in                      officers to account, provide for transparent
   residential areas, within coastal management                        decision making, and do not restrict the
   districts, on local heritage places or places of                    community’s right to access information held by
   cultural significance, or where there is protected                  local governments. Stay tuned.
 • The Planning and Environment Court
                                                                      • New processes for granting unallocated water in
   forms have been updated. For the current
                                                                       water resource plan or wild river areas have
   versions go to http://
                                                                       been introduced in amendments under the
                                                                       Water Regulation.
PAGE 5                                       E D O B U LLE T I N
                                                                                                         A P R I L- MA Y 2 0 0 9

  Machinery of Government                                      Marine protection
  • Following the post-election revamp of state                • From 1 July, recreational fisherman will be
    government machine, Premier Anna Bligh has                     limited to catching one shark or ray after 10
    restructured the Government’s Parliamentary                    stingrays were found – with their tails cut off –
    committee system. The shake-up will establish                  at Shorncliffe pier. DPIF & RSPCA are
    4 new super committees, including an                           investigating whether the slaughter involved
    Environmental and Resources Committee. This                    breaches of the Animal Care and Protection Act.
    committee will address issues such as
    environmental protection, mining, water
    security and energy.

               LAW AND POLICY WATCH - April to May 2009
                           Federal environmental law and policy changes

• The Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme                        • A senate enquiry into federal environment
  Bill 2009, and associated Bills – including one                  laws has strongly criticised existing regulation,
  to establish the Australian Climate Change                       in particular the failure of the EPBC Act to
  Regulatory Authority, have been introduced into                  effectively regulate land-clearing and the
  Federal Parliament. EDO joins the conservation                   inability to challenge ministerial approval for
  sector in condemning the Federal government                      developments. The EPBC Act has not been
  for further weakening the national response to                   reviewed since 2006 and remains the primary
  climate change. Stay tuned for information on                    federal instrument on environmental protection
  action you can take to tell the Government that                  and regulation. The Senate’s criticism of the Act
  the CPRS Bill must be strengthened if we are to                  is in line with academic and public interest
  present a legitimate face at global climate                      groups who have highlighted the limited
  summits, and be in any position to avoid                         improvement in environmental outcomes since
  catastrophic climate change.                                     the Acts commencement. The report coincides
                                                                   with the release of the draft of Australia’s
• Interim measures to protect the Coral Sea
                                                                   Biodiversity Conservation Strategy for 2010-
  have been introduced by the federal government.
                                                                   2020, a policy document guiding the management
  972,000km2 of Australian waters and seabed
                                                                   and protection of Australia’s plants, animals and
  east of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park has
                                                                   ecosystems over the next 10 years.
  been declared a conservation zone until
  permanent biodiversity protection measures, as               • National Pollutant Inventory report for 2007
  part of the East Coast bioregional marine                        – 2008 has been released. The report identifies 77
  planning, can be finalised. For more information                 polluting substances from 132 sources in
  go to                       Queensland. The information is accessible on the
  sea.html                                                         website at
                                                                   view.html and can be used to identify pollutants
• Amendments to the Environment Protection
                                                                   by location, substance, source, industrial facility
  Biodiversity Conservation Regulation give
                                                                   as well as combined searches and mapping.
  the Director of National Parks greater power to
  regulate (and, prohibit) how non-commercial                  • A Bill to establish a national drink bottle
  fishing can be carried out within Commonwealth                   deposit and recovery scheme has been
  reserves and conservation zones.                                 introduced into Federal Parliament.

                                     REPORTS RELEASED
• The results of a 2008 survey of the                          • WWF – Australia has released a report looking at
  environmental attitudes, knowledge and                           the likely cost of expanding Queensland’s
  behaviour of Queensland youth (aged 12 – 24)                     protected area estate to 20 million hectares,
  are available from the Queensland Youth                          including an additional 4.35 million hectares of
  Environment Council website                     National Park, by 2020. To read “20 Million
  index.php/get-involved/survey                                    hectares by 2020 go to
PAGE 6                                                 E D O B U LLE T I N                                            A P R I L- MA Y 2 0 0 9

                                OPPORTUNITIES TO COMMENT
 • DNRW is inviting public comments on its                                   • To have your say on the management of water
   proposal to declare the Wenlock River area a wild                          from Queensland’s coal seam gas projects
   river area under the Wild Rivers Act.                                      go to
   Submissions close 29 May 2009.                                             index.cfm?                                 go=consultonline.viewIssue&issueID=432.
                                                                              Submissions close 1 June 2009
 • Public comment on the draft Australia’s
   Biodiversity Conservation Strategy 2010–                                  • State government is reviewing the
   2020 has been invited until 29 May 2009. The                               management plans for a large number of
   draft strategy will guide how governments, the                             Queensland’s protected areas. Comments
   community, industry and scientists manage and                              on Round 1 of the review are due 29 June
   protect Australia’s plants, animals and                                    2009. To see the areas under review, go to
   ecosystems over the next ten years. See http://                                                managing_parks_and_forests/
   review.html                                                                management_plans_and_strategies/
 • Queensland’s DPIF is calling for a community
   member to apply for a position on the
   Biosecurity Queensland Ministerial                                        • The CSIRO is inviting contributions to a
   Advisory Council. The Advisory Council will                                national research study investigating
   provide independent advice on the strategic                                household consumption in Australia.
   direction and priorities for biosecurity in                                Please follow the link
   Queensland. For application details call 13 25 23                          akira/TakeSurvey?id=1169675 to complete the
   or visit Applications close                            online survey.
   29 May 2009.

                        OTHER NEWS                                                              EDO NEWS
Earth Jurisprudence 16 -18 October 2009                                                 New enviro-law website
Friends of the Earth Adelaide, in partnership with the                                  On 21 May 2009 EDO VIC launched a
University of Adelaide, the Conservation Council of South                               new online resources for
Australia and with assistance from the UK Environmental                                 environmental law. Check it out at
Law Association (UKELA), are organising Australia’s first                     
Earth Jurisprudence Conference in Adelaide, 16-18 October
2009. Earth Jurisprudence calls for a radical shift to our legal
system, from a human-only orientation to an Earth centred
approach. Participant numbers are limited, so go to                                     EDO NQ seeks volunteers to find out more and                               EDO-NQ is now seeking volunteer law
register.                                                                               students to assist with the
                                                                                        preparation of community legal
GreenFEST 2009 5-7 June 2009                                                            education materials.
Brisbane City Council is hosting the second annual Greenfest
                                                                                        Please contact Patrick Vuleta, at
on 5, 6 and 7 June at the Brisbane City Botanical Gardens.
                                                                              , if interested.
Go to for program details.

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