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									Scrap Booking Heritage

More than 200 years ago, many different people migrated to the New World.
These individuals were pioneers who have made what America is today which
is a country with much diversity.

People hardly remember their ancestors. Their memory is only limited to
their great grand parents. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore since
there is a way to trace one’s family history. All you have to do is
conduct a little research, get all the clippings and photos then make a
scrap book about the family heritage.

The first thing that needs to be done is go to the attic. There are
surely tons of boxes filled with memorabilia, photos and letters. Each of
these highlight a moment in the person’s life and by arranging these in
chronological order, a story can be formed.

Do people have to be in the photos? Not really. Some of the most
important moments in a person’s life could be the picture of the first
car ever owned, the home that was built by hand or the first paycheck the
individual got after graduation.

Not everybody will get to appreciate this but those in the family should
understand that this was the beginning of something big which later on
will contribute to the history of the family.

Another important item for the scrapbook could be a marriage or a birth
certificate, newspaper or magazine clippings, pieces of cloth or a strand
of hair. These symbolize the character and the accomplishments of the
person which is also worth sharing with the next generation.

The scrapbook shouldn't have these simply compiled in an album. You can
be creative by adding colorful layouts using different kinds of paper.
Stickers and encryptions on the side can add an explanation to that
special event.

People who have a hard time finding good backgrounds can go high tech by
searching through the web. You just scan this photo with the image then
paste this together before printing it.

The scrapbook portraying generations of the family heritage will take a
long time to finish. You can get the help of relatives and siblings to
piece everything together before showing the final result to everyone.

The album should be made of a durable material so that this can be shared
with the next generation.

Everyone has a story to tell so no one in the family will ever forget
them when put in a family scrapbook.

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